Wooden village.

Nightning office.

After the flag, Kaki saw the agency, reported in detail everything in the comfort of the shelis, and told the agency on the infringement of the imperial imperial.

Unfortunately, Unexpello has already left.

The agency sighed in a sigh, and now I will send someone to go to the ground to blocked the soil belt soil. Let me mean that the organization may invade it at any time.

"Yuxi Bo said that only two people invades the wooden leaves?"

Hands with his palm, looked at the flag, Kakasi, whispered: "Do you think he is talking about?"

"Strictly speaking, according to the intelligence of the people, it should be eight people's invasion, after all, the power of Penne is very powerful."

After the flagmark, I wrinkled my brow, and I continued: "If the territory should have a certain credibility, after all, he now needs us to help solve the long door, it should not be Will lie. "

"If he is said enough to be accurate ..."

The hand slowly knocked his palm and looked at the wooden opening outside the window: "Waiting for us to solve the invasion of the long gates and Xiaonan, will then continue to prepare for the invasion of the ghost of the original navigation?"


The flagmarks nodded and whispered: "Naruto adult, if the strength of Nairi is really like Su Zhi Bo belt so powerful, we must have a preparation in advance, after all, the strength of the original navigation, we also Look in the eyes. "


The apecically sighed, whispered: "The enemy of the ghost you can defeat you and Kay, even defeat the immortal model, he is a strong ninja, I didn't expect that even so, he still didn't use it. Do you have? "


Flagkarcasi slowly pulled his ninja to care, and the sound was mixed with a low: "Because the original Needs itself belongs to the kind of powerful ninja, his strength will become stronger accordingly ..."

Don't say anything else.

Single only, when I was in troubled test, Shanghao can steal Metekai's surgery, thereby beingat Metekai in front of the throne.

That kind of ability is too powerful.

If anyone's style can be stealing, who knows how strong power is played? What is the strength of his own strength is very tough, and it is possible to hide the bloody limits that you have developed.

"Forget it."

The apeer is close to his own eyebrows. I looked at the flag-like Kaki and whispered: "Now we are the most tight thing to solve the downs of the long gates and Xiaonan, the original Nairu, the end of the ghost, wait until the end of this war ... "

The master slowly cleared his palm, whispered: "I just worry, when will the group guy will attack ..."

Wooden Village Peripheral Defense Area.

A buzz's footsteps came over.

The woody ninja has erected his ear, and each ninja invincibes his own vigilance. Their eyes gradually moved to the forest, watching a black shadow from the forest.

The sun gradually sprinkled.

Six orange hairdressing men in Xiangyun black robe, a woman who is equally dressed, step by step, in front of this group of wooden, standing, standing outside their defense.

It is Paramour of Penne and Xiaonan.

"That is ... Xia!"

Responsible for the two teams of the parked neck ninja in this area, look at Penne, and they immediately divided into blocks, and another team went to the village to report.

Petion, Paul, extended his palm, a cruise missile flew out from his arms, and flew this group of wooden ninja!

But this movement also caused the surrounding vigilance!

One of the woody ninja is the first to take the lead in the hand, and the red warning of the red warning is flashing for a few seconds in the air!

There is certainly someone else to see this red warning signal, and they will definitely be prepared.

There is also a good luckless leaf ninja, flying over the forest, walking towards the direction of the wood!

Paynes seems to be all don't care about it.

Originally, their plans are directly attacking the wooden leaves.

Xiaonan wrinkled frowned, looked at the red signal bomb in the air, whispered: "In this case, the leaves will definitely be vigilant."

"There is no relationship."

Tiandao Peshen gently shakes his head and whispered: "When they find that they do their best, they will not be able to overcome me, I will recognize what is true horror."


Xiaonan slowly shook his head.

Tiandao Payne sees her expression is not very good, and the opening explains: "Wood leaves have been very vigilant, the internal preparation is already in battle, very strict.

I am going to start the offensive here. When their elite power leaves the wooden leaves, I will sneak into the wooden leaves with the beast, and all the spirit will enter the wooden leaves, thus tiger away from the mountain. "

This interpretation is reluctant to qualify.

Xiaoshan eyebrows looked at the heaven Pedne, do you really have this plan is not temporarily thinking about deception?

Human Dao Payne slowly got up, extended his palm and pressed a seriously injured wooden ninja head, and launched a heart-ladenation.

Human Dao Payne has taken the soul of this wooden ninja, slowly turning to the Xiaonan: "The nine-tail column plot is in the village of the village, it seems that this will have to gain something. "

"That's good."

Xiao Southern nodded, and there was a little worried in the eyes: "I don't know what is the last side? They probably rushed to Yun Yin Village?"

"They will be faster."

Tiandao Penne whispered: "Maybe they have now captured Yun Yin Village."

I arrived at a fart, capture a ghost.

There are the boss of Woody Village, and the boss of the organization has been working.

The country of Lei Zhi, the original Nairi is still entangled Didala's clay dragon.

Because this clay dragon flew behind the border of the Lei Zhi, a huge wings fell on the ground, the entire dragon directly started to disintegrate, countless clay fell from the sky.

If it is not the original navigation, it is brought to Red sand, and the two people have to be buried directly by Didala's clay dragon.

"Hey, is your guy wants to die?"

Yuxio slammed the face of Didala with anger, and looked at the clay dragon of the scattered clay dragon into a white hill. If you accidentally buried it, it is estimated that they are gone. !

"do not talk to me…"

Didala is sad and driving the clay giant bird in the ground, watching the clay dragon that thoroughly scattered, and some of the faces can not be said.

This is what he has worked hard!

And he is diligent to add supplements in diligence, how have you just passed the border line or directly?

This is more sorry!

Shangyuan Nai fell to the eyebrow, according to the news from the pharmacist, Wesin Six has started to start in the peripheral defensive area of ​​the wood leaf, and they are still in the country of Lei Zhi. His art.

Mom, it's really pulled!

Shangyuan Nai fell his forehead, looked at Didara, whispered to see his opinion: "Do you want, let's listen to a ring?"


Yischo Sasuke and Red Sands have cast a puzzled eye.


Didala's eyes brightly, and immediately nodded, and raised his finger in his own lips: "Then you can only look at the charm of my art! Art ... Just explode!"

"Waiting for us to go far!"

The red sand scorpion grabs the Didala's clothes, and turned to the original navigation: "Shangyuan, summon your spiritual beast, let's go to prepare for the task."


The original nematic is in a hurry.

Next, a huge ancient dragon fell around them, with them, and took a huge fireball to the pile of clay mountains.

Sit on the ancient dragon.

Shangyuan Na will finally come to the heart, and his fingers have a little bit, and his will come to the body of Unexpello, watch the other side of the War to invade the wooden leaves.

At this moment.

There is a unity in the wooden village.

After getting the information of Payne's invasion, the leaves, immediately began to organize civilians to organize civilians in accordance with the original planned action, and to organize the enemy to meet the enemy.

After getting a message, I wrinkled in the merits: "Is there a trace of the long door?"


The program shook his head and whispered: "According to the forwarding of the front feedback, only six orange-haired reincarnation, and a brunette female nintee."

"Hey, hide!"

Located tightly, it's light and open: "Let's go to Waren Six and Xiaonan, and other ninja travel to search for the long door, check if he is nearby."

The coming is slowly dislocated, and I took a bunch of vortex care of the wooden leaves in my hand. I worked on my forehead.

The deep-way cactus on the ground jumped to the shoulders of our own, and they always stay in the wooden leaves, always ready to participate in the battle.

Standing behind a comeback.

All is the strongest monomeric force of the wooden leaves.

Flagkarcasi, vortex moon, Mtikai, LiLoke, and two foreign aid five generations of style, I love Luo and five generations of water shadows.

What they have to do is to attack the Penne six dispersion.

Other wooden ninja, sandy harness and fog, divided into seven combat groups, mainly next to assist them to fight for a Payne.

"Let's go!"

The taps also organized the ninja uniforms that had not passed through, and flying with everyone, jumping out of the fire building and went to the area of ​​Payne invasive.

I also jumped next to it, I looked at the whispete song behind myself, I asked softly: "Hey, Naruto, how about your side?"

"Hey, more than a dozen shadows drawn natural energy in Miao Mountain."

The whirlpool is todped slowly, and the high response is said: "Probably you can last long-lasting cactus mode! There should be no problem!"

"Let's go!"

The splendid figure is jumped onto the wall of the wooden leaves, overlooking the smoke from the distant, others stand side by side.

After their back, seven huge battle groups, every combat group has at least hundreds of ninja, ready to branch them.

Another area.

During the day, the family of the family leads to the ninja, the ninja, the ninja, the canine, and the oil female eras, searched everywhere.

Turning rock.

The pharmacist took the rogue and Yisi Bo belt soil, and the ninja army took the leadership and the leadership of the seven people, such as the tide of the tide.

"It's really a huge battle!"

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and laughed and said: "Wood leaves, sandy and smog union, the leader of Xiao, who will win?"