I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 315 Crying in the rain (fifth!)

late at night.

Yuyin Village.

Shangyuan Na Rou and Xiaonan finally come back.

"Teacher, let's take a break!"

Shangyuan Nairou immediately arranged Xiaonan to go back to rest. He looked at the little south of the eyes. "" I went to the base of the organization, telling them the news of the adult sacrifice. "

Shangyuan Nair plans to go to the base of Xiaoxiao, and consolidate the confidence of those members, those members believe in him, Shangyuan does not want them to disappoint.

It is like a broken home, and the members of the family have highly tense. After the long-door sacrifice, this home is already on the verge of dissolution.

Unfortunately, these members seem to like to find their own warmth, they don't want to disband this organization.

Of course, they don't want this home to become too different.

So I was going to pick up those people, in fact, the main thing is the Didala, Red Sand, and the corner. After all, they are also old friends.

The rest of the people are basically the departure of Shangyuan, or the relatives under the ministry, don't worry about it, they are very believed in this boss.

Oh, there is a flying segment in the edge of the rebellion.

Flying this guy is not very honest, if it is not good, I just gave him a dead road, let him go.

Xiaonan knead his forehead, his face is full of worry: "I will go with you! After the insurgents know the news of the chief sacrifice, I don't know what will be made. We are better to let them leave! "


Shangyuan Na is a crying.

The key is those guys who are not willing to go!

Even if it is a flying segment that is likely to be rebellious, it is also temporarily calmed by the corner. Didara and Red Sands are even a heart intense intended to be disbanded.

"Or I will go!"

Shangji shook his head, reached out on the forehead of Xiaonan, whispered: "How long have you been don't have to rest, hurry to take a break."


Xiao Nan hesitatedly biting his own lips, slowly lowered: "Or I will go with you, I am worried ..."


It was silent when he was returning.

To be honest, Xiaonan is now unhappy.

Since the sacrifice of the long gates, the state of Xiaonan is just now.

Even when I sacrificed in the long gate, I didn't have too much sage, let Shang Nai think that she may have habitually have lost her relatives and relatives.

As time is more and more, they return from the road to Yu Yin Village from the leaves, the state of Xiaonan is a bit uncomfortable, and the time she is in a daze is more and more.

Xiaonan is not a sadness.

But her heart is too painful to suppress this.

Shangyuan Na Rou believes that Xiaonan now needs to rest. If Xiaonan can hide in the nest, you can cry out your grief, maybe it is better.

"Then let's take a break now."

At the last navan, I looked at the south of the face. I extended her hand, whispered: "When we take a break, go to organize the base, do you?"

"…it is good."

Xiao Nan hesitated nodded.

At the end of Shang Nai, I finally made a breath. In the eyes of Xiaonan, he slowly walked into his room and lying on the bed.

Perhaps because of the sacrifice of the long door, is you afraid of Xiaonan?

When I got to go to Yuyin Village, I saw that Xiaonan's avatar appeared on a tower of Yuyin Village, but flying out of her room.

Xiao Nan didn't know when to stand on the tower in the village, looked up at the starry sky of the night, and her face was still so calm.

At this moment, the figure of Xiaonans appeared abnormally on the tower.

At this moment, a lonely atmosphere surrounded by her.


Shangyuan Nai's figure fell to the side of Xiaonan, the brow wrinkled slightly, and asked softly: "You should go to rest, how can you still sleep?"


Xiao Southern nodded and shook his head.

After a while, Xiaonan talented slowly, glanced at the quiet rainy village, and the emotions were somewood: "This village will not rain in the middle of the night ... I am still not used to habits."

In the past.

Whenever the sky is getting late, in order to avoid the patrol ninja in Yuyin Village, the long gates will manipulate a heavy rain in Tiandao Wes, and judge some sneak in the village with the rain tiger. enemy.

For so many years, the long gates have never stopped this habit.

Even the original navigation gradually habitually got used to it, it will rain, every time it is more late, it will be accompanied by the rain.

However, in Yuyin Village, the moon in the moon, but disappeared between the first day, let Xiaonan's hearts have reached a sorrowful grief.

"Needel, it's strange ..."

Xiaonan's tears gradually rolled from her face, slowly dropped down: "When Ming Ming is sacrifice, although my heart feels sad and painful, but even tears have not fallen, now clearly I heard the rain in the creation ... "

There are more sorrows in Xiaonan's voice, and she can't hide her own grief, and look at the silent village.

Shangyuan Needle slowly hang down.

At this moment, he can understand the grief of Xiaonan hidden.

When a close people died, people may not cry and even express all normal, which does not mean that people's heart is not painful.

Because when people really realize that their lives are less than a person, they see the traces that have existed and gradually dissipate ...

At that time, the heart of the person finally realized that there was a thorough person in his life, and the sadness and despair will come up.

Shangyuan Na is looking at crying small south, slowly reaching out his fingers, a bright light of Chakra appears in his fingertips, was shot with his finger to the sky.

Next moment, the air gradually appeared a cloud.

The thunder-saving exchange is gathered in the clouds, and the rain is drained, and the village has been raining after a few seconds.

The rain is getting bigger, hiding the cry of Xiaonan.

Shangqi Nai stood around Xiaonan, slowly extended his palm, and smashed Xiao Nan, who cried into tears in his arms, blocked her down the rain.

The tower of Yuyin Village.

Xiaoshan is sitting here, grabbing the original neighborhood clothes, caught in the arms of the original Needs, and suffering from the pain of the pain.

I am afraid that I will make a heavy rain in the original navigation, but I still can't let Xiaonan have eased from the emotions of the long-door death. He slowly tightened his right arm, reach out his left hand covered in Xiaonan's head. , Blocking the rain on her head.

After a long time, Xiaonan's cry is gradually small.

Shang Nai was reluctantly relieved, he was silent to send Xiaoshan to his own room, took out the towel to help her wipe her rain and tears.

Xiaonan also gained his own movement, she suddenly reached his hand, took a towel in the hands of the original navigation, and helped him wipe the rain on the cheek.

Nairou. "

Xiaonan's wrist suddenly took the neck of Shangyuan Na, touched his forehead. Her voice was mixed with a soft cry: "Don't sacrifice yourself in the future ... Ok ... or wait for me to die ..."


Shangqi Needressed out his palm, taking the hair of Xiaonan, tightly posted her forehead, as if this can make the soul between them, can make Xiaonan's emotions become good.

Shangyuan Nai's eyes slowly opened, watching the unknown tears under the small south eyelashes, he just used a low voice to say a word, excited to disturb Xiaoshan.

"…it is good."

Because the people around you leave the desperate, it is actually suffocating, so it will make people cherish the people now.

After a long time, the original Nairi feels that Xiaonan's breathing is gradually stable, and then returns his forehead, let her lying on the bed and help her cover the quilt.

The upper face of Shangyuan Na, a mild, soft: "Sleep, from today, I will rain every night and weekend in the village ..."

"it is good."

Xiaonan turned his head to the rain drops on the window.

For a long time, the exhaustion is finally completely pouring. Xiaoshan holds the upper palm, slowly closes his eyes, and the breathing is gradually flat, and the rain outside the window has become stable.

After the Xiaonan was sleeping, he was gently pulled out his palm from her hands.

Shangyuan Nairi carefully watched Xiaonan's face, as if she was afraid that she woke up, but she felt that her breathing was still smooth, he put down his heart.

after awhile.

Shangqi Nai Lu quietly perceived a shares of Chakra into the rain.

Shangji opened the skill of the destiny, his face couldn't help but black, and the guys, which seems to be more urgent than he imagined!

A boring member is rushing towards his room!

Shangyuan Nair is a kind of illusion, this group of guys is actually a group of children who are looking for parents!