I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 263, I really is still suitable for the mangroie

Yuyin Village.

Shangyuan Needs to lying on his own room.

Now the outer road of the magic is absorbed to seven tail beasts. He must find a way before the ten tail is resurrected, and you must take Xiaonan and long gates and shake it.

This is not easy to operate.

Because the original navigation must also find way to make Yuxi spots to resurrect, play the life of Yuxi Boss, complete its own main line task and advancement task.

"I have to use my turn to make Yuxi wave spotted monster resurrection ..."

Shangyuan Nai lost his forehead: "The long-door adult has eaten too much in this life, can't you let him hurt your heart? It is estimated that he will collapse!"

The long door will definitely not give up his round look.

Shangyuan Nairu has no way to put all the engagement plates, otherwise it will disrupt the plan, so you can only do what you want.

Shangyuan Na squatted his own finger, whispered: "Forget it, let him go to the meditation, then resurrect! As for letting who use the round to the eye to resurrect Payne, there are still many choices, big snake pill this guy Should I listen to it? "

This is also a recyclable.

The Big snake pill also wanted to go back to the eye.

Shangji started thinking, it is better to give him a body to the big snake pill, let him re-resurrect, then let the black-necked to control the awareness of the big snake pill, and then see these two guys who like to control others, who is more powerful ...

"I really is a black hand of the scene!"

Shangji was returned to his fists, and the heart was a little excited. He could think of such a trick, let the big snake pill get a round eye, then go to the resurrection Yuxi wave spot is not good?

By the way, the big snake pill can escape the death of the death of the death after the birthplace will be killed.

The only problem is ...

Shangyuan Nai lost so many big snake pills, now the big snake pill is difficult to have a few years in the Longfen Cave, and people temporarily pull out when they are dead ...

Said truth, my heart is a little bit.

After the embarrassment, I suddenly felt so cool.

What is a real behind-the-scenes, any chess pieces have the value, and everyone may be placed on the board on the chessboard at any time.

Shangyuan Na will turn over from the bed, overlooking the tower of the rainy village, it is the place where the bus is living.

Shangqi Lu defeated and sighed: "Let you vent your own pain! After you have experienced painful release, you will have a bright future."

I have been.

Whether it is the long door or Xiaonan to arrange a bright future and future, now it is also rounded to arrange for them.

The only trouble is ...

Payne Six is ​​very very strong.

Especially Sunezo, not, but armed to teeth, and an enclosure of art.

It only needs one self-bursting, and it is estimated that the entire wooden village can be destroyed directly, and it is not necessary to waste too much Chakra and life than the use of gods.


Shangyuan Nai fell to knead his forehead, muttered: "Now, there is no death in Yuyin Village, he and whirlpiece should be able to solve Peden?

Do you want to send someone to send an intelligence in advance, let the leaves know that the organization will soon attach them? Will you lose it after you have a preparation!

After waiting for the battle between them, I went back to the opposite side, just that Xiaonan teacher is a bit trouble, first let her feel sad, then think about it, let her know that everything I do is in order to She and the long ... "

When I arrived here, my face couldn't help but change. How did this script feel so familiar?

This fuck is not a script!

Is it the last time, Xiao Zhiwi-weaving per capita Uneers?

Shangqi Nairou suddenly understood the mood of Yisi Bohed, I couldn't help but shoot my cheek. "Xiaonan teacher and long door, definitely with Sasuke ... they will definitely understand me."

I have thought about it for a while.

The original Needle or intended to chat with the pharmacist, let the pharmacist pocket to prepare a resurrection of the big snake pill, and will help him help to find out the miss.


Shangqi Nai Lu quietly opened the fate skills, and when he used unlimited transfer to the rainy village, he saw a white-haired man's avatar on the display panel of the fate skill, and this avatar is also within easy reach.

Shangyuan Na's face was in a moment, and he just said that he did not come here to send himself to death, the strength of the wooden leaves and the strength of Payne balanced.

By the way, he can also take a branch task.

As a result, now this guy appears in Yuyin Village!

"Wooden ... Do you not believe me?"

Shangqi Nai Luo slightly solidified, flying out of his room: "I spent so long time to praise half hidden people! Wood leaves actually don't believe me?"

This is purely the original navigation.

Later, and the ahead is actually believed to be the original navigation, at least they know that the original navigation has always been very friendly to the wooden leaves.

They just don't believe in the mountain pepper half.

The night is gradually.

The rainstorm in Yuyin Village is still unstoppable. The water on the ground has not faded, and a frog explored the head from the water, and vigilant everything around.

The rain drizzly landed on the body.

This only opened his mouth, and its mouth was drilled out of the mouth, and the owner of the hand slowly drilled from the .

It is the secret surgery of Miami Mountain, and it is implicit.

After a driver, I went out this embarrassment, waving, letting this only wonderful Mountain, showing a perseverance on my face: "At least sneaking success now ..."

The rain in the sky is slowly falling.

These rain drops in the same body, this white-haired ninja did not feel, and Xuncheng walked into the street in Yuyin Village.

Yu Yin Village.

The highest.

Tiandao Peshen stood here, feeling the message from the rain tiger, and the light is to convene Xiansan and Shangnao, the village: "Some people sneak in, the enemy should be a teacher, his strength is very powerful. And will not be our companion; now he hides into the village, wait until the rain stops ... "

"I have found!"

Shang Qi Nai broke the words of Payne, whispering said: "I and my adults are old friends, Xiaonan teacher's paper compiration is too easy to be talented by the big people, let me come "

Shangyuan. "

Xiaonan's voice rang, her voice had some low departments: "This is something between us and the teacher, should not be involved in you ..."

"Is there any difference?"

Shangyuan Na is in touch with his rings, sitting in a small tea room, slowly opening: "Teacher, want to solve the loan, is not so easy, I used to pay my hand with him, I have a strange Wonder Tong beast The words he want to escape can be very simple. It seems that our secret is can't hit him ... "

After Shangyuan Na, he slowly turned his head through the glass of the tea room, looked at the godged white-haired man, quietly sighed: "I hope that the secret of Yuyin Village will not be too scared. ? "

Should it be?

Shangyuan Nairou looked around and sat around the villager of selling buns, and looked at the villagers and chatted with the village.

I also bought a buns, and I have been talking about a while, it seems that I am interested in not intentionally filed a thing: "Sure enough, the legendary mountain pepper in the legend of Yuyin Village is leading here, so this village It will be so peaceful ... "


The footsteps on the street stopped.

All the villagers' eyes are concentrated on their own, so that he instantly realized that the situation is not too right, and rushed to the buns to cover up.

The buns were stuffed in the mouth, and looked up and found a custom shop. After the face flashed a smile, turned into this custom shop.

In this place, it is the most suitable place to explore information.

"Really ..."

Shangqi Nai Lu sat in the tea room, shook his head slowly, although there are several custom shops in Yuyin Village, but he has never been to.

Shangyuan Na defeated a sigh of relief, looked at the sunny day with paper folding with paper, and looked at the thousand paper cranes on his table, laughing and shook his head.

the other side.

I walked into the customs of the customs, I got a wine, I got a big sister who accompanied, I plan to listen to the news of Yuyin Village by wine.

Originally, he just wanted to enter the hinterland of the mountain pepper half-hiking, and the intelligence of the talents, did not expect to find some unexpected gains now.


These gains may be very amazing.