I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 279 Didala, do you relieve it? (Fifth!)

I didn't talk.

The flying segment is actually a guy who knows.

Because the flying sections have seen the terrible, perhaps, the day is perhaps the only thing that can threaten him, and he can burn his body clean.

"Okay, let's go!"

Shangyuan Nai fell to knead his eyebrow, whisper: "The neighborhood, help your team, friendly, clean up!"

"Well, don't worry."

After the corner, the corner is nod, overlooking the head of the flying segment, open the mouth: "Since he is rude to you, let him reflect here!"

Flying segment: "..."

Mom, flying sections feel that every person is being targeted!

Outside the base.

When Shangyuan Na was squatted, Dida Rauli stopped him, and the Trille pinched out of the ground: "Hello, Shangyuan, this is, I have worked hard for a long time. ! "

The voice did not fall, a smog rose on the ground, an ugly super clay dragon appeared in front of them, single single is only a way to look at the body and ancient dragon.

Didala is a little dedicated to his own new work, opening: "How, is almost the same as you?"

"Good ugly."

Red sand shook his head.

Didara is dissatisfied to reverse the head, the face is in the face: "Hey, Zhu Dan, I will praise it slightly, this is, I have no time, I haven't made the work of hard work," "!"

"That will give you a face!"

The Red Sands looked with Didala, and there was no way to fly to the back of this ancient dragon. Unexpello Sasuke and Shangyuan Na will not refuse.

Dida Lady looked at this scene, flying in the back of the clay dragon, erected his own finger: "Let's take a look, my new art!"

The clay dragon rumored a few wings, and flew to the air, and swayed toward the direction of Yunyin Village.

Just Didara manufactured this clay Dragon seems to have just completed still have not tried it. All the way to fall in size, which is a bit worried that this clay dragon flew flying in the air. fall apart.

Didala scared his backhering head, start driving a clay giant bird with a clay dragon, and constantly adding the position of the dragon dropped clay.

To be honest, people look a bit distressed.

Didara is a pleasant journey to make your friends ride this clay dragon, and it is very fulfilled.

Shangyuan Na is embarrassed to open a replacement mount.

After a long time, Didala was reset on the back of the ancient dragon, hip hoping: "Well, it is no problem to get to Yun Yin Village!"

"Is it really no problem?"

The red sand is speaking, I looked at my own teammates, carefully open my mouth and persuaded: "If you can't do it, we still transfer to the spirit of the original navigation!"


The expression of Unecheo Sasuke is a bit difficult.

To tell the truth, this clay dragon problem is, but this dragon is really ugly, unlike ancient dragon, ancient dragon, so domineering ...

What is Didara is so embarrassed to say this is art!

"Reassured, definitely no problem!"

Didara used the mouth, and looked dissatisfied with the red sand and Zhiso Sasuke. He turned his head to the original navigation: "Shangyuan, do you want to change ride?"


Shangji shook his head, sighed, "Didara is so hard, the seniors, Sasuke, let's go first!"

"This is my friend!"

Didala smiled and took the picture of the original nailed shoulders. When he was going to say something, he suddenly felt suddenly in the feet.

Obviously the parts on the clay dragon have dropped ...


Didala's smile slowly converges up, re-took out his clay giant bird, stepped on it, whispered: "You are sitting slowly, I have to repair ..."

"…it is good."

Three people are really helpless.

Can this clay dragon really fly to Yun Yin Village?

This fuck is purely dream! There is no rain in the rain now, it is estimated that there may be scattered, it is really awkward!

Didara guy ...

Really unreliable!

Unfortunately, Shangyuan Na will promise Didala.

And Didara is also very dry to add his clay dragon, see Didara so hard, three people are really embarrassed to fight him.

Red Sands looked at Dida Fei flew down in the clay dragon, and the face was somewhat shabuy: "The next time you can't meet his requirements."


Shangji nodded.

Yuxio sighed a sigh of relocation, looked at the clay dragon: "I hope this dragon can come to the scattering ... so we can take the psychic beast of the original seniors."

Although this clay dragon looks less reliable.

But Didara, manufactured to the Clay Dragon is still very reliable.

Because Didala is repaired, it is filled with clay everywhere, and this clay is still moving, slowly carrying them forward.

If you don't accidentally, you will be able to support them to Yun Yin Village.

"I will not promise him early."

Shangyuan Nai fell to his own eyebrow, quietly erected his fingers, and manipulated the four-generation rigid wake up in the nearby group.

Tofi-woven base.

Pharmacist sit in his own laboratory, fingers knocking his desk, he is waiting for orders from the original navigation and the helper of the Shangyuan.

Cartry ghosts sitting around the pharmacist, he is a black part to monitor the drug teacher, now is talking with the pharmacist.

"Mr. Dai, Mr. Ghost, help you bubble!"

The fragrant phosphorus rushed in, putting the tea tray in your hand on the table, and the unknown small song helped them two.

Cartry ghosts looked at the fragrant phosphorus, and looked at the pharmacist. If there is no smile in the corner of the mouth.

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and whispered: "Xiang Phosphorus, I have to go out for a while, help me to organize my notes I yesterday."


The fragrant phosphorus nodded, and after learning the pain of the pharmacist, he walked into a laboratory after retreating his own glasses.

Since she was rescued from a group of grass from a group of grass from a group of grass, fragrant has been very good to the martial artichoke, and now it has also become a helper.

Xiang Phosphorus feels that his life is good.

There is a group of members outside, nor does it need her to fight and kill, as long as they help to handle the miscellaneous tasks in the laboratory, they will finish the notes.

The mortal ghosts slowly ended the tea cup, and he was bored to open the mouth: "Take a job, this kind of work is really not suitable for me!"


The pharmacist swayed and shook his head and whispered: "I specifically invented a juncture in vain. If there is a white invading this laboratory, the ghost immediately removes it."


Carton ghosts are sigh.

What makes yourself monitoring yourself is really gone, it is a bit of missing the days who is ordered to monitor Utizhi's class!

Just as the ghosts I also want to say something, a figure wearing a robe is in front of them, it is the four generations of fire shadow.

Shangyuan Nairo manipulated a wave of waves: "Pocket, you can leave, the four generations of fire will bring you to the leaves, go to Yuxi Bo with soil, and give it to the things there. is you."

"Yes, Needar."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and asked softly: "Don't we take this opportunity to destroy or take it like this?"

Obviously, the pharmacist is desirable to release Uzhi Hosi, and use Yisizhiso to seduce, don't hide the in the whirlpool.

Shangyuan, the four-generation rigs, the four-generation rigid, silent, silent after a while, softly open: "If I don't rush to the wooden leaves, don't let go of Yuxi Pub, I will say it after I rush to the leaves."

Once you have released Yisizhiso, Yiszhipa saw that he would be out of control after heaven, so it is necessary to solve the Udiss House immediately, so that he is from what troubles.

Shangyuan Na Ruo is a trap of the pharmacist to fall into the Yuxi foot. After all, the Hi Zhi Bochi's guy is very good at fighting, so you must defeat him with absolute strength!

"Yes, Needar."

The pharmacist nodded carefully.

The pharmacist only wanted to experiment, don't let the gods change the will to let Su Zhi Pubie from the control of the embarrassment, if the pharmacist is willing to ask, Shangyuan Na will definitely answer his correct answer.

It is a pity that the pharmacist only wants to try themselves.

When the will of the next Nairou leave, the blocked wave wind gates grabbed the mother of the pharmacist and disappeared in this laboratory.

Pharmacist pocket, embroidered Unechyo belt soil, the flirt-to-earth wave style, they will be responsible for monitoring all the details of Payne invaded the wooden leaves, even the winner of the control of Payne invasion.

In a sense.

They are the last protagonist of Payne invaded the wooden leaves.

If the last navigation is not coming, it is not coming.

Yuyin Village.

The rain in the sky stopped, because people who were responsible for rain today, they should leave the village for the time being.

Step by step by step, the long gate stepped out of his high tower, took off his hood on his head, lifting his head and looked at the sunshine in the air.

Six Pairs came out from the shadow, standing behind him, the beast road pang closed her palm, a huge aromal bird psychedelome parked on the side of the tower.

The long gate took a step by step by step to the head of this aromal bird, turned to the small south of the air floating, soft: "Xiaonan, let's go!"