I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 307 No one knows the water than I

In the face of the invitation war of the original Naid, the pharmacist must not be refused.

Even if the pharmacist will know that he is incompetent, it is at least resistance, and the upper division will show his strength and value.

The eyes of the pharmacist stared at the movement of Shangyuan Na, slowly closed his fingers, and the next moment of his double pupil, showing him that he has entered the Dragon Dragon Cave Mode, ready ready.

It is a pity that among the sight of the pharmacist.

Shangyuan Na's palm was again seized the waves of the waves, and vigorously sinking a boxing on the waves of the waves, and the four generations of the four-generation eyes in the stomewhere of the perfect nine tail were picked up. !

This scene is still a little haterfred.

The tongue of the pharmacist couldn't help but licked his lips, looked at the distance from the distance to his Shangyuan Na, and his voice was depressed.

"I hope I will not lose too ugly ..."

After the pharmacist has just finished this sentence, he saw the palm of the original Nairi, and the thousand-handed rooms of the raids of the flying thunder!

The original brother's throat is buckled, and the knee is directly smashed in the chest of the thousand hands. I accidentally broke the second-generation rigid embarrassment!

"Ha ha…"

After seeing this scene, the pain of the pharmacist revealed a bit of smile: "Why is it a bit less than a little, is it not good enough?"

At the end of the boss, don't treat him as a refrigerated body, he is now the flesh.

Unless you use the Shenwei write wheel eye ...

However, the Shenwei wrote a threat to the original Needle, there is still a way to crack the Shenwei; what's more, Yischo is still in front of the poor, and the pharmacist is not easy to expose yourself in front of the wood leaves. .

Just at this time, a space whirlpool appeared around the pharmacist, and the figure of Unexpello stood quietly. He brought the original Nairi: "Pocket, I am looking forward to your cactus mode, don't it disappointed me."


The pharmacist swayed his head.

Looking forward to this word, listening to it is really afraid.

Even if the dragon's white snake cactus now admit that it is not the opponent of Needar, what can his cactus model do?

It's really unprotected!

If the pharmacist didn't remember the wrong, the original Nairou is also very good at the immortal model, that is, the new cactus model that even the white snake cactors praised, is it to defeat the dragon caucasian model to prove the powerful?

of course not.

Ok, there is also a part of the reason.

Shang Nai is mainly in order to improve the advanced immortal model, he got the first form of the immortal mode of the curse after the mantra of the big snake;

When the exam is in the exam, Shangyuan Na will acquire the second form of the immortal model by breaking the Miao Mushan Cactus model;

Later, I got an immortal model that opened a third-form in the advanced task of defeating the five shadows.

However, there are four forms in the immortal mode.

According to the situation, you only need to defeat the dragon fairy model, you should get the ultimate form of the cactus model!

According to the judgment of the immortal model in accordance with the original naval model, in addition to the physical quality, in addition to the physical quality will be enhanced, it can also get a new ability ... This ability is very likely that he defeated the six-channel enemy of the sixth level. Bath card!

It seems that there is a bit of the card ...

But in addition to the thousand-handles, who will be too much to be too much?

"It's the troublesome battle."

The pharmacist gazing gradually getting closer to Shangyuan Na, the finger is slowly placed in the chest, he is re-control the Ninja who is controlled by him!

Next, those who were manipulated by him, the second generation of water shadows, the second-generation water shadow, the four generations of the four generations of the four generations, Luo Same, the ninja fly quickly and withdraw it back!

These refinement of the ninja will block in front of the pharmacist.

In the eyeglasses of the pharmacist flash, there is a shine, his mouth slowly hooked, the sound is low, and since the scene of the savior appears in front of these people, let me help you ... become true Savior! "

As a qualified subordinates, how can I be less satisfactory?

What's more, the pharmacist also wants to see if there is a lot of navigation!

"Everyone ..."

The pain of the pharmacist flashed a touch, he was looking at the original navigation, whispered: "Stop him as much as possible! I hope that your strength, let me see the vertices of this endurance!"

"That let me come first!"

The second-generation spooky lightest moon has erected his fingers, running in Chakra in your body, and then launched an attack on the top of the Joji Najun!

The pharmacist took the point to nod.

It seems that he controls these anti-reincarnations, only the second-generation shadow ghost lights seems to have no defeat in the hands of the original Nai, should you insist on the second-generation rigid and four-generation ruthenum to recover again?

"Water, water tasting!"

The fingers of the ghost light moon are like a pistol, and the fingertips fly out of water flowers, like bullets, usually flying towards the head of the original Needle!

The little beard of the ghost light moon shakes, revealing a evil smile: "Hey, as long as a hit is enough to run through the enemy's head ..."


A lotion suddenly swept it from the earth, drowning the water guns, the speed of this spray is too fast!

I am afraid that it is a bit surprised by ghost lights, and the eyebrows can't help it: "This is the water torizer of this distance, will it be stopped?"

"Really ..."

The original Nairi took his forehead, with the same posture towards the ghost light magic months: "There is always someone refused to die, when you will understand, using water in front of me is invalid "

Next moment, the spray suddenly started to split into a little bit of dripped water droplets, and the palm of Shangyuan has once again turned again, and a small electric light appeared within the water beads, and the electro-light is hidden in invisible!

Shangyuan Na was felt a gesture that fired, countless water beads as a bullet, and in the blessing of the Ray Chevraka, the high speed is flying towards the position of the second-generation water shadows!

Shangyuan Na Ruo looked at the countless water to shoot to the second generation of water shadows, and did not carefully waved his palm: "Drip water, Yongquan is reported ... don't have to be very polite!"

"Betting, is this word use?"

Ghost Lights Month, I want to pull down my little beard.

He is just a watercorn bullet, and the original Nairi will directly feed back thousands of water iron guns. This guy is really terrible!


The body of the second-generation water shadow lighterage is the liquid, the hydration of their ghost lights, can afford all physical attacks!

After the ghost light entered his body, he suddenly felt that his body was not too right!

"Wait ... Your water tastation is ..."

The voice of the second-generation water shadow lighterage has not finished, countless dense linear, small thunder, so that he can't maintain the narrowed state!

An electric shock of a crispy numbness spread throughout his body!

"Oh, forgot to tell you."

Shang Nai, I looked at the ghost light magic month, shaking my own finger: "I added a little thundervic Chakra. It should be too hard to be too difficult?"


The beard of the ghost light moon shakes, he watched the original Nairi's figure, showing a confident smile: "Of course! Will not! Water, oil!"

Next moment, the body of the ghost light magic month is all chemical into oil!

This second-generation spoof is looking for a restraint that can avoid thunder, and after the oil, he is more flexible!

"Water, steam violent!"

A fat fade appeared on the battlefield!

This fat is divided into two generations of water and water and oil manufactured. It is oil, which is water, which can be used to fight, or the water is blown into steam through temperature rise!

Once the steam is coming, it will be completely a disaster!

For example, the second-generation native is not because the steamed is hurt, the whole body is full of bandages.

"Water taking advantage!"

This, just appeared, it was blocked by the original navigation!

Next, I was just holding my fist, I saw that the water in the water was directly tightened by him, squeezing the oil and water of the ghost moon!

"Shui Water Shui Ball!"

The ghost lights played a thoughts, this moment he seems to be more comfortable than the original navigation, as if he is the power of the war!

Have to say that in addition to the ghost lights, the ninja in the ghost light is very proud of all the moon ... may have such a problem with the full moon, but there is nothing in front of the original navigation.

With the ghost lights, a bubble appeared around the ghost lights, these bubbles floated in the air, slowly moved to the last navigation!

All of these bubbles may explode at any time!

"How many times I want me?"

At the last navigation, I watched the ghost light magic month, I learned his look, I called a song: "The whole relief is better than me more good at the water! No matter what you are two-generation, you are still the second-generation water, in front of me. Nothing difference ... "

The bubbles of the dense patriarid fall from the sky, and the mortal moon is directly drowned in an instant. I have a burst of explosion sound on the battlefield!

The body of the ghost light magic month is blown directly into a piece of debris!

Even the second-generation rigs and shadow of the second-generation rigs and the four-generation fire shadows, they have just been recovered!

"Who else?"

The eyes of Shangyuan Nair looks to the pharmacist, and also looked at the drows in front of the pharmacist, Mtiko, the second-generation soil and the four generations of wind shadow ...

Well, all is his hand.

"Let's go together!"

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses.

Next moment, Mtyl, the second-generation soil and the four generations of wind shadows were scattered. From different directions, they launched an offense!

The four generations of wind shadow operanded his own sand gold, from the ground, wrapped in the direction of the original Needle, and the sky is like a mountain.

Maitkai waved his own punch from the side of the original navigation, and played a super air bomb, and made a picture of a white tiger, it is now the strongest style!

The second generation of natives have no appearance over the air of the original Na, together with a white ray shot to the original navigation, the dust limit line is stripped in his hand!

These attacks are gathered together, enough to form a lore!

No matter who is, it is definitely not despised in the face of this degree!

Shangnai, I looked at the attack, watching the serious pharmacist, slowly evoked his mouth: "Pocket, if it is just the case, but can't stop me ..."