I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 319 Well, talk, it is still lie to me

The black psychological pressure is very.

Because it is now facing the most torment moment since the millennium.

Originally, the organization is about to collect all the tail of all the end of the beast. The pharmacist is also telling it. He immediately resurrect Yuxi Boss during the full day.

At that time, only Yuxi Bouvet is really resurrected. After the ten-tail column, the unlimited moon reading will be used to collect Chakra, and you can rescue the big cylindstones.

Dawn is in front of you.

Someone suddenly pulled a shady.

Between the eve, the long door suddenly sacrificed deaths;

On the eve of the day, the pharmacist hooked Yishe Bo-soil snapped away the round, the outer road magic, the eight tail column strength and the body of Yisi Bo spheres, the way of wrapped in Yuezuo, and now I can't find the shadow of the drug. to;

Between the eve, the darkness deeply realized the darkness of the people.

It has always been a great trust in the pharmacist, and even the secrets of Yisi Boupete have a rotation of the eye!

Results The drug teacher is this for it?

This world can have a person like a pharmacist!

The ninja is too deep, the people are too complicated, and the black has never thought that some people will be able to deceive it, and even deceive it success!

The cultivation of a thousand years can't compress a black anger.

The most pothole is that the Yuxi Bo will only have Yuxi Board and Yuxi Bocho. Yishibo is always on the edge of the altructure, which means that the black wants to repeat the story of Yuxi Bo, I want to get a reincarnation. The opportunity of your eyes is also very embarrassing ...

This is a thousand years of chance to be a thousand years away, and it is also possible to become the only chance!

As a result, everything is not in its control.

This feeling is really not very good.

Who knows how the pharmacist and Yisi wave belt will work?

If they still think that the tail of the tail of the column, it is OK, if they can, if the drug teacher is full of the big snake pills, directly take the round to the eye slice?

Unfortunately, the black is not found to find their position.

Any time to go through the pocket of the drug, it is basically going back, and it will be treated as an experimental material or a sacrifice.

Therefore, the black and rushed back to the base of the organization, and the only one who was able to use only two people left, and I would like to let them launch the organization to help search for the hopper and kill the big snake pills, pharmacist pockets. Yischo belt a group of people.

Among them, the original navigation is undoubtedly the most important thing.

The only trouble is that the ghoul of the long gates gives life to give up the plan to collect the tail, then the original navigation will not change their thoughts, will it give up what to collect the beast?

However, in the good base, I heard that the place of the first neck of Xiwi is, and the heart is reluctant to get a comfort. It is fortunate to think that the original navigation has always been trustworthy. It should have the hope of continuing. ...

As a result, the driva ghosts saw the black and finished, and gave it to the head on the spot, saying what the original navigation is also subject to the moon.

This also makes it play!

Shangyuan Na Ruo is the only force that can rely on!

Because of the darkness of the original naval in the woods, it only rely on the original Needle to defeat the pharmacist, the big snake pills and Yizhi Board, and there would be the control of re-retravening the back of the eye and the outer road.

"Ghost, can you confirm that the original navigation is returned to us?"

The darkness is full of sputum, and its voice seems to choose someone. It is normal: "Still, is it, it is a betrayal plan?"

To be honest, it is really not wanting to happen.

Once this is the case, it is basically that it can only sit still.

The martillamon ghosts looked at a black and shook his head: "No, this is my pro-and I'm talking to the original navigation. Most people don't know what happened?"

"what's up?"

"Payne ... No, it should be sacrificed!"

The martial martial arts and sorrows: "I saw the original naval and his teacher Xiao Nan injured. After I talked a few words, he couldn't want to plan it now, he Just want to resurrect the long door. "

After the chanmon ghosts said, it grins and continues to laugh: "Shangyuan Nairou may be crazy ... Say what to create a world of rendering!"


The black is surprised to see the mortal ghost and suddenly laugh at: "If this is the case, he should not give up our moon's eye plan! Why will you say that the original navigation is going to betray us?"


Cartry ghosts slowly pulled the muscle knife behind him, and the eyes gradually became a little cold: "Most people have always been the spies of Mr. Yu Zhibo belt! Don't deny it, this is Yisi Bo Tape The duplicate mouth leaked out to others! "

This intelligence can be actually coming.

After all, Yuxi Bo is under the control of Shangyuan Na.

Cartry ghosts learn yin and calm, cold sound opening: "Shangyuan Na Roked him now, it is very enemy, think it is you killed, think you have been playing with us!

After the spending, I will continue to help you, but I didn't expect you to be a spy that Yishibo belongs, you have been deceiving us! "

These words are really a bit blush.

Cartry ghosts have always thought that they are honest people. I didn't expect that I had to deceive it in this way today. I really want to think about it ...

Is it a little bit happy?

But these are also truth.

After all, the black and detailed guys have been deceiving them.

"How can I be the born spy!"

When you hear a mortal ghost, the black mood is simply like being stepped on, and it is chaotic, and it doesn't know what to finish. It doesn't know what to think of the original naval and mortar.

Why do they think it is the spy of Unexpello!

Darkly looked at the ghosts, the look was gloomy: "Don't believe in Yuxi Bo belt soil, this is what he wants to pitting our relationship ..."

"Is not it?"

The martic ghost is a smile, and the opening will continue to say: "So please come to explain, why you will go to recruit the pharmacist to join the organization, and it is a key stage of the eye plan to let such a dangerous person to join Get in!

Our tail will be collected immediately. When the so-called monthly plan is about to succeed, the pharmacist is wrapped in the outer road, and the reincarnation is betrayed, and the venter, do you treat us as a tool? "

When I said here, the moblim ghosts and stunned: "Although I am very clear, our ninja has always been a tool, but I really want to understand the true truth of this world, not have been deceived by your lie!

Whether it is me, still Shangnai, we have always believed in you, but you have always played our trust!

Most people, what else do you want to say? "


Black is nothing wrong with it.

At this moment, if you don't know how to know the past, it is really a spy if it is really a spy, if it is really the spy of Yuxi Bo!

In this case, it is now not used here to discuss the time ...

Unfortunately, it has already turned his face and Yisi Bo.

Now, I can only find a way to save the trust from the mortal ghost. At this time, I suddenly remembered a thing. Its mouth suddenly bent and whispered: "Just because Yu Zhiwei is the earth, you I will no longer believe me and I'm gone. "

The black slowly looked up, looked at the ghosts, and the voice gradually became solemn: "Ghost, then I will tell you all things!"


The mortal ghost put down his own muscles, grinned his full shark to teeth, laughed: "Let me listen again, how do you still want to deceive me! If I discovered a vulnerability, It will immediately use the muscles to cut your head! "

After saying this, the smile on the mortal ghost face gradually came: "Hehehehe ... Most people, I am still very easy to be persuasive.

I am very friendly to remind you that before convince me, don't try to explore the guy of the original naval. He is because you are the spy of Ukho, the drug brother's betrayal and the dying of the adults, it is so crazy. ! "

" ... rest assured."

The black looked at the martial arts, and the confident returned to its body: "Let me start from the story of the big people, you will know why I and Yisi Bo will definitely can't be compatible, I am Brassicone's will derivative ... "


Cartry ghosts have a little bit of people.

Originally, he really thought that he was intertwinding and tanded. I didn't expect to have a guy who opened the mouth. The ghosts knew that the black and still want to continue to lie to him!

Darkness does not know all this, it is still talking about his story.

"... When the big man leaves the wooden leaves, there is no Su Zhibo is willing to follow him. They betray their own tribute, those who have grown up in the birth of the leaves are born in the inferior quality of the bite. ...

... they only want to be sneaked, so they will be destined to be due to short-shallow destiny, such as the destiny of extinction, Sui Zhibo belt soil, Su Zhi Bozuo is also the same ...

... these waste, how can you have a long dream of adults, in this world, never have anyone can have an open-minded, even the dream of the round-e-eye and the eye of the moon, he is willing Put on others. "

When the black is talking about it, the voice suddenly took a look and looked at the martial artimatimmon. "After the big people hide for a long time, it is considered that the long door will be the dump of the fate of the moon, so he will turn back to the eye Transplanted to the long door.

It is a pity that I thought that the long-term nature is not weak, and it is easy to determine the future, so I have been not willing to go out of the month of the long-term eye.

After Yuxi Board found this thing, he wanted to capture the reincarnation of the long door and snatch the control of the moon. In the end, he chose the rebellback;

In order to avoid being able to destroy the month of Yuxi Wave, I can't press the second set of dangerous programs, that is, let you secretly prepare the resurrection of adults, but unfortunately by the pharmacist to resurrect the spot. Adult deceived.

It seems that our chess is poor.

However, we may not have an opportunity to counterattack. Just defeat Unexpello and the big snake pills, the pharmacist pockets, take back the outer road of the magic, and then choose one person to continue the month of the eye! "

The tricks of the tricks are still more than the past.

In its story, Yuxi Bouvet has been shaped into a great person, which shows that it is very great.

Some private goods were also entitled in these stories.

For example, black and taking the opportunity to sneak black.

Of course, the black is not taking these things, but in order to leave an impression here, these stories are mainly prepared to get the trust of the original Naid.

Therefore, in the story, there is a lot of good idea of ​​long-door.

"Oh? Is this this?"

The martic ghost did not move, and the little eyes turned and suddenly opened: "But the universal person is dead, the body of the big man is still in the enemy, wait until we grab it back to the eye and the road After the magic image, who will host the month of the month? "

"Then you have to see who's power is stronger ..."

The black mouth is slowly ticking, looking at the face of the mortar, it is the opening: "The round looks requires a huge Chakra to be promoted, so I want to use the rotation to go to the month of the moon, the body must There is a huge Chakra, you can ... "


The mortar ghost slowly nodded, grinned to his full shark: "That is really clever, I and Chakra, which seems to be in the original Naraka seems very full ..."

The dark eyes narrowed, whispered: "Ghost, don't be too greed like your shark, or let go of the way to go back to the eye and the outer road, come to discuss this matter! I want to think now Convince the original navigation ... "

"Most people, Shangyuan Nai is not easy to persuade ..."

The mortal ghosts opened their palms, laughed; "It is better to give up the trust of the original navigation, but also directly gave up the guy who fell to the original navigation, let me help you perform the merits of the month!"


I looked with some eyes mortal ghost.

Mom, the guy, the guy, is the opportunity to see the opportunity to grasp the eyes, is it crazy? Do you think that you can use the back eye to Chakrado?

Darkly looked at the martial arts ghosts, smiles in violid: "It is going to see your ability. If you can capture the magic image of the outside ... But I heard that you can't even defeat the drug with the mystery Ninja ... "


The ghosts of the mortal ghosts change.

The next moment, the sound of the mortar ghosts is a little indifferent to the mouth: "Forget it, it doesn't matter, as long as you can let the world you see after the end of the month."

"Most definitely."

The dark voice is full of confusion: "The world will never have a war again, no one will deligate it, the world is only peaceful and quiet ..."

Waiting until the black description is after the moon is planned to leave.

After the mortar is indifferent to the darkness, and pull out his own phone, allocated the conch.

" ..."

After a while, the phone in the ghosts turned into the Dress of Shangyuan Na, which is the logo, which is squatted by his eyes.

"Ghost, do you talk to black?"

"Well, I'm talking, it is still lie to me."

The martic ghost nodded, and he booked his mouth and continued: "It's a deceived words this time, it is to defraud the trust of the original adult and preparatory lies in advance. The universal adult is centered! "

"I know."

The sound of Shangyuan Nairo is more elegant: "Then let it come over to defraud my trust to it! My all trust can't be so easy to get it ..."