I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 273 Big snake pill should be very happy!

Yuyin Village.

The original nephew shook his head and sighed.

Just now, Yu Zhiso belt soil, put the exhibition of black and Yisi Bo-spheres, and unveiled these two black hands behind the scenes.

Just expose the true face of other black hands behind, the entire religion will only be left behind himself is a real behind-the-scenes.

Since you want to take the way of others.

Then you have to let others go without the way.

When I was going to rest, I was in his perceptual scope, and I rushed to his room. This made Shang Nai can't finveretic frown. Obviously, the guy saw Unexpello I can't sit still.

Forget it, go to pick up.

Sure enough, this vintage purpose is to call the members of the eye plan of all the months, discuss how to solve the problem of Unexpello.

Shangyuan Needs are also not vague.

All people of the eye of the whole month aggregate, black, Shangyuan Na, the pharmacist pocket and the mortal ghost, everyone's face is more or less hung. Anxiety.

The black mood is really not very good.

As for other people's mood, it is really complicated!

"The elder generation, my identity is to be leaked."

Shangyuan Nai was in the order, it took the lead in opening, and his face was very ugly: "Yuxi Bo will definitely put it back to the wooden leaves, they will know that I am a member of Xiaoyu, we may only compete for The nine tail is column. "

Shangji, I was holding my fist, and I was unable to deal with it. However, the nine tail and wooden leaves were not so easy to deal with, and the original unlunished concealed identity, and even easily captured the column of nine tails. Yellow ... "

"It's ok."

The darkness shakes his head and shakes his head, and the opening is comfortable.


Pharmacist pockets and mortar ghosts are unlocked.

Because they know the truth, I don't know how to open.

The darkness sighed: "I have long guess that the Unexpero Tongs will come out this time. We collect the movements of the tail beast very fast, and the traitor will definitely can't sit. "

After the black and finished, he turned to the pharmacist to open the mouth: "Pocket, are you ready to go to the resurrection? Is it the strongest person in Urcho, the big people can easily uniform Unexpello."

"It's still some."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and whispered: "If you rash, his strength may be a big discount, I want him to resurrect with the combat power in the peak."

Shangyou looked at a parencho, cold channel: "Can you resurrect the legendary spheres before the legendary magic is resurrected? If you reincarnate the people of the resurrection, you solve Ucho With the land, there is no use! "


The pharmacist pushed his glasses and thought about it later, and laughed and said: "Wait until that, can you? Who know?"

There is a little one thing in this ambiguous.

The people present are not frown from autonomous.

However, people who have known the mortality technology of the whole religion, only the pharmacist is a person, can only say that people can be able to personize.

Shang Nai Luo Luo said a beautiful dried, but also accused: "I hope you can take it as soon as possible! The sooner, don't wait until we do things well, then make Yu Zhibo spots!"

The dark mood is also a little not very good, it is a sorcerer: "The speed is as fast as possible! Early reunion, our plan can be realized as soon as possible."

"rest assured."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses.

It's just that the pharmacist has understood the meaning of his own boss, that is, after waiting until all the best, then let the escarborn guys come out.

Darkly looked at the martial arts, nodded by him: "Ghost, you will be responsible for protecting the pocket, help him collect the material."

This means that let the mortinger ghosts stare at the drug.

Originally, it was sent a lot of white, unfortunately, but unfortunately, those whispered were taken by the pharmacist as an experimental material, which was very embarrassed.

Unfortunately, it requires a pharmacist to reincarnate.

Now that the situation is still in the control, the black can still suppress his emotions, let the mortar ghosts to monitor the pharmacist; if the time has been dragging a little longer, the black estimate will actively apply the drug teacher.

But who knows that the pharmacist has enough to grasp the resurrection Yuxi Bao, in case this person really does not complete?

However, it is also known that the pharmacist has some careful.

It doesn't matter.

As long as the pharmacist can resurrect Yuxi wave spots, things will never lose it again, no matter what the pharmacist is earnest, the result is destined to be strongly broken by Yuxi Boss!

After listening to the told told, the mortal ghosts got grinned to the pharmacist, revealing his full shark: "So, please ask for a lot of advice!"

"Take each other."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and smiled and good.

As for these and good smiles, what is the meaning of hiding it, and the black is not blindly guessing the pharmacist's heart should be angry and ridicule.

After all, a person will monitor yourself, how can the pharmacist will be happy?

Unfortunately, the smile and mortar smile of the pharmacist are not different. They are only a good smile between colleagues.

"there's one more thing."

The black turned to look forward to the original navigation, whispered: "I saw that Yizha Sasuo can be able to open it, we can also join us, the potential of the ghost is far less! "

The black and laughing said: "If you give Yizhio Sasuke after transplanted the Wicker's write-eyed eye, he can get the power of the next layer, even more than the big people in the Warring States era."


Shangji wrinkled his brow.

Dark this guy really likes to control Unescreen? Still look down on him, there is no dupe, the bloody ninja?

After seeing this scene, the pharmacist pushed his glasses, and leret his tongue and licked his own lips: "Oh, I have helped you to recruit him, because he needs me to help him transplant Utizhi's hand Wheavier. "

"Yuxi Pubie's kaleidoscope writes the eyes ..."

Dark voice suddenly gathered, it didn't want the pharmacist, which is not a strong guid to help Sui Zhibo is so powerful.

It is a pity that the pharmacist has already opened.

The black is only helplessly shakes the head: "Since you are taking a helpful, then, it is, I hope he can be our help!"

"of course."

The pharmacist smiled and nodded his eyes.

The black told a few words to capture the column of eight tails and the column of the nine tailings, and let everyone beyond the attack of Unexpello, which left here.

After the black leaves.

After the Shangyuan Na, he wrinkled his own brows: "You two talk, I am so deceived a dedicated time for thousands of years, just want to save the mother's old man, is it a bit less than?"


Go martial arts ghosts looked with the original navigation.

The pharmacist pushed his glasses and laughed and said: "Let me say? I think this feeling is still very good ... Anyway, we are not a bad person."

"What you said is reasonable."

Last navigation is nodded.

After a while, I suddenly turned into the pharmacist, whispered: "Right, pocket, take time, help me make a powerful body for Mr. Big Snake Pill, enough to carry the power to the eye!"

After the drug is nod, there is a bit surprise on the face: "Nairu adults finally put out the big Snake Pills? His eight-bit, the big snake is always being suppressed by the white snake cactus in the bottom of the dragon Cave ..."

The pharmacist is still very respectful of the big snake.

It is mainly because Big Snake Pills have taught him a lot, and the high knowledge of the big snake will be very worthy of remained any ninja who likes to study.

Just next, the pharmacist looked at the original navigation: "Needge, if I didn't get wrong, then the body would have the strength of my own eyes?"


"Is Needan? Is it going to make the big snake pill?"

The expression of the pharmacist is not very good. His face is even more than one feet: "If the big snake pill is round to the eye, he may make some bad things ..."

"There is no relationship."

Shangji, I lost my wrist, and laughed and said: "Anyway, let the big snake pill will be too long. He has worked hard for so many years in order to get a strong blood, so that he uses the round to look happy. Minute! "

"What a few minutes?"

The pain of the pharmacist is full of doubts.

Shangyuan Na was squatted, squinted at the pharmacist, smiling: "I will only let the big snake pills go back to the eye to resurrect Yuxi Bao, so that Yuxi Bao has a real fresh body, which can become a so-called ten Tail column ...

As for the resurrection of Yuxi Bottar, the big snake pill can not escape the ending of the rebound after use, look at his own luck! The big snake pill can escape the death of the god, can also live! "


The expression of the pharmacist suddenly became more complicated, is this not a toolman? Still taking the reincarnation, I will immediately die after it.


The pharmacist pushed his eyes, and his face revealed a helpless smile: "This is not very bad. I am worried that the big snake pill may not bear this kind of drop ..."

"Don't worry about this problem."

Shangyuan Nai went to spend waving, uncomfortable opening: "I have made so much more than the big snake pill. He is willing to live in this world, hiding in the Dragon Dragon Cave, is waiting for opportunities, obviously his psychological quality is good."

After the Shangyuan Na Rou, the face smiled and laughed: "Take it, maybe the big snake pill will become a column force of the ten tail!"

Big Snake Pills are chasing strong blood rises, and the tail of the ten tails can get the strength of six cactors. He will definitely be very happy! "


The pharmacist has a full face.

Big snake pill will definitely be happy ...

But after you are happy?

After a happy, it is directly dead!