I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 231 Congratulations on the assessment, Sasuke (third is more sent!)

Shangyuan Needs, I don't know what to do.

Now Shangyuan and Didala, the scorpion has arrived at the rehabilitation of the Sanjoji, and Yishao Sasuke is still fighting with the Sanjohiji, and Olianna is supervising this battle.

Didala did not joy, looked at the full scarlet Unechebra, obviously tested that this battle did not dare to pay, has opened the written eye.

This caused Didala's disgusting.

After all, when Didara added, Yu Zhiubi used illusion to control Didala, and the Didara will die with a clay bomb.

"Su Zhibo's group of guys really hate ..."

Didara proudly raised his head, whispered: "Hey, Shangyuan, really can't let me blow up that the devil and San Tail care about it? I am specializing in this group of Unexpectedo. Art! "

After that, Didara opened again: "You look at these Unechebra, nothing more than one! I suspect that the Yisi Bo brothers we organize have a conspiracy, want to make their ambitions ..."

"No ..."

The original brother is black, slowly shakes the head, Xiao Xiaomi, which is not wanting to achieve ambition?

Didala this guy guess is true ...

Yischi is really not a good thing ...

They are too proud, and always with the heart of the mandarin, there is still a bit of persecution, think that there are always people who want to hurt them.

Ok, they may guess.

Yisi Bozuo is the favorite chess piece that is the favorite of the original Needle, as long as it is slightly induced, you can make this self-denial of the smarter thinking more, thus using him.

Red Sands looked at Didala with unhappy, loudly attacked his emotions: "After we return to the base, you can see Yizhipo brothers, this is not more interesting than killing them. ? "

"But I still want to kill them to revenge!"

Didara drums his mouth to twisted the past, it is a little pun, as a temper, as the same age people of Dida, Shangyuan Na, a little bit of small embarrassment.

Fortunately, Unecheo Sasuke and the battle of the three tails caused the original navigation, and his mouth began to explain: "Sasu help this guy looks clear about the three-tailed information ..."

Didala looked at the battle of Sasuke, disdainfully cooked: "Hey, I don't need intelligence to solve the three tails!"


The red sand is speechless, and after the issue of Yuxi Bo, I feel that Didala will become a leap!

The battle on the lake is getting fierce.

Yuxio Sasuke also finally realized a problem, even if he knew about the three-tailed intelligence, unless you use a wide range of attacks, it is difficult to completely hit the three tails.

"Fortunately, the weather of the country is not bad ..."

Yuxi Bozuo lifted his head and looked at the sky. The face revealed a smile: "If you use that trick, you should don't have to waste too much Chakra, probably just enough ... Fire · !" "

A faucet is attacked in the direction of the cloud!

Didala looked at it, couldn't help but open: "When idiot, use the fire to attack three tails, and shoot it to the sky, this is not a waste of his own Chakra?"

The red sand is shaking his head and whispered: "Don't worry, continue to look ... Even if his IQ is low, it is impossible to use fire."

"Oh, it is estimated that you want to use it!"

She took a while, laughed: "Is it a trick? It seems that the luck of Sasuke is really good, the weather of the water is the most suitable to show the tricks."

Unexpence is undoubtedly a thunder, unicorn.

This S-class tolerance is even the strongest trick of ordinary thunder, the only trouble is that we must rely on the benefits of the natural world to release it.

The country of the water is near the sea and some wet, causing rainy environment in this country, so the air can be seen in the clouds.

This is very conducive to release the environment of the thunder.

With the fire of Yuxio Sasuke, a group of clouds gradually gathered over the battlefield, and tightly stared tightly staring at the lightning flow in the air in the air, and slowly closed his palms.

"Thunder, Kirin!"

The lightning in the air is quickly gathered, and these lightnings in the blink of the eye have formed a huge reality of the beast, and Zhangkou squatted toward the Sayway strikes on the lake!

The three-tail soveretern smoked the thunder that came from the air. When I wanted to start condense it, I fated a red light in the writer of Yuxi, and I felt that I was countless huge. Subway spikes are bounded!

Obviously Unecheo Sasukes have long been expected. Whenever the three tails try to use the tail beast, he will use his own illusion forced to let the three tail fall into a few seconds of sleep, interrupt it to condense the movement of the beast jade.

Didala's face changed, biting his teeth: "Unechebra helped this little ghost, really can't be small!"

This thunder, unicorn, even he felt some threats!

"After all, it is an Yishabo family ..."

The red sand shook his head. After sighed, he turned his head to the original navigation: "With such a powerful thunder, the three end will not be killed by him?"

"probably not."

Shangji shook his head, my heart was not relieved, he fierce his fingers, pointing to the airful beast, whispered: "Forget it, just do his test! Can not be An unexpected! Wind, dragon roll! "

A small hurricane rushed from the original Nairi's finger to the Lei Beast, this hurricane is getting bigger and bigger, when the hurricane and the beast encounter, this horrible mini beast has been wrapped in it!

With the rotation of the hurricane, this beast is instantly decomposed in order for countless fine lightning. It is dissipated in invisible in the blink of an eye, and the clouds in the air are blown by hurricane.

Strigency's ,..

Yiszhike Sasukes talked to the S-class thunder that was released, so that the release of the original Nairi fingers directly destroyed ...

"Your guy is really a welcome!"

Red sand looked at the original navigation, couldn't help but shook his head: "A small family is hard to study the thunder of cultivation. As a result, you will directly crack ... I will let the little guys lose confidence!"

Dida Gramma no matter so much, see Unechebao, who is forced on the lake, he can't help but move towards the last navigation: "Shang Shang, beautiful!"

The original Nair is revealing this hand, which can be more assumed to be more and more than Yiszozuo.

After the thunder and unicorn in the sky disappeared, San Tailu seems to have found the opportunity, and he fiercely rushed in the direction of Unechebra!

Although I don't know why someone will crack the stress, it is the opportunity to kill this little ghost!

Unechebra is a big consumption in Chakra. At this moment, you can only step on the lake water to avoid the three-tailed chasing, and his face is full of unsolve, and the fear of a small depression in the eyes.

At the original naval, I want to kill him with the three tail?

This guy has more, and he is exhausted, and it is easy to remove it, it will be resolved by it.

"It's good."

Shangyuan Nairi suddenly appeared around Unechebra, and smiled and said: "If you don't worry that the three tails will be killed by you, I will not shoot your surgery, I have to say, you are more than the past When I turned a lot, I saved ... "

Yuxi Bozuo is stiff, his face suddenly turned cold: "Hey, the defense of the three tails can be very amazing, may not resist this trick, can this, can you still caught three tails?"

After listening to Sasher, I was laughing at the original Nairo: "Ok, if you have adopted it, go back, I will tell Payne, you have a well-known member and challenge the eligibility of the Chu Zhi."

Sasuke this is to gamble with three tails!

However, as a tail beast of the most honest, Sanxuan is neither bullying, nor does it take the initiative, I like to sleep quietly in a comfortable place.

It is a pity that the three tails are the most dead of the number of deaths.

More than ten years ago, it was inexplicably entered into the body of Wenyuanlin, and then killed together with the wilderness; a few years ago, it was inexplicably entered into the body of the orange. kill.

Think of that it is true, a clear and harmful tail beast is mostly killed by Ninja, and now he is also taken as a tool for the assessment.

About this is bullying the old life!

Nowadays, Sanchen Sanguo has also set off anger by Unecho, now it is rushing over, but when it rushed over, the huge body suddenly came to a sudden brake.

At the last, I went to the three-soylass care, rushing on it, saying hello: "I haven't seen it for a long time, Jam."


Sanxuan looked at the original navigation, and the last time I met the remembering of the original navigation seems to have gradually emerged in its mind, as if it was played very miserable.

This person, it is not an opponent.

"It's you!"

There are more fear in the three tails, and the whole body is going to take a moment, so it is necessary to quickly sink into the bottom of the water.

The original neighborhood is light smile, the figure appears in the middle of the three tails, and the huge tail beat it out of the surface!

Then, it is a small abdomen of the three tails, and the three-soya should be played directly to the shore!

Sanhewo is like a flipped turtle, can't turn over ...


This scene saw that Unecheo Sasoki was tightened.

Is the power of this guy in the original navar?

As a person who fights with Sancourse, Yischo Sasuke is very clear that the strength of the three tails is so strong, and the defense is more hard.

I didn't expect to go to the original navigation. I just kicked this kind of big monster without resistance!

A little horrible ...

No, it should be said that the Shangyuan guy has been very horrible!

"Ok, don't worry, three tail caught completed."

Shang Nai fell to shoot the shoulders of Sasuke, a pair is very optimistic about him: "After we seal the three ends, I will give you a good point, teach you how to defeat Urshi Bochi, I believe you will definitely win."


I saw the way to capture the three tails in the original navigation. Unexpello Sasuke suddenly worried that he could not support and Yishusi.

Shangyuan Nairou seems to have seen Sasuke's mind, laughing: "Reassure, I said, I will simulate Uki-Boxed's combat method ... In addition to his mouth, others can simulate from."

Yizhi Boato looked at the smile on his face, suddenly lowered: "Thank you, Shang Shang."

"it does not matter!"

Shang Nai took a shot of his shoulders, squatting his eyes, showing a good friendly smile: "Add a powerful, Sasuke, beyond Uszhi, I have a good growth!"