I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 262 is also: Yu Yin Village has my fans, rest assured sneak into

The agency has indeed seen them.

After the reel is also got, it is not compromised with the eyes and stares on the reel: "Is this ... Xiaoshan?"

I also saw the first eye of Xiaonan portraits, I immediately recognized the outline of Xiaonan, and it should be one of the three disciples he received at the country of rain.


Xiao Nan is good at paper.

Just don't know why Xiao Nan, who was thoughtzing to be war, was also alive, and joined the inexperienced tissue.

After the color changed, I suddenly revealed a cool smile: "Although Xiaonan has already growing a very beautiful woman, but can also see the look, just seems to be very different!"

After all, the small south of the portrait is gentle, only a full-eyed cold, the look is just like a member of other families they see.



Choose a person.

"Well? Xiao Nan ... That is not you in Yuyin Village ..."

The charter's look has changed, and he looked up and looked at it. "If I have not remembering the wrong, they should die in the war!"

The agency listened to the tap.

It is also a three-year in the country of rain, taught three strands, accurately, the first batch of disciples that they also received.

Unfortunately, after the third endurance battle, I received a message from a letter from a letter, and the three children were died in the battlefield, which also made a long time.

"I do not know either…"

I sighed and shook my head.

In addition to the three-year posts, it is also because of a child who is looking for a fate of his fate.

The round to the eye is the legend of the legendary cactus.

Just get the news of the round-eye old, when he slowly opened the spool sent by the fog, the face suddenly became more ugly.

"It's just a seal ..."

Lately squeezing the reel in his hand, he recognized the look of the sea in a glance, and also recognized the back to the eye in the eyes.

The finger is slowly relaxing, put the spool in your hand on the table, the face suddenly became more ugly: "How can Yes get a long-awaited turn ... His man is alive, the door? "

The first thought in the big brain is Baiko killed the long door and took his round eyes.

No, it is also possible to be another situation.

After the long door is dead, the reincarnation of the Miki transplant the long door. After all, the character of the Sky and the whirlpiece is very similar, and it is not that kind of person who can hurt the companion.

This situation is likely to be close to the truth.

If the long door is killed, Means will transplanted the long-eyed revenge and joined the organization attempt to destroy this endurance.

This is the most credible situation.

"Good color cactus, ahead mother-in-law, do you know these two people?"

The whirlpool is coming over, curiously looks at the two portraits on the reel, touch your own underbacly: "Is the Ninja before our village?"

"Do not."

I also shook my head and looked at Pethen and Xiaonan's portrait. Shen Sheng: "They are the Ninja of the Rain, the second endurance battle, it is after the end of the war, in the rain Congress of the disciple ... "

After saying, I also looked up and looked at the master, whispered: "When the big snake pills invaded the wooden leaves, Zhun Village Tibetan Stress was originally to assassinate the old man, as if I promised a few conditions. "


The face of the program is also gloomy, and the sonication: "That is to ask the wooden leaf to help and support Yu Yin Village to eliminate the tissue, but later, the original navigation should be to maintain the independence of Yuyin Village and not let the war, self Proposal to take this. "

"Ha ha…"

Lucky and shook his head, whispered: "According to the original navigation, the intelligence analysis we got, the country has been organized and rainy village, and the country of rain has fallen into the chaos, until the half-theizes lead Yu Yin Village is completely expected;

Before they broke, Xi Xiaoke is established by Yuyin Village, and when the original navigation, I even took the initiative to get a few members, so he will definitely know Xiaonan and Biki! After all, they are the Ninja of the Rain. "

After taking a breath, I slowly looked up and looked at the master. The face gradually went out: "The original Nairu has been hiding the information of Xiaonan and Baiko. He has never used the intelligence and us of these two people. Exchange! "

This also means that Yu Yin Village has never worked with them sincerely, Shangyuan Nai fell several times, often participated in the allied national talks, but never mentioned that there were two members who hidden too much.

"Do you think that Yu Yin Village hides their purpose?"

The finger's finger slammed the desktop, and frowned slightly: "Participate in the embassies and dawn, the rainy village has always been the most prestigious, and it is much more thanks to the original navigation. Five-generation wind shadow. "

The master is looking down again, and the light continues to say: "Before the last time we encircle the corner, Shangyuan Na Lu has mentioned the treasure that wanted to the corner, for the livelihood of the mountain pepper, will not be Is there a similar function? "

"Not necessarily no such possible."

I also extend my waist, and my face revealed a cool smile: "If they really want to see the round, hidden news seems to be not surprising ... I just curiously hide how much about the news. "

After taking this sentence, I touched my own down: "It's better to go to Yuyin Village to secretly check it out. It is best to get some complete information about Xiao, after all, there is no childhood. The more accurate intelligence of Yin Yin Village, the origin is ... "

"No, this is too dangerous!"

The program immediately opened the idea, and the son sounds explained: "To any more rainy village is still our allied country, and the end of the country is discovered, it is likely to cause the misunderstanding between the two sides!"

After the program was finished, I immediately took out a reel and whispered: "I now immediately send people to the rainy village to send a diplomatic call, and ask them to hand over all the information about Xiao!

The mountain pepper half hides the guy secretly hidden information!

In addition to the longevity secrets and tickles of those members who want to take the young people, they may not intend to fight our big country to defeat the village, and achieve the daydream of the old family. ! "

"This is normal."

The hand is also reached on a blank scroll, stopping the action, he slowly shakes his head: "Even if you write, there is no need, what they want to conceal will definitely not announce. "


The plan is turned into silence.

In fact, she also said that she also said yet.

From the negotiating table, how could it be able to get from a diplomatic resignation; the mountain pepper semi-homage has always been a wild-hearted guy, how could it be reversed their attitude because a diplomatic resignation!

It is said that after the first half of the hidden, after the introduction of the country of the rain, I just worked also to worry about the threat of the organization, so that the original navigation leaked a lot of information about Xiao.

Later, half-Tibetan discovered that the organization was attacked to the big country to fortune, so that these ruins of the village were suffering, perhaps helping him dominate the world, so I resumed the negative hit the organization, and even deliberately concealed the information.

"Mountain pepper half hide the old guy!"

The hand slammed the pen in his hand. He cracked his pen into a fragment: "Now Xiao will harm the whole tolerance. He is still taking the opportunity to make private, doing a long-lived rain shadow dream. !"

"alright, alright."

Located, I laughed and continued: "Don't worry, Yu Yin Village has been closed outside, but occasionally communicate, let alone We and Yuyin Village are also allies, once I If they were discovered, they didn't see that you didn't kill me! "

In fact, this probability is not high.

Generally, to the allies, the meaning of the allies, not, but will hurt the allied relationship, and will give the allies to kill the spies, after all, the spy has always been there.

If it is also found, it can also flee it, it is just that the leaf and rainy village tears, and even the leaves can also accuse Yu Yin Village through the shame.

If you are caught by it, the relationship between the wood and Yuyin Village is complicated.

"Okay, I will not be dangerous."

It's still standing, laughing and opening: "What if I have encountered a danger, then you can immediately send a diplomatic resignation! Maybe you can use Yu Yin Village to conceal the Okay and Xiaonan to let me send me back ""

After that, I took out a set of intimate heaven from my own endurance bag, and laughed and continued to add: "Let me have a fan in Yuyin Village!

If Shangyuan Na is known, just bribe him with this book, maybe he will look at the face of this book, let me live! "

To be honest, it is also very different from the sneak village.

That is, the ninja half-god pepper is half a place in the guard.

Even now, it has already become a well-known ninja and half-seeking, but when you are half-hustle, it is still not so shocking now.


The agency couldn't help but shoot his forehead, Zhangkou said: "Your guy should not take the fragile relationship when you take it! The original Nairou is very loyal to the mountain pepper, he is a mountain pepper Half-section of the number one walks of dogs! "

"Hahahaha, men's friendship you will not understand!"

I shaken my head and shook my head, I collapsed my book in my own bag. I turned to look at some hesitated whirlpools, knead his forehead: "Naruto, it seems that there is nothing to teach Give you, then I will pass your last stroke! "

"Good color cactus?"

The whirlpool sounded his head and looked at it and looked at it. Shen Sheng said: "I have just heard it, you have to go to a very dangerous place, I am learning the cactoscum mode, I can replace you!"

"The child is home, or stay at home, I am better ..."

Diabing a note from his own endurance package, knocked on the head of the swirls, and handed the notes to his hand: "This is, I am careful to practice some treasures when I practice. They are all Raiders of each Takano ... "

"Give me an appropriate to stop!"

The program is angry and smashed with his own table!

Obviously this time, why should I be so unfair?

It's also scared that it is stiff in the same place. He slowly slowed the notes in his hand to the whirlpool: "That ... is mainly my manuscript ..."

"Good color cactus!"

The whirlpool sounds shook his head, not picking up his note: "I will steal your information, or I will go with you!"

"Never do it."

I also shook my head and explained myself: "Yu Yin Village is extremely closed, and guarding the guards, you can only drag the legs in this little ghost ..."

"Good color cactus!"

"All right!"

I also took a shot of the swirls, I went to: "After getting information, I will come back soon, I am not in the days of the wood, you have to replace me to protect the village, must not let the wood The leaves fall to the lower field of other nuts. "


The whirlpool bites bite his teeth and slowly hang down.


I also smashed my palm, and my face slowly wiped up a slim. He whispered: "I can say if I can come back ..."


The master lifted his head.


I also took a shot of my forehead and whispered: "If you can, help me take care of the Naruto!"


In any case, the determination is determined.

What's more, this trip is actually not so dangerous.

There is not much powerful ninja in the place of Yuyin Village, except for a mountain pepper half-hidden, it is estimated to be the genius ninja at the last navigation.

In the Yuyin Village of these two people, they even were unable to overcome them. If they want to escape, they are relatively easy.

Know the base.

Shang Nai Luo Juli, I have just sealed the people of the Tie Mu Wang, the six-tail rhinoceros and seven tails, and he does not know that the news of Xiaonan and Payne appear in front of the board and.

No matter what to say, the world is still in a strange village group.

If it is not a group, it is tested in the year, and it will not lead to such a deformed evil organization.

Now Xiaonan and Payne's intelligence disclosure, because of the reward of the group, it has led to the original navigation, always likes to attack a big nature, and causing several big nature. Unite to exchange information about the organization.

If you count this, Zhidun Group is actually crime.

After the seal is completed, Didara is on the ground: "I have a three-lasting beast, and I have to take a break in a few days!"


Payne nodded, Shen Sheng: "Then only the top eight tails and nine tails These two powerful beasts, after a few days, collectively arrest eight tail column and wooden leaves Tail column! "

Payne slowly looked at the seven eyes of the outer road, and the eyes flashed in the eyes, and the speed of collecting the tail must be some!

Shangyuan Nairou also looked at the seven eyes of the outer road. The eyes also flashed a light, and the plan to kick out the long door and Xiaonan must also have to be someth ...