I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 259 Appeal: It seems that it is no longer low-key.

The way the five-tailed Mu Wang was defeated, and the rock is scared.

With the defeat of the five-tailed Mu, its Chakra is gradually contracted, and finally returned to the Han's body, revealing the figure of the column of column in fresh red armor.

Han's face is not very good.

I really didn't expect that in addition to the Lei Ying shadow of Yun Yin Village, the endurence of the endurance still can be able to shake the beast.

Shangyuan Nairou did not wait for him to fight, directly grabbed the shoulders of the Han, a knee hit the top of his chest, the five-tail column plunched a blood, the wolf is going to look back!

"Can you obey now?"

Shangji was so onset that his palm was launched. Looking at the five-tail column, he laughed and continued: "After educating, it seems to be well-behaved!"

Because the system panel also gives the original navigation tips.

Obviously the five-tail column, the five-tailed Mu Wang, who had already lost its combat, and never constitute a threat.

Branch mission: Defeat the five-tail column, the task has been completed, and the gold coin is 100.

The five-tail column is really a sense of a sense of very low!

In addition to the tail of the column, I love Luo, eight tail columal Qirabi, the nine tail column, the plum, the other people don't seem to be good ...

Of course, this is also because other tail beasts are not.

After all, a group of tail beasts were hit by half a nine, which also became a powerful background board that gave a strong strength of the nine tail, until the Qianli column and the Sui Zhi spread, almost everyone felt that the strength of the nine tail The strongest world.

Branch mission: defeat the five-tailed Mu Wang, the task has been completed, and the reward skills destroy the charge.

Destroying the charge: In the duration of 4 seconds, the large moving speed bonus, when initiating a charge, the ultra-high speed will bring powerful power, enough to let you hit any goals, the cooling time is not, the lowest Consumption Chakra 60 points.

This is a body skill.

One day, I can try and hit Mitte.

Shangqi Naqi rushed to the five-tail column power on the ground, rushing to Yishao Sasuke: "Sasuke, let's go!"

"Seniors, we seem to have been surrounded ..."

Yuxi Bozuo flashed a red light.

When the battle of the original naval and the fifth tail column, a group of rocks have gathered together to surround them from the place where they hundreds of meters away.

These rocks have seen at least hundreds and even thousands of people, and they are secretly labeled in this area. Each rock is never looked at them.

Original Didala should take the Yuan Gu Junlong to attack the rock to naja to the original narate and Yuxi Bozuo, but unfortunately, Didala and the ancient dragon are limited by the loess people with mountain soil, between I can't show up.

The ninjas of Rocky Village did not feel how many crises, so they can also become a group of combats to support the five tail column. Even if the original neck is defeated, but can't stop these ninja from being continuously rushed. come.

"Earth, soil city!"

A rock finger is quickly released, and a tall city wall will be surrounded by Nairo and Unechebra.

A group of rocks have embarked on the walls of the city, and the two-known members surrounded by the inside. The head of the head bite his teeth and waved his arm, whispered: "Kill them, Save the Han people back! "



"Rushing the past, rescue the Han people!"

The rock poinches standing in the Turosheng City will first launch a charge, jumping from the soil flow city, and hits the original Naido and Unechebra.

Other rocks are quickly jumping from the soil flow city to supplement their position, followed by their pace, the fighters of the rock pointed to defeat the enemy under the absolute number of people. !

"Earth, earth and stone dragon!"

More than a dozen rocks hidden quickly to hand in print, more than a dozen earth and stone dragades drilled out from the ground, biting it in the direction of the original Naido and Unechebra!


Yuxio Sasuke opened his own kaleidoscope, a black flame appeared in their surroundings, and put a dark defense circle!

Yuxi Bozuo has been placed after the day, after the anti-circle of Hezhi, looked at the original navigation: "Seniors, use wind!"

Shangji was picking up the eyebrows, couldn't help but read it.

Sasuke this guy ... When you do things, you can't do anything, don't need him to jump out of your strength.

Shangyuan Needeling can only sigh a sigh of relief, closing his palm, whispering: "Wind, dragon roll!"

There are more than a dozen hurricanes from the original Nairi, and the sky is blown up to the outside, and the power of the wind is blessing. The power of Tianzhao has almost the biggest strengthening, more than a dozen earth stone dragons. I was burned out in the ground instantly!

The most assault, the rocks come soon, soon tasted the bitter fruit. After the burning of Heaven, he was lying on the ground to scroll to try to extinguish the flame. However, these blackfrites could not be extinguished, but they only burned them firmly. body of!

The first wave of rushing rock is defeated.

However, the remaining rocks seem to be noticed in the terrible blackfish, and start standing in the distance towards the original Nairou and Unechebra helped to release the soil.

Sasuke waved his own talents, hit the stone falling in the sky, laughed and opened: "Seniors, it is still very suitable as a teammate, Tianzhao's burn will become Bigger ... "


At the end, I looked at this scene. After I continued to climb my palm print, the palm stretched out of the wall, whispered: "Fire · Flamestorm! Feng Xi · Spiral Hurricane!"

A rampant flame storm sprayed from the hands of Shangyuan Na, a huge spiral hurricane wrapped in a huge flame, the wind, the wind and the fire, and the fire broke down quickly. The rock is also broken their surroundings!

"Walk, rush out!"

Shangyuan Nairou waved the body of the five-tail column, rushed from the gap of the encirclement with Yuxi Bo, and tried to block their rock, all the way, and the thousand birds were easily solved!

At this moment, Unecheo Sasuke finally felt its own powerful, write-eyed eyes and thousand birds, so that he is enough to easily defeat any enemy blocked in front of him.

The dozen of the dozen of the dozens of can't die, the rock, who is not died, was killed!

The two rushed out of the surroundings of rocky village!

Shangqi Nai Run hurriedly gave the five-tail column Han to Yishe Sasuke, softly praised: "Beautiful, you first take the five-tail column to the Yuange Dragon, I solve this group of troops ... "

"Seniors, let me come!"

"No, let me come."

Shangji shook his head and whispered: "If I have been in danger, I will leave at any time. You will take it back to the column, you will be a heavy!"


Wait until Yuxi Bo saky will leave.

Shangyuan Na returned to the rock to natrifornia, and the body slowly flew over half of the air, and stood in the sky.

Shang Nai, I accidentally overlooked the rock to the ground, sigh, sigh, said: "The fare of the embarrassment is finally gone, the next battle, who can live, just look at your luck ..."


The rock pointed on the ground raises the head.

However, they quickly understood the meaning of Shangyuan Na.

The clouds in the sky suddenly start gathered, almost some people play these clouds together with the wind, and formed a rain cloud.

A drop of rain is the first to fall.

Just as a caterressed outstretched his fingers, when you pick up the rain, whoever added that the rain is actually turned into a young water dragon to play, and slammed his throat!

The throat of this mute is hit by the young water dragon bomb, and the blood is constantly spraying!

"All defense!"

The head of the head of the montage was in an instant, and he screamed his mouth: "Everyone is careful of the rain in the air, alert to any rainfall!"

"team leader!"

A cave pinned his head to point to the air covering the entire rocky village, and his face was a desperate opening: "But other places in the village?"

The entire rock village is very large.

The rain clouds in the sky can be covered throughout the village.

The causal captain bite his teeth, Shen Sheng: "Immediately remind others, be careful today, this is the enemy's surgery!"

After that, after the end of the ribue, the face of the causal, there is some yin: "If there is no way, then you can only be lucky like the enemy!"


The rocks in the scene took a breath.

"We have to do the worst plan."

The ribue captain looked up at the Shangyuan Na, and biting his teeth: "Immediately assign people to all notices, the other small teams present will attack the enemy, must stop the enemy's sickness!"

In fact, the heart of this ribbed captain clearly, the original style released by the original navigation is no longer stopped. The only hope that they can kill the enemy and end his tissue!

The sky above the sky.

Shangyuan Nair's figure is insignificant in the rain, but the buuble rain clouds is the endurance that he uses the strength and water.

This epitope is still the first experiment of Shang Nai, is an example of a surgery that responds to large-scale ninja troops. The most important thing is that the coverage is large enough.

If this type can succeed, then it means that the original navigation can achieve other tissue, such as what is a big fire and justify what is ...

"Try it."

Shangqi Needle overlooking the rocky village under the black cloud, slowly spread his palm, slightly smashed his eyes: "Let me see, how many ninja do you have now, what to stop my nipurance "

Shangji was waving his palm toward the ground, and he said: "Shui Shui · Tian Yu Bomb!"

The rain in the air of the air dropped the rain!

Transplantation between these rain is falling from the air, the rain in the dense marma is the appearance of the water dragon bomb, and they are rushing toward the rock to the ground!

These small water dragons are effects and the true water dragon bullets are no different, just in which Chakra is a lot, and the impact is very short.

However, these small water dragons will not fall on the ground, but roaring every enemy near them, each with Chakra enemy!

The integration of the target is good, the effect is good.

A rock waved his talents, splitting a rain point: "What is joke? Single is just this degree of sickness, how can I hurt me?"

Just next moment, his knees were suddenly launched in a small water dragon, directly knocked him into the ground, and the other water dragons suddenly rushed, soon this mall has to give up against the resistance ...

"I am alive! Smoke!"

Shangyuan Nai fell to the palm of his hand, released a smoke button to restore his own Chakra, the period of consumption is very huge, calculates Chakra consumption, every dropped rain will consume 5 Clard left and right.

Now the entire rock village has fallen about tens of thousands of small water dragons, this number is still increasing with a number of over 10,000 per second.

After half a minute, the entire rocky village fell into a chaotic.

Thousands of ninjas have been in a mute end of the water dragon bomb, which is seriously injured or fallen.

At the end of the original Naqi, I looked at the three-dimensional attributes and the fast-consuming Chakra. After I took a breath, I flooked to the location of the Tanglou: "Compared to these, but also the most important reward!"

For the original Nair Fair, the most important reward is still the power of the earth, which is able to let him use the sole to use the soleness.

Under the attack of Tianyu Water Bomb, there is no ninja in the entire rock village to stop the original navigation, they can only hide all the trembling or want to destroy everything to attack their small water dragons.

Even the two-day scale wild wood and the loess are also pulled by these thin water dragons from the sky, and the wild wood can only escape under the two-generations of the earth, and the loess will give up the maintenance of the mountain soil, let Didara and Red The sand is able to fly out of the chains of the mountain soil with ancient dragon.

Yingshen Village is actually the same as the enemy, but now they are completely killed by Tianyu Bulk!

No one can be able to do anything in the entire rock village.

Shangqi Nai stood on the Tangshot, slowly waving, this tall building was now squeezed and destroyed: "Let me see, soil, water, wind, what kind of power can be synthesized!"

Branch mission: successfully attacking rock village (11), the task has been completed, reward passive talent skills soil.

The power of the earth: It can be freely driven by the earth attendant Chakra, and casually created the use of soil, for the part of the jade.

Wood force (activation): Wooden Chakra, which can be freely driven by the power of soil + water, and invisibly creates the use of wooden quasi.

Magnetic force (activation): Magnetic Chakra, which can be freely driven by freedom + soil, and will create magnetic tolerance.

Shang Nai is looking at the reward on the system panel, and suddenly I feel that I can't make it so low.