I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 236 We are unable to defeat!

The situation in the fire country is very nervous.

Shangyuan Needs to wait for a short time in the border, but there is no anxious emotion, after all, the current situation is caused by him.

One of the cinnamies of the wooden postage fly, the exchange rate is very frequent, and finally someone came to the border to meet Shangyuan Na, still his old acquaintance.

Yes, it is still the seventh class of wood.

The seventh class led by the flagmickasi is ordered to support, assisted the gang of the organization, but they learned six members from the Nara Laoli.

In order to avoid innocent losses, the apeer has to shrink defense, and all the teams have been withdrawn around the wooden leaves and avoid the attack.

The strength of the seventh class is powerful, and it is inevitably some worries. It is like a border of the original navis to get the border of Shangji, and he will return to the original nailed to the border, and return to the wooden leaves.

After all, there is a strong ambassador, which is a powerful force for them, they can support each other to rush back to the village.

"Shang, you have time to come."

The flagmark's face is not good. He looked at the surrounded whistle, whispered: "The country has sneaked into six members, and Asma has been killed in the battle, even his The body is hovering. "

Carti is still so believed in the original navigation.

No, or in the things of the organization, flag wood Cardi is still very confident that Yu Yin Village, after all, the original nair is the earliest ninja.

Yu Yin Village is also the earliest and bright village.

"Some members?"

Shangyuan Na Ruo is very worthy of Kasi's trust. His face is in a moment of changing, and he has grown his eyes, suppressing his voice: "Kasi, you know what is the one who is exactly six members means? Do you still have a whirlpool to appear here! "

"I know."

The flagmarks nodded and looked at the original opening: "But we are too unsafe, so I will welcome you, just let you return to the wooden leaves along with us."

"I don't think this is a suitable move."

Shangji shook his head, the face is very uncein: "The preparation of the organization is generally a group, so that the rebel is uncomfortable and the internal battle;

They dispatched six members, equivalent to dispatched three groups, which means that there must be a powerful person to make all members to recognize his orders, and abandon each other's grievances. "

After all, the people who sell themselves are a matter of understanding, and the Yinyin Village, which has been taught, and the tissue, and he doesn't mind nonsense.

"I know."

Flagkarcasi pulled his mask, whispered: "However, we have got the six familiar information, there is no travelers we have served in the whale, the most difficult may be Yisizhi. Buchedr. "

"Do you have a prize?"

Shangyuan Nai glanced at the flag-like Kakasi, and looked at the back of the Sakui, whirls and Spring Sakura, the small voice: "If there is no member of the hat, I suspect that this time commands them. People are likely to be Yisi Bo Tong ... "


Flagkarti wants to pull the face of the mask stop, his face becomes more ugly than just now: "Can this information confirm?"

"Of course I can't confirm!"

Shangji is like looking at the flag woodkasi, opening the mouth: "I am just a ninja in Yuyin Village, how can I guess the mind of the monster!"


Flagkarcasi looked at the original navigation, and this guy gave the people who gave the organization very much attention, but it is good to say that they are the ninja?

Shangyuan Nai fell to his own temple, whispering said: "When Xian and our Yu Yin Village, it will generally send at least four members, maybe they are worried that they have hidden by half hidden people.

As I remember to organize the organizing and half hidden adults, they generally dispatched more than six members. The leaders of Xiao know will generally come back behind the scenes, or even if necessary, they may come to fight. "

After Shangyuan Na, he revealed a smile on his face: "Oh, the born guy actually thought that the number of people can fight with half hidden people, who did they think that they are?"

When Shangyuan Nai said here, his face revealed a spherication: "Xianana guy is not in the area of ​​several s scent, just wants to challenge the unbeaten myth of Ninja half!"


The flagmark Carti couldn't help but look at the expression of the original Needle, quietly sighed: "If Yu Yin Village comes to participate in the alliance talks, it is not your guy, but the ninja half-god pepper semi-Tibetan You can come in person yourself. "

This is the true heart of the flag-likekkasi.

It should be said that the leader of Yuyin Village is worthy of the legendary ninja half, only in the people of the Ninja's gods? In the face of the six-child members and the attacks of Unecage Board, they can also fight without pressure ...

And this active six members of the organization, three are good at the front fog of the water, the frontogs of the knife, and the sentence is actually, these troops seven people are just hidden by the mountain pepper. Tiangu.

Because the mountain pepper semi-Tibet is also very good at rushing and knife, his strength is absolutely rushing several people who are seven.

"Don't use it like this!"

Shangyuan Na Ring is crying and screaming, he shakes his head whispering explains: "Half hidden adults are cautious, let alone who have Yu Yin Village and Xiaoyu, in case, the news of his leaving the village is known, the village It will definitely be a hit. "

"I know."

The flagmarks nodded and sighed: "In fact, if you share each of the people who can fight all the people, there is a right opportunity, we must ignore the organization."


Shangqi Na will be speechless.

You know a fart!

In this case, the original nair is certainly refused to agree, after all, half of the bones, what can he change from a mountain pepper half?

Even if it is a refrigeration, it is not reliable.

After all, in the past years, Shangyuan Na will drive the power of the mountain pepper half-hidden, facing the hidden sage of the hooded, half hidden, the big man is moving, it is a fight, one fight, one, one, seven, a part of the ninja Invincible.

After waiting until half-hatred, it is not as good as their power, and it is not as good as their power.

"do not think too much about it."

Shang Nai fell to shoot the shoulders of flag wooden carti, softly sigh: "Half hidden people are cautious, and they are deeply troubled by the endurance war, he can send you to your intelligence, support your intelligence, you It should be grateful to the large number of half-hidden people. "

Flagkarta: "..."

This seems to be a bit truth.

But their leaves are not to work with you for their time!

Otherwise, by the top of the top, the guy is the three-generation rigs. How can the wooden leaves can easily let him, even if they are allowed to get the top, other times, they will also secretly assassinate the top.

Unfortunately, now the wooden leaves have put down this kind of thought.

It is the most important thing for the entire endurance now.

Shangyuan Naoli and flagmasi are almost almost, turning to the whirlpool: "Naruto, how is it?"


The whirlpool is very powerful, holding his arm, and speaks seriously: "Shang, I have just studied a very very powerful surgery, I will not drag the next time."

Yes, the whirlpool is deeply sensible.

So after returning from the village of Saha Yin, the Naruto strives to cultivate, and finally studied the rumor, spiral hand sword. Unfortunately, this kind of surgery is not perfect, and it will hurt his own body.


Shangji arrived out of his palm to grab the whirlpad's arm, attracting the Sakui and Chunye Sakura next to it immediately be alert!

Shangyuan Nair looked at Zuoi and Chunye Sakura, refers to the bandage on the swirls of the swirl: "I just see the hurt of the Naruto."

"... Hug ... Sorry, Shangyuan Senior."

The Spring Sino Sakura hurried lowered his head.

Flagkartai also looked at the bandage of the whirlpool, pulling his own ninja care: "Do you have any way?"

"Hey, old way."

The life energy in the original Nairi entered the vortex moon's body, whispered in the mouth: "According to my observation, the epidermis and even some necrotic signs should be inside the cells that are directly destroyed, only for him to provide life energy test Try, who is the injury caused? It is not a bit too much. "


The whirlpool is a little more condensed. After a while, I will answer after a while: "This is my style, hahahahaha, because the surgery is not perfect ..."

"Then you have to be careful."

Shangji shook his head, sighed a little: "If you are injured, one day, you will be destroyed, and even the one-day can no longer refine Chakra again."

Chunye Sakura is in a hurry, looking at it, looking forward to: "Adults have judge the injury of the Naruto, what is the good way?"

"Nothing is a good way, can only be injured."

Shangji shook his head and sighed and sighed: "I can temporarily use my unique medical tattoo for him to influe life energy, which can improve his other cell intensity and cell life, so that his cells can be multiple times Split, but after I leave the wooden leaves? "

The whirlpool sounds shakes his head, and the sound: "Sorry, Shangyuan, I will never stop, because Sasu help I am waiting for me to bring him back!"


Others are not blocked by autonomously.

Shang Nai, looking at the will of the will of the will, whispered: "I admire your thoughts, but I have to remind you that Yizha Sasuke may have changed, and he now joins the evil Xia!"

"I will bring him back!"

The will of the whirlpool is still firm. It doesn't have a smile. "And Sasuke is not the cruel guy, I believe he will come back!"

Shang Nai was frowning: "In order to bring him back, you don't worry that you can't continue to make ninja, no more opportunities to become a shadow?"

"If you can't bring your companion back to the village ..."

The whirlpool screamed his fist, and he said: "So ... even if I can become a shadow?"

"good luck."

Shang Nai fell to shoot the shoulders of the people.

Oh, don't dream, Sasuke will not come back.

He, Shangyuan Na, behind the scenes, has arranged a new road for Sasuke, and Yisi Bozuo will only hate the leaves.

Moreover, it will continue to hate it.