I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 252, your mood is not good, the dead can not live

Shangyuan Needs is not very good.

Even Xiaonan still appeases his emotions as in the past, and still does not let the original Nair's mood have improved, but it becomes worse.

If an ultimate black hand behind a tolerant is not too good, his bad mood will have a big possibility to spread to others.

Therefore, after the original naval left the office of Xiaonan, the moment appeared outside Yu Yin Village, standing in the distance of the village, quietly looking at the village whitening the light, seems to be able to see the village in the village Everyone.

Shangyuan Na Rou slowly erected his fingers, occupying the will of returning toys, and the cold sound opening: "With the soil, let the pharmacist and ghosts come to see me, bring Uzhi Subico and one Live sacrifice. "


Yuxi Bo belt can only be helplessly respecting the order.

Didn't have a long time, a space vortex appeared around, Yisi Bo belt and pharmacist pockets, the mortar ghosts appeared around the original Needle.


"What about the body of Uzhi Subicon?"

Shangyuan Nai went to wave, looked at Uxo Bo, followed by him again to look at the pharmacist: "Do you bring a sacrifice?"


The pharmacist nodded, and his chest appeared at a time space whirlpool, putting a coffin and live white on the ground.

The gentle written eye and pharmacist loading of the martyrdom loaded in the martyrdom, so the two of the two sneak spaces are interoperable.

Shangji opened a coffee shop, saw the body of Yisi Houki, nodded calmly: "Then start!"

"Yes, Needar."

After the pharmacist nodded, he closed his palm printing. He asked softly: "Needar of Nairi, why do this time? Is there a strong man?"


Shang Nai was shot and shook his head, whispered: "Because my mood is not good."

Pharmacist: "..."

Cartry: "..."

Yuxi Bo Tong: "..."

This reason is very powerful.

Because your mood is not good, so the dead is still a life.

When is this boss?

If you carefully calculate, Yisiza is only dead for a day, and I don't know if I have never seen his parents in the pure land!

The result was pulled back to the top ...

The original Nairou looked at these people's eyes, couldn't help but frown: "What are you thinking about chaos?"

The mortal ghost shook his head, and even grinned: "I didn't see my husband in the time of the day, I also miss him very much!"


Shangji was picking up his eyebrows, whispering said: "Let's take it out that there is a kaleidoscope that is in the whirlley tummy. The surgery is not for his kaleidoscope, and the results are not let People are loyal to the wooden leaves. "

After that, Shangyuan Na will continue to add: "If he refuses to answer, then take Yuxi Bozuo to threaten him!"


The pharmacist closed his palm and watched the white sacrifice.

"Tolerance of the law"

Next moment, Yuxi Houchi is a numerous dust savage!

Then, these dust debris gradually wrapped in vane, turning it into an appearance of Yuxi, as the carrier of Unecheo Soul!

The scarlet written eye is slowly opened.

Unexpectedly looked at the surrounding environment under the eyes, and his eyes couldn't stay. Just when he felt his body, there was a good understanding, this is the anti-theorem of Big Snake Pills.

Yisi Hosi slowly lifted his head, and his eyes swept away from the scene, the pharmacist, Yuxi wave belt, the mortar ghost, Shangyuan Nair ...

These four people, every person's identity does not seem simple.

According to the judgment of Utizhi Bud, the pharmacist should be a person in which the murder of the translusion is, after all, only the relationship between the pharmacist and the big snake pill is close, and it is possible to learn to reincarnate.

As for the emergence of chanmon ghosts, Yisi Pub is not surprising.

Unexpectedly, Yishi Houchi did not feel too unexpected.

The appearance of Shangyuan Nairi, Yuxi Pubie didn't feel particularly unexpected, after all, this seems to be a very easy to use.

This behind-the-scenes team seems to have not imagined so mysterious. Unexpecteda has also guess their identity, and now they can be on the upper number.

Just as Yuxi Pubie is still thinking, the pharmacist has a palm of their own: "Yushuohe, welcome you to return to this world."

"Pharmacist ..."

Yuxi Pub carefully stared at the pharmacist, whispered: "What is the darkness hidden in the deepest in the endurance?"

"No, or you can say this."

The pharmacist smiled and said unhappy: "Yushuo, do you want to thank us at this time?"

If you encounter your people in the pure land of the pure land, it is estimated that there will be no face to face them, so I will help you summon the soul back, so you can swear. "


Yisi Hosi caught into silence.

The pharmacist took a look at Yisiza, continued to open: "Well, for a dead person controlled in our hands, we seem to have a secret."

In the next moment, the eye of the pharmacist became incapacitated, whispered: "Another nation of Yuxi wave soil is written in your hand? Tell me, then don't know how to write the wheel eye Where?"


Yuxi hub faced an expression of a mpping. He looked at the pharmacist asked the sound: "It turns out that your debris reincarnation resurrected my purpose. Is it to stop the water?"

Yis Zhi Pubisted for a while, and asked: "Is it wrong with the disappearance of Zhizhi, is your person?"

Because Zuncun Tibetan also has an easy writing to write.

The entire persistence knows that there is no need to write the number of ......... . ..

"No, he is not qualified."

I laughed and shook his head and looked at Yisi Bo.

When the pharmacist told this sentence, the face revealed a mysterious smile: "I think you will never want to come back with your brother! Under my manipulation, I want to Deliberately lost to your younger brother, maybe it will be difficult! "

Sasuke ... "

After the name of Yuxi Houhe, after the name of Unechebra, he looked up to the martial arts, in his impression, ghost is a friendly person.

After the eyes of Yuxi Pub, I couldn't help but sigh: "Don't worry, I will protect the safety, we will protect the security."

"Let me say!"

Shangyuan Needle to let the mortar ghosts, retreat, unconstably, whispered: "Mushed, what should I say? Your younger brother Yuxio sauo helps it is rushing, can't wait to join What about us!"

Shangyuan Nai fell to hook his mouth, looking at Uzhi Hubusi still calm look, laughed: "In order to protect member Yuxio Sasuke in our organization, Yischo Sasuke is not betrayed, so we must solve everything that may result in him betrayal factor."

"Oh, it seems that you have wrapped it ..."

Yuxi is quietly sighed, whispered: "Then you come to find another way to write the eyes, is it to control Sasher?"


After the navigation, I suddenly revealed a smile that mean a deep and long: "Is there a way to be more suitable for nobody?"

"This ah ..."

Yuxi Pubi also nodded, softly sigh: "There is no way to control others more than nice gods. If I have not guess wrong, Zhun Village has been killed by you. It's also ruined by him before death? "

Yisizhiso's face gradually floated and confident: "According to the personality of Zhun Group, he will never allow other people to master other people, so they must set up their own bodies in advance." "

Yisi Pubei looked at the original Naidai and others, whispered: "You have not got a god of the group, and finally found my body ..."

"It's really a geomato!"

Shangqi Nai Lu smiled and drums, and the opening is praised: "I have to say that the analytical ability of my husky is still so powerful ... I really admire!"