Rainstorming rainstorm in Yuyin Village.

The drainage pipeline in the village can be installed and can guarantee that the village will not be submerged at any time, and the number of these pipes is even more difficult to remember which place to do every pipe.

In order to avoid the enemy sneaked into Yuyin Village through the drain pipeline, these pipes will eventually be classified into several major drainage tunnels, most of which have rain tolerated.

In addition to one of the channels.

Because this channel is connected to the high tower living in the long door, the other side connects the lake near the tissue base, which is the secret route of the long door and the heaven Payne.

Not too clever, the dialinity is also selected to leave the route of Yuyin Village.

Tiandao Payne led a group of Payne kept in the channel, Sune Pedo opened the radar that track Chakra, tightly chasing the position!

Tiandao Payne chased the lot, thinking about the current situation.

Location has now completely do not have a positive battle idea. He must only send ourselves to the information you get from Yuyin Village.

If you are running out, you will be very troublesome, saying that it may hinder the planning of the column of the nine tail of the wooden leaf.

Especially if it may be exposed to the true identity of the original Na.

Fortunately, I have been seriously injured. It is estimated that it has hurt the internal organs. In the investigation of Petion of Rovir, Chakra reactive movement is getting slower.

I can catch up soon.

Even if it is a trick, after the middle of the way, after the rainy village, he will find that he fled to a large lake.

And the lake.

Other members who are doing usually cultivate the most likely.

at the same time.

Shangyuan Nairi also spokes with the position of Tiandao Payne and the position, couldn't help but frown: "How do you feel that there is nothing to be very strong? If this is the case, it is also thinking from Is there a base of Yu Yin Village? "

The situation is indeed a bit uncomfortable.

Underground tunnel.

The speed is slow when the speed is fast.

Tiandao Payne led a group of Petion's speed very constant.

Just occasionally, when I was repaired, Luo Dao was ready to launch missiles, and I also seem to have induced, and I will escape the speed of my injury!

"It's really tricky ... you are also teachers!"

Tiandao Wen frowned and whispered: "But this is not a matter of escape, it is impossible to escape Pene's chasing ... and your luck is really not good, the direction of escape is wrong. what!"

Once you have tapped it out of the rainy village, he will not realize that he is another big camp near the enemy.

Just when Shangji Na Rong and Tiandao Payne were got to stand up, and the face was full of oil, he was closeting his palm, whispered a number.






"Tongling's technique! Cactus mode · Open!"

Suddenly a powerful momentum is suddenly exploring, and the faucet on the face with a rich red, two little suddenly appeared on his shoulders!

In the next moment, I didn't hesitate to take off my own boots. The legs and hands turned into a frog-shaped ankle, and continued to run in the direction of the distance!

This moment, the speed is also a lot of speed!

"Hey, Xiao Lao also, what is going on?"

"It's too late to explain!"

Local, I escaped in the underground passage, and he went to open his mouth: "Be deeply cacto, Zhi Ma, a person to perceive the road in front, and the other is to understand the back of the rear, first escape here!"

Even if it is a fairy model, I will never fight back.

Because the rumors are also very clear, Shangyuan Na, Yu Yin Village has a stolen person's ability, and has crack his cactus mode, so the immortal model is not used to fight, but it is more convenient. Escape!

"Ah ... well!"

Deep as a cactus and Miaca faith hurriedly nodded.

Among them, the deep-minded cactors even still have some more than, and the Zhangkou uses the rush to prevent rear Pethen's pursuit, so that at least it can be delayed.

Even if I just hungry Ghost Payn jumped out to help help to absorb the sterilization, the six Pethen had to stop for a while.

This interval is the distance that is gradually pulled out!

Zhicai fairy is responsible for watching the road in front, as well as in the surrounding Chakra, when it sees a bright, the spirit is obviously a little excited: "Wait, we will go to this tunnel immediately!"

Defearing the cactus looked around and looked around: "I really didn't expect that there will be someone else to escape with the cacto mode!"

Miao Mountain's cactus mode has always been used to fight.

Xianli Chakra can provide super high growth for the power of the sterility, and has always been a card with strong enemy. I didn't expect to be tapped today.

"a ha ha ha…"

There is a little cool smile on your face, and I have been a lot of intelligence in Yuyin Village, and these intelligence is more important than my dignity! "

"Yu Yin Village?"

Deep as a cacto lifted his head: "Hey? Yu Yin Village? Is this the village where the little naval is located?"

Mysma faith is also a little surprised to open: "Isn't it just cracking the little ghost of our immortal model?"


I have nodded, and my face is very uncemorr. "Let's leave here, the little ghost and our relationship are not shallow!"

The fairy mode is really very fast.

Tiandao Wen frowned and found that the distance between them and the arrogant seems to be farther: "He opened the cactoscum mode, just in order to escape the rainy village? Even if the release of Vientiane is not enough ... "

After saying, Tiandao Petion said quietly: "It seems to be normal, after all, his purpose is to steal the information, not to kill us, but it is hard to catch him ... "

Unfortunately, he went wrong.

Tiandao Pesh slowly reached his palm, entered Chakra within his own ring: "Now all members of the base, quickly rush to the unnamed lake outside the organizational base, search killing a person ! "

This sentence can be reflected to any one of the handheld rings through the ring of Chakra and the long reincarnation in the ring.

Next second, a silent channel in the organization.

Tiandao Wesin consciously frowned, what ghosts, how did these members have no one answered?

The Tiandao Pethen's tone suddenly got cold, Shen Sheng: "What are you doing? No one heard my order?"


Didara's voice sounds some doubts, even mixed some surprises: "Today seems to be three, everyone is in the unknown Lake!"

Tiandao Payne: "..."

Is it so clever?

These people are idle, don't you gather in an unnamed lake?

This group of people taught is really not idle.

In the early hours of the morning, the ghost light full moon and the ghost light moon brothers have noisy, and the two people will fight again on the unknown lake. How can someone else?

Unknown lake.

The two giants' aater is still torn together.

The mortar ghost waves his own muscles, and the sprinkles will be broken into the ghost lights of a group. Look at the opening: "Okay, don't be hit, the leader has come to the mission, let us Bring the enemy in this! "

The red sand is a bit surprised to the direction of Yu Yin Village: "Can Been personally explain, should it be a simple figure?"

"No matter what person, he is dead today."

Yizhi Bo sakuo picked his eyebrows, flashing a red light in his eyes, cold voice open: "If it is a powerful guy, just let me experiment with my new style!"

"The enemy will definitely be satisfied."

The pharmacist pushed his eyes, and the pupil flashed two models. Chakra in his body was as excited like a prey they wanted.

This feeling ... is really unprecedented!

Underground tunnel.

The arrogance in the immortal mode is still hard.

When I went to the immortal, I made some trouble for the rear pursuit, but it was slightly smaller in its look: "Small, it seems that the enemy is only one person left? Do you want to solve him? "


It's also to run away from outside, and shake your head: "No, now the most important thing is to send your information back, this time you get a lot of information, and the information is also amazing, I have some bad premonition ..."

Zhi Ma invicings couldn't help but laugh, pointed to the light at the front channel, opening: "Okay, there is also a little, don't worry, we will escape it immediately ..."

When the Mysma Cactors said, the sound suddenly became a little sharp: "Small, stop! There may be dangerous in front, I seem to have a nausea of ​​smell, there are other groups of very powerful investment carat!"


The passed the palm suddenly grasped the rock wall of the channel, stopped, and united his own Chakra knowledge of the location of the channel.

One by an unrealistic figure is within the sight of the immortal, these are superiority feedback through natural energy.

"No wonder only one of the enemies in the back is chasing us ..."

The deep way of immortality also perceived the danger of the channel, Shen Sheng: "The original enemy has already arranged ambush in this left channel."

"That is also rushing out!"

I also bite my teeth, there is a lot of dignity between the gods: "If I die here, before I am fighting, I will release the two immortals to send back to Miao Mountain, please help Bring your information back to the leaves!

Shangyuan Needle is the leader of the organization, and now the leader of the organization is just a beggar, and the people who really control the child are the long door with round eyes! "


Deep watching the cacto looks horrified, whether it is a pessimistic attitude or a lot of information, it is surprising.

Because of the deep way of immortality, I have heard the name of the original naval and the door, and the identity of their identity means this kind of thing!

The entire endurance will have a drama!

It's just that the immortal has been shocked, and suddenly shook his head: "If you really go to the last moment, let your child go back!"

After that, I went deep into the heart to look at Mysma Cactors: "Hey, I heard it, I must send the information back to the leaves!"

"... shut up, old man!"

After the Mysualma immortal interrupted the depth of cactus, he smiled: "Now we have no fight yet! How can I easily give up my life! Small and come ..."

"Hahaha ... Yes."

I nodded, and my face was nodded. I re-exposed a happy smile: "I am a big name, Miao Mountain white hair boy, the fairy is also! How can I be more powerful than the people!"

After that, his feet slammed on the rock wall, jumped out of the hole in the channel, and fell on the lake outside!

Next moment, I slowly lifted my head, and I greeted his enemies outside the cave. The smile on my face became more rich: "Hahahaha ... Meet my enemy seems to be a lot!" "

It's really a lot.

On the lake, standing for more than a dozen people who were shared in the clouds.

Tiandao Payne has also chased it out, Shangyuan Needar and Xiaonan also flew here from Yuyin Village.

This lineup.

People will not help but have a desperate that will have a wing.