I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 280, then start! (Sixth!)

Woody village.

When the long gate and Xiaonan rushed to the leaves in Wesin, this village had already been a short time, and the village is full of tension before the battle.

Only one place is still quiet.

The comfort of the hills.

When the earth-shaped Unechyo belt is sitting in front of the tombstone of Yainelin, carefully wipe the dust on the tombstone, put a bunch of flowers on the tomb.

"Hey, do you still remember her favorite wind bell?"

The sound of the flag-like Carti came over from the distance. He slowly came in from outside, and he moved in front of the tombstone of Yeyuanlin.

Kakasi went to every step.

Just like he has walked countlessly in this comfort.

"I never forget everything I like."

Yuxi Bo is slowly stroking his mask, lowing: "Carti, how come you come here? This time do you not waiting for the invasion?"

"It doesn't matter, I will leave soon."

Flagkarta slowly squatted, sitting in the tombstone of Yaineli, looked at Yuxi Bo Tongkou: "I just come over here, come and see Lynn, I will die, I may die. In the war! "

Flag Kakaki looks at the sky, whispered: "If I can die, I can see Lin Lin in the future ..."

"Don't think."

Yischo has interrupted the flag-likekkasi, and the cold voice is open: "If you die in the war of Payne, I will give your body to the pharmacist or the big snake pill, let them put you. Reincarnation. "

"Okay, don't say those."

Flagkarcasi stood up and stood up, after squatting in the tomb of Yeyuan Lin, turned and left here, and went to another grave.

After a while, the flag-like Kaki seems to think about anything, suddenly turned to ask: "With the soil, I am going to see the Watermen Teacher and my father, do you want to stay here?"


Yuxi Bo has silenced for a while, slowly turning to the flag wood Carti: "I thought you saw me here, I would ask me about Payne or long-haired intelligence, or ask me Willing to help you resist the invasion ... "

"Will you help us?"

Flagkarcasi immediately broke up.

Yischo has stood up and left the grave of Yeyuanlin. He shakes his head: "No, I have helped you save it back, this is enough."

Flagkarcasi smashed and continued to ask: "So, will you tell us about Payne or a long door?"

"Hey, or old! Cardi!"

Yischo took the soil and snorted. The only written eye under the mask was closely looked at the flag-like Kaki, cold channel: "Sure enough, you are the most qualified ninja in the water door class, always so unscrupulous "

After that, Yu Zhibo took his hand to open his palm, laughed: "Look at you to solve the traitor's share, then tell you a secret!"

The scarlet written eye of Yuxi Bo has revealed a strange red light. His laughter is a whispered: "This time that the people who have been invading the wooden leaves, only the long gates and Xiaonan and Pesi six, I believe You should be able to grab this opportunity. "


The flag-like Kakas wrinkled his brow and whispered: "So other members of the members to attack Yun Yin Village to capture the eight tail column?"


Yuxi Bo has slowly hangs his arm, and the sound will continue: "Because the power of the round look is strong enough, the long door has absolute grasp to solve the wooden leaves, this intelligence helps you help?"


The flag is nodded in Kakasi silence.

Indeed, this intelligence is in the mouth of Unexpello, still has a high credibility, which can help them resist the upcoming invasion of the leaves.

In this case, the leaves can be targeted to the Ninja Force.

Just as the flag-like Kakari no longer wants to worship the tombstone of Wai Wai Fengshui Gate and the flag, the tombstone, intend to turn around to leave the report that I don't know the true and false information.

Yishibo belt and opened his mouth again: "Kakasi, you really don't want to come from me here to get information!"

When Yischi Boked the soil, he looked at the flag-like Kaki to continue: "Right, if you are willing to help me put a bunch of flowers on the tombstone in front of the water door teacher, then I can bring another intelligence. "

"…it is good."

Flagkarta slowly pulled his face.

After a while, the flag wood Cassi was held in front of the grave in the waves of the waves, and the sound opened: "Can you say it?"

"of course."

Yuxi Bo belt back to the flag wooden Carti, cold sound opening: "If you win in this battle, then you will be prepared to meet the revenge of the original navigation!"

The little ghost is not as us, he is a guy who can revenge to his teacher.

And the little ghost is a very diligent genius ninja, but also has a talent that is not legged.

If I guess it is right, maybe he has already changed the quality of Chakra in your own body, but it is only secret.

Even, there is more than a bloody limit in his body. "

"and many more…"

The eyes of the flag-like Kakasi are slightly surprised. "Ask:" What do you mean, is it a enemy that is more difficult than the long door? "


Yuxi Bo shook his head coldly and shook his head. The son sounds continued to say: "When the age of 12, I started to follow the long gates and Xiaonan, and they will be originally regarded as the successor of Xiahe Yuyin Village, between them. The feelings are very deep. "

After Uki Bo said, he slowly cleared his fist: "Xiaonan's words, Shang Na Lu has been refreshing, Ä, after you fight, it is best not to pay, prepare in advance It is good to pay for the original navigation. "


Flagkarcasi pulled his face mask and whispered: "I know, but you just want to borrow our hand to kill the original navigation?"

"Yeah, I also want to kill him."

Yuxi Bo took the land nodded, loose his palm a little, sounded some illusions: "I want to dream."

This sentence is a real bigtrology.

Unfortunately, the flag-like Kaki did not hear anything. He just turned around and he had to turn around, and report the information obtained from the soil here.

Just after the flagmith, after a few steps, he suddenly turned his head and looked at Yishibo belt: "Hey, with soil, are you really not going back?"


The sturdy figure of Unexpello disappears in order to disappear.

If the flag, Mikasi, if I looked at an empty, turned and left the area of ​​the comfort, I didn't know how much he remembered.

the other side.

The clay dragon is still flying in bumps.

Didala is still conscientious to repair their own art.

It is really a truth, or if it is afraid that Didara is omitted directly to detonate this clay dragon, Red Sands and Yuxi Bozuo have long yelling at him a dog blood.

Yes, some changes have occurred again.

Yischo Sasukes can't stand it. After a few words, Didara threatens the taste of the Clay Treas to give Yuxi Boa to taste the taste of the art.

How did this fucking?

This is to let people taste!

This is not going to be attributed to it!

Of course, Unecheo Sasuke is certainly not recognized, because he consciously just good at thunder, just clocking Dida's clay bomb.

The question is, can you come?

Once this huge clay dragon exploded, even if it is a power that it is necessary to be estimated, the core of Red Sand is definitely being blown up.

Mom, this time is so stimulating!

The red sand is not easy to keep them in their predecessors, and they will make them two quiet, and they are finally closed.

Only sitting on the back.

Shangyuan Nai Lu has ended the control of Unecho, quietly released his fingers, sighed a sigh: "It is a bit shameful to praise your strength."


Just now Yischo Sasuke and Didara raid, Shangyuan Na was able to disclose Unexpellis to the flag-like Kakasi.

Even the original naval is retired to the sole soothing, because it is just because I just observed the trail of the flagmithius.

All this is the design of the original Na.

From logically and emotion, Unexpello and flagmark, this encounter is a no-flawless hide.

All of Shangyuan Na Ruo, just in order to let the flag-like Kaki know one thing, that is, he and the long door, Xiaonan feels very deep.

If Xiaonan and the long gherrons say, they will listen to the original nature.

As long as Xiaonan and the long gates choose to understand and understand the leaves in the war, then the original navigation can also be easily and the wooden understanding, and even help what Zhi Zhihe belt and Yisi Bouvet.

After a night.

Didara's voice woke up all: "Hahahahaha ... we are going to Lei Zhi!"


Shangyuan Nai couldn't help to blink of Didala.

Didala's face is full of tiredness, apparently he has continued to fly in order to ensure his clay dragon, and the hard adding and adding a night.

It seems that Didara is really loved ones.

Although Didara is a creative mental disappearance of love art, the clay dragon whose Clay dragon flying is not slow, it is slightly less than the speed of the ancient dragon, and it is not too slow than the speed of other Tongren beasts.

It is just a bit of safety.

It's a little fear than the flying repair.

According to the original news, the long-door and small south have been slightly late, but only the distance from the rainy village and the wooden leaves, they are almost in the woods, they are almost near the wooden leaves?

The estimation of Shangyuan Needs is not wrong.

Just as the flag wood Cassi rushed to the fire office to report he met Unexpello, and when he got there, the long-door and Xiaonan have sneaked into the peripheral defense area outside the wooden village.

"Paper of God!"

Xiaonan slowly spread his palm, manipulated a white paper to form a secret tree in the forest, and how did this tree did not have any flaws.

Here will be a long hidden place.

Because this invasion of the wooden leaves captured the nine tails, there were many enemies in the face, and Pennesa was a real main battle, they were more suitable than the long door.

The long gate slowly walked into the cave, and he asked softly: "Small South, do you want to participate in the offensive wood? If you participate, you still use paper to spend it with Paene!"


Xiao Southern nodded.

Just happened to see a few people in the leaves.

Next, countless white paper split from the small south, forming a paper that made it difficult to distinguish true and false, walked into the ranks of Payne.

The long door is sitting in the tree hole, slowly erected his fingers, and the rounds in the eyelid flashed a bright light.

"Then start!"