I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 234, Mr. Yusi, our luck is good! (Sixth! Thank you for the Dog Lead!)

Tower of Yuyin Village.

Just seal two tail beasts, the long door is also the tiredness of the face, and Shangyuan Na will waved his hand to the thrill of the stars, and he returned him a little.

The long gate frowned, soft: "Shangyuan, you are very hard today, don't waste your own Chakra."

"It's ok."

Shangqi Nai Lu sat on the table and said that he was working: "I will go to the leaf of the leaf, we may be some special arrangements."

The head of the long door told the chair and thoughtful after a while, asked softly: "Shangyuan, what do you think?"

"I first said the information collected on the five major countries."

Shang Nai was frowned, Shen Sheng: "First, the behind-the-scenes behind the organization is Yischo belt soil, which is aware of the action."

"In a sense ..."

The long door seems to remember some unhappy things, whispered: "It is really Yisi Bozi to guide us."

"It's the same now."

Shang Nai was settled to open his hand, whispered: "When I mentioned the behind-the-scenes of the scene in the outside, I always refer to Yisi Bo belt soil, let five major people's eyes are in his body, those people estimate It is believed that as long as Yuxi Bo belt soil, the whole talent will land. "

The whole person is a bit confused.

Can you still have this action?

The long door is looking at the original navigation, his face is faintly confused: "Those people believe in you?"

Shangji shook his head, nodded, and loudly continued: "This is a bit long, and time is going back to eight years ago, I was stunned when I was assassinated ...

At that time, I was trying to recruit the cache by the flag, Kakasi, found that the identity of the territory was stamped by the flag woodkasi, which caused our rainy village and Xiao organization to do not switch.

This is easy to cause the enemy's suspicion. At that time, the flag-like Kasi has been asking my information, and after that, I can only tell him some of the truth.

When I came later, the entire truth became a look.

The leader of Yuyin Village is half a pepper in order to strengthen the rain in the village. In order to get the rain shadow of Yuyin Village, Yu Zhibo belt soil was attracted by the surname, and the ninja, who sent it, recruiting the S-class rebels, composed of mercenary organizations, accumulated Your power.

Later, Yu Zhibo was bounted to his own ambition, and wandered the rebellion in the mercenarian organization independently, forming a famous organization, participating in the war in the endurance, and even start capturing the tail now. beast.

And the hills suffered from the betrayal of the mountains were very angry, and it was a betrayal. It has been completely turned out for many years. Therefore, the hidden hidden rain and the A member of Xiao.

In their view, our rainy and so-called Yuying's leader, the pepper, half-hibiscus, should be a person who is the most hatred. "

After the Shangyuan Na, he smashed his forehead, whispered: "I don't know why it will become like this. In short, the situation in the past is still like rain, and I have a little concern. "

In fact, there is still a lot of things in the words of the original navigation.

For example, the mountain pepper half hidden in the bottom of the current rainy village, Unexpell Belt soil, how many black pots have been tiered, and it is estimated that they are not clear.

Since the number is unclear, then it is not necessary to mention.

Don't say that it is the original navigation, it is not mentioned, single he just said a probably passing, let the long door stay.

Actually ... can you have this action?

I have to say that this matter is very beneficial for Xiwa and Yu Yin Village, which can make them more concealed, and it can avoid rainy villages.

Only, this kind of thing must do intelligence processing.

This is also fortunate to be closed outside the rain, in order to not be accused of the truth, if there is someone sneaked in one day, I will get the news inside the rain in the rain, it is estimated that people are stupid on the spot.

The door made a decision on the spot, Shen Sheng: "After the heavens Petion puts in Yuyin Village, it has covered the entire village with a rain tiger, avoiding someone sneak into entering, destroying us very beneficial to us situation."


Shangyuan Nai can't stand the only one who sneaked into Yuyin Village, that is, the ribbed of the three tolerance is also the teacher of Xiaonan and the long door.

Shang Nai was quietly sighed in the heart, in case the small south and the long gates were once again, would they regret it again?

After all, the plans to implement in Xiaonan and long doors are all false.

The true moon's eye plan, in fact, only a few people, such as Shangyuan Na, and the martial arts and pharmacist.

It seems that I have a way to leave.

Just in accordance with the current situation, it really doesn't matter to sneak into enter. After all, what they want, the Shangyuan is able to create a copy!

And it is also sneaked in. If it is discovered, it will cause dispute between wood and rain in the village, for the general situation of the organization to hit the organization.

"As for the words, this is more trouble ..."

The long gate frowned and remembered the guy who did not accept the discipline: "Hey, this way, if you want to organize you, use the slide of the slide or order them, or transfer it to me, I will go down command "


Shangyuan Nae lost his finger, whispered: "I will go to the ordinary ninja uniform, prepare to participate in the alliance talks, as for what kind of cooperation, I will directly tell the neighborhood, I can, we have two relationships not bad."

"it is good."

The long door nodded and nodded.

Shangyuan Needan continued to add: "Right, the last thing, the five-tail column, wait for me to come back! Solve you to show any flaws!"

After all, the five-tail column is needed to attach rocky villages.

"it is good."

The long door continues to nod.

After the thorough finished, I left the high tower.

The long door is looking at the back of the original Nairi. If he is thinking, he summoned the Tiandao Payne, said with his own and his own : "In fact, we can already hand it over from Yuyin Village. Yes, right? "

Even if it is the treatment of the original Needle, it is just a drop in the bucket. After all, it is a huge thing that is the kind of the magic of the outside.

The long door is very clear that your life is not too long. Even if I am afraid that Chakra, I will be infused, I'm too big, and after all, I only delay.

Can you delay, can you delay for a few years?

Based on the judgment of the long door, he can delay to the original navigation to 30 years old, maybe it is very lucky.

"This is the curse of the immortal of the immortal or the cacto?"

The hands of the long door consciously stroked his eyes, slowly hanging his head: "At least let Shangyuan can enjoy the peaceful world created with this pair!"


Shangqi Nai stood outside the door, I wanted to push the door to the palm of the palm, but there is still a matter of thinking, but now I don't want to go.

Forget it, he arranged in the long door.

Now the long gates are still moving themselves.

After the Shangyuan Na was packed, he left Yu Yin Village, which may be his last time to go to the wooden leaves; if there is another chance, he may have already mixed the Ninja coalition.

Oh, will there be a chance?

When the original Nairou entered the fire country.

A alarming of the wooden leaves have occurred in the fire.

The whole fire temple has killed the two guys who have been taught by the main land of the fire temple, and the body is also taken away by them.

Yes, the corner is speaking and flying sections.

After the sealing and printing is three times and four tails, the corner can't hold the desire to money, relying on his own unsatisfied body, pulling the fire temple to kill the land.

Even if the land is strong, it is impossible to overcome the flying segment of the evil spirits, directly killed on the spot.

Wooden village.

After the app, I announced the event to capture the two members of the organization and sent a 20th Ninja team!

If you can capture members of these two well-known organizations, you can occupy more political advantages in the union talks of the next seller.

This is the test of the five-generation eyepiece.

It is a pity that the apeer did not think that the people who were governed to be active in the fire is not only the angle and flying sections.

The fireland near the fire of the fire.

This replacement is located within a toilet, and the corner is still a lot of money, after all, there is not a small thing about the matter, it must be clear.

The flying segment could not stand the stink of them, and he hid out, and the corner thought that this guy did not fate.

It's just that this one is guess.

Flying sections and money are still very fate.

Just flying a paragraph in the golden house, I talked his team in front of him.

Fei Asma just is also the ninja on the list, and it is also more expensive than the land of the land, which is more expensive than the land. It is a large amount of money measurement unit.

, The murderer who killed land ... "

"No, Asma teacher."

Nara Deer Pill shook his head and turned to the figure that came out of the past, and the look was unknone: "Our luck doesn't seem to be very good."

The direction of Nara Laoli, four people who are like Xiangxiang Yunhua have come out.

According to the information of the wooden leaves, in addition to attacking the village of the big country, Xiaomi is generally a group of dispatches.

The same is true of their information. After all, the monks who reported on fire only saw the corners and flying segments.

Original Nara Lu Pill also thought it was a member of the four wooden, ninja, first resolved another one, and the four members of the four families surrounded them.

The ghost of the head is grinned, laughing and opening: "Mushed, it seems that our luck is good, directly helping the most the senior caught the big fish he wanted!"