I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 248, what is playing, refund!

Ancient dragon's body.

After the appearance, the onlookers have been silent.

Those who have doubtful to Yisi Houches gradually disappear, and even some people have a certain conspiracy to Husi.

Didala touched his chin, his face is somewhat not very good: "Yuxi Pubie this guy is really sinister ... In these years, secretly put the hope of revenge, now destroyed it again. What is this little ghost? "

"The winning or loss has not decided!"

Red sand shook his head in cold and cold.

Didala hesitated for a while, some strong open mouth: "In front of the legend, no one can fight this guy?"

"Didala, have you heard of Sole?"


Dida La is slowly nod, his face is a bit heavy: "The old man in Duyan has mentioned that when he and the second-generation Tangshi went to the eloquence, he was able to be able to take a trick Destroy all of them ... "

Although Didara has been very proud, Didara guys don't think that there are two people who have no two people and the second-generation native.

Two ninjas that are good at dust are easily defeated, how can Yisha Sasaka will win in front of him?

as expected.

The unicorn beast in the sky fell!

The red must be robbed to raise a mirror, resisting the positive attack of the thunder, Kirin, but the tyrannical landlore, Chakra is still unscrupulously spread, and it is necessary to be able to zone. Helmet!

However, no matter how crazy attacks, the thunderous unicorn still can't hurt the Yisizu paisure, which must be able to be able to disappear with a traggy to disappear in the air.


Yisi Hosi spurted a blood.

The burden on him is also very large.

Yiszhike did not dare to reply to Zuo. He looked at the thunder unicorn to block it. He couldn't help but muttered in his mouth: "This ... how is it?"

How is this impossible?

This existence is required to completely refresh the cognition of Sasuke.

Even if it is the audience in the ancient dragon, it is also a powerful power of it. If you have not many people have the thunder and unicorn that takes the help of Yizha.

The corner is open: "Even if you have been in mind, do you still don't escape from the brothers? Sasuke this little guy is really poor ..."

"The battle is not over."

The mortal ghost shook his head, and he quietly lowered: "Even if you need to be able to do, how long can I persist?"

I can't hold it.

Yuxi foot is physically, the mortar ghost is really acknowledging.

The vision of the kaleidoscope is very powerful, and there is still no left, and the body is also dragged with serious illness. Chakra is close to exhaust ...

Everyone visited the underground battle. I saw that Yizhio Sasuke could not be angryly attacked, but it was able to block the number.


I don't know how to help.

Just Yu Zhihe slowly approached Unecheo Sasher, extended his finger, just as everyone else to dig out of the eyes, I saw that Yisi Pubie fell weakly on the forehead of Sasuke.

In the next moment, the huge must be able to dissipate this.

Yuxi Houh's body wolf fell to the ground.

This ... what situation?

Everyone in the organization has exposed a shot on the face. Everyone is consciously flying on the ground, watching the Unexus on the ground.

Yisi Hose on the ground has no vitality.

The last minute of life is to be able to do it, complete the Jedi-turned Udi Pip, which is so dead here?

Unechebra helped to stay on the wall of the ruins.

"Hey, ask for a small ghost, what is Urshi Hostel to tell you before?"

Didala just got a mouth, dissatisfied: "How can I be this result! How can I accept it!"

In the original, the rolling flipping is sufficient enough, whether it is Unexpello Sasuke, a moon reading or cracking the day, and it is worth seeing the Didara.

But it's so weird to end ...

This is too can't stand it?

Is it that the ending should not be an occupational, he must be able to help a punch, Zhiso, highlighting his own altruisttalism!

The flying segment interrupted Didala, watched scornfully: "Hey, Didara! You think it is watching the drama, can you call the ticket?"

The mortar ghost sound is explained: "It is, and the pupil of Mr. is exhausted. The kaleidoscope writes the eye, but it is very needed to consume the pupil ..."

This explanation reluctantly said.

At least everyone also learned about the power of the kaleidoscope, knowing some weaknesses about the kaleidoscope writing.

"Okay, let's go first!"

Payne glanced around the people around him, whispered: "Yushuo is a member of the organization, then help him build a tombstone!"

"This is handed over to me!"

The mortal ghost is looking at the heavy rain in the sky, whispered: "You will go first! This is the agreement before I and my husky. If he died, I will help him pack the body."

"I will help you!"

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses. His voice has some regrets: "After all, I and the Truna is also the ninja from the wooden leaves, and it should be sent to him."

"so be it!"

After the navigation, I opened my nodded, I turned to Yishacy: "Hey, Sasuke, you go back with us, still here ..."

"I stay here."

Yiszozuo shook his head.

Cartry ghosts looked at this ruins, sighed: "I want to make a big grave for my husky, it takes about a short time!"

"I know."

Shangji nodded, whispered: "That's so good, I will send you the ancient dragon to send you back, and then pick us up."

"it is good."

Heaven Pene nodded.

Xiaoshan walked up, reach out his own paper umbrella, handed it to the original Needle, whispered: "That will come back."


Shangji shook his head, but laughed with her smile, suddenly took his own fight, wear his own fight on the head of Xiaonan.

The ancient giant dragon in the sky whizzed.

A group of people, have embarked on the ancient dragon left here.

Among the ruins of this fierce battle, only Yischo Sasuke, the mortar ghost, the pharmacist, and the last na, everyone's mood seems to be a little less than.

"Hello, ghosts."

Yiszo Sasukes looked at the remains of Uszhi Budo, and there was a little low-end opening: "This guy is deliberately lost to me? Do you know this? What does he mean?"

"No, it is actually your strength is too strong."

After the macmon ghost, after an unusual uncein smile, slowly todped: "Well, since you all know, then I need to tell you now, Is Zhi Zhi Houches two roads for you? "

"What does it mean?"

"Because the body of the husky has already been suffering from serious illness, I have always let him find the original disease, but the husky has given up the treatment."

The mortal ghosts lit up, slowly slammed the body of Udi, whispered: "Since I saw the first side, I knew that, in fact, he didn't want to live in this world. ""


Yischo Sasuke fell on the ground.

The martial artifoglement shook his head and broke his head and interrupted, whisper explained: "Mr. . . ... .................................................

"Wood leaves?"


The mortal ghosts reached out in the eyelids of Yisiza, whispered: "Do you want to know the truth of the extinguishing family? Yuxi Bao is the first nationality of the endurance, so he suffered from the three-generation eyepiece. "

"This point of ghosts said wrong!"

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses, and smiled and opened their mouths: "In fact, since the second generation of rigs, the Yishibo family has been jealous of wood, just that Yizhibo at the time has always used value."

After the pharmacist was finished, laughed and continued: "After the third endurance battle, the endurance has become peaceful, and the Unexpellian family naturally has no use. It is no wonder that the big snake pills will let me find the village group. Request write wheel eye. "

Yuxi Bozuo raised his head: "What is the group?"

"Zhidun Group Tibet."

The pharmacist looked at Unecheo Sasuke and continued to respond: "However, the village group is already dead, otherwise you may also see how many Yizhi Mo's writing is the case of Mu Zhiyu.

"I don't know this."

The mortal ghost shook his head, and looked up and looked at Unechebra.


Yischo Sasukes in the heart.

The chanmon gods grinned and laughed and said: "It seems that you also guessed it? That is to leave your life, kill all other Unedrawa! Otherwise, do you think he will deliberately stay with you? ? "

"This is impossible!"

"Nothing is impossible."

Cartry ghosts open their palms, cold sounds: "Mushed has always threatened them to protect you with the information of the wooden leaves, remember that you will defeted the wooden leaves of the year? Do you know why Miki will make you joined? "

Cartry ghosts look at Unecho Sasuke, Shen Sheng: "Because you are in the hands of the big snake pill, he is worried about your safety! But only I know, when you appear, it means that Mr. Mr. is nearly I really want to kill you this little ghost! "

When the martillamon ghost, he took the shoulders of Yuxi, put him in front of Yuxi, and his face became somewhat: "Look at your brother, everything he does is for you! I will listen to it now, he will arrange two roads for you before dying! "

Sasuke Uchiha:"……"


Cartry ghosts looked at Shangyuan Nae next to him. Seeing this unhappy, he would continue to say: "Continue to follow us, revenge to the wooden leaves, the whole endurance is only the most powerful, so you Can be with us! "


Yuxi Bozuo took a look at the martillamon and asked: "Hey, who is he thinking about him, think you can arrange me?"

"To shut up!"

The mortar ghosts slammed the neck of Unecho, the cold voice: "The second road is back to the wooden leaves to do your ninja!

Don't worry, the three generations have been dead, and the high-rise of the wooden leaves will certainly not be difficult for you.

The Ninja, the ninja, and will not care about you such a little ghost. Shangyuan Nair is a friend of Miki, as long as you don't disclose the ingredients, he will not let the leader will investigate you. "

"Ha ha…"

Yuxi Bozuo helped the sneak, looking at the martillamon ghost: "It seems that this guy tells me two ways, but tell me the high-rise of the wooden leaves for forcing this guy to kill my parents, not still still Let me choose to follow you? "

"This is indeed our selfishness."

Shangji shook his head, looked at Unecheo Sasuke: "Sir thinking that you can choose freely, it is best to return to the hometown of the wooden leaves to continue to live peace, then we will hide the truth of the Yishabo.

But we believe that you should not return to the rivoting of the village forcing the union of Yuxi, the brothers, so I told you the truth about Yuxio.

However, this has nothing to do, because Mr. I'm prepared.

Mr. I believe that your friend whirlpool will convince you to let go of hatred. "


The corner of Yuxi Bozuo is slightly solidified.


Shangyuan Na was walked over and took the shoulders of Yuxi Sasuke, whispered: "Your brother iszhi foot is a great person, he has to say that he is really accurate."

At the end, I looked at the Udiss House on the ground, and hooked the corner of my mouth: "Yu Zhi Houqi did not see the vortex, that is really a very characterful person."

"There is no evidence you say ..."


Shangqi Naqi overlooking the body of Udissi Bohed, took the shoulders of Sasuke, the sound gradually somewhat low: "We don't need any evidence, because we don't need you, a little bit of ghosts have been afflicted. Poor power!

If you don't want to let us wait for you to open the kaleidoscope, help you transplant his kaleidoscope writes the eyes, so that you get eternal , do you think we will stay here? "

"You also know this?"

Yuxi Bozuo's eyes were softened.

Because the last navigation is very angry, it is very angry when he is talking about these things, and a pair does not need him, but let Sasuke add a bit of credibility.

Moreover, the original Nairi also mentioned the secret of the kaleidoscope.

Obviously, this secret is generally unknown.

"What do you think?"

At the last navis, he looked at Unechebao, and did not open the mouth: "Wood leaves certainly will not let you get this kind of power, you have no other friends in the Ibara, I will naturally arrange everything for you before you die. "

After saying these, the last navigation seems to look at a future generation, the cold voice continues: "After you go back to the village, don't show the power of the kaleidoscope, understand what I mean?"

"Understand, this will cause a jealous ..."

Yuxi Bozuo nodded and suddenly reacted, and loudly said: "Who tells you that I want to go back to the wooden leaves! I want to destroy the leaves, I will revenge!"