I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 268 Strong Shurandao Payne!

... ...

Petion of Penne, Shuranda.

Shangyuan Needs to stand in the height, overlooking the two heavy machine guns in Petion, the , countless bullets sprayed from the fire!

Under the fire-fighting cross lines of the two heavy machine guns, they can only roll in the ground, and they are quickly interviving.

"Earth, Tu City!"

A solid earth wall appeared in front of the bodies, barely let him loose a sigh of relief, the result next second, this just furnished solid soil is strolled in a fragment!

By a second chance, I fly quickly completed a proof print: "Fire · Fire Dragon bomb!"

A flame came out from his mouth!

Hungou Ghost Petion fell to the forehead, blocked the dragon bomb, his arm was slightly opened, and the Chakra of the fire dragon was absorbed!


This is six kinds of mutual collaboration, not only the complement between capacity, but also perform sharing between each other.

Looking at Wesin, he also looked at Wesin. He also known from the intelligence of the just now, these Wes are just a long door, but he didn't expect these puppets to have a variety of magical powers!

Single only one of the two Payne, let him hopes that there is a bit embarrassing, these two guys are too powerful, then other few Penne?

The eyes are also moving slightly, and there is still a way to stand in Wesin, standing in the same place, and obviously do never think that the long gates will be made up of the bodies of the bodies. It is definitely more Size!

as expected.

Tiandao Penne flying towards each other, condensed a yin and yang black stick directly stabbed to the body, the old days were in an instant to launch a group of people!

The armored the arm of Petion became a sniper gun, and he called a cold gun next to it because the vision of the six Petion was shared. Mono Dao Penne almost didn't need to be aimed at, and they also shot a shot directly. !

Below, you only have to have a hurry!

In an instant, a dark bullet wiped a lot of body, playing a blood in his shoulders!

This is just a few minutes of time, and it is also traumatic directly after being repaired.

In the next moment, I also held my shoulders quickly, my eyes were slightly flashing, and I took a tunnel to climb.

According to the experience, he does not think there is any meaning of continuing to stay.

The cooperation of two and three Penne let him have a bunch of hands, and must first think about the Petan six to divide!

If there is no way, then you will escape.

It is also thoroughly understand why there has never been sneaken to leave Yu Yin Village. Under such a strong enemy siege, you want to escape.

"But I am the fairy of Miao Mountain!"

By bitterness, I'm also smiled and hid into the tunnel, rushing to another exit along the tunnel.

"The teacher, the escape is meaningless."

The face of Petion, Chero gradually started to change, soon became a strange instrument, and the direction of returning and escaped, apparently this is a radar scan tool similar to Chakra imaging.

Shangqi Nairou is standing over, looking at all, the corner can't help it, he induced the long door to renovate the Rovar Paul, now seems to add the last vulnerability of Payne, which is a large distance to perceive melody. Dash.

In the next moment, the radar panel on the Petion face of Shuranda locked the position and fierce his palm, and a rare and quirky missile appeared below his palm, and smashed from him. Escape tunnel port.

These missiles with strange strange balls, simply can't touch the direction, flying into the tunnel, and there is no explosion during the period.

Obviously these are cruise missiles, all in the control of Petion, Monor, will only attack when they find the goals.

The tunnel also gazes the flying missile, trying to beaten to avoid the attack of these missiles, did not expect that these missiles were all flew over him!

This is the characteristics of cruise missiles.

Obviously, it doesn't understand the different places of this missile.

"It's too late to print!"

The face is also changing, and the hair is in a hurry to put your hair is on the body: "Impressive, hidden!"

The first missile will also fly directly!

It can only be solemn, but fortunately, after this missile is flying, it is also a little time!

"Fire · Big bomb!"

Suddenly spraying a rich flame in the mouth, after the remaining several cruise missiles were detonated, his expression was reluctant to loard: "Can you actively track the goal?"

" !"

I also quickly climbed my palm. I quickly appeared in the channel, and I slowly swallowed into the belly hidden.

I also hide in the stomach of the embarrassment, reached out of my wound, showing a bitter laugh on my face. He didn't expect that he had been hit by Payne at the beginning of the war.

What should I do this?

Underground pipe area.

A strong explosion broke the quiet!

This is the Monograph of Petion of Sunezo, who has just exploded!

The radar scanning tool on the face of Petane, Shura, gradually retracted, softly open: "Chakra reaction disappeared in an instant, it appeared to hide an unknown space, it should be a faint belly "

"what happened?"

Shangqi Naqiu fell down, wrinkled and frowned and asked: "Is it unable to track a big person?"

"Do not."

Petion, Peden, shakes his head, screaming: "He has been injured by missiles before hiding, absolutely impossible to escape, it should be hidden into the abdomen of .

I am going to look for it only hidden the shackles of the teacher, it's too small, and there should be no Chakra reaction. "

Shangyuan Nai: "..."

Pethen, Shura, is really a bit too fierce.

The corner of Shangyuan Needs can't help but shake.

According to this, you don't need six Payne to force, single only is the remote challenge of Petion, Shura, is not a comeback!

Who can tell him, why just mention a concept, the long door can modify the Luo Dao to the cruise missile?

This is one of the essential weapons of modern war, high speed, accurate the target, used to get from this standard traditional ninja, which is simply unfavorable.

"How to find it?"

Shangyuan Na will be a little curious.

Such a big place wants to find a little squad, especially this, it will also hide in some very hidden corners.

"The easiest way."

In the next moment, the body of Petion, Shuoda became a small aircraft, flew into the tunnel port: "In this tunnel spraying the flame, it should soon force the hidden ."

Shangyuan Nai: "..."

This approach I would like to come out.

Moreover, the drones on the Carrod Paragon have been made and have a complete equipment, which is completely mechanized!

The other few Petans also hurriedly jumped, followed by those drones into the tunnel, blocking the entire tunnel from escaping.

It should have been the power of Tiandao Payne, and the long door is probably the result of the original navigation.

So Suane, Shura, is strong.

What have you had to say, the compulsory road is indeed a little terrible.

If it is a ninja that is facing the wonderful strange monster of the big snake or Yisi Bo, it may not be particularly effective, after all, he is just a very ordinary war weapon, facing the strange strangeness of the endurance It is difficult to limit the strange style.

However, it is also an extremely standard ninja, accepting the most orthodox and regular tattoolery education, and his body has little shortcomings, and there is no special personality and outstanding surgery. At first glance, each of him is all other people. Can learn.

This is awkward.

Petion, Shura Road is a perfect grancation.

Shangyuan Na will shake his head and shake his head. The finger quietly plays in the sleeves. It is estimated that there is another way to go, and it will be to be killed.

Unexpectedly, I didn't even have the opportunity to open.

To be honest, this black pot is just a little bit, if he is not he and the chat, it is directly played, it is estimated that it will quickly recognize the reality, and Penne will not all. Come over, it is directly surrounded.

Now Pennesa gathered, unless they also summoned the immortal model to use the immortal model, call the other psychic beasts.

Perhaps it is also understanding this, so I didn't call ,,

When I was thinking in the belly of the stomach, I had made my determination to delay the time to turn the immortal mode, suddenly felt that the ground's embarrassment was jumped in violently, and the body was constantly convulsive!

Is this an attack?

Those Penne even didn't let go!

No, those Penne actually bowed to find such a human animal and honesty, this is really going to force him to the road!

There is no way, and you can only rush down your clothes, you have swallowed the squadron, and you will get out of the mouth of the squad.

In the mouth of the embarrassment, I saw a small aircraft was spraying the flame in the tunnel. It is obvious that Payne will use this kind of thing to force the little .

At the moment, a buffer quickly gathered rapidly, the appearance of Shura Road, Pethen surrounded on both sides of the tunnel hole quickly rushed over!

Pethen, Chero, gazing, the arm is close, the arm quickly turns into two flame injectors, and the muzzle has adjusted to his body!

"Target lock."

"What is this ghost thing!"

I also rush to avoid the flames of the muzzle spray. A spiral pill suddenly appeared in the tunnel, rolling into another channel!

Petion, Shura, also rushed over there!

Just as Fu Dao Payne just entered the hole, it suddenly saw that he had just rushing through another channel is near the hole!

I thought that I didn't think of escape when I was awarded the Rova. I didn't expect him to take the opportunity to kill Rotine!

This teacher is too big!

No, or say, this is a ninja style!

In the most dangerous time, you will not forget the possibility of Jedi counterattack!

"Spiral Pills!"

After the looks, I watched the Petion, and the hand condensed a spiral pill in his hand.

... ...

The parts of the spiral pills were flashing in the body of the spiral pill, but the compulsory road seems uncomfortable, and the end of the eyelid stared tightly.

"Last teacher ..."

Su En was watching our voice, and the sound of screaming: "You have made an uncommon choice, because this is too dangerous, so the core protection of him is also strict."

The chest and abdomen of the compulsory road slowly opened, a piece of broken parts fell on the ground, after a moment, his body returned to the beginning.

This is the outcome of the long-door for so many years, as long as the self-explosion core of Roviro Payne does not have problems, it will continue to fight.

Even if the final compassion is only one core, he can also detonate it.


The taps were also cold sweat, and he never thought that it could do this kind of precision, even if it is good at Sandy Village, is there?

Behind of Petion, Petion, slowly explored a tail, the tail was gradually turned into a light machine gun, and the body was aligned.

"Is this this strike?"

The face has changed, and the short stop is hit to the Fu Rod Paine!

When I hit the moment of Suon Road, I also felt that I hit a column that steel made!

What is this?

It is also afraid that a spiral pill is broken after a spiral pill, and the short body begins to flee in this channel!

Because you also know ...

Even if you reach Petion a second, other Payne will be arrived!

Now, after a broken armor threatened his weapons, he immediately continued his way of escape, but this road is very long and hard!

as expected.

Payne six quickly rerouble.

For the first day, Tao Payn frowned, whispered: "Where is the place where this pipeline is going?"