I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 277 The League Talkus has no Shangyuan Nairo, which is in Yuyin Village ...

A battle is about to break out.

The wooden leaves began urgent summoners to prepare for the war, and the agency sent people to Sandy Village and the fog village to seek alliance aids, and even intended to join the five countries to rush the village assembly.

According to the idea of ​​the agency, the five major rivals gathered and even launched the encirclement of Yuyin Village directly from all directions, and even completely assembled a large number of troops and even five shadows.

It is a pity that there is only sandy villages and misty villages in the response.

Because Yan Yin Village has encountered a rebuition, the three generations of Sangdong don't want to see the safety of the wood, this is the so-called unreasonable, is there?

The four generations of Yun Yin Village may be due to the confidence of his own strength. He is just after getting the information sent by the leaves, just for the concerns of the organization, put the eight tail columal in the village. Layer is protected.


Yun Yin Village has never needed allies!

The hand is almost directly mad being directly maded by Yingshen Village and Yun Yin Village. When she gets reply, I will throw my desk from the fire building.

"Two bastards!"

The average hand clenched his fist, biting his teeth: "Two eyes are short-lived guys, until now, I still take care of my villages, I don't know once the plan is successful, will the entire endurance fall into crisis?"

"This is also normal."

The injury is getting better, but his mood is heavy than a day day, because the organization has not been dispatched, those monsters are like a sword of Dhakeley hanging on the top.

This sword will fall late, and the time waiting time will be most uneasy.

Located, I also looked at his emotions: "Even if they have a great horror, let the leaves suffer from huge losses, they should only choose to leverage us!"

It is also sighing for a breath: "After all, this is the first league in the five major countries, and there is no such thing in the past."

"Hey, wait until that time is too late!"

The prime hand pinched his fist, cold channel: "Forget it, anyway, I have never been looking forward to their aid soldiers. After we defeated the long door, I will ask them to convene a five shadow conference!"


I have a nodding slowly.

During this time, the aids have begun to set to the wooden leaves.

The fifth generation of sandy village, I love Luo is a solid allied friend of the leaves, and immediately led the elite ninja in the village immediately after the aid letter.

The fifth generation of spray in the foggy village comes to support, because she is clear that the threats in the organization are too big, and the fog hidden village is very weak, and there is no possibility of fighting, and can only join other ruins. hope.

Just when they held the alliance meeting in the fire building, they were slightly surprised by the beauty of the beauty and my love, how did this time I have not convened Yu Yin Village?

I looked at the hand, I asked directly: "How did you have seen the original navigation, Yu Yin Village is also a powerful force?"

"No, the reason" did not call Yu Yin Village ... "

The brow's brow is not frowned by autonomous, and she thought about each of the union meetings of the organization. The Shangyuan Na will be present as if they look at the monkey play, they look at them in discussing how to surround the organization.

It's really !

Think about it, I feel wronged!

The apeer looked at Mi Ming and my love, biting his teeth: "Because Yu Yin Village has been occupied by Xiaomi, the ninja half-god pepper is also killed by the original nailed, he is also Xiao member!"


Illuminated with beautiful look.

As a person who can get intelligence from the ghost light full moon, it is very surprised by the beauty of the beauty, and now her heart is also very surprised, but it is not unacceptable.

Perhaps the original navigation is also a supreme?

After I heard the order, my expression was a bit collapsed on the spot: "The fire is laughing. How is this possible?"

"I am not laughing."

The hand slowly closed his palm, whispered: "I know that because of that little ghost, the five generations of wind shadow is surprised, but sandy village, fogy village and rocky village are arrogant navigo. Destroy! "

After that, the agency retired from two people shocked, and the sound continued: "This is the information that our village is also obtained from Yuyin Village, and the original Nairi is still the next leader!"


This time, this story is like a plurality of drugs.

I loved the forehead in the first time, and my face became unusual. "That is, we have been regarding their enemies as friends?"

Saha Yin Village has always been grateful to Shangnai ...

Because Shang Nai is in the most difficult time in Sandy Village, I chose to take my face, helping sand hidden village to recover their five-generation wind, so that sandy village can support it.

As a result, the fierce of the destruction of the sand hidden village is the original navigation.

The guy has always played the whole sandy village as a monkey?

When the Sandy Village invaded the rain, Shangyuan Na will kill his father's four generations of wind, and chase him and Maji. The brothers and brothers, the behavior is extremely arrogant.

Until the last navigation, I was saved when I was the most dangerous time, first helping to find the so-called Xiwi Base, and gave birth to the battle when I was confront to a few members, which took the body of my love.

Since then, I am in the same way.

So, when I got a few times later, I Allow almost always showed respect and friendly treatments.

I believe that the relationship between them has changed.

Change a ghost! That bastard is more bad than the past!

I thought of himself and greeted each time and Shang Nai, and even often mentioned that it would be actively helped in the martial arts.

What about the end of the born?

Well, it is always a little bit of smile.

The original guy is actually laughing at their stupid?

My love is really blown, and the Huangsha behind him is floating around him. The face is a little bit gloomy: "The guy ... Sure enough, it is the same as when I saw him when I saw him. Eat! "

"It's a surprise ..."

According to Meime, I also lick my own eyebrow.

To be honest, it is more complicated by Meime.

If the original Na Ruo really becomes the next generation of the organization, what is the relationship between his and ghost lights?

Is it a full moon that is deceiving her?

Originally, the beauty of the ghost light is full of fog hidden villages, who can think of the ghost light full moon is still a double-sided spy, have always used intelligence to hypnotize her, actually I don't know how to joke in my heart!

This is too much!

According to the beauty of the teeth, I slowly bite my lips, and my fingers took a little in my palm. The face became cold: "Betting ... Be sure to kill them!"


The apeer looked at the expression of five generations of wind shadows and five generations of water, and he sighed and sighed, and there was too much bad thing in the original Needle.

"All right."

After the ahead, after they recovered calm, they quickly opened: "Now let's discuss the specific combat plan! We have sent a dark and reconnaissance force in the border investigation of the country of rain, once rain What is the power of China ... "


Illuminate and I also shook his head at the same time.

After two people looked at each other, I thought about a few times, explained the opening: "If you are hitting the wooden leaves, they will definitely choose to attack, because there is a horrible psychic beast in the hands of the child, you can be from high altitude Break through any defense, directly landing in the village of the village ... "

When I said here, I loved and wrinkled and continued: "And the head of the beast can even use a terrible style that destroys a normally, so you must first have the civilians in the village. Evacted with ordinary ninja. "


After the opening, I got a nodded: "We have assigned the villagers as much as possible, and once the battle in the village will immediately organize them to the respective aechic area."

After that, the program wrinkled and continued: "As for the high-altitude defense, we also have considered recently continued to install air defense weapons ..."

"The ground also needs to be prepared ..."

Illuminated with the United States, Shen Sheng continued: "When the fog hidden village is shattered by a member of the hood, it is because he released a group of flamescent spurred from the ground, so that we can't do it."


The agency nodded again, and the light continued: "In addition, we have brought about approximately more than 5,000 people, these enough grounds ..."

"The more people, the better ..."

Like the beauty, I watched my own suggestion: "As long as there is enough people to get enough people, I have to grasp the action to destroy the village everywhere."

This is the experience of beauty.

Because when the ground of the fog hidden village is booming, the rescue Ninja in the village is insufficient, if it is not a sky, the snow and hail, the fog hidden village has been burned clean.

"No, the less people, the better ..."

I also shake his head, sinking: "Because people are more, the strong ninja is not able to display the powerful stylus because people are more powerful, and they will also rescue the weak and small ninja, waste Chakra. "

I love to Sandy Village is really heart.

When the Sandy Village Collection Reconstructed Ninja Forces, tens of thousands of ninja gathered here, and did not play a role, and even the death injury was wounded in vain.

The apeer looked at the relationship between the two sides and decided to take a folded program: "Then I will arrange the elite team to fight in the village, other ninja is arranged in the village, and they will transfer them in the village. Turn them in and help or transfer them."



I love Luo and take a nod.

The two people did not have a confidence, and they led their parties to participate in the woodwood defense war. They also considered two ambitions, and more than a point of power to the wooden leaves were victorious.

Only the difference is that there is something about the column of the nine tail.

The prime hand believes that the whirlpool is a strong ninja in the village, which is cultivated in the cactoscale. It should participate in the battle, which is the expectation of Naruto.

However, I don't think so, but I don't think so.

Both two believe that the whirlpool moon should be protected. If you defend the leaves fail, you can also take the nine tail column.

It is a pity that the apeer does not agree with this opinion.

"The whirlpool is the first is the ninja of the leaves. In this respect, there is nothing different from the fire of a wooden leaf. It is to protect the wooden leaves and die until they die. Let alone this is the wish of the Naruto, he must participate in the battle. "

The master clenched his fists and looked at my love, Shen Sheng: "Is the five generations of wind shadow unique? Standing out to protect the village in the most dangerous time ..."


In this regard, I can only smirk.

Sandy Village is no one can stand up!