I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 267, the original nerves, the innocent one (fourth more)

When the bus was held by the beast, it was already known that they were chatting here, and his heart was not very happy.

Because the long door thinks, it will be easy to say.

Now the mood of the long door is slightly better, because from the coming of Xiaonan, they should not be very happy.

Only there is a little smile on the face of Nairi.

Because Shang Nai returned to the opportunity to vent the emotions, he also leaked the information, and the purpose of the coming is almost the same. Now I got the intelligence he wanted, and I should find a way to retreat, not to find a way to solve it. Payn?

Unfortunately, the animal road Peshen rushed over.

I originally wanted to see if I can test the information of Payne, and if I can, I can try to explore Petion's ability. If I can't do it, I will leave here, bring the intelligence of the original Nair, take back.

After all, there is a more dangerous in the existence of this person.

Even if Payne has the ability to look back, it is not as good as the original navigation of this lurking in the alliance.

Located slightly, I looked up and looked at the sky of Tiandao, and I started silently forming my own combat plan.

The first goal must take all the intelligence to take back.

The second goal, try to kill the spy from the original navigation.

Third goals, testive look at whether to get Petion's intelligence.

If you know if you are in the original navigation, it is estimated that it is necessary to open.

Shangyuan, thousands of people who want to save their own life, let the coming, provide a force to the future of Payne attack; the result is a heart, but I want to kill the original spy. .

It can be seen that if you want to be a good person, you must find a way to let him know, not silently guarding next to it.

"Is it a long door?"

I also gaked the animal road Payne, and the face was slightly confused, because this person's long-distance and long gates have a little more, but they also have some faces.

However, since it looks at the face, it is a long time, it should be the long door?

However, it also looked at the animal road patriary, it was because this is a person he has seen in the journey, but then the person got the body after death.


Six Payne are people who have ever seen them.

Because of their magical abilities, their bodies entered the hands of the long gates through various ways, and they were made into Penz.

I haven't realized that all this, he just looked up at the animal road of Peking, wrinkled his own brow: "The people who draw the information on the intelligence scrolls sent by the fog hidden village are indeed ... so now this is long. Does the door? What is going on? "

So now another disciple ...

Is it a long door or?

According to the reaction of Shang Nai, I just said with Xiaonan, it should be a long door that has a round eye?

After all, I have been thinking that the long door has also been the child of fate.

I thought here, I also asked it directly: "Is it a long door now? Do you make the bodies of Baiko?"


The animal road Pene smashed frowned, and he thought that he had got the truth between the incapacity, and it sighed a saying: "It is a teacher, even if this kind of thing is guessed?"

"Really like this ..."

I also sighed and looked up: "Have you always manipulated a lot of harm in the scene after the scene? Do you do this? Do you have to hate?

After that, after I finished, I also looked at the original navigation: "After all, those who have hurt you in the past have been revenge."


The animal road pawn is looking down, and the teacher is long. "Teacher, after so long, your eyes are still so narrow ... In this world, it is not only hatred to trigger the war, or it may be to be a greater goal. For example, give this chaotic world to draw a rest, bring real peace. "

The animal road Pedan slowly spread his palm, whispered: "But this is normal, there will always be a lot of mortals in the world, not everyone can jump as God ... I have experienced infinite pain, I will become God. "

The animal road pawn bowed his head and looked at it, and the voice was a bit of calmness: "Once becoming God, what you want to consider from God, the teacher, you are just a mortal, you can't understand me. Consideration. "


Shangyuan Needs will be slightly awkward.

I didn't expect to have been in the past many years. Once I have encountered someone else, I have recovered this model.

God ...

God ...

God ...

Listening to the expression of the expression.

Because he realized that his disciples chose another mistake, this has become a war between the ninja beliefs, which means that the long door is not easy to persuade!

When the big snakeball rebellion, he did not persuade the success of the big snake pill, and it was difficult to persuade the other party when the two ninja concept conflicts.

Unless it can be understood from each other.

Unfortunately, it is easy to say, it is difficult to do!

The lottery has gradually got a cold, even some depressed and sad: "I didn't think that the Naiko's change will make you paranoid this extent ..."


The animal road Petion slightly shakes his head, softly sighed: "The mortal perspective can not recognize things, as long as God can easily see through; because I have become God, I have to do what people can't do."

"So what do you want to do now?"

Subbether, I will slowly hold my fingers, and the knock is awkward. I asked: "Collect the tail, control the destruction of the country, your purpose is completely inexhais, But brings war and destruction. "


The animal road pawn sighed in a mouthful: "Anyway, you are destined to die here, then tell you now ..."

The animal road Peshen slowly closed his eyes, and slowly opened: "Use those sealful beasts to create powerful surgery, as long as one hits can destroy a big country."

"Is this your way?"

The comic expression has changed, and the son sounds: "How can the thing to bring peace to the endurance, will only bring a bigger war!"

After that, he wrinkled his brow, and he looked at the Shangyuan Na, next to him: "Let you not have already done it? This devil has been destroyed by three great roughings with the power of lend!"


There is more embarrassing in the air.

To be honest, there is a good question.

The animal road pang shook his head and whispered: "The power of Shangyuan will always be crackdown, but the power of the tail beast is not the same, no one can resist, and power will be more powerful, directly destroy a big country Those people can only passively withstand the pain they should bear. "

The animal road pang is overlooked, and it has spread his palm: "When hundreds of millions of people die, people will fear the pain, naturally, will realize the preciousness of peace, the war naturally Will disappear. "

The animal road pawn looked at the original naval and Xiaojing, whispering: "The world is too young, need God's help, can let them recognize the truth."


Shangyuan Na is marked next to it.

To be honest, if the role of the ten tail is really a nuclear weapon-like deterrence, it is indeed possible to make this world to greatly reduce the possibility of war because of taboo.

The probability of at least the outbreak of the endurance war will become very low.

It is a pity that the role of the ten tail is another way to eliminate the war, that is, directly destroying all the human beings, which is relatively pulled.

"It's really a laughter, the door!"

Located over the face, I'm going to: "I didn't expect to have experienced a pain, but did you realize such a ridiculous truth?"

After the end of the door, I also saw the Shangyuan Na, who was secretly nodded, "What is your head? The long door is this beef guides you?"

Xiaonan: "..."

Payne: "..."

Shangyuan: "..."

This is his mother's fart!

Shangyuan Needs have a little speechless.

Isn't it true that a wooden leaves?

Why are there so big temperament?

Anyway, he is just a human livestock?

"The teacher, your gaze is getting more and more narrow, or even hind your thinking?"

The animal road Peshen shake his head and sighed, whispered: "When I was 12 years old, I met us, and I chose to follow us, because we were his predecessor, his father was this year by Zhidun Treasury and mountain pepper Members of the semi-located hidden. "


Located, the expression suddenly faintly seeing.

If you say this, it seems to be quite innocent. Is this the two disciples?

This guy's spy identity is really dangerous!

I can't help but remember another person. I looked at them in the cold eyes: "Wait, Unexpello belts? I remember that he is the leader of Xiao?"

"Yuxi wave has never been the leader of Xiao ..."

The animal road pang is calmly open: "Because I tried to try to get the original navigation, we have already expelled him very much. The world will have two leaders, the next generation of the leader is Shanghao, The current leader is Payne! "

After the voice is falling ...

The figure of a Xiangyun black robes jumped out from a channel, and Penne six fish came out, and it will surround it!

"Shangyuan, Xiaonan."

Tiandao Wesk slowly came to come, softly opened: "You leave, here, give it to me!"


Shang Nai was shaken and shook his head and took a few steps, and it was a strong breath in the six Paul, especially the one that was transformed into a demon and god.

If you don't do anything, Chero Paene should be the closest to modern war weapons on this endurance. In addition to nuclear battles, laser weapons, cruise tracking missiles, machine guns are not short, if necessary, can become become become Defense shield.

These weapons are very dead to ninja ...

This lineup is stronger than the Pennes in history.

It should also choose to have desperately, but will you choose to escape?

If you don't do it, then you can only take Yischo to take the soil and take it away. Anyway, Yuxi Bo also has so many black pots.