I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 240 meets the first time

There is more tension in the air.

A team of wood-leaved ninja leaving the village, the agency and the two main force teams also set from one direction and went to the active area of ​​the organization.

On the way forward of Shangyuan Naoli and the program, there will be a perceived ninja or investigating ninja, the pigeons, and report the position of each squad.

The agency is just quite listening to it.

The original Needle is just quite disclosed to disclose the pocket, the mortar ghost and a few born nature, arrange them to move their position at any time.

"The teams have also rushed to the northwest, and it is expected that they will arrive at their dispatch, before, the three generations of fire and the four-generation rigs immediately intercepted, pocket, you are responsible for monitoring the battle between them!"


"The agency and my team are rushing to the northeast direction. It is expected that we will arrive at the Hollyworthiness of our dispatch. The second-generation rigs is immediately intercepting us, pocket, do you have any suitable people? I am afraid that I will get too heavy ... "


Pharmacist hurriedly summoned a coffin, whispered: "Second generation of rigs and second-generation spots, two Ninja, good at the water, if Needers can hide their strength, they should be adults The team is entangled. "

"Dry beautiful."

Shangyuan Nai is really to admire the brain cave of the pharmacist, the second generation of fire + second-generation water shadow, two are very good at the ninja, absolutely with the agency, with the beauty and I love each of them. Rack!

After Shangyuan Na, after the end of the two main battle teams, I immediately started to pass the intelligence of other squads to the mortar ghosts and Yisi Hostea: "The two classes of Mitko and Kasi are not separated, they are rushing towards your direction. In the past. "

"I know."

The mortal ghost grinned and looked loudly.

Shangyuan Needs to be less worried, Shen Xiang said: "I remember that Didara and Red Sands are in the vicinity, let them attract other wooden ninja; ghosts, you and Yisi Bo , White, Jun Ma Lu, Sasuke ready to meet Kardi and Maite Kay! "

Shangyuan Nai is really busy.

Several battlefields' situation require him to worry.

I feel very bad with my own chess.

Fortunately, the only thing is still interesting, that is, you can control the battlefield, you can add a chess piece at any time, you can remove a piece of chess.

Moreover, scaring a player is quite fun.

For example, the perceived ninja explored the Sands of Red Sand and Didala, immediately reported an emergency report, and two members of the Trendy, which were not in the scope of the battlefield, the battlefield. Still don't play?

"Of course you have to fight!"

The program bite his teeth, cold channel: "I and the teams who are responsible for fighting will be dismantled into four squad, and there are more people who don't care!"

"Yes, fire, big!"

This feeling of knowing the ninja is in a hurry.

The apeer looked at his own players, and the beauty of the beauty and my love, the emotion of Shangyuan Needa seems to be more anxious than they.

Is this little devil?

When the program turned, he had a bitterness and suddenly shot from the jungle, so that everyone couldn't help but surprise!

The original nephew reminded: "Be careful!"

"No such a big surprise ..."

The ahead is clearly written, and it is a bitter, and when she is going to continue to say something, her eyes have seen a familiar home emblem.

This is a mark of the thousand hand!

This shank is not to have a thousand hand of the ninja!

In the next second, the program suddenly remembered that there were not many ninja like to leave their own tags, because the hardship is too easy to lose.

In addition to the second-generation rigs and four generations of nig shadows, others seem to have a habit of suffering without the imprint, even if it is a thousand hand!


A ninja wearing a skinny appeared, grabbed the handle and waving his own neck! This kind of attack is so sudden, so others can't imagine!

The aperator waved his arm before bitter, and her eyes looked at this sudden distinctive ninja, whispered: "Is the second grandfather?"

I am afraid that I have never thought of it. The thousand hands will actually appear here!

If you have not remembering the wrong, they should be in the middle of the organization, how can I feel that I am embarrassing?

There are thousands of hands here ...

Really good, fucking!

Unfortunately, this second-generation fire shadow does not have its own will, but it is only free to attack, and the Zhang has spurted a group of water pins: "Water in the sky!"

These water needles are too fast, in the case where the board is not as evacuated and defensive, directly shoot directly in the hand!

"Ah ah ah ah ah!"

Opened angrily waving his fists, a punch, giving her, but welcoming her, but it is a foot kick!

The master is kicked out by people!

Even if it is willing to be illegally, those familiar combat experience can also be crushed, and they can suppress the dazzling day with a thousand hand of the past, let alone now use white. The thousand hands close to the peak!

Fortunately, at this time, I also responded to the beauty, my love, and the original Needle, and stopped the attack between the thousands of hands quickly, saved the obedience of the attacked.

"What exactly is going on!"

Looking at the thousand hands standing opposite them, the face is very unceumered: "The five generations of watching the shadow, why do the second generation of the bodies in your country appear here? Do we not say that the organization is?"


The agency snuggled in the arms of the original Nairi, I was reached by the original Needle to help her pull out a water needle and treat her wound.

The look of the hand is gloomy as if it can drip the water, she remembered her old friend: "Maybe the guy of the big snake pill is not dead, and it has become a member of the child ..."

"All right."

Shangqi Na's palm of the Shangqi has a green light. After touches the hand arm, he cure her wound. He only opened: "What should we do now, we have two generations here ..."

"It's not only two generations."

A voice suddenly interrupted the original Needle.

Looking at another figure in the world, her face has also become a bit gloomy: "There is also the second-generation water shadow of our foggy village ..."


Everyone in the scene suddenly silently.

Shangji slow down, Shen Sheng said: "Expedition, our team seems unlikely to participate in the battle of the embassy, ​​must check what happened in the battlefield!"


The master is slowly nod, standing up: "We have encountered two grandfast and second-generation spoons, and will not meet grandfather there?"

If the squad, the squad is encountered by the first generation, they will never be the opponent of the first generation, and even one hand can hang them!

However, the program is faded.

It is indeed ahead of the first generation.

But if you choose to choose, maybe he will feel that the first generation is not bad. Anyway, he doesn't want to face two enemies around them now ...

"Three generations of people!"

Nara Lifeng's face slightly cold sweat, he watched the little old man who suddenly appeared and ambush, and his heart was born.

After all, the strategy he has developed is to build in the case of intelligence!

Now this is the main battle, which is being hurt, who is responsible for fighting?

If it is just the three generations of fire, you can, but a blonde man wearing a royal robe stands around the sky.

Qikou is squatting in the autumn, quietly sighing: "I haven't seen it for a long time ... the water door."

"Hey, really trouble!"

I also touched my own chin, and I looked at the three-generation rigs and four-generation rigid shadows in the distance: "These two guys appeared here. Is it necessary to stop us from attacking?"


Nara Luli took a nodded, Shen Sheng: "If the information does not have a new change, the entire endurance can use the anti-rogue, only the big snake pills of the pastus three tolerance."

"Ah, it's almost like this."

I also stretched a lazy waist, slowly clenched my fists, said a messy winding password: "It's interesting! My friend controls my teacher and my disciple to besieged me ..."

This is a bit playful.

The lard butterfly presents in the scene can hear the attitude of the optimistic attitude, with a sad heart, maybe this is the most painful thing in life?

Big snake pill is a friend, and the day is a teacher. The wave of Waffles is a disciple of our own. As a result, they stand all the opposite side!

"Okay, let's talk about tactics!"

The face has gradually gains, and he looked at the pig deer and others around him, Shen Sheng: "The old man and the water gates are very clear ...

So we must find a way to fight them, otherwise, in the water, the flying thunder of the water door, we can not grasp the tolerance that can block the old man. "


Nara Luli took a nodded, suddenly opened: "Laters are also adults, if we have encountered three generations and four generations, then the privileges, the team, very likely to encounter attacks, the enemy they encountered May be the first generation of watching and second-generation eyes ... "

"... do not exclude this possible."

I also nodded, I looked at the far-flying day and wave style, smashed my wrist: "There is no way, then you must solve them as soon as possible, go to support the hand, We must protect your life! "