I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 243 Appeal, this is a pharmacist of the new joined the moon!

The surrounding circle of Tianzhao Blackitis.

Yuxi Pub can only select this place and the whirlpool, because only this is not to be noted what he did, this is his backhand for His Sasuke.

When Yiszhiso saw Sasuke, when he was treating his past friends, he had intended to give up to give up to leave the leaves; the results of the whirlpiece's practices made Uzhi Pubie thought Sasuke's future.

As long as Sasuke's friends are willing to accept Sasuke, Unecheo believes that Unecheo is better than returning to his hometown.

Since the whirlpool is so persistent, if you want to let Sasu, Yisiza will want to put this level of insurance on the whirlpool.

It is a pity that Yizhi Pubie just turned him with the whirlpool, and the whirlpiece suddenly divided two shadows, and quickly condensed the tissue of myself just learned!

"Wind, spiral hand sword!"


Yisizhiso's face changed.

This difference has been treated too much?

Is the brother and your brother's treatment so big?

When the whirlpool song saw Sasuke, I only used a shadow and spiral pill. When I saw him, I came directly to the spiral hand in the sword!

Yisizo's face is not very good, staring at the wind in the hand in the whirlpool, and the face is stood in the face: "Very terrible winds, even if I was It will be very dangerous after hitting. "

"This is, I have worked hard ..."

The whirlpool sounds showed a confident smile, and said seriously: "I specially prepared for the people you know ..."


Yuxipu shakes his head, and the eyes flashed a red light: "Why don't you use this tolerance attack? This kind, he just wants to kill you!"

"I am taken to help as my brother."

The whirlpool has a face of a face, and the son said: "I can be different from your guy, no matter what, I will never hurt the help ..."

"Then let's talk about it!"

Yisiza's face has become solemn, and the three hooks in his eyes have become a kaleidoscope, and the kaleidoscope writes the wheel eye.

Yuxi Pub's voice gradually somewhat low: "Month ..."

After the next second, the whirlpool scorpion felt the surrounding environment turned suddenly, and he actually had a wonderful appearance in a blood-red world.

This is the monthly reading spirit space!

"I already know, you want to bring it to the wooden leaves."

The figure of Yisizhiso floats in the air, slowly swallowing the opening: "The whirlpool, you have already seen it, Sasuke has already been able to kill you, if he will hit the leaves in the future, you will How to choose? "

The voice of Yisiza is as if it is full of confusion. His voice is somewhat, and it will be so happy between the wood and Sasuke? In order to guard the wooden leaves, do you choose to kill Uttaro? As a ninja, Sometimes I have to face some cruel choices ... "

"Ha, this choice? I will not!"

The whirlpool is coldly looked at Uzhi Houki, pinching his fist: "I will protect the wooden leaves, and I will not kill the sakura!"

Yuxi Hosi slowly hangs his eyes, and sighs in the air: "Well? It's really a day ..."


The whirlpool suddenly interrupted Yiszhiso, and boring his mouth and dialed his ninja, whisper: "In fact, I have always hate yours, but I feel that the name of the name. The guy of the sand, there is a sentence that is correct ... "

The whirlpool tightly stared at the word: "How can an Ninja killed his companions for the village, then this is not to forget the existence of the village, in fact, is it to protect your companion?"

The whirlpool sounded his fist, and there was a sound: "So I will guard the wooden leaves, and I will definitely save the help from the knowledge! I have something to say, I said, this is my endure. ! "


Yisi Wubo is shocked by the whirlpool.

At this moment, Unexus hub is actually not compliant by himself.

This is really not simple, it is really not easy. Sasuke is really lucky, I can meet such a friend.

In the sky of the month-read space, countless crows began to fly, the voice of Yuxi Poso gradually became more and more empty, but it seems to be everywhere.

"I will give you your strength to you, just as a guarantee that you will not kill each other between you, I hope this power will never use it!"

In the next moment, the vortex moistened the eyes of the vortex, because a crow entered his mouth, even he was swallowed into the belly!

What is this ghost thing!

Unfortunately, in the monthly reading space, the whirlpool is in powerless resistance, and can only be allowed to put this crow into his mouth.

After you finish this, Yisizhiso is actually a smile, and the blood color in the sky begins to dissipate, and the monthly read space is tattoo.

After the end of the month.

The whirlpool is not from the ground to the ground, and if you want to spit out the crow that is only swallowed into the lower abdomen: "What is going on?"

"Hey, Naruto, it's okay!"

The flag-like cardi is finally absorbed into the Shenwei space, and it is worried about it.

Flagkarcasy bowed with the forehead of the whirlpool, Shen Sheng: "Yushi Houki, do you use your own kaleidoscope to the Naruto?"

"Well, ok, just right."

Yuxi Pubo slowly closed his eyes, it seems that it is not in the flag woodkasi, and the entire humanity is not flying.

at the same time.

Cartry ghosts also saw this scene, he took over the battlefield, whispered: "Sir, then we now retreat!"


Yiszhiso nodded.

After the dismatched news, the rescared news came to the original navigation, stroking his ring, whispered: "Petin adult, almost the hornedes have been withdrawn to the security zone? Our covering force can also retreat ?"

Payne has not answered.

Instead, it is the way to control the Didara, and you will withdraw! Subsequent wood ninja is handed over to me! I want you to see it, what is true art! "


After Pethen nodded, Shen Sheng told: "Then you will withdraw it, the rest of the blocked task is handed over to Didara and the scorpion!"

This battle ends this declaration.

Xi Xiaomei spent a pile of power, six members finally successfully withdraw the country of rain, seemingly people who have a careful thing, as if they have achieved their own purpose in this battle.

After Didara's pictures, it directly blocks the possibility of the leaves of the leaves. Hui Ning Jun Ma Lu's image is turned off under LiLock and the Japanese hit; white Clara dissipates.

Wooden battlefield.

Kakasi and Meta are looking at a weird body, and the face is not very good. They seem to be joined!

"Caassi captain!"

At this time, Zuoi came to pass the emergency intelligence, and the voice was very accepted: "They have been intercepted, so they have not arrived at the battlefield!"



Zuoi flyingly jumped off the birds, and the face was tensely opened: "The three generations of fires, the four generations of fire shadow stopped the squad of the people; the second generation of the eyes, the second generation of spots, stopped the team of five generations!"


Flagkarcasi immediately responded.

After the Sakui nodded, Shen Sheng said: "Yes, maybe it is the masterpiece of the big snake pill, and the adult is still supporting, but the team of adults ... they are almost approaching the edge of the collapse!"

Sago's report is not wrong.

It is also possible to support three people with pig deer butterfly. It is purely the four-generation fire shadow. It is just a fairy style. Otherwise, the waves of the nine-tail mode are opened, not they can easily delay.

It is well known.

The battle of the wave wind door never delay.

After all, he is the fastest man in the endurance.

As for the apeer, like beauty, my love, my love, and the original navigation, a few people, I can't support it, because Shangji Nai is personally controlled in the second-generation rigid!

This is very embarrassed to their war.

Especially under the current situation, the second-generation rigid shadow is almost playing with their squad, and the second generation of water shadows only put a few water tethernometers and supported it.

I Allowed on the sand pad and madly urging the in the body. Chakra, manipulated the ground into Huangsha, swept the position of the second-generation rigid: "flowing sand waterfall!"

However, greeted my love, just the second-generation rigid, thousands of hands, and randomly settled out several handprints released, "Water, bursting!"

There are countless yellow sands between transns.

If it is not the original naval release, the air array wall blocks the attack, and four people must be swept by the waves.

When Shangyuan Needo, he received the news from other places. After the confirmation of Uji Bo, Yisi Poshi used the month to read the rumor, just the state of the whirlpool. It seems not bad.

Perhaps Unexpected Hoseo will only pass there?

After the Shangyuan Na, after a while, he raised his fingers, let the Ninja who controlled him, and ended the big play for a crow.

As for the next thing, it is to try to look at Utilia.

A few refrigerated rigs have retired, and the aperators and the coming have finally charged together, and they also got the loss in this battle.

Because inexplicably encountering the interception of criminals, the maximum of the mulk ninja is actually Mtika and Kakasi, and their biggest results are actually done a few .

Since the members who have not been captured, Shangyuan Needeling, I didn't stay in the beauty and my love, soon I will leave the fire in the fire.

The agency is almost exploded!

This time, she lost a face between the allies.

"Immediately find out the trace of the big snake!"

After returning to the wooden leaves, the secret of the wooden leaves was very thunder: "If he is a living, I have to see him; if he is a dead, I have to see his body!"

"If you found?"

The problem is also a problem with your forehead: "The big snake pill may control the five-orte-grade people, and we have the ability to solve him? What will he do?"

"At least you must first check his intelligence!"

The master pinchs his fist, the cold voice is open: "Whether it is a big snake pill, or the information, it must be fully collected as soon as possible."


I also sighed a picture: "This time I saw the water gate, it is not all bad news. I also found a new idea to cultivate Naruto, I must let the Naruto to learn the model, but also let him Slowly try to communicate with the nine tail. "

The wave style has been using the immortal model in the battle, but he has already made himself unspeak the nine-tail mode because the strength of the nine-tail mode is too powerful.

This makes it a new thought.

Swirls, this disciple, maybe it is a new hope for wood leaves.


The aperator looked at it and whispered: "If you want to eliminate the words, you will have a little shortcoming in order to let the people in the village strengthen the exercise. Maybe you need to think about some other helpers. "

"What helper?"

"Mountain pepper half hidden."

The master hand all the palms, Shen Sheng: "If there is a child in the next time, we must set all the power to assemble, and have the opportunity to make them a network, I don't want to use the power of the old guy. "

"Half-section of the guy ..."

I also remembered that when they met half a hidden, they had some killed people. I couldn't help but sigh: "The guy is indeed strong. If he can join us, participate in a peri-clear word, it will be more A powerful force. "

"The problem is that it is half-hidden ..."

The headache pressed his own eyebrow, whispering said: "Before I arrived at the little ghost, let him put this request to the mountain pepper half-hibernation. The little ghost only said that he will report half-hide, and the result is not certain."

"There is no way."

Located and laughed: "It is better to believe that the Naruto will create a miracle!" I will send people to Musk Mountain! "

Some frustrated in the village of Woody Village.

The side of this is a bit lively.

Shangyuan Nair believes that since the pharmacist has come to help, it is better to take this opportunity to accept the black trick, join the talent and the moon.

Therefore, when the top of the top back to Xiao Xiwi Base, the black is not arrested, and it is a pocket of the drug. "This is a pharmacist, a newcomer joined our eye plan, and you should know? "

"We have seen it."

Shangji, I went to the pharmacist, and looked at him in the cold and looked at him. "I didn't expect to see you here.

At this moment, he seems to have a deep hatred with the pharmacist.

Justice is going to open the mouth, I will go to the pharmacist to continue to say that the drug teacher will continue to say: "Pharmacist

"I just want to see how interesting to see the moon."

The pharmacist pocket his mouth and slowly pushed his eyes, as if a snake stared at the original navigation.

"Hey ... will definitely be very interesting, this is able to bring peace of the moon to the whole tolerance, your arrival makes our strength more powerful!"

After smilling a few times, I was satisfied that I was satisfied with the performance of the original navigation, whispering: "So after the time, pocket, you listen to the will from Shangli, he is now our monthly plan The person in charge. "


The pharmacist pockets nodded.

As for the heart of the pharmacist, start thinking about how to do this creature is formed, this kind of IQ is very problematic, and the kind of creature is almost the same?

Three people were left all over the month before the plan, except for black, it was the original navigation and cortical ghosts. These two people are undercover.

Newly added pharmacist brocket ...

Still is the undercover of the original Na.

This month's eye plan has become a absolute leakless screen, whether it is still other things, each link has been thoroughly controlled by the original navigation.

How can it be happy to laugh in this kind of thing?

Mom's mind!

Darkness, I don't know if the pharmacist is questioning its IQ.

Black is really happy, it is indeed sincerely eager to join the drug brocket, which can take a side to ask the pharmacist to ask the pharmacist's progress.

Unfortunately, the pharmacist is an old spy.

In the face of the black side, the pharmacist has responded directly with a scientist: "According to my judgment, Yu Zhibo spheres are still far from his full day. Now, there is still a little waste of this relief. The body is! "

"it is good."

The black is nodded, Shen Sheng: "If you need any help, if you need any material, you can come directly to me."


The pharmacist pocket hookped his mouth.

After the black sneaked into the ground.

The pharmacist pockets the original navigation, and I respect the mouth and respectfully said: "Nairies, the resurrection of Yuxibo spots is ready."

"Waiting for my notice!"

Shangji picks up the eyebrows, with the drug master to the base, asked: "Is the slight of the ghost light to know? Take him!"


The pharmacist nodded.

Shangji, I watched the wooden bird on the door of the organizational base. I picked up my eyes: "Then let the ghost light full moon and ghost lights and moon brothers, before Uzhibo's battle, give them a sample Let's! "