I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 246, a group of people who are not too big.

Yisizhiso has known from the ghosts of the mortar, and some people began to conspirate his life and Sasuke after him after joining the tissue.

Yis Zhipo never thought that someone will continue to calculate his life after he die, and some people have to reunite with a tragic dead, and there is nothing to do.

"It seems that this battle is almost over."

Yisi Pubei looked at the giant of the water of the original navigation, was burned out with a heroic fire, and directly cracked this look that it appeared.

The martial artifacts nodded and laughed: "Shangyuan Nairi has always been mostly with land, it seems that it is necessary to solve this little ghost, you need to find a suitable battle place ..."


Yuxi Hosi slowly nodded.

Perhaps it is because there is no powerful blood sustaining in the body, and some ninja will try their best to use the power to strengthen the power of the tissue.

Ninja ...

In order to fight, it must be unscrupulous.

Unknown lake.

Yuxio Sasuke In order to solve the giant of the Appendent water, almost exhausted his own Chakra, can only look at the original navigation, and then defeat him.

Shang Nai took a look at the defeat, and looked at the rewards brought by the help again, and his face showed a surprised look.

Branch Task: Defeat Unexpea Sasuke [Xi Xiaomei] (11), the task has been completed, reward passive skills are tenacity will.

Tough will: passive skills, life energy recovery effect is 100%.

This reward is a bit ghost!

And no matter what to say, should you appear in this place? What is the assistance in this period?

It seems that there is nothing shortcomings, of course, there is no advantage.

No, still, he has absolute confidence.

So the system rewards these things?

Shangyuan Needo shook his head without helplessness, shot his hand on Yuxi Bozuo, a rabbing life energy and Chakra energy injected into Unechebra, this Chakra reached the peak power!

"This treatment is ..."

The face of Unechebeo flashed on his face.

In the past, he has also been treated, but that is just ordinary treatment, I didn't expect it to go to the peak.

This is also normal.

The original navigation now uses the therapeutic effects of the perfusion of the star, can directly restore more than 20,000 points of life energy and Chakra energy, in addition to the long-door feeding, in fact, for ordinary ninja, this is almost overflowed. .

Have a medical ninja, what your opponent does not win!

Moreover, the original Nairi has a spirit of the ancient dragons, and the physical strength is also very powerful. Unexpectedly, it is a bit not confident.

Mom, such a teammate, who doesn't want it?

What is your teammate?

To be honest, Unecheo Sasuke is really a bit, this teammate is really helpful for the Sasuke now pay more attention to the benefits.

Shangyuan Na Luo did not think that Yiszo Sasuo is in his heart, he just patted the shoulders of Sasuke like a predecessor: "Okay, take a break, prepare you to fight tomorrow! I believe you will fight!"


Yischo Sasukes nodded.

After their battle, the sneak mortar ghosts and Yuxi Houli naturally withdrew from the area and returned to the base.

After a night.

Yisizhi Buched and Unechebao were helped in the early hours of the morning, the brothers died in different rooms in different rooms, packed up each other's endurance, and walked out of the base.

Obviously, they intend to leave early before waking up, so as to be like a group of people like yesterday's ghost brothers.

And according to the time of traveling time, this time will arrive at the secret base of Unechyo at noon.


All members of the tissue have played a big morning.

Because the days of today's Unexpo brothers duel, the long gates will be stationed in the base of Xiwi and Yu Yin Village, just sent Payne to host the way.

Even the small south came to do the audience!

The life and death of the Yisi Bo brothers, it is already a big event of the organization, it looks more important than catching the beast ...

"What's happening here?"

Yisi Pubei frowned and watched a string of the entrance of the organizational base waiting for their Xiangyun black robe. The forehead couldn't help but jump: "Is there any mission today?"

Should these people don't want to watch their brothers?

No, right? No, right? No, right?

How can I like the tragedy of others' brothers?

"There is nothing special task."

Shangji opened his fingers, got a circle of everyone, whispering: "Everyone is voluntarily helping you, help you expel any ninja close to the battle area, so as not to be disturbed."

"Need to say yes."

Xiaonan Station is around Shangyuan Na, helping his disciples to play umbrellas, this woman seems to have more and more pet her disciples.

"Yeah, no mistakes."

Didala is smiling next to it.

I don't know, I really think that this bastard is helpful!

The corner hugged his arm, he snorted with himself: "Hey, there is no thing in any case ..."


I nodded, reached out, I grabbed the weird religious decoration of the chest, and slowly closed my eyes, I would open my mouth: "I will pray for the evil spirits, I wish you a brother."

The flying segment is really a person.

There is still this magical prayer.

The red sand is worthy of Yuxi Pub, and I looked at Yiszo Sasuke, whispered: "If you are interested, you can sign a part of a body voluntary donation agreement in advance, wait until one of them is killed, I I can help make it, let you get eternal life. "

It is also a singer.

The pharmacist who just joined the tissue was more normal two days ago. He just pushed his eyes, whispered: "The big snake pill is never forgetting, I will replace the big snake pills to send hometown. The old man of the wooden leaves ... "

Big snake pills, why do you think about Yishibo ... Who doesn't know?

Pharmacist pocket this guy, it should usually be smashed with his eyes!

The white answer is a bit euphemistic. He just looked at Unecho Sasuke and Yuxi Open Road: "Everyone will happen to drink ice juice together. In fact, every other companion, we will feel very sad."

"I follow with white."

Hui Yan Jun Ma Lu Yan is simple.

The white half of the white is revealed, whispered: "The battle of the kaleidoscope is written, no one wants to miss it?"

The dark half is revealing a xanthen, and a little laugue: "After all, you may see the level of this level of Tianzhao!"

Just joined in the first two days, I just got a ghost light, I just got a ghost light, I got a mouthful of Yuxio Sasuke: "Hello, the guy who is called Sasuke, I will gamble you will win! Be sure to kill your own brother!"

"Uzhi Hose ..."

The ghost lamp full moon means a deep eye, whispered: "Don't give our brothers, we lose your brother, never let your brother!"

... "

Lin Yuyu is shook his head and no longer speak.

The macato ghost squats with his own muscles, and the mouth is full of sharks: "If you live in the words, then I will take back to take care of the geomato; if you die, I will help you converge my body. ! "

Yuxi Hose: "..."

Sasuke Uchiha:"……"

The Unechebra brothers oppressed, in this moment, they suddenly didn't want to duel, so I wanted to kill the guy who couldn't be chaotic!

This group of guys who taught organizations is indeed very curious.

After Unecheo Sasukes joined the Tombs, they began to look forward to today's things, and I have been waiting for the duel for Unexpected Boohed and Unechebra.

Today, I finally waited!

This fuck is simply a series of students!

That peach is no longer a pity. White waited for so many years, the big show is about to end the end, but died in the task of catching the three tail.

"All right."

Payne finally stood up and said a fair words, looked at Yuxi Boohed and Unecheo Sasuke: "Skater, in addition to helping you expel the enemy that may be close to, but also want to send the lepons, after all, we are in the name It is also a companion. "

My companion is also a companion!

Shangji nodded, colleaganded his palm, whispered: "We do so many people, it seems that it is necessary to summon the Yuan Gu Dragon and as a mount, this kind will not delay your duel time ..."

"Ok, Ok."

Didala fly nodded.


Yisizhi Buched and Unechebra helped to look at it, it seems that they seem to have no way to reject this group of guys, the brothers have a little sympathy for each other before the end of life and death.

One of the ancient dragons in the air, in the rainstorm.

All the members of the well-known team, boarded the ancient dragons in one place, and arranged on the back of the ancient dragon, no one chaos.

The best position is naturally left to today's protagonist.

Yisizhi Buched and Unechebra helped the brothers in the middle of the people who were sitting in the middle of the people, and a group gave them a bit of speaking, let them feel a little bit of a man.

Shangqi Nai flying fell around Xiaonan, knocked on the scorpion of the ancient dragon, and smiled: "Okay, let's go!"


Yuangu Qu Long Yangtian!

Next moment, this old dragon wingsted to the air, the wings slowly fanned, with a dozen members flew to the duel location!