I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

On the 253th, I will tell you a story!

Yuszhi hub analysis has no problem.

Only did not analyze it clearly, the purpose of Shangyuan Nairo is not to get anything God, but it is completely destroyed two other Gods.

The strength of Shangyuan Na will definitely get more stronger, and the entire endurance will sooner or later, there will be his opponent, so the Shangyuan does not want to bear the dangerous ability.

What's more, I'm going to take the toolman who wants to take Unexpea Sasuke as a tool to provide the main line task. No matter how it is necessary to use Sasuke for a while? How can I make a help from Uku?

The endurance only has a real behind-the-scenes that can arrange fate.

This black hand can only be done by the original Na.

Yisi Poski looked at the Shangyuan Na, and the eyes were slightly slightly. "I have to say, I am very curious about your intelligence channel, but unfortunately, don't be ruined by me."

"Then there's no way."

Shang Nai was taken towards everyone, and smiled: "Hey, a few, since the gentleman destroyed that only the words of God, then do you think we have any meaning? ? "

" ..."

Yuxi Bo has a smile in the ear of everyone, he is open: "Of course, there is no meaning! We are not orphanages and housing!"

"Insulting orphans can not be good?"

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses. After the Yi Zhiwei took the soil, he looked up and looked at the Yuxi foot. He loudly said: "Maybe there is something you still don't know, your kaleidoscope is also in my eyes. In the hands, Sasuke is still waiting for me to help him transplant! "

After that, the pharmacist took out a small bottle with two eyes in his pocket, and the Yisi Hubo slightly swayed.

The action of the pharmacist is like shaking a drug.

A medicament sufficient to break through Unexpeus hearts.

Yisiza's face is a little less beautiful, and it can be his kaleidoscope to write the eyes, and Yisi Bozuo can stand in the power of the roots of the roots!

What is his brother going?

Yuxipu frowned, Shen Sheng: "It seems that you have taken my write-eyed eyes, and lure it to you?"

"No, what should I say?"

Cartry ghosts and smashed their own brows, looked up and looked at Yisiza: "Mr. My brother's brain is really not very normal. After the death of Mushed, Sasuke actually entrustted everything in the future. "

"And this time ..."

The pharmacist smiled very shallow, but with a very confident confidence: "Just a few hours from the death of the Jubi, we have not even persuaded that Unecheo Sasuke decided to join us to destroy the wooden leaves."

"Hey, pocket, I advise for a few hours!"

After the end of the original napping refutes the pharmacist, he looked at Yuxi Pub and laughed: "Unfortunately, I have been advise him to return to the wooden leaves to do a ninja, I didn't expect to help but intention to join us ... "

The smile that was bloomed in the face of the original navigation gradually became a little proud: "He is just like a orphan of a homeless look, caught up, not to follow us, inheriting your so-called wishes. To destroy this decaying world with us. "

Pharmacist: "..."

Cartry: "..."

Su Zhibo Sasu help the little guy why not leave, Nair Fell, don't you have a little bit?

With your means, the endurance is nothing to escape?

Shangyuan Nairo persuaded the words of Sasuke, and even someone else, this understanding of the people, there is a magical operation that is doubtful, and even a well-known spy.

Yisziso listened to the original Needle, the face became more ugly, what is his brother going? Why do you believe this group of guys!

And why do you have a vital eye to others?

If you can, Yiszhiso really wants to immediately rush to grab your eyes back, but the body is can't move by the pharmacist.

At this time, Yisizhubo couldn't help but start to suspect that he hidden in the nunpeak belly, if you have something to change his will, maybe he can now break the bundle.

Unfortunately, then don't be here!

Shangji Loun, look at the face of Uzhi, Suddenly, Suddenly, Mr. I, I don't want to be in my heart. If there is any unhappy, I don't know what others have anything wrong than you? "

The original neighborhood reached out and referred to himself to laugh: "Just like the road I just came, I have been in the same way, but my mood is much better ..."


Yischo is very calm.

Compared with other people's expressions have helpless and surprised, the face of Uzhio is still the look of the shackles.

In the face of the ridicule of the original Needle, he worked with him without his meaning.

I have to collect intelligence now!

As long as you collect enough intelligence, Yisi Pubie thinks that you must find a turn, maybe he can persuade these guys to accept Sasuke?

As long as they believe that the power of Sasuke can bring the benefits to them, it is not necessarily the opportunity to turn over, so Yishibo believes that he must first think that it will help to get the .

"Forget it, let's talk about it!"

The expression of Uzhi Poso gradually calmed down, he lowered: "I am a little curious about why Sasuke will choose to join you?"


Shangyuan Nai fell to knead his forehead, looked at Yisi Hostels: "What is this? Sasuke Why add us?"

Shangji is like a happy thing to see, and smiled. "This is of course because ... we are friends of Mr.! We are the best friends, even sorrow, and friends who have entrusted their lives and consequences ""

Yuxi Hose: "..."

This is a mess!

How can he have this worse friend!

What's more, people like him, how can there be friends!

Sasuke did not think of it? As a person who has been slaughtering with his loved ones, how can you have any friends?

Unless ... this group of guys create evidence that is generally none of facts!

"Sir, are you not always like to tell stories?"

Shangyuan Nai went to wave the hand to create a cold ice seat, sat on the top, and smiled easily: "That will let me tell you a story today! How do you listen to this story? kind?"


The heart of Yuxi Pub is sinking.

Shangyuan Needressed with his own head, with his fist, his face, slightly, his eyes: "What should this story say? It is better to come from eight years ago, because that is your brother fate change Source point.

Eight years ago, Unexpea is still the strongest Ninja.

It is a pity that the Became Wars has ended, and the strength of the Yishabo family has become a hidden danger in the village. Their existence has caused the high-rise of the village.

Although Unexpea family has been with the life of the unopened life, they have a genius, and the written eye is the first blood, and their existence is the original sin. "

The story of Shangyuan Nairi said that when he looked at the faceless Yuxi paisure, he continued to laugh: "How? Is it very innocent in this story?"

"... It turns out."

Yisiza is slowly nod.

If Yiszo Sasuke does not understand the truth, hear the story of the original Nair, and the heart will have a concept of innocently.

In this way, after the inherent concepts fall.

Once the original Na will follow the persecution of Woody high-rise to Unecheyo, it is easy to cause Unecheo Sasuke's indignation.

as expected.

The story of Shangyuan Na will make people feel indignation.

"The high level in the village is aware of the power of the Unexpello, sooner or later, it will replace their position. Therefore, the high-level decided to use the villagers to use some dirty means to humiliate this group to pay attention to dignity.

The high level in the village is to use this means to force these proud Yischi and villagers, and even resist the village's order, so they can have legitimate reasons to suppress, thus completely destroying the entire Unechego family. "

After the Shangyuan Na, he looked at Yishuo, "How? How? After listening to these, do you think that the rhizone of the leaf is high?"

"Your words are really confused."

After the nodded, Yisi Hostel is nodded, whispered: "After I heard it, I can't help but believe that you said maybe it is true."

"Because this is true."

The original Nairi is a light smile, watching the Unexpello open mouth: "The policy of the second-generation rigid and thousands of hands are in order to make your Yuxi Bo can't integrate the wooden leaves. He is the bone of Yis Zhihu hate!"


Yisizhiso fell into silence.

At the last naval, I looked at the silence of Uven. Suddenly laughed: "Don't say these, this is the most exciting place in this story, because my father's mother will play a very important role in it.

When the contradiction between the wood and Yischi is getting more and more nervous, the time of the fire, the time of the fire, the Yudu Treasury, I found a genius ninja in Yuxi, just in this ninja, there is a soft rib, that is his handband Brother Unecho Sasuke.

The moment of blood color shines, the whole Yuxi Bo is a bloody, the scream is in the ear, and the bodies with scarlet eyes are scattered in the ground ...

............. ... ... . .............. "


The face of Uzhi Houchi changed.

Because the next is the most hated your own things in his heart.

This is also the scar of the most difficult to erase in the heart!

Only, I didn't have hesitibly, the opening continued: "Yuxi Pubei suddenly found a thing, that is his father, Yuxi, Yue, also has a kaleidoscope, and he thinks that a father and son must be launched.

What didn't expect that Yizhiso Fu Yue and Yuxi Poqi couple learned the truth, it was decided in front of their son, and gambled the life of their lives in the future of young child. "


After the Suzhi Hostel was silently, he slowly lifted his head: "I didn't expect that you can find out what happened there."

"No we can't find it."

Shangyuan never squinted his eyes, looked at Yuxi Peti, continued to laugh: "Next, the wonderful story has just begun, because we will soon really see a brother's great love for your brother.

Yisi Hoski learned about writing the weakness and evolution of writing, and decided to use his own way to force his younger brother Unecho Sasuo, so he chose to force the heart to force and humiliate your brother, just in order to let yourself. The younger brother opened the kaleidoscope.

This matter is clear that we are very clear, and geomatar is not necessary to refute, because more exciting stories are still behind. "

Yuxi Hose: "..."

These are more ups and downs ...

How can other stories?

Shangji Loun, I watched Yuxi Pos, slowly evoked his mouth, showing a good smile: "After the slaughter is a family, Unexpected is unable to hold it, and the secrets in the village have threatened high-level protection. After your brother, he and a teenager called Shangji Najo joined a tailor. "


Yisi Hosi suddenly felt nothing.

Why is the original navigation to file yourself?

If Yishi Hose feels that he didn't guess wrong, his story should happen here a big turn? What extent will the rest of the story?

The original Naidu did not let Uneerso hub disappointment.

"Although Su Zhi Bohed and the age of the two people in the two people, the strength and experience of Yuxi Pubie, so I've been a friend who wanted to be his friend because of respecting him, he wanted to be his friend and got his teachings.

It is a pity that Yizhi Pubie has not been in contact with anyone, and even refuses to identify the goals until he finds that the members of the organization also have some homologous people who are jealous of the village, he finally started to learn. Communicate with people and gradually become friends.

Just as these friends intended to try to change this endurance, Yisizo's brother Unecho saga sang the wooden leaf, in order to protect his brother, Yuxi Pubie went to pull the brother of his rebellion into the organization.

It is also to protect your younger brother who hasn't grown up, Yishi Hose decided to give up the dangerous ideas, chose to alienate with his friends.

Until before dying, Uzhi Pubo chose to returned to his own friends, and trocked his own things, his friends had tears and agreed.

Therefore, after Uneerso War, his best friend took all the truths to the truth, and would choose to help him transplant the kaleidoscope written on the smile of Ukusi, so that Sasuke has the power of self-insurance. I understand the pain of his brother.

Moreover, Shangyuan Na Ruo hopes that it can be able to follow the wooden leaves of Utizhi, go back to the wooden leaves to make a regular ninja marriage and born. "


The expression of Uzhi Houki is very ugly.

To be honest, the mood of Yuxi Poso has a bit collapsed.

Fuck, why the story of the story will become this!

Shangnai Nai Luo this guy has compiled the story, and the sexual nature of the sexuality is good, and it will promise to go back to the wooden leaf to see the ghost!

At the last time, I watched the expression of Uki, my own mood became a lot, and his face revealed a sorry: "Unfortunately, Unecheo Sasuke decided to inherit the dream of my brother, and follow my brother's friends to change this. The world, regardless of him, how to persuade him, he refused to change his thoughts ... "

Shangyuan Nair's face also exposed a sad sadness.

Yisi Hosi listened, he really couldn't help but want to be hit, how can there be a navigation in this world?

This is clearly a half-half-fake story to tamper with others!

To be honest, in addition to the last chaotic Shangyuan Na, this story is indeed listening, and even most of his real life.

However, it is the Shangyuan Na, which is in the story, completely destroying this story, and ruined all his plan.

For so many years ...

Yiszhipo has never put it in the eyes.

I didn't expect the original naval, this guy is so thick. I actually put my life in his life, and I will tell the feelings of Sasuke.

Yisiza's face became more and more black, he slowly closed his eyes, Shen Sheng: "So this is the story you made for Sasuke?"

"Yeah ~"

I nodded in the quiet place, and I also had a sad sadness on my face: "Sir, this is the life I made, I like it?"


Yuxi Hose does not want to answer.