I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 247 Yuxi Bozuo: Fortunately, you have never changed, so I kill you, there is no pressure.

Ancient dragons are very fast.

In the morning, they arrived at the target location.

Shang Nai is looking down on the bottom of the ridiculous, watching Unexpected Boohed and Yizhao Sasuke's two open mouth: "Mushed, Sasuo Jun, need us to help you become a flat place? This will be fair."

"No need."

Yiszhubo shook his head, standing from Yuan Gu Julong, some somewhat calm: "Here is a stronghold of our Urcho family, now let it witness the final fate of our family!"

"Then we help join? So you can destroy your destruction?"

After the Shangyuan Na, he turned to see the people present, whispered: "Which predecessors are good at the sterilization ..."


Yis Zhiso hurriedly interrupted the original Needle, he felt that there is a problem with the original Nairi, how is it going to insert a hand?

Yisizhimo sighed, looked at the eyes of the original navigation, whispering said: "Today, I will pay attention to it. There will be a person who will die here, let this point to do his burial!"


Yiszo Sasuke also nodded.

Shangyuan Nai went to wave, and controlled the ancient dragon, he said softly, he greeted the group of audience: "Then let's go in to find a suitable location!"

Yuxi Hose: "..."

Sasuke Uchiha:"……"

In the eyes of Yuxi Bo brothers, this group of members walked into the point of Yishabo, and the position of the appropriate viewing was selected.

Payne sat on the stone chair of Unecho, looked at Uzhi Booth and Yuxi Bozuo, remembered his responsibility as a host.


... ...

Payne's finger slammed the stone chair, watching the footsteps of Uzhi Boohed and Unechebra, his voice suddenly became indifferent.

"You can start ..."

The voice of Payne has not fallen, and Yizhiso saga has pulled out his own tangle, and he slammed the Yisi Pubhou!

Just a knife, I opened the chest and abdomen of Yuxi.

Yiszhibo's mouth hooks, watching Yizhi, who is lying down on the ground, I plan to say something, a shocking voice interrupted his thoughts.


Didara exclaimed for this knife, he never concealed himself.

Others looked at Dida, thinking that this guy was really destroyed at the scene.

There can be a person who is more destroyed atmosphere.

... ...

Shangyuan Needle slowly extended his hands, in a group of people who were speechless, drums their palms, saying that it is said: "Whether it is Sason's fierce knife, or the crow of the husky, it is worthy of our drums for them. ? "


Everyone attended each other looked at each other.

It seems that the original naval said this guy is a bit truth? Single only Sasuke's knife is sufficiently known to have a number of swordsman who have a number of reliefs!

The tide-like applause resounds the entire Unecho base.


The face of Unechebo Sasuke is dark.

Applause when others are fighting for life and death, Xiaomi, this fuck is really dare!

Used on the ground for a crow, it is very calm on the other side. He is very calm, and his face is very calm, obviously the psychological quality of Ukiki is excellent, even if you don't show it again.

Next moment, Unecheo hobbed his fingers!

Yiszo Sasuke also caught himself, throwing a huge organ hand sword, put the thousands of birds in the hands of the official, and to interrupt the print.

Who is expected, the eye is crazy in the eyelids of Yuxi.


In the next second, the moon reading illusion will hit the Yuxi Bozuo, and the will of Yishabo brothers entered the moon reading space!

Illusion is not the people who are in the event.

Everyone started to have a sentence, no one sentence, but unfortunately people who were present were basically not very playing, and the principles of reading in the month did not understand.

Who is expected, the next moment, Zhiso Sasuke single knees!

Obviously this monthly read space illusion has ended, Shangyuan Nai fell to hook his mouth, within the month-read space, Uzhi Houli this guysk wanted to disclose the kaleidoscope written eye intelligence has spoke to your younger brother Is it?

"Sasuke, really grow up!"

On the other side, Yisi hub fell to the ground, touched his eyes touched: "Can I crack even my monthly reading?"

"I originally found the way to crack the month reading, but this time the month reading is too rough?"

Sasuke waved his own tie stood up, pointed to the people who walked clouds in the black robes: "Yus, your illusion is indeed realistic to make people difficult to distinguish, but you forgot, in the monthly read space The group of guys who have made are too quiet!

Whether you are talking about Yuxi Bo or the legendary Yuxi Bouchen, or the story of our family with cursed kaleidoscope, how can the group of guys in the monthly read space may still sit there without anything! "

"It turned out that their existence showed a flaw ..."

Yuxi hub slowly nodded, standing up, soft: "I didn't expect it because today's audience is too much, it makes illusion reveals the flaw, which is no way!"

"However, thank you for telling."

Yizhi Bo sakard explored his tutor, waving tightening, rushing to Yuxi Pub: "Your eyes, I am free to accept it!"

A electricity suddenly wrapped the talents of Unechebra!

It is his proud, thunder, thousand birds!

Yisi Pubei frowned, reached out to seize the wrist of Sasuke, and the two launched a wonderful body integrity!

The flying segment looked at the battle between Unecao Brothers, scratched his head, looked at the other people asked: "What are they talking about chaos? How do I not understand? Have you listened? ? "

"It's okay to shut up."

The corner is disappeared.

Didala also looked at the flying segment, but he still explained: "Just now Yisizhi Bohed and Unechebao Sasuke In the illusion, they seem to say anything, but Yisi Pubie We have been very quiet inside the illusion, so let Sui Zhi Subper have a flaw, understand? Idiot! "

"Bastard! I killed you!"

"All shut up!"

The health of the organization is not high.

Yischo Sasuke and Yisi Pubie also guarded them. The brothers also played a real fire between the brothers, and a group fire broke out in this area!

"Art fire escape ho fireball!"

Two people have risen the temperature of this space between the two people!

Xi Xiaomei, who is in the audience, finally faintly feels some less safe here. After all, these two desperate guys can reducing their surgery power!

At the leadership of the original na, everyone began to go out, withdrawn from this stronghold, re-on the sky VIP audience seat of the Yuangu Yanlong.

This move is very wise.

After a moment, Uzhi Pubie was played out!

The entire site is soon rushing in their fire!

Didala is a bit surprised to look at the goblock of the ground: "Is Su Zhi Bo Saso help? Is it so powerful? The fire of the fire is even more than the guys?"

"Ha ha…"

Cartry is not answering.

If Didara personally goes to experience it, Uzhi Hose will definitely let Dida knew what is called six seconds, what is the fire of the world.


The ground sounds a fierce drink!

The whole land was surrounded by a black inflammation in an instant, which is the kaleidoscope written eye-catching day, which can be burned in flames!

Unfortunately, Unechebra has seems to have a reserve to Tianzhao, and he suddenly took a reel and closed his palm and whispered: "Fenghuo-fi!"

There are countless painted flames around the rolling, and it is absorbed by him!

The white face revealed a shot: "How is this possible? Sasuke actually ready to get the law of the sky?"

The darkness of the darkness is said: "Even if it is a kaleidoscope, it is just a fire attribute and Yin attribute Chakra. Unexpello should be used in this point. After all, Sasuke is also the genius of Yisi Bo, if If you have premature preparation, it is true that it is possible to study the way to Tianzhao ... "


When Shangji Nai, he looked at Sasuke's fence and seal, and couldn't help but look at the ghosts. What is going on?

What should this be a comeback?

Some people quickly said the truth soon.

Yuxi Bozuo completed the seal of Tianzhao, his face revealed a crazy smile: "When you find that you are more powerful, you are so strong that my fire is more powerful, I secretly study this trick. seal…

Originally this trick should be that you used to seal my fire, I didn't expect that I would learn to take it for your Tianzhao today? "

"I didn't think about it."

Yuxi Houches slowly shook his head, whispered: "Sasuke, you have grown a lot in these years! It's really unimpedal ..."

Ancient dragon.

The martial martial arts shook his head, showing a smile of a deep and long: "At the beginning, when we encountered a ripple of the three tolerance, Miki's Tianzhao seems to be sealed by the adult. Mr. Yushen studied this recruitment, did not expect this trick to be secretly learned by Unexpea Sasuke ... "

Didala hipped the battle on the ground: "Is this a self-contained? Yuxi Pub will only take care of his younger brother, did not expect his surgery to be paid by the small guy who was awaited to wait for revenge?"


Shangnai is speechless.

Originally, the original naval thinks that Yishi Hose's guys may put some water. I didn't expect this fucking that it is not putting water, I put a four ocean directly!

Because Uchimo Sascher has been around him, Su Zhihe can quietly touch anything to make Uttaro sakurate.

Yuxi Poski this guys actually studied the surgery to teach the sky, this is, what is the brother can't kill him?

Shangyuan Needs and Cartill Tommat Tommatmatoma can be seen.

Others only feel that this battle is a wave of three fold. Whenever Yuxi foot is in the upper air, Yisi Bozuo will re-reverse the situation.

Yisizhubo is sakurate with his strength and weird pupil, and Uchi Sasuke will always rely on the syndrome of Yisi Hubiquet.

Red sand is not exclaimed by the low voice: "Is Su Zhibo Sasuke's will of the will of revenge is so strong? Do you actually collect Sui Zhi's intelligence to collect such a complete?"


The mortal ghosts laughed and sought an unusual and ugly smile: "I have seen it in the eyes of these years! Sasuke this little ghost has never laverse it in order to kill Mr. I have never laverse!"

The battle on the ground is about to be divided.

Yisizhiso's strongest kaleidoscope writes the wheel eye, and the month read did not have a result. The fire was not comparable to Uzecho, his defeat has been fixed.

Yiszo Sasukes stand in a high place, overlooking the Yisizhisu, the cold voice, the cold voice: "Yuxi Pub, everything I look at this double-write wheel, here is your burial Land! "

Now, he will bury this sinful brother in this place, pay homage to those who are being slaughtered!

The rain started in the sky.

Yisizhi sang him up his back in the sky, let them flush his face, slowly extend his palm, greet the baptism of rain.

Yisi Hoski fused his lips, wiped the blood of his mouth, stood up and looked at the heights, and the eyebrows were slightly bent.

"Yushuo, your Chakra is no longer?"

Sasuke bowed with Yuxi Hou, whispered: "I have clearly calculated that there are countless day and night I am acting on the battle between us, but you never put me in the eyes, now death Before, what is your guy? "

Sasuke. "

The smile on the face of Yuxi hub is, and his voice is as moderate. "Now say these words are too early ... Do you know why I never I would like your revenge?"


Yuxi Bozuo picks the eyebrows.

"Because in the past, everything you work hard is meaningless."

Yisizhipo sticks out his hand to touch his eyes, whispered: "The kaleidoscope should not be as simple as you think, when you get the kaleidoscope write the eyes, as long as you work hard to guide the pupil ...

When you guided the power of the kaleidoscope, it will be awakened, you will be awakened, you will be able to make an invisible pupil into tangible things ...

And this kind of tangible thing, our Unechebra is on the record of the kaleidoscope writes round eye, there is a very fearful name, its name is ...

Benevo! "

In the next moment, a red skeleton floated from Uzhi Hou, gradually formed a red giant, slowly enveloped the body of Yisi Houjia!

In the moment, Unecho Sasuke and Xiao Ziwa, he did not independently exposed a shot of the horror, Yis Zhipo took him to see Yuxi, his face It is still very calm.

"It is because I am awakened the ultimate pupil of the kaleidoscope, is that I have never been a reason why you have not been improving in these years, why you have a three-hook jade writer? What about the sight of the eye? "

Yisizhip's mouth hook, revealing a coupling smile: "Even if you sneak in the sneaks from me, there is no relationship, because in front of you, everything is meaningless ..."


Yischo Sasuke caught into silence.

His face began to drop the rain on the rain.

Yisizhibo helped his red, Zuo to Yisizo, and suddenly revealed a smile: "In fact, I have always thought about one thing, that is, you will deliberately die in me. Summit ... "

Yiszo Sasuke slowly released his tutral, and laughed and continued: "So every time I secretly copy your tissue, I will have some embarrassment, because I can't judge that I killed it. One of the brothers who look like, maybe I can't even go, because the victory may be too easy. "

Yiszo Sasuke's palm slowly closed, calmly fell to his handprint, softly, now I won't have this kind of burden, you really still, the arrogant Ursi Pub, thinking that everything is Your control. "

Yuxi Bozuo raised his head and looked up at the radiator of the air cloud. It was rid of rain and sweat on his face: "Yuxi foot, this is also very good, because of this, I can't use it. Benedict. "

Thundermond flies in the sky.

Next, a huge beast is jumped from the clouds!

Yiszo Sason's finger points to the red mustache on the ground, guiding the researchers in the air, cold and drink: "Along with thundering disappears! Yushuo, with your arrogance and arrogance! "