I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 317 can't always let me doubt me (seventh! Ask for a monthly ticket!)

The ideal of Shangyuan Needs is very domineering.

The members of this group have a bit of emotions, especially Didara, which likes to do things, even if it is a ghost light, this kind of ghost is also excited.

They were the strongest person! How could it be willing to hide, otherwise everyone is trying to change?

of course.

In addition to the corner, this is a heart.

Yes, the corner of the first time I thought about making money from the inside.

After a while, the corner was silent, and he took the lead in saying: "If we can do this point at that time, we can take high costs to each country every year, this fees are treated as an organizational activity."


Most people have seen an eye angle.

The corner has noticed their eyes, indignant to the public: "A group of baubles, I don't know if money is expensive!"

The progress of Shangyuan Needs is very smooth.

All members of the organization have recognized him.

Start at this moment, Shangyuan Nairou officially took over the first day of the organization, became a new generation of a new generation.

Branch task: Become an organization's leader (11), the task has been completed, rewarding the polar population psychic contract reel.

This reward is quite appropriate.

I have to forget the original naissance, because the battle of the long gates, now the current organization has no remote communication.

Originally, the contact way of taking the organization is to use the long-door rotation to the transit station, using a ring as a medium to release the ghost lamp, thus communicating with each other.

After sacrificing the long gate, the long-range contact estimate of the organization will have problems, just the system rewards the remote contact method at this time.

Oh shit…

Is this really going to be a leader of a Xiao?

Shangnai Nai Lu always felt a little uncomfortable in his heart, seemed to only be the first black hand of the scene?

Shangyuan Na will shook his head without helplessness, took out the phone worm psychic reel from his own endurance package, placed in front of them.

Shangyuan Nai lost his forehead, whispered: "This is a psychic scroll when I find the base of Big Snake Pills. It seems to be a tentative beast that can be used for remote communication.

However, when we had a ghost light body created by the elderly, I have always contracted it. Now after the adults are sacrificed, the ghosts are ineffective. We can only use this kind of talker in the future. Remote communication ... "

The name of the big snake pill is really easy to use, just like Zhi Village, it can be used to pick up a black pot, and it is buckled on his head.

After the members of each well organized, they have signed a psychic contract, psychication has a kind of tempo, and each phone is sleeping.

Perhaps because the phone is too weak, it seems that there is no combat power outside of communication, at least more than the ancient dragon to accept more.

I don't have anyone to doubt this kind of thing.

Even if it is Red sand, it has to be admitted that this guy in Big Snake is a true genius in some way.

The flying segment looked at the phone that he had a little similar to him, and he opened his mouth: "Ha, the corner is very fast, this little thing, I still have a chic!"


I can't help but knead my forehead.

After each flying segment, the corner is worried about his teammates, if you can, he really wants to change a teammate!

"All right."

Shangji, I looked at the people in the field, stretched a lazy waist, whispered: "If you have no problem, everyone will take a break early!"


Red sand scorpion took the head and loudly: "Shang Shang, you will take a break early! If you receive the information about the big snake pill, please inform me."


Shangyuan Nair is also nodded seriously.

For members of the taught, this traitor this traitor is undoubtedly a very annoying guy. Every member of the scene does not mind to treat the big snake pill as the present goal.

The use of the big snake pill is stunned and the group is overlapping.

In addition to the psychic reel rewards of the phone, the original Nairou has also gained another task reward, that is, becoming a reward for the first leader!

Branch mission: Be a leader of the organization (11), the task has been completed, reward the evolution of passive skills.

The evolution of God: increase 100,000 life energy, increase 100,000 chaculatable energy, increase the natural energy of 100,000 points, increase 50% life energy recovery effect, increase the 50% Chakra recovery effect, increase 50% natural energy extraction.

Now I have obtained 100,000 three-dimensional properties, in the future, Shangyuan Na will increase the jade ...

The member of Xiaofeng left.

The mortar ghost quietly stopped his footsteps, and his eyes were puzzled to the ground, whispered: "I have already got the fragrant phosphorus, but Mr. Toy really betrayed the Shang Shang people?"

"What do you think?"

Shangyuan Nae lost his eyes, showing a peaceful smile: "If you betray me, then you are equivalent to betrayal me ..."

"I am never possible to betray adult."

The mortal ghost grinned, revealing his sharp teeth, but he signed a soul contract with the original navigation, no matter how it would be betrayed.

There is some smile on the martial artifacts: "Really, there is everything in this tolerance, no matter who is absolutely escaped, but the upper contest is controlled ..."

"There are still many people who can escape."

Shangji shook his head, the finger gently slammed the desktop, sighed, "After the time, I may say that I will sneak to me tonight, or more may be sneaked. Looking for you. "

After saying this, the eyes of Shangyuan Na will be slightly slightly smoking, whispered: "No matter what, if you want a way to let the black know, except for me, in addition to our two, in this endurance, it doesn't have anyone Can rely on! "


The expression of the citilla ghosts is a bit subtle, in fact, the black is now marble, and the Shang Shangren must continue to play with it?

Shangyuan Nair laughed and looked at the ghosts, slowly closing his palms, hold his chin, whispered: "If my perceptual style is not wrong, it should now be waiting for you in your room. ! "

Sure enough, the black tricks first finds the mortal ghost.

This kind of thing is definitely a thing that will be made.

After all, after the point of blackness, the long-door and wooden leaves reached a reconciliation, and Shangyuan Na, who has always been close to the bus, may change his thoughts.

Compared to the original Nair, the ghosts look honestly, but also safe and easy to control.

"It is the most trust me!"

The smile of Shangyuan Nairi faintly dangerous: "It seems that the black thinking that my thoughts may have changed with the adults of the long ..., how is the most important thing between people and people? "

"Ha ha…"

The mortar ghosts have been helpless, and the original navigation is indeed, but you are doing it in accordance with yourself!

While talking about trust, continue to deceive the black ...

The martial artifacts feel that it is really a bit miserable, obviously a gesture of the Shang Shang, but has been in the darkness of the original navigation.

Until Su Zhishi was taken by the original navigation, it was almost very fast, and the nose was taken away by the original navigation. Now, I have been in the original navigation.

The mortal ghost is quietly sighing: "Do you want to prepare a reason to continue the merits of the eye plan? After all, after all the dramatic changes, the reasons before the adults need to change ..."

"What you said is reasonable."

Shangyuan Nairo took a slow point, whispered: "Then, the purpose is revealed to black! I want to revenge to Yishe Board and the big snake pills, I also want to let the long-have adult resurrection, I To re-create a world with a large person! "


The mortal ghost can't help but scratched his head and looked up at the original navigation: "These words ... Is it a bit of a bit?"

The reason for the front is also said ...

What is the ghost to create a peaceful world with a long door! Such a wonderful reason, it's too much!

"It doesn't matter."

Shangji shook his head and looked at the martial artimatimmon. "Believe me, no matter how much dreams you put, the blackness will tell you, the messenger plan will definitely be realized!"

After the martillamon god nodded, I grinned: "So I am not right in front of it, the adult will not mind in the future?"

"do not mind."

Shang Nai is unconcerned, whispered: "We still don't know my temper so long? Do I like the kind of person?"


The smile on the martial artifact face is stiff of a second.

Oh, is this religious than you have a smaller person?

Cartry, but he listened to the pharmacist, it is said that you have been targeting the big snake pills, because the guys of the big snake pills first meet for the first time, speaking is nothing to say that you are an experimental material!

Unfortunately, the mortar ghosts face their head boss, but only helplessly restore their own smiles: "Indeed, the entire endurance is not found more vain than the older's mind."

"Okay, go, go!"

Shangqi Nai Lu rushed to wave, softly: "I have to go with the Samas! If the plan fails, I will make your muscles into sour fish!"

Cartry: "..."

What is this devil boss!

Just as the ghosts of the mortar ghosts, the original Nairou suddenly continued to open: "There is also an intelligence, Yischo belt soil leaked a message, Yishibo belt relief claimed to be his undercover ..."

When Shangyuan Na, he said that he laughed and continued: "You can try to use this thing, let the black know how I want to continue to participate in the messee of the month, and worry that it is the undercover of Yuxi Bo. ...

Can't always let me have doubt me, but also let it know, I am actually in doubt it, I must inspire the black and think that I will re-acquire my trust. If it knows, I know that I can rely on this. people.

After all, people will not meet easily, and only learn to cherish after work. "