I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 297, no, the leader, is the original navigation, you have seen you (fourth! Thank you for the darkness)

In the case of vortex, Jiuji is also thinking.

In fact, it is also a good choice because it can be reborn, but it is only a small time.

It is a pity that it will not be able to do it at that time.

The whirlpool, Nikini, a purebred whirlpool, a princess of Chakra, but also a variety of messy sealing and printing, which can easily bundle the complete nine tails in their own body to pack up.

Now I changed my housing in the nine tails, but I can do it as the same.

However, it is now able to absorb the outer road of Chakra, this is dead, and there is no chance to reborn!

The nineth tail can only be pinched with the nose. I plan to temporarily help the vortex moisture, at least let him learn to borrow his Chakra.

"Then I will go out!"

The whirlpool has closed his fist.

In the next moment, the figure of the whirlpiece disappeared in this spiritual world, leaving only the whirlpool, Nether, and the nine tail were still in this space.

After seeing the whirlpool disappeared, the gentleness of the whirlpool is gradually disappeared, she reforms in front of the nine tail to a mother who wants to protect her child.

"Nine tails."

The whirlpool was staring at the nine tail, and the eyes were in the eyes: "I saw it, the hatred in your body seems to be deeper and deeper!"

The nine-tailed eyes are also a bit yin: "If you are not because of these people, you think why you will expand!"

It is happy in the fire in the fire!

Because there is a huge Chakra in the nine tail, there is no one who dares to provoke it, what to eat when you want to eat every day, how to play.

Until one day, the endurance has appeared a guy named Yu Zhibo.

This guy named Yu Zhibo spheres, using illusion and a bastard with a thousand-handed column. As a result, Sui Zhibo spheres have gone, they will give it a pit before dying, nine Tail, I sincere, I started a lease career.

How can the hatred of the nine tails not expand!

Swirl, Sinni, clearly understood this, she sighed in the air: "Forget it, these are old age, and then get along with Naruto! Just I have to solve Chakra. Take these hated Chakra! "

"Are you still human?"

The nine-tailed crowly biting his teeth, staring at the swirls in front of the swirls in front of the swirls: "You are a festive woman, don't you know that the hate of the tail beast is strong, is our strength become stronger? ? "

"You go wrong."

The whirlpool is the eyes of Sini.

At this moment, she is a strong mother.

Swirl Ninnah is coldly gazing the blood of the nine-tailed blood, and the cold voice open: "These hate and evil Chakra will affect the Naruto, will let the Naruto fall into the dark ... "

"The darkness in the little ghost has been born!"

The nine-tailed eyes gradually strong, staring at the whirlpool, Xinji, the voice is overwoated: "Swirls are Sinna, do you think that your son experienced life?

From a small little ghost, it was isolated and washed brainned until the age of twelve and discovered his own life and the world. If it is not a bastard, he has long been integrated with me! "


Swirls were silent for a while.

After a moment, the vortex suddenly shook his head: "No matter what you said, my decision will not change! Naruto's darkness, I believe he will break itself, but your hatred and evil, absolutely Can't stay! King Kong is blocked! "

After that, the whirlpool Ninkino closed his palm, countless gold chains spread from her body, inserted into the nine-tailed body!

Next, these golden chain hard students pulled out from the nine-tailed body, and the other horrible nine tails were full of blood red air bubbles!

The vortex, Ni Ni, covered with this nine tail, Shen Sheng: "Nine tails, let me go with your last Chakra and your hate!"

The whirlpool is the whole force, and the fist is shouted, and it is full of hatred, and a punch will be broken!

As for the real nine tail in the spirit space, I look at my hatred and whirlpool, Sinna is attributed, and I started in my mouth: "Swirls are Sinna, you are still so idios!"

As long as the tail beast has not agreed with people's column, even if our hate is dissipated, it will live back sooner or later! "

Unfortunately, the whirlpool is never heard.

Within this space, there is only a lonely nine tail.

After a long time, I slowly closed my paw, and I had my head: "Forget it, it is as a result of that year, I will forgive you this time."

The battlefield is outside the battlefield.

The huge nine-tailed immature began to gradually shrink.

Just properly looks at the nine-tailed body in the nine-tailed body, until it turns into a whirlpool of golden Chakra coat!

"That is…"

The aperator dared to reply to this scene, staring at the emerging swirls, this re-emerged devil is too amazing!

Chakra is almost instantly swept everything around!

No matter who I saw the whirlley song, I would like to be a bit surprised. The golden Chakra coat is completely different from the past blood red tail beast, which is more horrible than Check.

In particular, the state of the whirlpool is very sensible.

When the whirlpool signs sees the figures, they waved their palms toward her: "Planner mother-in-law! It is me!"


The apecical person is aware of the breath of the whirlpool, and the heart is a little bit: "Naruto ... He finally controlled the nine tail?"

Now the wooden leaves have a hope of victory.

No, at least, the leaves can also control the situation in one of them.

Because the enemy is still in front of them, Lina is still the same as that, seems to be a whirlpiece can succeed as a tail beast mode, and there is no difference to him.

The long gates bowed with the whirlpooling songs, whispered: "If you are a tail, you will really feel a little trouble, but the people are strange, then I am free. Take the nine-tailed Chakrane! "

The long gates have been extended towards the swirls of the swirls, and they have a highway: "Vientiane!"

An extravagant gravitation is sent from the palm of the door!

The whirlpiece is not coming to their flying, just this time, he didn't panic, the golden Chakra coat drilled a gold palm, quickly condensed a spiral pill!

When these golden palms are close to the long-door, they want to press the spiral pills in the hands in the long gates!

"God Luo Tian!"

The long door can only replace his own surgery without helplessness, and it has suddenly launched from his hands. It will blow out the whirlow people!

Just this time, the gods he use is too small!

The vortex moistur is tightly grabbed on the body of the magic, and the gods released with the long gates counter!

Next, Shen Luo Tian Zun's repulsion rebounded, actually pulling the long door first!

However, the long door has not easily stopped, and the outer road can take a slap in the palm of it.

"Is this the power you get?"

The long door is standing, standing up, watching the swirls who stand up at the same time, the waves are not surprised: "It's a interesting force ... However, this power is just interesting."

"is it?"

The whirlpool did not take a shot of his palm, and waved his hand to the distance, suddenly the opening: "I can feel this battlefield and other people's peak ... What people are also members? They are in Gelked you, or spyed to us? "


The eyes of the long gates couldn't help it in the direction of him.

The positions they see are the position of the hidden Nairi.

Watch area.

Shangyuan Nai's palm was in an instant on the body of the waves. The two people suddenly disappeared on the battlefield, leaving only two people in the Pharmacist and Yisi Bo.

"Almost forgot, the nine tail chakra model can perceive malicious."

She only left a word before going to go, whispered: "Whoever has a malvice to the whirlpool, who will solve it! Anyway, I am a kind person, there is no malicious!"

Pharmacist left by: "..."

Yisi Bo belt soil left: "..."

Obviously, you are full of malicious people!

Just just the parenchyma and Yisi Bo belt his martial arts helpless, Yuxi Board has passed the order of the original navigation.

"Okay, since I was found, I turned to you!"

Since they have been discovered, it is simply joined the battlefield by this opportunity. In any case, this battle is almost approached.

"Yes, Needar."

After the pharmacist replied, slowly pushed the glasses on his nose, slowly stood up, revealing his own figure; hiding in the Pharmacist, Yisi Bo belt, and slowly stood up, Exposed your own figure.

Since the opening of the Warm War, these people have been hidden in this virgin, and finally reveal their figure.

next moment.

Yisi Bo has led his palm, grabbed the body of the pharmacist, with him to enter the Shenwei space.

The battlefield is above the battlefield.

One time space swirls are slowly opened.

The figure of Yuxi Board and the pharmacist appeared.

This scene has seen the brow, he doesn't want to see the enemy of Yuxio, just staring at the pharmacist, Shen Xiang, said: "Pharmacist, you are Yuxi Bo Tong to join Xiao spy!"

"Really ..."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and laughed and opened: "I didn't expect that I was discovered at this time!"

The smile of the pharmacist bloom is getting bigger and bigger. He laughed and continued: "However, I am not a spy that belongs to Mr. Wei. I just went to the big snake pill."


After this name appears, everyone will not be frowned by autonomously, whether it is wood or long, obviously disgusted this name.

The hand slowly knocked his fist, gone up, Shen Sheng: "It seems that the rumors of Big Snake Pills in the experiment have always been the lie you put out!

A scourge will be a millennium, and the big snake pill is so easy to die! "

"Ha ha…"

The pharmacist tangled hookped his mouth and smiled and opened his hand: "But if you don't do it, how can I succeed?"

The pharmacist said here and smiled and looked at the long way: "Do you want to recall it, introduce you who is joined?"

"It is Shang Shang, you have seen you ..."

The face of the long door is not very good.

If he didn't remember the wrong, Shangyuan Nairou was a lot of people who took a lot of people, and these people who were not loyal, there would be a problem!

But I couldn't help but push my own glasses. I laughed and continued: "No, it should be said that it is the last navigation." He often promotes your strong and your dreams, and the hard work is a lot. people!"

When the pharmacist said, I couldn't help but got a circle. The opening continued: "Unfortunately, Shangyuan Na Ruo will attract so many people to join the leader, but the leader does not seem to have other people. Come? "

The pharmacist loudowged his face ugly, smiled and continued: "It's a feint ... If you don't have the leader yourself, I don't dare to appear here!"