I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 266 I have concealed a little thing. Why don't you believe me? (Third more)

After seeing Xiaonan, there is a bit embarrassed.

It's just that I will live a reminiscale, and I have more vigilance in my eyes, I have stared at the air in the air: "It's really big, it has become a more and more beautiful woman, Xiaonan "

After the words were finished, the expression also slammed the emperor and asked, "I didn't expect you to join you. What is going on?"

"It's just that Needar is said."

Xiaonan slowly manipulated white paper in his back, a pair of paper wings, whisper: "An anyway, the world has become this look, now there is no use, Needel, don't say more, get a little "

"Teacher, don't worry too much!"

Shang Nai was shot and shook his head and whispered: "Anyway, neither people can't escape from here, at least let him know some truth before dying?"

When I heard the original Needle, I couldn't help but watch him, and I got my own eyes: "You are a little ghost ... is really a little man!"

Xiaoshan has some hesitibly looks at his disciples and his own teacher, gently shakes his head and opens: "Needeling, there is still something more than things, it will only waste your time here ..."

"Ha, it is really a disciple of your own!"

I can't help but touch myself, my mouth revealed a smile: "I didn't expect the little girl to become a teacher! But unfortunately, the disciples you teach are really like it, Xiao South! "

Shangyuan Nai: "..."

This sentence will be satirized Xiaonan, but also attack him?

"The teacher is also the teacher."

Xiaonan's eyes were tight, and the eyes were staring tapped. The sound was strong and reluctant: "Nairou is the most perfect ninja in the world."

"is it?"

Looking at it and looked at the original navigation, I looked up and looked at Xiaonan. I said: "But I have always felt that my disciple is the most perfect ninja in the world, whether you are you, or a banior ... However, that is just you. "

The voice of the taps gradually became a bit gentle, whispered: "I always thought that you died in the war, never thought that you were still alive, and turned into this look, becoming a murderer that destroyed to the village killed innocent "

"Then you can misunderstand Xiaonan."

Shang Qi Nai Lu interrupted his voice, reach out, referring to himself, smiling and said: "The people are also adults, since I joined Xiao, Xiaonan teacher rarely pays attention to the matter. "

Shangyuan Nair laughed and continued to open: "The people who have been destroying the sand hidden village are me, destroying people who destroy the fog hidden village are me, destroying the rocky village is also me ..."

After the words were finished, Shangyuan Na Lu has a deep smile, he smiled and continued: "I will destroy Yun Yincun in the future, I will also destroy the wooden leaves ..."


Since then it will make a changing.

Up to the first Nairo or the first one in his face, talking about him is to destroy the wooden leaves, listen to it, not like lies, more like a real declaration word!

"How, don't you believe it?"

Shangyuan Nai fell to his forehead, couldn't help but low voice: "I just conceal a little thing, how do you feel that you can't continue to believe in me!"

"Fast Eggs!"

The commelishes have grown their fists, and the eyes gradually become stronger: "All this is the ghost of this little ghost? Because of your little ghost, let Xiaonan become this look now? ! "

"Do not."

Shangyuan Nai's mouth hooked slightly, showing a smile: "Now Xiaomi will become this, then thank you for your wooden leaves!"


The eyes and eyes have gradually become more fierce.

This seems to have some things he don't know again.

Looking at the last, I looked at it, and smiled and said: "It's better to let me talk about a very long story, I hope this story will not let the adults are disappointed, twenty years ago, I should be born this time. Not long time?

At that time, the country of rain showed a well-known organization. The leader of Xi Xiao is one of the three disciples of the three tolerance. Their dream is to mediate all the war in the endurance. This dream is true. Great, is it? "


The got there is slightly spare time.

At this moment, he also remembered the school of the first three little guys, which is indeed a great sincere idea, how can the five major nations of the endurance? How can I pay attention to a small group of mediation?

Look at the original navigation, I also looked at it, and laughed and continued: "But many people believe them, and even a man who is abandoned, more and more people have joined Xiao, let the strength of the organization stronger.

This power will soon cause two people's attention, one of the people's names called the mountain pepper half hidden, because this power threatened his status in the country of rain;

The name of another person is Zhiru Group, because this group of true guys want to mediate the war, but not too clever, the wooden leaves need to be war. "


The face is also slightly sinking.

After hearing this name, I feel a little less than my heart. Is this guy in Zhucun Tibet?


What is the trouble of wood, definitely there is a question of Zhun Group!

"It seems that you should know the result!"

Looking at the coming, I watched the expression, smiled and opened: "When the year, the adults used three years to spend a person's hatred of the wooden leaves, and Zhidun Group is just only one day, let hate. Rehabilitation. "

"... Is this this?"

The head is also complicated and complicated, and I looked at Xiaonan: "So Zhun Village Tibetan Tibetan and the mountain pepper semi-Tibetan joint attacks ... Who is dying in their hands, is it a long door?"

After saying, it seems that this thing seems to be determined, and the sound of the open mouth: "Therefore, the Ribai is transplanted, and the terrorist employer organization that returns to the tail beast is."


Xiaonan silently shook his head.

After seeing Xiaonan shaking his head, I also saw it at the original navigation: "Little ghost, what is your purpose? Even if you have hatred, you should not control your hatred ..."

"If you just have to revenge, hatred should be over."

Shangqi Nairies interrupted the voice, laughing and opening: "August eight years ago, we voluscularly hit the mountain pepper in the same place. Four years ago, Zhun Group hidden in the wooden leaves, the wooden leaves should have always been very What is the go of Qiqi Village? "


The face has gradually exposed an amazing, he remembered the front and rear time of the disappearance of Zhun Group, and immediately guess the truth.

"Is you killing Zhizhi Group?"


Shangyuan Nai fell to his forehead, whispering said: "I used it to kill the three generations of fire, and let Zhun Village Tibet have appeared in front of me, his body is treated as a wooden leaves. Travel is coming back to give the teacher's companion gift. "


Xiaonan's face is not very nice, it seems to be a uncomfortable experience, she remembered the strange strange gift of him.

Doors · Dolom.

Multi-explosive operation.

The bodies of Zhidun Group.

Seal reel of the wooden leaves.

The color of the comics is even more difficult. He also thought of another less than a good thing: "You are really good at camouflage at that time! Even we can't suspect that you are on your head!"

Shang Nai's face revealed a smooth smile: "Who will suspect that one of the agreements and the agreement have been signed and the agreed person ... will it be a murderer who killed the group? If not for Xiaonan teacher, I am too lazy Pay the dirty guy. "

In fact, it is not too good to kill the group.

Even if I arrived at the original navigation, I have to give him a reward after killing Zhizhun Tibetan, and only the dark harvesting this skill makes him gain an extremely huge income, otherwise he is estimated to be a task in the task. .

From a private feelings, Shangyuan Nairou should take the village group to hide thousands of knives; but from morality, Shangyuan Nairou should give the group Tibetan burn paper money ...

Also give the mountain pepper half a burn point.

After all, these two people helped back a lot of black pots.

So, I have to give Yizhi Board and the big snake pills have also burn some, and the two guys have a lot of black pots, and they have been rakes them for a long time.

However, Yuxi Bo has been reincarnated by the earth, and the soul of the big snake pill is still in the Dragon Dragon, and there is no need.

Located tightly, staring at the original navigation, gloomy face: "Little ghost, can be hidden so deep, you are really terrible!"

"Have it?"

Shangji is still squinted with his eyes, laughing and continues to ask: "Laters are also adults, then you guess why I don't survey in front of you?"

"Because you want to kill me."

I also pinched my fist, my face flashed a smile: "It's really ironic, a member of a young member actually guided the action of the endurance;

A person who wants to destroy the wooden leaves actually saved the wooden ninja, a murderer destroyed in the village of Sandy, turned into the grace of sandy village, a murderer destroyed the fog hidden village. "

The head is slowly looked at the small south of the air, sighed in the air: "It is satirized that one should be the world's most gentle teacher, and even teach a ninja that intends to destroy the world."

Obviously, this sentence refers to the small south.

Xiaoshan was also impressed in the taps. It has always been a little girl who supports a friend behind him. Now, because of hatred, I have brought a lot of my upstairs, and I have brought it to the disciple of the five major countries.

This world is really distorted.

It's just that the mood now has changed, the only thing that makes him feel unfortunately, I don't know if the dead in the past is the Niko or the long door.

Because Xiaonan just shook his head and denied the reincarnation of the sea ...

Or are both people die?

Now, in addition to chamber, you don't need to continue to explore other truths, because he knows is much enough.

Just check the identity of Payne, you must immediately escape the rain in Yuyin.

Originally, I have thought about my own life on the road, solve the misunderstanding of Xiaonan and Baiko, and now he knows their tragedy, this thoughts have been light, especially in finding so many intelligence. after that.

The most important thing now is to bring the message back to the wooden leaves.

Every message is very important, and each message will change the part of the endurance.

Unfortunately, when I started to praise the tactics, another figure has appeared at a high place, and I look down on everyone in the scene, I frowning: "Shangyuan, Xiaonan, have not solved it yet?"

Benedress, arrived.