I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 271 is absolutely, it is actually my people!

"Little ghost, it is really guessed!"

Yischo took the soil looking at the original navigation, and smiled in Haha, smiled very arrogant: "Hahahaha ... But I didn't expect that today, I can still see such a good show!"

After that, after the words, the sound of Yuxi Bo belt is like a neuroy. It is usually a gloomy: "Hey, Shangyuan Na, you said, if you have killed too much powerful ninja, in the future I am not going to fight your monsters alone? "

Yuxi Bo belt is simply a neuropathy.

Members of the unidentified members are not frowned by autonomously, especially Tiandao Payne and black, they are very annoying these programs.

The members of the group weaving the informed are all frowned, because they see that they have frowned, this must be a public.

The person who taught those semi-informed semi-unconsciously frowned, because his name is Yuxi Bocho.

"Yuxi wave belt!"

Unechebra helped the kaleidoscope to write the eyes, he stared at Yuxi Bo, and he worked his own must, and he took the purple bow and arrow with the Yuxi Bo.

Yisizo Sasukes open the mouth of teeth: "Your wooden leaves of the dog, the traitor of the Yishabo family ... I will kill you now!"

"Ah hahaha, let's go wrong?"

Yischo belt soil scratched his head, hip hop how Hahawei said: "Hahahaha, but it doesn't matter! Anyway, I have become dirty, I want to kill me, then be careful about my own life. Yo!"

This sentence is a true truth.

Yuxi Bo belt so that these are really true.

Since he was first calculated on the original Nairi, he began to take a black pot. He has died, and his body is still constantly being spurt in the source.

Yuxi Board is naturally not known.

The purple mustache's huge arrow aimed at Unecho, suddenly shoted to the soil, and the momentum is generally seemed to go directly to the Tongshi to the soil!

Unfortunately, the body of Unexhoe's belt is in the blurred state. I saw that the boulder passed through his body and fell under the lake.

"Hehehe, it's really ..."

The hand of Unechyo belt touched his mask, and smiled in the voice: "Sasuke, it is too much to be too big than the kaleidoscope of your brother impeller."

Sasuke, with them to participate in these battles, not as good as hiding, protect your life! If you die, Yishibo family really domineers! "

This sentence is also the true persuasion.

Because this world is really alive Unecho, there is only one person left.

In the face of such an enemy's persuasion, Sasuke is naturally not willing to listen, and even some angrily want to continue to manipulate the attack.

Fortunately, the pharmacist next to him can't see it, and persuade him: "Sasuke, now your strength, it is not enough to kill him! Don't use white waste Chakra ..."

"Yes, pockets."

Yizhi Bozuo nodded, facing his own people like the pharmacist, Yishiwu saga is still to listen to his advice.

Yuxi Bo took a deep look at the help, and then looked at the heaven Pedne, and finally watched a black opening: "Well, you collect the hard work of the beast, I look at my eyes, I will wait for me in the future. When you kill you, you will give you a happy! "

After that, Yisi Bo belt the whole person must turn to the time space vortex disappearance.

Tiandao Payne stretched his palm, and a gravitation of his body, the goal is Yu Zhibo belt: "Vientiane Tianzhen!"

He wants to stop Unexpello!

Just feel that after the gravity, Unexpell Belt soil canceled back to the Shenwei space, and turned into a virtue of virtue.

This is the trouble of Yuxi wave band.

It is difficult for someone in this world to really hurt him.

Yischo belt and smiled and looked at the Tiandao Penne. We all know each other's ability, don't have anything breath ... this time protects your eyes, I may be taken at any time, ha Hahahaha! "

After a madness, Yuxi Bo belt soes will disappear in front of everyone.

This time, Tiandao Payne did not shoot him.

When there is no way to really hurt Unexpellis, the words will be very easy to cause Unexpello to be vigilant.

Unechebra bite his teeth.

Now Yuxi Bo belt soil, this hatred can only be temporarily suppressed.

Everyone in the field has some faces, no one thought of the whole organization, and did not leave the soil band!

I even took away myself!

"Okay, you will go back to prepare!"

Tiandao Payne gave birth to everyone, whispered: "I want to think about capturing eight-tail column and tailor column."


Everyone in the organization got an eye to each other, and each decided to turn into the base.

After they left, Tiandao Pesh slowly looked up to the sky, Shen Sheng: "I don't know when the teacher will bring our information back to the wooden leaves, so capture nine tails The plan of human column cannot be delayed ... "

"In this case…"

Shangji wrinkled his own brow, whispered: "So we are going to catch the column of eight tails and the column of the nine tail?"

To be honest, Shangyuan doesn't like this plan.

Because of this, his trip will become very rush.

Whether it is to break the thunder of Yunyin Village, it is still the power of the fire in the village, and it is easy to give up.

"Well, yes."

After Heaven Pene finished, the whisper: "There is also something about Unexpello, after caught the nineth tail, then find a way to solve his hidden dangers! In the face of mysterious time and space, except time space Outside the style, other difficulties should be difficult ... "

"Long door."

Xiaonan is standing by the Shang Shang, looking at the original naval, whispering: "If it is Yuxi Bo, I have prepared it to defeat his surgery, and there is a big grasp to remove him."

"Well, then go back to prepare."

Tiandao Pesh slowly turned into Yuyin Village, Shen Sheng: "We must capture the eight-tail column and nine tail column, complete the plan of the Easter Outer Road ... Otherwise, it is easy to give birth to another change. "


Shangyuan Nai couldn't help but knead his forehead.

It is a pity that Shangyuan must now make a plan to have some other changes, the plan of the original Evanture Outer Road is a pure lie!

After seeing Tian Dao Payne left, Shangyuan Naoli and Xiaonan also returned to Yu Yin Village. He also looked at the rewards you got on the road.

Branch task: Let the coming successfully escape (11) in the rain invasion incident, the task has been completed, rewarding a consumed jade.

Seeking jade (consumes): The best change of the five elements of yin and yang is derived. Only by having six power can be manipulated. Any enemy will be seen in the moment. This kind of jade can only use it once. .

Mom, earn a bit big.

This is the first idea of ​​the original Na.

How can the system be able to seek jade?

Is this still awarded?

At this stage, this is clearly plug-in!

A kind of jade means that the original navigation can be destroyed any ninja at any time, even if Yu Zhibo spheres and thousand handles!

Sure enough ... people who like second-year dollar have always had many people to live to live.

It was originally just that the last thing to leave a lot of life, mainly, he felt that the long-door and Xiaonan owned the unclear relationship, let alone the long-door kills, and later, he will regret itself later. Take something wrong.

The ultimate weapon itself is a lie.

The so-called long door has had to kill the taps for the ideal and roads, will only become the biggest mistake of this life.

It is better to let the original navigation take advantage of a wave.

After all, this branch of the branch of the branch, which is also a big probability, may get the highest value of the second yuan wishing system.

In fact, this task reward really did not let the original navigation were disappointed.

It is even far more than the expectation of the original navigation.

the other side.

The Shenwei is within the space.

It is also a layout of the entire Qawei space.

At this time, there was a spatial vortex in the Shenwei space, and the figure of Yisi Bo belt and couldn't help but wrinkled her brow.

Yuxi Bo belt is the murderer who declines in the wood. If Yu Zhiso is dead, the waves are dead, and the leaves must be more powerful than now.

At least, it will not face this tongue and so hard ...

"Laters too ..."

Yuxi Bo has unconverted his palm and smiled and said: "I have saved you under the crisis of death, shouldn't you be grateful to me?"

"Then you are really good ..."

The face has gradually become heavy, he remembered the intelligence of Unechyo to the earth during Yuyin Village, Yisi Board has been expelled to leave the tissue, so I want to borrow the power of the wooden leaves. Revenge?

I also breathed the gang and pulled my own a few black bats on my shoulders. I have already been named after the organization, so your guy wants to revenge or want to control the future. Collection On the tail beast power saved the enemy of this enemy? "

"It is not a big person."

Yuxi Bo belt gently patted his palm, and said, "In fact, I also want to say, now I really want to save myself, I'm also adult!"

This is also the truth.

The teacher is also a teacher of wave wind gate, and it is also one of the strongest war of wood; after saving, Yisi Bo belt can also make up for the embarrassment of your heart.

It is a pity that he is now controlled by Shangji.

Otherwise, Unexpello has really repented it.

Subsets and slowly packing your wounds, I looked at Yischi, whispered: "Do you think I will believe? It's really, it should be a well-behaved little ghost ... After growing up, it has become a big big Trouble! "

The disciple of our own, the long door, and Xiaonan.

The disciple of the waves of the waves, Yisi Bo belt soil.

Flagkartia disciples, Yuxi Bozuo.

After these little guys grow up, one is troublesome, and all have the power to shake this world.

"Okay, I am also adults."

Yuxi Bo took the soil, whispered his mask, whispered: "I will send you back to the wooden leaves, because you steal too many intelligence, the long door in invading the wooden leaves may have to be greatly advanced!"

"Although I want to kill people ..."

The face is also revealed, just a smile, it is mixed with a smile: "But if you still help, I can go back to protect the wooden leaves ..."

"Ha ha…"

Yuxi Bo has laughed and smiled: "No matter what to say, the wooden leaves are also my hometown!"

I also looked at Yishe Bo, shakes and shakes: "You have made a nine-tailed chaos, and there is no murderer who destroy the whole wooden leaves. It is not necessary to put this in front of me ..."


Yischo's body gradually became stiff, and the next moment of his mouth came out and came out: "Now we can say that it is right? By the people, do you want to consider working with me to solve the dawn?"


Looking at Yuxi Bo, tightening the eye: "If you cooperate with you with your own people, isn't it?"


After the Ni Zhishi took the nodded, Shen Sheng continued to say: "But you want to solve the dawn, it is not distantly of the idiots! In this world, except for me, no one can help you solve the dawn!"

After Uki Bo said, he turned his head and looked at the mouth: "As long as we cooperate to solve the long door, Xiaoshan, the original Nairi is the core member of Xiaoyu, which means that it will soon be soon will soon land. "

"... I listen to the ear."

After flashing on the face, it was full of black lines immediately: "I remember the original navigator, I have said, as long as I solve the black hand behind you, you will have a black hand, and you will be touched.

"He is lie to you!"

Yuxi wave looked at the earth and looked at: "Shangyuan Na will be lie to you, he has been lie to you, even ..."

Even until now, still lie to you.

This sentence has not been exported anyway.

I also looked at Yischo, and the sound: "The devil has been lie to us, isn't you lie to me now?"

"How is it?"

Yuxi Bo is close to the loits, whispered: "Even if I am lie to you, after I heard what I said, you still can't help but?"


"There is someone in the inside of Xiao."

Yuxi Bo took the soil and looked at it. He said in a word: "As long as we cooperate, I can give the organization to pass the wrong intelligence."

Yischo is close to the ground, and the sound is even mixed with a wonderful confusion: "The information of the information is absolutely, in fact, it is all my people!"