I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 288 Message of Woody Battlefield

Shangyuan Na is right.

When a huge hail in the sky fell, the cloud in the battlefield who wanted to survive and had become a lucky game.

These hail are all made in the air, and the power of falling is not as good as the meteorite of space, but it is huge.

When the disaster is coming, the cloud is only flying away from each other, and I tried to use thunder to destroy the hail but just a drop in the bucket. Even if it is Darui's face, I can't help but show a desperate.

Even if his Chakra is more, it is impossible to destroy all the huge hail that is in the same rain point, this is a devastating disaster!

Darui swept a peeled companion around him, and slowly became somewhat in the eyes, as if they had no strength, in front of this natural disaster, what can they do again ...

"That rascal…"

Darui looked at the enemy wearing Xiangyun black robes. The guy is like a leisure walking, and his movement is like a spring tour.

Darui looked up and looked at a huge hail in the air, and sighed. "Our power ... is really not in one level!"

"What is not in one level!"

The four generations of Lei Ying suddenly appeared around Darui, endured the hurting huge hail to fly, and rescued his own affection.

Four generations Lei Ying looked at Darui, whispering: "Don't give up so easy! This is just a zone a tolerance that is released with weather! Let Chakra cannon break the sky!"

"Lei Ying University ..."

Darui's eyes were slightly shaking.

The guess of the four generations of Lei Ying did not have an error. When he fell in those hundreds of meters high, he had ordered his secretary. It was written according to the book, and he sent it quickly to the area of ​​Chakra cannon. .

They only need to continue to stick to it here!

Chakra cannons will be able to scratch the clouds of the sky.

Just just this time ...

The four generations of Lei Ying and Daruji persisted.

However, the eight-tailed cow ghost did not stick to it, and it was defeated by the original na, it was easy to defeat, and re-become the early depth of Schilabi.

After the original Nairou took a careful examination, I found that this Chilabi is not a tentacle with a tentacle, throwing him to Yizha: "Okay, take the eight tail!"

"Yes, seniors."

Unechebra nodded.

Just as this is the end of the cloudy, the end of the cloud, the original Nairou intends to summon the Yuan Gu Dragon to leave, waiting for Yun Yincun Village to be destroyed by his ice, there is a dazzling light!

The cloudy clouds in the sky have been a big hole with the energy!

A connected energy shot into the clouds of the sky!

The sun quickly gradually sprinkled, and the air did not finally landed the hail. The enemy released the ice survival of Yun Yin Village finally resolved.


Moreover, the burlap is still the order to let other troops come to support, soon there is a team of cloudy climbs to climb the platform.

Even, the number of people seem more before?

"This is ... come to die?"

Shangyuan Nai's eyelid jumped, waved his ancient dragon, whispering: "Senior, Sasuke, Didala, you bring the eight tail column! I will solve them."

"Seniors, I will stay to help you!"

"no need."

Shangji shook his head and looked at Sasuke: "Now the most important thing is to bring the eight tail back, understand?"

"Yes, seniors."

Yischo took a nod to look at the ancient dragon dropped in the air.

Didala with Chilabi's body jumped on the ancient dragon, suddenly opened: "Hey, Shangyuan, be careful!"

"Be careful."

Red sand is politely nodded.

In fact, the red sand is purely politely nod. After all, Shangji is so powerful, destroying so many rivies villages ... plus even if you can't do it, you can escape!

For those who can fly, the choice of choice and innate advantages are not too big in the war.

Shangqi fell to the departure of the ancient dragon, which was just the ancient dragon, this time is just the empty window of Chakra cannon, and some people will threaten them.

After they left, I was turned around to look at thousands of cloud, these cloud buckled in the leadership of the four generations Lei Ying and Darui and others.

"I thought you would escape."

The four generations of Lei Ying looked at the end of the original Nairi slightly, he couldn't help himself: "Note that this little ghost is very fast, don't let him escape! And be careful about his weather tolerance!"

The four generations of straightened shadows took their own fists, step by step to the original navigation: "I have to admit that the strength of the Ninja, but can't stop the Thunder of Yunyin Village! Let's grasp you, Let's try out your position! "

"It's really a thoughts ..."

At the last naval, I looked at the four generations of Lei Ying, spread the arm and laughed: "If Yun Yin Village is destroyed by me, maybe I will escape ... but now you haven't realized the horror!"

Shangyuan Nai Lu smiled and squatted his eyes, and the palm suddenly closed: "It is only necessary to simply destroy the cloud hidden village, but now Lei Ying, it seems to be worse for Yun Yun Village. thing…"

"What do you want to do?"

The four generations of straits are tightly watching the action of the original Na.

In this time, no matter what I was going to release anything, he will show his life to interrupt his printed, let him down.

"Don't want to do what ..."

Shangyuan Na Roun four generations of Lei Ying, the smile of his mouth gradually became more and more weird: "I just want you to see it ... Xiao's horror!"

The palm of Shangyuan Nae suddenly lifted the sky. He didn't even have the movement of the slightest. "Since you are born with thunder, it is accompanied by the disappearance of thunder! Firm! "

I suddenly appeared a thunder cloud storm in the sky!

After a few seconds, this group of Thunder cloud storm enveloped the range of the entire Yunyin Village, and even the most peripheral idle peaks of Yunyin Village were also covered.

Countless lightning is free from the thunderstorm storm.

Every cloud is not complyed to the air in the air, and the power of the contained, even if they all faintly felt horror, this surgery has exceeded all of their awareness of thunder, tightening!

The eyes of the four generations of Lili Yai almost have to turn out the eyes, and his eyes stared at thousands of lightning, whispered: "Everyone is careful ..."

"... Escape!"

Shangyuan Na was looking at a road to stretching the landlore and bowed down, and he fell on the cloud, constantly put a cloud to the ground.

Shangqi Naqiang overlooking an enemy tried to use tolerance or use body to avoid lightning attack, his voice is soft in the battlefield: "Try to fleer ..." Anyway, you can't escape. "

Shangyuan Na Rou slowly smashed his hair, looking at the four generations Lei Ying Ai's figure in a lightning, but the clouds around him were knocked down, even if he was tight, it could not Save a few colleagues.

ten minutes later.

The entire Yunyin Village is mourning everywhere.

This is also fortunate to live in the village, almost every household is equipped with lightning protection facilities, and many people can be scared.

The ninja on the ring that was originally manufactured in the original Nair did not be so lucky.

In this area they have no obstruction, they can only wait quietly to fall down, even if they are good at thunder, and they cannot withstand the attack of thousands of lightning.

Only four generations of Lei Ying still stand still.

The powerful defense of the Ray Chevus Kra model, with his speed, almost completely avoiding the lightning of 0.5 seconds, and even the attack of lightning is not a matter of attack.

Shangji, I went to the dark harvesting superimposed, and I watched the four generations of stranded: "Lei Ying, I wish you good luck."

"What you want to do this!"

The four generations of Lei Ying's face is almost suppressed by anger.

At this moment, he does not care about his strength and the gap between Shangyuan Na, it will be willing to go in the past!

It is a pity that Shangyuan Nair's figure suddenly disappeared, and the four generations of Lei Ying just caught the air. He felt the feet under the next moment.

This ring is shaking!

No, it is going to collapse this stage!

The four generations of Lei Yai immediately remembered this platform was the masterpiece of the former navigation, and his face flashed on his face!

The central mountain of Yun Yin Village is directly crushed by this collapsed ring. Even if it is a four-generation Lei Ying, it is not powerful. It can only call the still survived and immediately avoid exiting this collapse.

Shangqi Nae returned to the foot of the mountain, listening to the sound of the sound on the mountain, looked at his system panel, which is a series of tasks.

Branch mission: Watch a Cirabi's impromptu show, the task has been completed, and 150 gold coins.

This task is relatively common, it is very easy to complete.

Shangyuan Nai touched his own chin, he was a little curious about another task that made the four generations of Lei Yai singer. It seems that the reward should not be low?

Branch Task: Defeat the eight tail column Pulby, the task has been completed, reward passive talent skills swordsmanship.

Swords: You can completely copy any swordstemed.


Shangyuan Nai can't score the head.

Why will I reward this kind of thing after defeating the Chilaby?

Swordsmanics is a kind of classification of passive talent skills, obviously unique and ordinary passive skills, and it is also very simple.

Any talent in front of passive skills, then this reward must be non-with with the same, and the instructions of swordsmanship seem to be no exception.

Can any swordsmanship copied ...

Shangyuan Na will look at the next reward.

Branch Task: Defeat the four generations of Lei Ying Ai (11), the task has been completed, reward passive talent skills plateau blood.

Highland blood: Activity to improve their mobile speed and attack speed, and immunize the deceleration effect of certain regions.

It's really ruthless!

It doesn't matter if the speed of movement and attack speed don't matter. The speed of the original Needs of life is amazing enough, and only the immune deceleration means that he can move in ultra-high speed in any position.

Whether it is on the water, on the ice, even in the swamp.

Shangji is the last reward, and the only need for reward.

Branch mission: successfully breaking Yun Yin Village, the task has been completed, reward passive talent skills thunder.

Thunder: You can freely drive the Raytarian Characle, and create one of the components of the jade to create a thunder.

(Activation): You can use the righteousness of the Raytile + Water, and create the use of hazards.

In addition to these.

Dark harvesting has also increased more than 40,000 three-dimensional properties, which is not too much affected, but it is just about 460,000.

This value ... and the ordinary ninja is certainly strong horizontal.

However, in accordance with the original navigation, the whirlpiece lifes the nine-tailed limitations, and its own Chakra is approximately more than 300,000, then the value of half of the nine tails in the body must be more than 300,000.

This endurance is really outrageous.

Once these, they can not be released, and they cannot be left out.

"The power of the wind, the power of water, the power of the earth and the thunder,"

The original Nairou slowly erected his fingers, slowly put his will on the four-generation rigs, whispered: "How is the situation of the wood now?"

Woody village.

After listening to the sound of the original Nairi, the pharmacist has immediately opened the mouth: "Nairo adults? The position of the universal adults has been found by the wood rubber,"

The sound of the pharmacist sounded a little more than imagined, he went to continue to reply: "Needar of the neighborhood, the big people and the whirlpool, the strength of Mitkai, this action of the universal adults is very Maybe fail ... "

The sound of the pharmacist gradually trembled, he lowered: "Just ... There are three Pennes that they are also solved at the same time!"

"This is also normal."

Shangyuan Nai's finger gradually became tight, whispered: "I have long guessed, except for the Road and Tiandao, the other Penne fight is not strong ... You are waiting for me, I will rush now! "

"Yes, Needar."

The drug teacher has some tense before the war.

Obviously he should see some things that make him shock.

However, the battle between this wood and the led is really shocking. Everyone has made a rare, especially the three power of the wood!

"Secretly! Compassion" soul falls. "

Shangyuan Na was closed at the foot of Yunyin Village, closed his palms, and gradually appeared in the foot, and a ray gradually wrapped his body.

Next moment, Shangyuan Na will suddenly appear around the pharmacist.