I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 289 Sports? IQ exchange!

Woody village.

When I arrived here when I arrived here, I flashed a shining in my eyes, as if I found a master bone, immediately push my own glasses.


After the pharmacist said with respect, the pharmacist praised the epitope of Shangyuan Needar: "It is a Nair Fell, and it can also use this time and space in the event of cloud hidden village and wooden village. ! "

"Don't boast, basic operation."

After the Shangyuan Nai waved, looked up to the battlefield of the distance, after opening the hunting perception, his brows wrinkled: "Is the battle just started?"

"Yes, it should be less than half a minute!"

The face of the pharmacist has gradually gains, and the sound of the sink: "The nectaries and the swirls of the whirlpiece broke out, and the two I have solved a Pethen, and Maitki also defeated the absorption. Kra's hungry! "

Half minute ...

Even the drug teacher has not reacted, and the human road Payne, the hell road Payne and the hungry, Petion has been resolved.

It has been done once before Hugh Pedne, but it is only repaired by the ability to use the prison guard with the long door. As a result, just played for half a minute and resolved ...

It is still the Mitkai who is only good at body.

The body of this watermelon head is strongly protected!

"I have already guess it."

Shangji shook his head, watching the blue Chakra steam in the distance, and the sound gradually low: "Metaka guy, far from his limit, once it really broke, but there is a battle for the long door Adults may ... "

McTy really broke out.

The eighth door and the power of dead doors are not the long door to compete.

The battlefield is above the battlefield.

Petion is only in the sky, and the compulsory road and the beast road are still insisting.

However, they are facing, whirls, Mtikai, Li Luoke, I love Luo and Yiman siege, there is a part behind these people in the nearby, always prepare for support.

The remaining three Petion are strong and strong, and the siege of the people can only temporarily insist on the wind, over time, and it is almost a thing or later.

Located, I also got my own palm, I stand on his shoulder, I took the cactus and Zhi Ma fairy at the same time, and I worked together to release combination tolerance!

"Immortal · Five Waters!"

It's also flashing in my eyes!

When you are in the ghosts, Benedown, no Pethen can absorb Chakra, and you can finally start the fire!

Under the blessing of the wind, the flame burns the fire oil toward the remaining three Pesi swept, and the majestic flame is almost covered by the sky!

"God Luo Tian!"

Tiandao Petion has led his palm, and after repeating the fire, flying backwards behind the animals.

"The teacher is also the teacher."

Tiandao Payne slowly looked up and showed everyone in the scene and whispered: "Your power is really can't be underestimated!"

"Enroll, long!"

The coming is slowly coming, and I will persuade: "Now your body is in place has been discovered by our people, Pennesa has only three, in fact, you should know, you have no Castle! "

"The teacher!"

Tiandao Pethen's cold voice has interrupted a lot, and the sound is still very calm: "The mortal requires the gods to admit defeat, is it too big, the white-eyed woman who detects our position, her name is called the young Right?"


After the whirlpool, the whirlley nodded, when he thought about something, he fiercely realized a thing: "Wait, how do you know that she is called a young field!"

"Because she is in my hand."

Tiandao Wesi slowly open mouth: "After a man, after the whereabouts have been explored, after the gods, what do you think is there?"

The voice of Tiandao Payne is a bit indifferent: "When you kill the ghosts, human space and hell road, the female nintee gave us the trace, and she had to say that her battle was very brave."

"Put the patterns!"

The whirlpool is difficult to stare at Heaven Payne, which seems to see his position through the pair of eyes!

"Swirl sounds, don't always be so true."

Tiandao Payen looks at the whirlpool, the cold voice: "If you want to save her back, then defeat Payne standing in front of me!"

"it is good!"

The whirlpool scorpion immediately agreed, and slammed his fist said: "Anyway, I will definitely kill these guys!"

"It's really dry ..."

After Tiandao Wen glanced at the whirlpool, he glanced at the people in the scene, next second, three Penne suddenly rushed!

This scene is seen that there are people who can't help but frown. When they start, they really want to let Payne six to avoid Wesin Six.

However, now Penne only left three, then there is no need to continue to divide Payne, because the remaining three Penne strength is very strong, even if it is two or one, there is a possibility of being killed.

Since they now occupy the advantage, they must avoid casualties, because the flag-like Carti's war is already a great loss for the leaves.

Today, the three Pethen actually move, and how to distribute it will become a big problem, because each Pethen's ability is very powerful, even the most weak animal deeper, you can also always call the other two Payne. !

"Naruto, let's chasing the strongest heaven!"

After thinking about a second, I immediately selected the strongest Tiandao Payne, and then he continued to tell: "The House of Shadow, the wind shadow, you will be responsible for chasing the animal road; Kay, Li, you go Chasing the Luo Dao! "

After the voice, the sound is somewhat downgry: "If there is any accident in the middle, seek support; if the Pethen is chasing Petion, it is necessary to immediately signal and support other companions ..."


Six people instantly divided into three teams left.

Have to say, their dispatch is reasonable.

The individual strength is the weakest is the animal road, but he can immediately speak Tongli and Shura Road, and it seems to be especially dangerous, but at least encounters the psychic printing of the animal road, you can prepare to escape in advance.

If you go to chase the Tiandao and Shura Road, it is basically a life.

Therefore, the most dangerous task of chasing the Tiandao is also handed over to himself and the whirlpool; it will be chasing the goal of the flag and Mikasi to hand over the target of Maitkai; put it bound to danger and safety The animal is handed over to my love and photographed.

Just when they just separated.

The long door is sitting in another small-minced tree hole, because their position is discovered by the wood, and has to replace the position.

At this moment, there is a person in this trees.

That is just that the day of the long door and Xiaonan.

It is also a way of thinking about a perceived troops. When they don't easily discover the trail of Payne, they should leave, but they will leave the position of the long-door and smaller position for the overall situation decided.

The result is that it is abnormal by Xiao Nanzi, and a group of understanding is easy to kill by the long door. Only the day of the day, the female nintee is brought back.

The wheel of the long gate flashed over a light.

In the next moment, the face of the long door was some seriously: "The plan was successful, and they were divided into three teams, respectively killing three Penne."

"Need me?"

Xiao Nan wrinkled a brow.


The long door nodded, and the sound continued: "Use the repair Luo Dao to solve the two weird body ninja! Use the beast to summon you to solve the two shadows ... Finally solve the teacher, catch the swirl people!"


Xiao Southern nodded.

The long door looked at Xiaonan's face was not very nice, reached out and stroked the ring on his fingers, whispered: "Well, right, Shangyuan and Zhu, they have caught the eight-tail column, return to the way to organize the base ..."

"Yes? Nairu also became a reliable ninja!"

Xiaonan lamented, flashing on his face, then this is surprised to slow down for a smile.

The face of the long door couldn't help but show a smile, whispered: "I didn't expect to be more than the earlier ... we can't let the Shangyuan wait too long!"

The forest outside the village of the village.

McTy and Li Luke Mandi two people accelerated, two people competed chased the compulsory road in front of the road, they didn't know, waiting for them. Trap.

Strictly speaking, there will be no one can think of it. Shurandao Pedne actually has a horrible self-explosive function, because Mono Dao Bene is a routine battle to play unpredictable!

"Li, it's better than one!"

The Metak's body suddenly broke out faster, he loudly motivated his disciples: "If we kicked to Payne first, then carrying each other in the forest!"

"Yes, teacher!"

Li Luoke nodded his mouth, and suddenly broke out faster.

Li Luoke didn't feel that he is not too strong from the gambling of Mittai.

Maybe this is the world of strong people!

Strong body!

Take a wisdom.

This sentence is kidding, because Li Lock is purely purely on his own efforts.

In this world, in addition to those genius ninja, some people who have worked hard to catch up in the back of the genius are now later.

For example, this time Welcome Payne.

The candidate recommended by Martai is not a queue, but it has been able to open the sixth door easily, and force the seventh door of Lilock.

Petion, Coena parked inside the canyon mountain.

The reincarnation in the eyes of the Luraway looks back in the two gods that fly quickly, and the sound is some mechanized: "Is it?"