I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 318 This is the feeling of homeways in the night rain?

There is no mistake in Shangyuan Na.

Some things will only know how to cherish only after they lose.

I have always, I'm going to have too trust in the emperor, so that it is not enough to care about it, and it is too much trust before it is too much ...

Since then, the way they have to change the way, to find ways to get the trust of the Upper, and no longer be able to win the last navigation.

If you want to return to the situation of the original navigation in the past, then continue to double your efforts! Strive to reach the trust of Shangyuan Nai, try to re-recognize its moon eye plan ...

of course.

This method also has a certain danger.

In case of black, you will work with other people in the dark.

This danger is not a trouble, after all, after all, the entire endure, the people who can do it, have been controlled by the original navigation.

Shangyuan Nairo slowly leaning on the chair, looking out the rain drops outside the window, he just sat quietly, the momentum gradually became a little less than: "Take the heart as a chess game, will make the player's people Higher. "

When other people who use tough means to control others, Shangyuan Na will use the human emotions, and take a step by step.

Until now, he has to successfully control the black.

"It's worthless ... is an adult!"

The mortar ghost looked at the original navigat, and he exposed a shark tooth. His little eyes were also awkward in a timely manner.

At this time, it is the time when I was the highest.

As a qualified subordinates, the mortal ghosts naturally do not want the scene.

"Okay, go!"

Shangqi Nairi looked at the ghosts, nodded: "Wait until you and black discussions, report to me to report the end of the sub-branches you met!"

"Yes, adults."

The martillamon is embarrassed.

The chanmon ghost low and slowly withdrawed out the office.

All members have got the answer they want from the mouth of Shangyuan Na, from Yuyin Village returned to the base, and the original navigation is returned to the strong and quirky guys.

Although these members of these families can't be so exciting like a Penne era, it seems to be more secure than the Penne era.

At least, there should be no need to have the life of the Unexpensive.

After all members of the organization left Yu Yin Village, the original Nairou intends to leave the office back to continue to sleep, a little girl quietly opened the door of the office, and slipped in.

"Shangyuan Needs."

Ziyang flowers went to the front of the original Needle, and my face was seriously looked at the original navigation and asked: "Is there anything in the village? Is there a danger?"

"will not."

The original Nairou stretched out the finger knocked on her forehead, whispered: "Do not worry! I am, this village will not have anything."

"I saw."

Ziyang flower covered his forehead, the face is still a serious look: "I saw it before, and the angel is crying ..."

"Oh, that is, you have a mistake."

The original neckline is filled with the mouth.

He really thought that the girl in Ziyang Hua is still so keen.

Shangyuan Nai's daily attitude does not satisfy Ziyang flowers, she just reluctantly raised her head, and she asked: "I am convinced that I have no mistakes, Shangyuan Na Lu, tell me, what is it in the village?"


After Shangyuan Na, after a while, the palm of her hair was stretched out, whispered: "Our leader ... Penne sacrificed."


The figure of Ziyang flower is stiff.

For Yuyin Village, Penne's significance is not very common.

It is precisely because there is Wesin's existence. The war of rain will be unpatient, and the whole country has gradually become no longer orphans, and there is no wandering ninja, and there is no riots and kill.

Members of the organization are not particularly concerned about the cold leader. They care about the whole tissue; the Ninja in Yuyin Village is very concerned about the rule of Penne, because they know what Pen is meant.

These years, Penen is not very referring, but Shangyuan Na and Xiaonan, who acts in his will, have made a lot of things for Yu Yin Village!

Now Payne is dead ...

Ziyang flower slowly looked up and watched the original navigation.

The girl's character is very calm. It is just a moment. The panic on the Ziyang flower gradually faded, becoming a full face: "Shangyuan Na, you will continue to become the leader in the village?"

"Don't know ... maybe ..."

Shang Nai, looking at the heavy rain outside the window, whispering whisper: "Maybe ... anyway, I will stay in this village, I will replace Payne adventure you."

At this moment, Shangyuan Na will also experience the pain of Xiaonan.

When the door has not sacrificed before, whether it is a matter of tissue or Yu Yin Village, it seems that it doesn't need to worry, because the original navigation knows that the long door is the person supported.

Now the long gate is sacrifice.

Whether it is Yu Yin Village or a Xiaomi, all the burners seem to be overnight, all falling on the original Nairi, and he finally realized the feeling of losing the long door.

It's just that the character is not very the same.

Xiao Nan thought the long door will be sad.

Shangji, I thought of the long door, I would only think about let the pharmacist accelerate the body of the body that adapts to the back of the round, let the big snake pills are resurrected, let the big snake pill immediately use the reincarnation to completely resurrect!

Shang Nai lost his head, took the head of Ziyang Hua, whispered: "Well, if you are tired now, hurry to take a break! This rain will continue to go to Deniang, will replace you to find invaders."

Shangyuan. "

Ziyang flowers did not pay attention to Shang Shang said, just grabbed the palm of Shangyuan Needle, and I went down in a word: "You must be the leader in the village!"

"I know."

Shangyuan Needo was helplessly looked like Ziyang flowers, whispered: "You are not very annoying me? How can I want me to become the leader?"

"This is also something wrong."

Ziyang flooded calmly shook his head, whispered: "If Wesin adult, the country will have a civil chaos, there will be some people who want to capture the power in the village, and let those guys capture Power, it is better to let you have always followed the leader of Payne and Angel. "

"You really like cranky!"

Shangyuan Nai felt couldn't help but knocked the forehead of the purple yang, smiled and calm her: "Don't worry, I will never let this happen!"

Shangqi Nairi suddenly realized that Ziyang Flower This little girl actually represents the current ninja in Yuyin Village. In addition to the members who want to beat, it seems to appease the Ninja in Hidden Village?

It's getting more and more troublesome!

After the chief sacrificed, suddenly, a bunch of trouble needs to be taken to the original navigation, these things are some small things of chicken figuries!

Sure enough, you can also get a long door to resurrect!


The eyes of Shangyuan Nae looked at the eyes of Ziyang flowers: "Temporarily concealed the news of Payne adults! How long does it take for a long time, Payne may return."

Shangyuan Nai fell to hook his mouth, reach out his palm of his hair and smash the hair: "Here is tolerant! People die may not be reborn!"

Know the base.

The mission of the martial artifact is also coming back. If you don't accidentally, it should be hidden in his room, you should wait for him.

The martillamon ghost is still on the road, thinking about the instructions and guidance of the original Needle, and he slowly pushed his door, and saw the blackness sitting in his room, couldn't help but sigh in his heart. Tone.

Over the past few years, the original navigation is given to their intelligence without accidents, and the guy is in his room.

Cartry ghosts looked at the black, and the face showed a smile: "Oh ... I thought that after the death of Payne, I went to find the original navigation first!"

After all, he just became the leader of Xiaoyu, which is much more useful than my moon. "

This kind of saying should meet the guidance of the original navigation, can not be trusted unlimited, but should let the Darkness to get the trust ...

This sentence is very familiar. Obviously this guy and Yuxi pace, Yuxi Bozuo help the brothers have a long time, and an old emotional controller ...

as expected.

With the slightly displaced words, after the mortar, the dark face suddenly slammed a smile: " ... ghosts, compare the original navigate, I have always trust you. ! "


The expression on the martial arts suddenly changed, and a face was surprised to look at the way: "Is there a discretion of Shangyuan Na, and the top of the drug teacher?"


When the tall smile, it was stiff to his face. It watched his martial arts ghost, and quickly asked: "Where did you know this? Shangyuan Nai ... Do you want to betray us?"

The black and hurried came to someone to go to someone. It is to try to play the hob martial arts. In the case, it is also necessary to let the cortical ghosts will try to go.

After all, there are only two people left by the ghosts and the original navigation.

Especially the pharmacist is betrayed. After the round look and the outer road is taken away, the current month of the current month is the most dangerous time, and the black is simply anxious, and the result heard the news that the original navigation may betray. ...

Is this a feeling of housing leaks?