I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 301 Let them wait for my savior!

The battlefield is above the battlefield.

No matter who didn't think.

When the door is most dangerous, the person who saved him will be a whirlpool, this clearly should be the most hated person.

Even the rejuvenation has some incredible.

"Why do you want to save me?"

The palm of the long door is slightly trembled. His eyes slowly rescued his whirlpool in front of him: "The whirlpool moon, I killed the flag-like Carti and the teacher, you should be Hate into the bones! "

No matter how people saved him, it should be a whirlpool!

Because the long-door knows the intelligence of the whirlpool, the flag-like Carti is the cavalier of the whirlpool. It is also the existence of the whirlpool.

These two people died in his hands ...

No matter what thought, the whirlpool is not a reason to save him.

Even if they need to face the common people, can the whirlpiece be able to overcome the hatred of your heart?

"Do you say that hate is the most useless?"

After shaking the head, the whirlowel is shaking, and his face gradually reveals a complicated complicated. He slowly spread his palm: "Although you have killed many people, in fact, I want to kill you than anyone, I Really want to kill you ... "

When the whirlpool said, even the consciousness biting his teeth, just at the next moment, he sighed: "But, the good color of the cactus, I hope you can live."

"Last teacher?"

The expression is slightly solidified.

The whirlpool is nodded, and the sound will continue to say: "Good color cactus told me that he also wants to kill you, kill you trying to destroy the world."

When I said, the whirlpole turned his head and whispered: "But later the good cactus knows the truth, you are just a poor guy who is involved in the wrong road by others."

"So you do you think pity me?"

The eyes of the long gates were slightly solidified, and they stared at the people in front of them.

When it is also a truth, it is actually laughing at him in a sneak laughing! Mock up he claimed to be God, but it is just the chess pieces of others!

Unexpected swirl swayed and shook his head and whispered: "I never think that you should be poor, the color of the cacto doesn't think so, he just thinks that he should correct the mistakes of the disciples, this is a teacher should do, even if you die It should also be done ... "

When I said here, the whirlpiece suddenly looked up: "My first teacher Naisan Iluka, I didn't pass the exam, I was attracted by a rebellion to the most important seal in the village.

Later, Naine Iluka knew this matter, he did not hurt the disciples of the big mistake, but also desperately protect me ... our two people are really lucky, there are the same teacher. "

After saying it here, the whirlpool screamed his fist, and the look gradually became a little difficult: "I didn't think of it, the good color cactus really died in your hands ... but he is sure Will not blame you. "


The long door was stunned.

After a long time, the long door was slowly nod, and everyone was present, whispered: "This is ... I know."

"That's good."

The whirlpool nodded, Shen Sheng: "Now you already know the truth? We face a common enemy, since you are alive, then don't die, with a good color of the cactus Go down! "


The long door is still silent.

Next, the long gates looked at the waves of the waves that they gathered, and they reached their palms.

"Even if I am no longer a god, I will also clear all the enemies in front of it, fix the world's mistakes!"

A rack of sculpture suddenly broke out from his hands!

A more fierce battle broke out, the long door seems to be unnecessary, release the power in the eyes!

The waves and thousands of hands were instantly used flying away from the sculpture of the attack. I want to escape the attack of the gods. I don't just be too simple to them.

However, with the outbreak of the long door, the battle has finally entered the climax!

far away.

The original Nairi is still remotely manipulating all this, and he is controlled by the thousands of hands and waves, and deliberately creates a chance to save the whirlow people.

"It's really disappointing ... the whirlpool."

Shangyuan Na's finger , : "I made Unexpello belt to the truth, but I deliberately want to arouse my sympathy, let him re-introduce the adults, no I think that myself will be killed ...

Forget it, but now it doesn't matter, everything is done in accordance with the plan, it seems that even is dying, his will still stream your body!

Swirl sounds, you don't make people disappointment! "

All of this is the last postpartial manipulation.

As a black hand, you can't always use powerful strengths and intelligence to induce others, and use deep feelings to manipulate this, it is really excellent.

It was originally the next to the next to save, but only to make the long door to make the long door, I didn't expect to go to the top, and I finally assumed this responsibility or the whirl.

"Let the battle violently!"

The will of Shangyuan Na will come in an instant in Yuxi Bo, the waves and thousands of hands, and his will is very powerful in these people's spiritual world, which can't raise the power of half-resistance!

Shangyuan Na was squatted, the palm dragged his head, the cold voice opened: "When you force them to the extent that they can't resist, they will usher in their savior!"

Wave style: "..."

Thousands of hands: "..."

Yuxi Bo Tong: "..."

Three people controlled by the original navigation simply don't know what to say.

Now the wooden, ninja and long gates, Xiaoshan faces them to occupy a complete disadvantage, will there be a troops to save them all the endurance?

"Don't think, I am their savior."

Shangyuan Nai fell to hook his mouth, showing a good smile: "So this time I will give you a right opportunity, let you have the opportunity to use your own fullness and confront!"

Shangyuan Nairo smiled and continued: "Since this time, you have been controlled by all the anger you can vent. If anyone can overcome me, maybe I will give him a chance to relieve his embrace."

His smile makes three people don't swine.

The wave of the wind is full of surprises, and they did not think that the guts of this guy were so big!

In accordance with the three of them understand each other, they all are good at time and time, plus the invincible characteristics of the embarrassment, if they make them all right, even if they have met the thousand-handles and have a battle And even the win is not too low!

Is this guy to be self-confidence expansion?

However, the original neighborhood has hooked the mouth and smiled and continued: "Who do you want to inform the pharmacist, let him use the immortal model, let me check his combat power!"


After the drug teacher got this news, the whole person was a bit shocked.

As a ministerial thing for the original navigation, the pharmacist can not be like other people, and think that the original Nair is a crazy guy.

Therefore, when the pharmacist feedback, the voice of the pharmacist even asked some fear: "Adults, is the place where I don't satisfy?"

"No, I am very satisfied."

Shangji shook his head and smiled and said: "Don't you think it is very interesting? These people are trying to hurt their old friends, and the people who have manipulated all this behind the scenes have worked hard to save them ..."

Shangji fell to his chin, the finger smashed his cheeks: "It is curious, if they know these things in the future, what will be?"

Pharmacist: "..."

The pharmacist feels that their mood will definitely be too good. This world is thinking, it is really ironic!

At that year, the original naval is half-hidden in the mouth, who can think of this guy is a murderer who kills the mountain pepper half-hidden ...

At that year, the original Na lost the members of the organization to catch the tissue, who can think of this guy is the next generation of the organization ...

It seems that it is a turn!

No matter who is never want to get?

A guy who is about to start with the long door and strive to save people, it is still behind the scenes?

"Except for these ..."

Shangyuan Needan and whispered to continue to explain: "I still need to let the black will continue to trust me, just betrayed with you, the traitor with the eyes of the moon, and the black and definitely will continue and can only trust me!"


The pharmacist does not know how to vomit.

In this way, Nairua seems to be a wooden leaf on the side, while counting the long door, while still counting black, the way is still a big snake pill?

How is the brain of this boss?

Then I hope this neighborhood will wait for a while!

The pharmacist does not think that he has a challenge to the qualifications of the original navigation, because he is very clear who gives him everything, he also visited the original navigation and easily exploding the three generations of Lei Ying, the second generation of nigns and others.

The strength of these people is absolutely weak.

However, they seem to have no qualifications in the hands of Shangyuan Na.

"Forget it ..."

The pharmacist slowly pushed his own glasses, manipulated the second-generation Spring Yingshan, and the mouth continued to launch an attack, and his mouth revealed a smile: "Just I want to see the neighborhood. ! "