I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 285, provocation, Qirabi

Since getting a kaleidoscope writes the eyes, the self-confidence of Unecheo Sasuke has been raising rapidly, and sometimes it will not be able to persuade.

This person ...

Self-confidence is not a good thing.

Mei Zhio Sasuke is to like to fight with the most powerful fields of the other side. He likes to be with Unexpecteda, which is pure to die!

Now, Sasuke is still in the same way, and the four generations of thunder rats will be tied. After a while, it is estimated that after seeing the Silabi's sword, it will also be a sword master.

Who let Sasu help is a full talent!

After seeing the original navigation, the mouth of Yuxi Bozuo took a smile and pulled out his tights and rushed to the four generations of Lei Ying!

"Bastard guys, stupid guys!"

After a few steps, Chiraby saw a few steps, his body was full of seven talents, and he greeted the sakura, and he said in his mouth: "Challenge your big brother, I also want to do it! Think about it Don't do it! "


Yuxi Bozuo flashed a red light, shunmed to the Chilaby's charge, waving his tutoring and Chiraby war in his hand, scorn the mouth: "There is still people dare and Is Yuxi Bi ratio? "


The sound of blade cries is somewhat crisp!

The seven sorts of the seven sorts of the silend, but it seems to be very flexible, as if each handle is in his hands.

No, it is possible to hold every hand in his hand!

This guy's sword is like a hedgehog!

Yiszhike Sasuke is a bit surprised at the Sword of Chilabi. When a pair of written eyes turned back and forth tightly staring at Chilaby's troire, suddenly I feel a pain!

Out of a blood flowers and splashes!

After the expression of Uchi Sasuo changed, he left the wound on his shoulders, and his mouth told a smile: "Oh, interest ..."


Chiraby does not answer.

In this kind of sword fight, Chiraby seems to have forgotten the vocal cord in his home, just bury his own seven-handle, the knife is constantly launched!

Yizhi Bozuo can only be concentrated on the ground!

Yunyin Village camp.

Four generations of straits were holding their own arms to watch this battle, snorted with a way: "It is getting faster and faster than the ridiculous heron."

"After all, it is a chilaby!"

The eyebrows of the beautiful ninja Ma Buyi bended up.

After the four generations of Lei Ying slowly nodded, the sound: "It looks like this group of guys, the Chiraby can solve it ..."

Xiaomi, this side is different.

Everyone is more or less.

Red sand is full of face-free, looks at Unezhi Sasuke falls down the wind, whispered: "Hey, Shangyuan, this is what you have been optimistic? It seems that his supplement, there is no way to make up for the loss of Uneclass. ! "

For Uzhi House, Red Sand is still recognized.

For Unechebra, the red sand is really a bit.

What is the things, I know that the other party is a priest master, and it is still hopping here. Is it really dying?

Didara drums his mouth, no way to open the mouth: "Is Sasu help this idiots and long and unchecked?"

Shangyuan Needo does not know what to say.

But now it seems that it is not right.

Shangyuan thought after a while, only looked: "It doesn't matter, I am very good at medical ticking, even if Sasu help, I can save him back ..."

Yun Yin Village and Xiaomi seem to be a public discovery. Both parties believe that their own considerable advantages, so it is a separate battle of Yuxi Board and Chilabi.

Not too clever, Unexpello helps a bit unpleasant.

Even if he learned from the sword of Yiszhiso, it could not resist the Zuo Raibi, the left rose, and soon, will be found by Chilabi!

In the next moment, Yuxi Board has a few wounds!

In the event, Chiraby immediately grasped the victory, flying directly in the chest of Sasuke, put the Sasuke, rolling, fell on the ground!

"Thousands of birds!"

The hand of Yiszo Sasuke flashed a electric light, and the thunder Chakra was bored on the talented knife, and he turned over in the direction of Chilabi.

However, the Chiraby is a person who is born in Yun Yin Village, how can it be good at the thunder?

"Survey ... thunder!"

A Thunder Check Kara also flew out from the hands of Chilabi, which was built on his hands in his hands, and he welcomed the attack of Sasuke!


The speed of two people fly, when they played their hands, a gravy spread from their side!

Yiszo Sasuke and Chiraby did not give a weakly cleared his own troirers, all waiting for the other party to support, but unfortunately, both parties seem to stick!

The Cirabby's mouth revealed a smile, his insane kneebeled a knife and slowly mentioned it, and the mouth is whisper: "Flying ... The butterfly flying ..."

Yisizo Sason's written eye notes all this, his eyes flashed a shine, immediately let Chilabi fall into illusion!

Magic, shackles!

As Usiso is taught, the illusion of Unecheo Sasuke is very powerful, so that Chiraby has fallen into the illusion.


Yuxi Bozuo snorted and touched his own eyes and looked at the singularity.

Yiszo Sasuo looked up to a panicked cloudy, his eyes moved to the passionate four-generation Lei Ying Ai's body, slowly ranking his troire: "Lei Ying, you have to compare with me ... ! "

Next moment, the chilabi on the ground suddenly turned over!

A red Chakra is covered with his whole body now!

The Cirabi's arm hit the Hi Zhihe Sasuke, and the terrorist power brought by the high-speed movement is almost necessary to break the waist: "Lei Lihe Hot knife!"


Sprinkle a string of blood!

The body of Unecheo Sasuo flew back, and he was reached by the original naval to grab it, and he avoided him directly from the roof of the Lei Ying Building.

Shangqi Na will bow to watch the injury of Sasuke, I saw that the chest of Unecheo Sasuke became collapsed. The chest has been completely blushing, and even some broken meat ...

Obviously Sasuke's body cannot withstand the power of the thunder plow hot knife.

"It's really shameless ..."

Red sand is not an intention to cover your forehead.

Originally thought that Unechebra helped to win the opening of the door, but did not expect that the column of the eight tail didn't hang it directly, even the kaleidoscope wrote the eyes and did not have access.


Shangyuan Nai Luo Sasuke, I reached out to help him with the perfusion of the star, and Yu Zhibo saga has to climb up.

Shangqi Nae returned to stop him, whispered: "Okay, let me come here! You first take a rest next to ..."

"Seniors, my injury is already good."

The face of Unechyo Sasuke has brought a piece of pleading: "Please give me a chance, I will definitely catch back!"

"Well, I believe you."

Shangji fell to the shoulders of Yuxi Bozuo, laughed and opened: "Since the eight tail column is like a vivo, let me try it!"


Everyone in the scene gaked the original naval station.

Just now, everyone saw the original naval treatment of serious injuries, and thought that Shangyuan was a strong medical nintee. I didn't expect him to stand up.

"Does the medical ninja also fight?"

The four generations of Lei Ying looked down at the last navigation. He seems to remember that the other temper is not very good, and the strength is also very powerful.

Can these medical ninjas can wait in the back to help people?

Do you have to stand out?

The four generations of Lei Ying envy for the powerful medical ninja envious for many years, he just got the medical tutorial level of the original navigation.

To be honest, the four generations of Lili Yai is a little heart.

"It looks a good person ..."

Beautiful ninja Burla is slowly covered his lip.

The temper of this coming out seems to be very gentle, because even such a nervous situation, his face also hangs the warm smile.

Especially the long phase is also handsome.

To be honest, Burlah is also a bit heart.

After all, Yun Yin Village is a group of temper violent, or is the lazy guy of Daruy and Omuoy. It is really difficult to find a man who can find a man who is almost in line with his own character.

The brow of Ma Buyi was slightly smashed, and he looked at the four generations of Lei Ying, whisper sighing: "Unfortunately, the enemy ..."


The four generations of Lili Yai couldn't help but looked at the loudonese, and the Silaby loudly said: "Compared with this medical ninja, you can come down."


Chilabi fell into silence.

After a moment, Chilabi's red Chakra dress was slightly pulled slightly, and his voice had a little low, slowly opened: "Okay, big brother, no problem, if I can live in his battle Now ... "

If possible, Chiraby also wants to continue to jump.

However, the eight-tailed cattle sound of Chilabi body downs to open the mouth, be careful to come to Shangyuan Na, because it felt a palpitations and panic.

"The battlefield is too small."

Shangqi Nairou looked at the top space of a Lei Ying Building, wrinkled with frowning, slowly closing his palm, and made a handset that couldn't understand.

Just as everyone is curious about the original navigation, when I got out, I saw that the ground around the Lei Ying Building suddenly rose, and the entire Yunyin Village has a Lei Ying Building as a center of Lei Ying Building.

The width of this ring is far more than one kilometer!

This is actually a large-scale soil and big land!

Especially in Yun Yin Village, this kind of environment for soleness and its restraint, almost no one can change the environment here with soil.

Even if it is a three-generation Tang Shanto, it is difficult to say that it can make this huge ring at this nearly hanging.

Only after the original navigation is, it has been used to make such a wide ring area with sole that there is no difficulty.

The expressions of the four generations of Lei Ying were slightly changing, and they stared at the original navigation and staring. "This level of soil, this guy is very busy!"

'"do not worry."

Shangyuan Na Rou slowly put down his palm, looked at other people, brought a nervous and panic, and their vigilance slowly mentioned.

Shangyuan Needressed a soft smile: "I really like the body fight, here as we fight, and don't leave before we die, don't leave before the whole member of us What is it? "

This sentence is laughing.

Just this sentence, it seems that it is a bloody level that will directly increase the battle. Whether it is the eight tail column Piraby or the four-generation Lei Ying Ai's face is not very good.

Even if they have witnessed the cruel battle, some of them are calm when they say this sentence, when he is a game!

Upper Naidu, this guy makes the Chilabi really feel a little uneasy.

The Shangyuan Na, which is clearly in front of him, is only gentle, but people can't help but give a little bit of palpitations. He is not asked as Yuxi Bozuo.

This gentle attitude makes the heart pressure of Chilabi.

Chiraby slowly looked at the original navigation, this young man wearing Xiangyun Hua Rong is still smiling, but his heart is getting bigger and bigger ...

It is clear that there is a bit of fear of the ghosts, but it is still so gentle to talk to the Ninja in which they Yunyin Village, just like everyone is the ninja, which is like.

"Okay, I have been building it."

Shangyuan Needle smiled and squinted his eyes, looked at the color of the face became more and more aggravated, and the opening continued: "What rules are no longer developed, whether you are a group of people or yourself It can also be. "

After that, after I finished, I opened my palm to continue the palm: "Remind, although I have created a sufficient big battle site, but it is inevitable that someone will accidentally fall, this platform is built on the top, if If they fell from this kind of ring, they can only expect him to die. "


Chiraby also looked at this wide ring.

This area is more than the scope of the centers of Yun Yin Village, which means that there is definitely a cliff around the ring.

Chiraby took a breath and slowly released his fist. Looking at the original naval suddenly reached out to a gesture, it came to a gesture, "Your power, look good! You people Really delicious! "

This is the way Chilabi relieves the pressure.

Even if the enemy is strong, Chiraby will overcome him!

After Shangyuan Na, he heard the Qirabi's RAP, his smile gradually became a face, and his eyes gradually became a little dangerous: "Chiraby is, my temper is actually very good, but I don't like others to provoke. I am ... "

"Stupid stupid, bull!"

Chiraby relieved a sigh of relief, with more exaggerated dance, a more exaggerated RAP: "This stage, I love, solve you, concert here!"

"Breast, do you think you are!"

Shangyuan Nai's figure suddenly disappeared in the same place, the next moment, his figure suddenly appeared around the Chilabi, a feet in the chest of Chibi, put the eight-tail column plum directly!