I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 230 destroys the misty monsters and saves the foggy god

The original is a bit awkward.

Ok, it may be more than a little.

Red sand scorpion and Didala's eyes can not stand the way to the original navigation, and if you can hurt your fingers, how can you say it from this person's mouth!

However, the sentence is really qualified, it is really qualified.

When I just used a flame to parchment, I was just that I was once again put down a layer of defensive mask, and the attack of the explosion blocked.

This kind of battle is really desperate.

It is obviously the impact of the attack on the attack, but the impact of the explosion is flying out, and there are many injuries in the body; instead is the Shang Shang and others of the explosion center, even a finger is not hurt.

According to the beautiful brown long hair, the green eyes flapped and uneasy, even her hurt, the tattooing of this trick, can't hurt them, then what should she do, in order to prevent this group of guys!

If she is also lost, the fog hidden village can block them!

According to the beauty, I stood up, and the look was nervously looked at the three people wearing Xiangyun black robe, and I extracted Chakra in my body.

"Don't reveal this expression, take the beauty!"

Shangyuan Na was laughing, slowly moved to the beauty, a little bit of mouth: "Ninja is not only killing, and there is a learning person to love the world, you can be much better than others. "

Shangyuan Na was squatted, and the stapped handed up an example: "For example, we know that you want to capture San Tailor, just I heard you, take the way to take back the vibrant troops near the Santa Hantlepping, this is not Is it very interesting? "


Like the beauty, I spurted a water flow in my mouth, gathered into a whip: "Water Water"! "

The whip suddenly came to the next navigation!

At the end of the original Needle, I grabbed the palm of the palm and grabbed the water whip, and I used the whip to drag the beauty to his side!

Shangyuan Nairi suddenly sprinkled with the whip, pinned the chin, who was beautiful, was very gentle, with another hand to smash her long hair, showing her full picture.

Shangqi Nai Lu smiled and smiled her cheeks: "It's ... this face is completely a woman who is a 30-year-old woman!"


When I am still anger!

Looking at the beauty of the United States, I broke away the bondage of Shangyuan Na, and I was going to pick up a corrupted acid solution towards the last navigation!


Shangyuan Na will turn over and kick it on the neck of the beauty. It will be directly kicking it. This is the strongest ninja in this fog's hidden village, and it falls in a ruin, groggy. I dict the past.

Red sand has closed his eyes and shook his head and sighed. "Your guy is really bad!"

"I have been very ignorant."

At the last time, I went to the beautiful Math, and laughed: "The woman thinks that I am the ladle of the Water country, give me a bag of biscuits, otherwise, I will not let her so easily."

"What do you want?"

Didara couldn't help to help his forehead, and looked with words. "" Your guy is really special ... I feel that you have just arrived, I have to cruel than killing her! "

"Okay, let's go!"

Shangyuan Na Rouked up in the air, I saw the ancient dragon that took off from the sky, falling in front of them.

Shangqi Nairou took the lead in jumping to the top of the ancient dragon, stroking its scales: "Let's go, the seniors, Didala, let's take a look at the side of Sasher!"

The red sand is flying to jump on the back of the dragon, and I looked at the original navigation in the heart of the dragon: "How, do you not do anything else?"

"Of course you have to do it."

After the navigation, I got out of my hand, I slowly extended my palm, and I gathered in Chakra in the body: "Feng Xi · Training!"

The role of the wind is too powerful, enough to let Shang Nai returned to any wind, and even the wind of the crane is not pressure.

The slightly smartly of Red Sand looked at the wind in the hands of the original navigation: "Can you use the wind of the crane?"

"Yeah, I am a wind, I have a meal!"

Shangyuan Needle to throw the wind in his hands to the center of the foggy village, laughed: "Let the wind destroyed here!"

The ball suddenly fell on the ground!

In the next moment, the wind in the wind quickly swept everything around, but it was a bit more than the fire created by the previous flame column!

"It's more powerful than the training of a crane."

Red Sands looked at the venous wind that swept the spread from the smog village center, he couldn't help but looked at the original navigation: "Every time you have to destroy a rivy, your guy is spreading the horror ?"

Didala hip hopes: "The last time is sandy village, this time is the village of the village, what is the village in the next time? It is expected ..."


Red Sand couldn't help but helped him support his forehead. The cold channel: "We caught the three tails, the four-tail column is in the base of the organization, do you think of which village that is destroyed?"


Didala's expression changed, and he fiercely looked at the original navigation. Dudu. He is not going to face the old man of Dashewa. The old guy is not good to deal with! Only we may not be too enough. "

As a disciple of two-day scale, Didala still knows how terrible in the dust of the wild wood, if you seriously say, the three generations of Sibang Dafu may be the strongest one in the five shadows.

"Let's talk about it!"

Shangqi Nairi sat in ancient dragon, overlooking the village of the wind that was destroyed by the wind, and gently took the dragon scales of Yuan Gu Yanlong: "Okay, there is nothing worth seeing, let's go!"

This hit the fog hidden village's rewards have been in hand.

It is unfortunately that this fog hidden in the village is not more defeated or killed by his last move, about three or four thousand people.

The case of sandy village is not available.

After all, Sandy Village in Sandy is still re-preparing to expand the ninja army, so most of the ninja gathered in the village.

Ninja in the fog hidden village is divided into many batches, many people have implemented tasks, because the ocean of the endurance is basically the leading in fog hidden village.

Shangyuan Na Rouked up the income of the dark harvest, and if you don't work, you will wait until the endurance war again!

Dark harvest: After each defeating a ninja, you will get a part of the power from the enemy. Each time you increase the energy energy 10 points, Chakra energy 10 points, natural energy 10 points. Current increase in life energy 189750 points of life energy, 189750 chart Clant, 189750 points natural energy.

This three-dimensional property has increased by the three-dimensional attributes of the original Naternity, and directly increased to 250,000 points.

In addition, there are several other gains.

Branch Task: Defeat the green (11), the task has been completed, and the reward skill is keen.

Sleepy: When you open a keen perception, everything other than 1 km will appear within your vision, the skill cooling time is not, the skill is consumed.

This skill is OK.

Although the last time, it is possible to use the fate, but this skill is not needed to consume any Chakra, it can be permanently opened, the only uncomfortable place, may be a bit of bloom.

Branch task: Defeat the beauty (11), the task has been completed, reward 100 gold coins.

Another appearance again.

Is this woman not black?

Doesn't anyone want to defeat her?

Fortunately, there is also a reward for the original navigation.

Branch mission: successfully broken the fog village (11), the task has been completed, reward passive talent skills water.

The power of water: freely drive water attribute Chakra, freely uses the creation of water tolerance, one of the components of the jade.

Well, starting today, Shang Shang can say that he is the strongest rush!

Even if it is a thousand hands, it is impossible to be more stronger than his water, the power of water is the ultimate water attribute Chakra nature change.

The most important thing is that as long as the original Na will be able to find the way to get the strength and Yang's power, you should get the skills of the jade!

Who is expected to come down, and there is a new talent skill on the system panel.

Ice power (activation): Ice Checks that can be solved from the power of the wind + water, and use the creation of ice.


Shangji started to touch his chin.

If you can freely create ice , he remembacted a big stack of seven-eight-shot, it seems to be a bit meant!

"Thank you for your reward, then you will fire the fire first!"

Shangji fell a thoughts, driving the ancient dragon with Didara and Red Sands towards the position of Sanxuanji.

After they left, the air temperature in the fog hidden village was rapidly, and the original sunny sky gradually started to have some clouds.

The temperature is then getting lower and lower, and it will start a rain, followed by snow, and finally hail.

Obviously, it is not used to it.

The bad weather in this rain and snow can cause huge losses, at this moment, it has become a life-saving weather in the foggy village.

When I was lying in the ruins, I woke up, she looked at the hail who fell in the air, and went to the widest place in the village.

A group of civilians are giving a gift on the ground, and the god of God is a great fire, which allows them to regain new students in the hands of Xianan.

This is the descending miracle.

God didn't want to see that the fog hunger was burned into a white land, so he went down the rain and heavy snow, saved their village; even if it was hail under the sky, he didn't delay these people to give up to the gods.

This is of course because God doesn't want to see the mist destroy, and the strength of the rush is over, it has become a snow from the rain into the snow.

"What is this doing?"

Take a little cough, look at the dark part of the surroundings, and there is a small family that she has been optimistic about Shiro.

"Illuminate people!"

Chang Ziro looked at the beauty, whispered: "Everyone is talking, it is God's gods in protecting our village, so that we will free from this big fire ..."


After the beauty of the beauty, he did not respond to Changsho, but he dragged his injured body left here.

Is it true that God bless?

It is not good to be in the heart of the beauty. If the ninja in the village can be stronger, how can you let everyone go to God in this situation!

Like Meime, I slowly went to a place to avoid hail. I crouched my body, just like an ordinary woman, I want to have a warmth on my body.

At this moment, she had no previous image.

This woman who has been supporting the fog hidden village. I feel that my fatigue today, she has worked enough, but she did not protect her village.

Until the end, a weather saved this rivot.

After a while, I suddenly turned around when I got to look at the dark part of my side, whispered: "You went to command the reconstruction of the village, Chang Shiro stayed, I have something to explain him. "

"Yes, it is beautiful."

Several dark portions left here.

Looking at the only misty department that left the only one, he was re-lowed: "Chang Shiro, you now go to a wooden leaf now, tell our situation ..."


Chang Ziro gently nodded, suddenly he asked: "Take the beauty of the United States, the troops near the three tails come back, let them go back to continue to monitor the three tail?"

Looking at Changshi Lang, as if it is a child who is not sensible, her face is slightly smiling.

Just this moment, her smile on her face was a bit desolate: "There is no three tail, Xiao hit our purpose, just to let us know their horror ... they did not hide their own purposes, they just want to catch the three tail "

After the Mal Math, she seems to think about what she slowly cleared her fist, stood up, and turned into a woman with the end of the elegant.

According to Meitu, I looked at Long Shiro, whispered: "Also, go to the dark to call up the intelligence of the six-tail column, invite the wooden leaves to hide in the hide!"

Since the purpose of the organization is to capture the tail beast and the column power, then the six tail feathers may have greatly encounter toxic hands.

Simply borrow this opportunity, ambush!

"Right, the way is in the way."

According to Meitu, I watched the powerful momentum of my body. I looked at the long Ten Lang around him. "This time, I can act together with people in Yuyin Village. Are they not the most understanding of the village? "

the most important is…

Take a goodbye to see the original navigation.

Because only the original navigation, there is a chance to contact the ghost light full moon.