I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 25, Sasuke: Shangyuan, please don't drive away me!

Make a person to leave a line, give it to the right.

The original Nairu is deeply versed this truth. Therefore, the topo and Unechebra will always give Sasuke option, so Sasuke will directly listen to him.

Of course, it is most important, but also the heart that is gathered.

And still have to hook the nominal of Uzhi.

"Right, there is one thing."

Shangqi Naqi sat on the back of the ancient dragon, whispered: "Mushed, I heard that the whirlpiece got the three major holy situations, so I would also help you and I also have received one of the three holy land. Tongling contract. "

Dragon Cave? "

Yuxi Bozuo wrinkled.

Obviously, this place has never heard of it.

However, there is no relationship, because someone will introduce him soon.

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and looked at Yuxi Bozo. "" Wooden three-tolerated spirit beast is from the three holy places, and the three major holy land has at least the history of the millennium, in nature. There are many powerful talkers under moisturizing energy. "

"Wood leaves?"

Yischo Sasuke's face is a bit surprised.

After all, in this era, the name of the wooden leaves is still loud, and it is very clear that the monsoon three endure is very clear.

And the teacher of the whirlow is like one ...


The pharmacist nodded and continued: "Among them, the psychic contract of the five-generation fire agency of the leaves is a wet bone forest, the spiritual contract is the Ling contract is from the White Snake Cactus from the Dragon Cave. "


Shangyuan Needo, he continued: "Although the big snake pill is found to be able to match, his spiritual beast is still good;

Mr. Yusi may be worried that you will see the Naruto has a strong spirit beast, and I feel my grievances, and I also ask us to help you find a spiritual contract for a holy place. "

"Who is wronged!"

Yuxi Boato will turn to the head: "Hey, I don't care so much! My strength doesn't need to be a spiritual beast at all!"

"Okay, don't say it."

Shang Qi Nai Lu also patted the shoulders of Sasuke, comforting the young man, there is a little sad on his face: "I actually want to tell you, he always wants to give you the best, he just don't want to see your brother has a grievance. "

Anyway, in accordance with the now Unecheyo Sasuke's strength of the kaleidoscope, it is actually not a spiritual beast, just take it out and make a human condition.

Since Unechebao does not want, then the original Na will be waved, and only the pharmacist reassembles the psychic reel.

"I know."

Yuxi Bo sang shook his head and slowly closed his eyes. After a while, Sasuo also opened comfort to the original Na. "There is no relationship, thank you for your help, I have got my own most precious gift."

Yuxi Bozuo turned his head and looked at the distant scenery.


Shangji fell to the shoulders of Yuxi Sasuke, laughed and said: "After two years, wait for you to get married immediately!, Then I want to see you, I want to see you, get married adult The day! "


The face of Unecheo Sasuke is black.

This joke is really not a little.

Although in Yischo Sasuo, his brother is sure and he will be able to mention this kind of thing. Otherwise, a ninja will never think of marriage.

"I will talk about our story!"

Looking at the distance, I'm looking at the distance, I said the story from the past: "I was joined in the beginning, my age was one year old than him! At that time, my strength was inadequate, and I lost his writing wheel ... "

A teenager image that is uncomfortable to Yisiza is jumped, and it has gradually become a consecutive generation to Sui Zhiwei's heart, and finally became a friend of Yisi.

They have begun to work hard for their own dreams, but the progress of the original Nairi is getting faster, Yishi Houh is hidden by the distant brother. Therefore, the last Unexus Pub decided to pay their dreams to the original navigation.

Until the younger brother entered the tissue, the two people were completely disconnected, and Yisi Pubie concentrated on the brother, no longer contact the original;

Shangyuan Na will be worried that Unecheg is sneaked by the younger brother, specially entrusted another friend of the mortar to take care of Yisizu.

However, the duel night.

Yuxi Pubie finally decided to open his heart, and navigate all the arrangements to his best friends, and entrusted the last home.

This story is really touched.

Cartry ghosts have a little doubt life.

If you have not remembering, the mortal ghost should be a teammmon with Yuxi Hosi, how can he don't know if Yishi Hose can make friends?

Is Ukhi Subin?

This story, the mortar ghosts are a bit difficult to distinguish.

Shangyuan Needle slowly extended his palm, as if he seized a light wind: "Sasuke, I have a dream, it is completely overthrown, the decay, the endurance, killing the guys of the sages ..."

After that, after the end, I arrived at the head, cold tang: "My teacher Xiaonan, I have been killed by the mountain pepper, because the mountain pepper half-hibernation is worried about Payne adults and Xiaonan teachers to surpass him!

Your brother, Zhihe, once held by the wooden leaf, the whole Yishabo family can only keep your brother, because the high-rise of the wood is getting stronger and stronger, and eventually has an Yischi's nicom.

Why will the endurance become this?

Because the uppermost layer of this endurance has not fallen, they can't have any genius, even if this genius just wants to protect their families!

A few kaleidoscopes of the Yishabo family, Yu Zhibo spheres were forced to go, because his strength is too strong, the second generation of fires, the thousands of hands, think that the Yishabo family is born and evil, using political means humiliated to expel!

Yisi Bo belt is an idiot. In order to live on the three-generation fire shadow of the wooden leaves, first, the first is hidden by his teacher and the teacher. Later, he kills all the same respects together.

Mr. Yuxi Water is a little ingredient, in order to let Yuxi Bo will no longer be targeted by people, Mr. Water chooses to do the double-sided spy of wood and Yuxio, and finally found that the kaleidoscope wrote the eyes. go with!

Unexpell, Fu Yue, is your father. He also opened the kaleidoscope to write the eyes, but the Fu Yue has never dared to express it in front of the person, if it is not an alivety night, even the husky has not found this secret! "

These words have not been too amazing.

It is also a true and false.

Up to the original Naidu, it should be that Yizhi Sasuo can not find the truth, even if it is just to know a half, just matched with these things.

Mom, all know the truth, one is a dead!

Even if it is a dead, most of them have mastered in the hands of Shangyuan Na!

When the last naval is said to Yue Yue, Yu Zhibo is helping the whole person, I don't dare to confuse the original: "Father, he ... also written in the eyes? Why is he going to die? He is the Ethletarian of Yuxio. "

"Yes, this is also the most painful in my heart!"

Shangyuan Na is stroted with his forehead, suppressing his emotions, Shen Sheng: "Fuxue believes that Master can protect your younger brother, so I chose the neck, otherwise, do you think that Mr. You can defeat Fuyue? ? "


Yuxi Bozuo shook his head.

Yisi Bo Fu Yue, is the family of Unecheboy, in the impression of Sasuke, his father is the most powerful person of the entire Unexpeed!

It seems that this is also normal.

Both sons can open the kaleidoscope to write the eyes, how can be a weak? Is it a father?

"Because of the husky of Fu Yue, your mother's beauty, should be gambled in your body!"

At the last navis, he looked at Unechebao, and some sadly took his shoulders: "These Unexpectedly, the past is the most painful time, I don't know if I should tell you. Because these are too dark ... "

"No, I should tell me."

Yuxi Bozuo shook his head and cleared his fists, Shen Sheng: "If the upland predecessors don't tell me, I will not know ... I should have a few hatred on my own body!

I will continue my will!

No, I will do more thoroughly than him!

I have your father's regret. It is the sorrow before the death of all Yizhi Bo, so let the leaves feel what is painful! "

The eyes of Unecheo Sasuke gradually became a pair of talents. His mouth is almost more and more stronger, and even the use of their own pupils is not skilled. A pair of purple skeletons are in his body.

The front of Unechebra suddenly appeared a touch of black inflammation, his face revealed a smile: "Is this a tactics? Then let me use his mouth to burn the decayed fallen. Wooden leaves! "

"Should you turn your seal?"

Shangyuan Na was in his side, interrupted Sasuke's madness: "I remember Mr. I told me on the duel, even if you didn't open the kaleidoscope, he will seal the ability to seal the sky in your eyes. Let you be self-motivated. "

When Uchi Sasuke's smile came down, he hated his teeth, showing the pain and regret of his face: "The guy ... also arranged this for me?"


Shangji took a shot of his shoulders, and some regrets on his face: "So I hope that you don't live up to his pain, don't live up to his sacrifice, I will find a quiet place in a quiet place, will not have any more Killing and pain ... "

Shangyuan senior. "

Yuxi Bozuo looked at the original navigation, and the look was unprecedented. He slammed himself: "Since then, be sure to drive away me! I have completely decided my own determination!"


At the end, I sighed and sighed, turned to the stem of the mortar ghost and pharmacist next to him, whispered: "Why do you have to come to this water?

In fact, I just want you to understand the bitterness and suffering, then return to the hometown of the hometown or find some other place, Anan quietly married and gave birth, then I would like to see it now ... "


Yuxi Bozo helps his eyes, whispered: "Even if I am a three hook jade, I will not give up, let alone I have opened the kaleidoscope now ... So you have to do it once, I don't want to miss it!" "

"Let's go back to the base!"

Shangji fell to shook his head and avoided him, but said another thing: "You can consider your teammates, whether it is ghost, I can, you can, the people I have watched, ghost And I am a friend of Miki ... "


Yizhi Bozuo nodded and fell into a difficulty in choosing difficulties.

First of all, the pharmacist is definitely removed.

A mortal ghost is a teammate for Unecheo, and the relationship between them is also in the eyes, that is really a bit envious.

One of the original naves is a friend who is hidden in Udi Subso, and the relationship between them can also analyze it, which is more enviable!

It seems that two people, which one is very good?

This kind of thing is not anxious, and it is possible to decide when the next execution task.

Anyway, the relationship between the original navigation and Payne is very good, and Sasuke suddenly realized a problem.

He is really a little more comfortable, because there is a friend of your brother, and everywhere is a strong teammate.

After returning to the Base of Xia.

Shangji Rounche will take the court to rest to his own room, the reason is that the impact of this day is too big, the mood is also very sad, must have a need to rest.

Yisi Bozuo naturally chose to listen to his arrangement.

The martial artifacts have finally pressed the opening: "Shang Shang people, why Sasuke will choose to join us, do you have a husband and adult ..."

"People are dead, who knows that true fake!"

Shang Nai fell to the mortar ghost, shake the head: "Sasu help the happening us, of course, because of love! After the sacrifice of his character, how can you give up your brother's dream? "

After Shangyuan Na, he handed a reel to the pharmacist: "Here is the white eye I get in the green hand of the misty village, you look at it!"

"That only lost white eye?"

The pain of the pharmacist is slightly surprised. After a while, he respectfully locally nodded: "You will not let go of the hope of the Neshers."

"All right."

Shangyuan Nai was self-swaying, turned to the direction of Yu Yin Village: "You are two, don't reveal the flaw in front of Sasuke."

After the Shangyuan Na, he looked at the martillamon: "Especially the ghost, remember that the look hated him to die, but because he is a younger brother to take care of him, so you have to him. The mood will be complicated, do you understand? "


The maths nodded silently.

It can be seen that after the original navigation leaves, the martial artifact's face revealed a ugly smile: "Ha, it's really ..., no matter what you, or your brother, still did not escape the realistic reality!"