I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 312, how can I participate in the Fifth Five Congress!

The idea is no problem.

Just want to ask the intelligence of Unexpello and Big Snake Pills from the mouth of the mouth, it is simply in love, they can't catch the truth.

And even if you caught it, it will not make an information.

Black is really don't know!

Although it has a lot of intelligence of the endurance, it does not find the position of Unexpello and the big snake pill. How do it find it!

At this point, I have to mention the fine operation of the original navigation. Although Shangyuan does not have all the intelligence of the endurance, he has mastered the source of the information.

Everything in all dangerous characters of the Became, even the life and death, all in the hands of Shangyuan Nai, I want them to live, they can live.

There is no intelligence in black in the hands.

It is only the only way to propose a lot, so Xiaonan also agrees to first find way to control the black, see if you can get information from it.

However, Xiaonan still said a hassle in advance.

"I have always been a message member."

Xiaonan wrinkled his own brow, and his eyes were concerned: "It has always been very accurate, if it is really Unechell Belt soil, and knows what happens here, now maybe it has escaped "

"No may, but sure."

Shangqi's face is hard to look up, look at Xiaonan Road: "Teacher, the purpose has always been to let us collect tail beasts, now the long-door adult sacrifice, we also give up the plan to collect the tail beast, it is certain Will not stay in ... "

"If you can't find it, if you can't find it ..."

The head is slowly hanging down, whispered: "Then we can only continue to add people, search for the fall of Unexpello and the drops of the big snake!"

"Then please have a lot of heart."

Shangji Nai is tightening his fist, Shen Sheng: "Wait until I find them immediately, I will never let go of the two bastards!"

Now I have to go back as soon as possible to pick up the black.

According to the black intelligence, it will soon know what happened here, it will know that the long-door sacrifice, the pharmacist has hooked Yisi Bo belt back to the end of the moon, the rotation is taken away by the big snake pill Series intelligence ...

I don't know if I will not be desperate!

After all, this is the closest success of the Black Inspection next month, but the result is a betrayal of another time ... Even if the black heart is big, it is difficult to say that it can bear this Hit.

Shang Nai was quietly sigh.

Nowadays, only he will accompany the black, he wants to let the whole endurance except him, there is no one worthy of it.

In addition to him, no one is worth relinking!

After all, in the future, the big snake pill is also resurrected, and it is necessary to rely on the way to help!

This is exactly the same.

"Okay, these topics temporarily slightly, then I will add the darkness to search for the drops of the Snake Pills and Yuxi Bo, and they will definitely not hide after they get their eyes."

After the prime manner, he looked at the original Needle and Xiaonan's Shen Sheng continued: "Tail of other big countries, when do you plan to give them ... This kind of words can also reduce their hostility against Yuyin Village."

"There is no way to return."

Shangji shook his head, whispered: "The outer road of imprisoned beast is only held back to the eye, and now the remains of the universal adults and rounds are in the hands of the big snake pills. The outer road is estimated to be very fast. In his hand, we must first find a round look. "

"Where is the outer magic of the outer road that imprisoned beast?"

"The adults of the long door have lifted the psychic of the external magic, perhaps within the base of the base, but should soon be taken away by the big snake pills ... Reincarnation is not the purpose, use the round to eye-catching Like is the purpose. "

Shangyuan Nai Lu continued to shake his head, Shen Sheng: "Unfortunately, even our strength is strong, and there is no way to take the outer road ..."

However, a hand of the program reminded the original navigation.

Now the outer road magic is still in the base of the organization, but you must find a way to transfer the outer road, so that there is no handle.

After all, he has been washed.

Since being shaken, it must not leave any stains.


The brow of the program wrinkled again. She shook his head to temporarily ignoring the problem of the outer magic image. I looked at the original naval. "I will hold a five-shadow meeting in the near future. At that time you come to participate!"

"Five Shadow Conference?"

After Shangyuan Na, after a while, he said softly: "It sounds the meeting of five countries, and our small country can participate?"

"Of course you can participate."

After the opening, the openness continued: "If you can, I intend to put the Fifaki Conference in Yuyin Village or the country of Tie, on the one hand, in order to discuss the crisis of Uzhi Board and the big snake pills On the other hand, it is also to help you with Yu Yin Village, which is from hatred to continue to spread. "

The program is purely for a good heart.

After all, I was destroyed by the identity of the Organizational members before the original navigation. Even now Sandy Village and fog villages have been given up in the pressures of the wooden leaves, but Yun Yin Village and rock village will not give up easily. .

The program is thinking in this five-shadow meeting, eliminating all hatred and hostility, and set up a ninja coalition army to jointly searched the Yuxi Board and the big snake pill.

The power of a normally is limited.

If the five major countries can jointly unite, no matter where the big snake pills and Yisi Bo hide, they are also difficult to escape the pursuit of the five major countries.

And once the truly and big snake pills, Yisi Bo belt a group of people on the battle, it is indispensable to the original narus, which is the powerful force.

Upper Naidu, this guy ...

It is a new generation of ninja half!

This kind of power can be used outside them.

Shang Nai was frowned for a while, it was a little magical, he was going to participate in the Fifth Celebate?


How do he invited the black hand after this scene?

It's amazing!

After half of it, after the end of the Nairi, after thinking, slowly todped: "Thank you for the Hu Xi, I will go to participate, if the three generations of Spring, the four generations of straightening and I have conflict ..."

After saying this, the eyes of Shangyuan Nai have flashed a firm: "I will never be retired! I just worried that I will disturb the five shadow conferences that Huang's hard work ..."

"It's ok."

The hand slowly closes his palm and hangs down: "I still hope that everyone can understand each other ... After all, the threat of Dasper Pills and Yisi Bo belt now, it is best not to have a conflict."


Shangyuan Needs and I promised.

Since they are talking almost, the future will also be solved in the Fifth Video Conference, Shangyuan Nairou and Xiaonan have not continued to stay, and I will leave the wooden leaves.

There are still a lot of people who come to send them.

This is also due to the re-washed white, many of the Ninja who once got along the wooden leaves also rushed over, such as Mitkay and the third class.

"Finally ... finally ..."

Li Luok almost wanted to cry, and the emotions were excited and concluded.

"Yeah! How can a man's friendship will be interrupted!"

Maitkai is also full of emotion, he is probably the most fortunate ninja in this war.

After Martai sacrificed, he was born into ashes, first by the pharmacist to go through the whole body, and then he was reborn and recovered.

They just came back to continue, and the wooden leaves have just burned into a white land by the fire of Yuxi Bo, and there are still many jobs to do.

Only whirlpool, flag, Kakasi, Spring wild cherry, have always sent them a long distance, obviously they have to ask for a few words.

Shangji is guess.

I have an unequal vortex, and Shangyuan Na will take the lead in the opening: "Naruto, do you want to ask about Sasher?"


The whirlpool is immediately nod, and the face is looking forward to the original navigation: "Is Sasuke back?"

"I do not know."

Shangji shook his head, sighed, "Xiao and the wooden leaves are no longer the enemy, but Sasuke has always destroyed the wooden leaves ..."

After Shangyuan Na, he said, whispered: "I guess Sasuke once after knowing the news that the leaves occurred, maybe I will quit the tissue, and since he got the kaleidoscope, the power is now a thousand miles, maybe I have Not his opponent. "

"Sasuke ... Is it strong?"

The whirlpool is slowly knocked over his fist.

The forces of Shangyuan Needar are obvious, and even the former is not as good as the power, Sasuke's current strength is so powerful!

Chunye Sakura was surprised to Zhang Dazi, curiously asked: "Wait ... Is the ability of the kaleidoscope to write the eyes so exaggerated? I remember Carti Teacher ..."

"No, this is a fact."

Xiaonan looked at the spring wilderness, and he added next to it: "When Yuxi Hosi relied on the power of the kaleidoscope, even the long did not dare to ignore ..."

Flag Kaki also nodded and continued: "Indeed, the kaleidoscope writes the eyes of the eyes very special, almost allowing a person's strength to change, every kind of pupil has a magical ability of imagination ... "

After saying it here, the flag-like Kakasi low-channel: "Only the kaleidoscope writes the eyes, it will consume in the eyes, will reduce the vision of the kaleidoscope until the blindness ..."

"That will take a while!"

Shangji shook his head, Shen Sheng said: "At least I am now overcoming the chances of help, according to the martial artifact, Sasuke has got up the power of surpassing!

After I went back, if I was still in the base, I would try to persuade him to put down the hatred of the wooden leaves; if he left the base, I would send you some information about Sasuke. "

"Thank you, Shang Shang."

The whirlpool is pushing his ninja, and the face is full of saying: "Waiting until future, I will bring him back!"

"I believe you can do it."

The original nephent place is sincere.