I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 290 Don't look at others is amazing, let's find the bones of other people's father!

The air of the mountain is a cool.

When Mahatko and Li Luoke chased, two people only saw Sunee talls in the mountains in the mountains.

Maite Kelle and Li Luoke took place after this scene, two people didn't have any hesitation, they jumped directly.

As a powerful body ninja, they don't have any conspiracy in the enemy, or what the enemy is arranged here.

If there is a conspiracy, let's break it!

If there is a trap, let it break it!

This is the way of combat in Mitkai and Li Luke!

Mait Kelled out his palm, and possed an invited gesture in Xun Luo, and the voice was dignified: "Hey, I will come to you, revenge for Kakasi!"

"Want to revenge for flag wood Cassi?"

Petion, Cherno, went coldly and coldly touched Metekai, screaming: "People are always fascinated by hatred and revenge circular ... Since you want to revenge for him, let me see it first. How much do you have? "

In the next moment, the road to Sura did dozens of muzzles were taken, and the dense Ma Ma is aligned with Li Lolk and Maitkai!


The muzzle sprayed countless bullets!

This narrow area between the blinks is completely covered by the bullets, but these bullets are all over the two stones!

Maite Kai and Li Luok have quietly appeared behind the Shura Road, and the two were nearly at the same time, and the concerted efforts will kick out the Lu Luo Dao.

Mete Kai is still holding the pose of the legs, flashing on his face, a touch of confidence: "Ha, don't think that we will only physically, if you can't graduate, you can't graduate!"


Li Luoke also kept his legged posture, whispered: "Don't look too small to look at a ninja! Even if we may only use the simplest substitute!"


Shuranda Pen En turned over and climbed up. He looked up his arm, and the gun pipe on his body was replaced with a series of cruise missiles!

Zun Luo looks at them, and the sound is open: "In front of the absolute power, the little smart is only a small smart, and it will never determine the victory of the war."

A cruise missile flew out from the morality of the road, flying along the different flight trajectories toward Maitekay and Li Luke!

"Pei Peacock!"

Maiteki almost instantly shouted his fist!

Numerous flames flew out from his fists and air friction, and in the moment, his body was as if the peacock opened, and there were countless flames.

It is a bit good to the peacock, and it is also a bit dangerous.

A group of flames flew out of the fist in Muttek, and covered the entire area in the blink of an eye, detonated a missile that flying!

Even if it is ambiguo Petion, I can't put a shield, and I blocked a group of flames dropped from the sky.

Coena Peden carefully feels a group of flames impact on the shield on the shield, low head: "All the strong surgery this guy is a pure body?"

Whether it is a sky, it is still amazing!

The voice of Petion, Cohoda is a little low: "What monsters are this mood, it is not much like the SMA, is it too much?"

This conclusion of Pethen, Shurandao is not a long.

Because when I first saw the original nair and Xiaonan fighting exercises, the long gorgeous said with the heaven Pedo said that the body is very bad.

Since then, I seem to practice my body.

Therefore, when Yu Yin Village, the long door was eager to see the efforts of the original Naternity, and most of the people who strived were returned.

The body of Shangyuan Nae has become more and more stronger.

This is not to look at the original natellite filter too thick.

The group of guys, such as Didara and Red Sand, will also praise the original navigation of the body, after all, Shang Shang, the use of body, San Sangquat and five-tailed Mu Wang is full of teeth.

Even the long gates are in the battle in the wind and they will be in person.

Shangyuan Na's body strength is quite amazing. In the long gates, it is really not expecting former former former efforts, and there is absolutely no expectation of him and Xiaonan.

Of course, if the long-looking eyes have seen the battle of the original naval and Metekai, it is estimated that it will also recover their own concept, because Shang Nai is defeated by Meteki.

There are many people who have an outbreak of peacock in the village.

The Shangyuan Naire, who is watching the battle, is a bit amazed, even if they have seen the sky of the sky, can't help but marvel for the beauty of peacock.

"see it?"

Shangyuan Na Rou slowly closed his palm, whispered: "In this world, as long as you work hard to cultivate people, there will be rewarded."


The pharmacist pocked his face nodded.

As a Ninja, the Pharmacist, the same Tianzhi in the same day, and he agreed with this sentence that the original navigation said, only the direction of the pharmacist choosable to work hard and Mitkai.

The pharmacist chooses to study science.

The pharmacist chooses to work hard to hold the upper leg.

Obviously the hard reward is also a rich return, his gain seems to be more than the effort of Mitkai these years, the Shenwei kaleidoscope is written, the dragon caucasian model is also ...

In less than a few years, the pharmacist has changed a powerful body that even the big snake will be envied.

When the shavings of the ruthless wave, the black hand, the black hand finally had a little positive energy after the two scenes, and the topic of Shangyuan Na Rou suddenly biased: "Can you find the body of Metai?"

Wave wind gates: "..."

Yisi Bo belt soil: "..."

Why can the top the topic be jumped so evil? This guy is still talking about hard work, after how suddenly jumps to the body!

This guy has just praised a Metekai, who is going to take out the body of Martai Father?

People don't know what to say.


The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and looked at the original navigation, whispered: "I seem to remember this name, he and the relationship of this Maite ..."

"He is the father of Maitekai."

After Shangyuan Na, the words were whispered: "I opened the dead door of eight-door armor, I kicked four people in the third endurance battle."

Even if they are ignorant, now I am full, add the ghost lights, and only four troirers are seven!

"Can't find it."

The wave style suddenly opened the way next to: "You don't have to find it, Mr. Dai's body can't find it."

After the wave of Wave Water Gate, he continued: "The last door of the eight-door armor will open the door, the blood in the body will burn, and finally exhausted the vitality, the body will also make coke, the wind is blown It will be gray to smoke. "


Shangyuan Na was calm, whispered: "I saw this epighel in the book of the seal, I didn't expect to be more fierce than the inside."

The wave wind is slowly clenched with his fists, whispered Metai often said in the village: "Really victory, you must protect your own important things ..."

"You are dead, don't think so much."

Shangqi Nairi took the shoulders of the waves, and looked at Yuxi Bo with soil, and smiled: "You are better, even people have already died and also guarding their own important things."


The wave wind gates and Yuxi Bo belt solely low.

For them, one of the most important is to guard the vortex. One of the most important thing is to guard the wild. I have to say that these two people are really a teacher!

Now they are in order to let their beloves in the pure land, they can only be operated with their own conscience.

After a while, the waves were silent, and suddenly he asked: "Wait, how can you see the book of the seal of the wood?"

"Oh, it's been a few years ago."

Shangqi said in a stylus to say his story: "At that time, I lied to the big snake pill, let him take a psychic reel, but deliberately let him attract the attention of the wooden leaves, then I will go to the wooden leaves The aft of the seal is gone. "

After that, the Shangyuan Na's face was still quite a little missing: "So long time has passed, then Mr. Big Snake Pill is definitely thinking with me, now thinking about Mr. Big Mr. what!"

Wave style: "..."

Yuxi Bo Tong: "..."

If they have seen the original navigation, the big snake pills are gone, and maybe I really believe in the original navigation!

The pharmacist also looked at the original.

Nairies, since the heart feels that he is having a little more than a little, I can't afford the big snake pill, I don't want to pit him again!

It is a pity that his boss is clearly said to be a big snake pill, but it is still secretly cutting the mood of the big snake.

Once the original Needar, once a person, in order to relieve the problem, it will definitely live the people to live, even after the death, the resurrection will continue to pit ...

The big snake pill can also live in the Dragon Cave with the body of the eight-legged, even if it is the pleading of the pharmacist, it is also a conscience of Shangyuan Na.

That is, this is a conscience, and it is right away.

"Do you see me?"

Shangji picks up the eyebrows, and loudly, after a few people, whispered: "Is Metekai not looking good enough? Men's romance, isn't this just hard fist?"


The pharmacist pockets nodded.

Although the pharmacist is more likely to wear some strange strange strange things, but Shang Nai is his boss, and the values ​​of the original Nairies are be sure to agree.

This is a basic row of affordable affiliates.

The pharmacist took the hand in the distant battlefield, and the top moved the top. "Needers, the battle seems to be more intense!"

"Do you look like a secret weapon?"

Shangyuan Nai's mouth hook, whispered: "It seems that Mitt Kay and Li Luoke are really not very good!"

Their luck is really not very good.

The positioning of Petion, Shuoda has never been crisis, and an unscrupulous means pulls the enemy to the same role. Now it is just a dangerous gate.

The monomer strength of the compulsory road is unable to defeat Mutkai and Li Luke, and the routine power cannot be defeated, and the repair of Luo can only use the last trick.

The battlefield is above the battlefield.

The weapons on the Benedo, the army suddenly gathered, and his body suddenly took a straw chain, and these iron chains spread to the surrounding, the chain was tied to the cliff and the ground, stabilized his body!

However, this movement made Metekay and Li Luok's eyes slightly, because this is undoubtedly self-ended in front of the two body.

"Go directly!"

Methen does not understand.

Just, he believes that as long as it quickly defeasures the enemy, no matter what the enemy wants to do, it is absolutely impossible, this is the way to defeat the enemy's conspiracy.

Li Luoke's idea is equally as good as.

"Wooden rigid whirlwind!"

Two people kicked from two directions to the body of the compulsory road, and the huge power momentum will kicked the head of the Luo Dao at the same time, directly to the Penne!


The body of the compulsory road rolled down in the mountains.

"Li, perfect solution!"

Myrt Kay rushed a thumbs up with his disciples: "It is beautiful, Li, you grow up, it has become stronger!"

Li Luke has some heads in his own place.

Just when Maitkai still wants to say something, the body of Shura Road suddenly started to be awkward, and only the rivals of Luo Dao's body change, and the messy parts fly quickly from the body.

In a few seconds, there is only a huge bomb in the body of Shura Road.

The huge bomb looks round, it seems a bit cute, and there is still a dangerous signal prompt.

"It seems that it is a unbearable tolerance!"

Li Luoke touched his own chin and turned his head to his teacher: "Teacher Kai, I like tolerance every day, we take this endurance back to let her study?"

Don't blame Li Luke think less.

After all, this bomb is elliptical, it seems to be very cute, the workman is very beautiful, and even the angular corner can be found.

Ma Tak thought after a while, nodded and shakes his head: "Let it stay here! Wait until the battle is over, let it come over!"

After that, Martai took the shoulders of Li Luoke, whispered: "Let's go, first support other companions! They may face fierce!"

"Yes, teacher!"

Li Luoke took a nodded.

Just as Maitkai and Li Luoke turned to leave, the inside of the super bomb suddenly issued a mechanical sound of Shura Road.

"Goodbye, the vassator of the wooden leaves."

Next moment, a flawless ray is blooming!