I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 321 Xiaomi's last two movies (fourth!)

Black is quite confident.

As long as the original Needs are willing to communicate, it will be able to convince him.

The black remnant has moved out of his voice of the citilla, and slowly told Yisi Bouvelle to put his dreams to a child named the fate of the long door.

Even afraid of this story, I can't help but shake.

In the description of the black, Yuxi Bao has become a very delicate and kind old man. After he finally got the back of his eyes, he won the guidance of six immortals and founded the right way to save the endurance.

It is a pity that the life of Yuxioba has already come to the end.

"Before the end ..."

The black is going to the front of Yuxi Bo, slowly hanging down, and even more sadness in the voice, and re-determed: "The big people finally decided, he decided to get yourself. Rounded to the eyes, gamble in the new era! "


Shangyuan Na will be stunned.

Lying in the trough, it is really tapped!

Darkness, how do he listen to a bit familiar!

It has to mention that the acting of the guy is really realistic, compared to the two hidden guys who have been eliminated by Unexpello and Yisi Houchi ...

Telling true, or if it is the original navigation, he has been secretly controlling all this. He really thought that he came to a fake tolerance ...

Dark this guy ...

Sure enough, he competes for the biggest opponent!

After Shangyuan Na, it was silent after a while, and he continued: "The elder generation, but you seem to have abandoned the wishes of the Legend of the Legend of Sui Zhihu."

"Strictly speaking, don't think back."

The black shook his head, and the sound continued: "The real wish of the big man is to make the whole tolerance, as long as you can let the endurance peace, let the light of the moon cover the earth, so that the entire endurance will never have any Dispute! "

After talking about it, watching the original naval continued: "Shangyuan, the long door inherited is the eyes and wishes of the big people, you inherited the will of the long door ... this is the inheritance of the so-called will."

" ..."

The original neck is full of face, crying, whispered: "Is it really so high? But I have been from the wood rubber ..."

"They are all weak."

I heard the original navigation, I said that the leaves were suddenly opened, and I would like to continue to have a good time: "The weak can only see the crisis in front of it.

After saying, it seems that I am afraid that the original Nairu is suspicious of the character of Sui Zhihu, and why did the bullets think of the merits of the moon, because he got the stone monument left by the six cactors ... "

When the black, he said that there was a smooth juggler: "The legend of the six immortals hopes that the six cactors hopes that the endurance will always be peaceful, under the powerful strength, there is no one dare to smash his will ..."

When it comes to this, the voices of the black are gradually low: "The six immortals think that if the endurance is still peaceful, it doesn't matter if it is natural; but he guess that the entire endure of yourself may have a war, so stay The way to solve the war. "

"Is it the eye plan?"

The original Needle is forcibly suppressed his emotions.

To be honest, I really want to laugh at my heart.

Dark this guy didn't know how to hate six cactors. At this moment, he would take six cactors to make him, this guy is really not easy!

And the black, this guy is really able to play!

The reason why I have been in the past millennium has always gave it to this old man!

Unfortunately, I don't know what I'm thinking.

After the dark looks at the original Nairo looks, Shen Sheng continues to say: "Yes, it is the meteorial plan. After the big people got the stone monument, I used my own kaleidoscope to write the road to explain the stone monument. Secret, so he inherited the will of the six cactors! "

"Where is the stone note?"

"The Nago Shrine of the Yishabo family."

Darkness, look at the original navigation, whispered to the road: "If you get a round look, you can explain the stone monument. At that time, I will understand that I have never deceived you, and I will understand the six cactors and the large people. will…"

"I know."

The original Nair Fair is a bit impulsive.

As for what he thought, of course, it is not possible.

What happened to the stone monument, they should have a little bit in both my heart.

Shangyuan Na will be silent for a while, and suddenly open: "So before you tell me that you can resurrect the long door, is this true?"

This thing is the most important.

I have to think a means to let the black agree to resurrect the long gate.

The only thing is troublesome is that the black bastard will try to let him graft the wheel to go to the eye.

This is really awkward.

Is it necessary to have a round an eye? Once you have the leader of the organization, do you have to have a round an eye?

How is it good, black, I want to let him transplant the wheel back to the eye!

This is the sluggage to him!

It's really curious, how is the brain of the guy, even if the baby is set to his head behind him!

When Shangji is still in silence, the light will continue to say: "The elder generation, if I have not remembered the wrong, the long-door adults have been turned back to the birth, his life has been exhausted, even if he is After the resurrection, I can't hold it too long? "

"Then you can only use another way."

The black is no longer silent, and the mouth has got a smile: "After the big snake pills and pharmacists got the bodies of the long door, they will certainly not give up the anti-translocking control of the control, so they will definitely Make the long gates into the war of the whole day ... "

Darkness looked at the original navigation, whispered to continue: "At that time, as long as the long-term use of the moment, he can resurrect in the whole day ..."


Shangyuan Nairo slowly smashed, watching the black and squeezing: "At the beginning, you will recruit the pharmacist to join our month's eye plan, let him resurrect Yuxi Bao in the whole day, will not also play this idea, Want to make the universal people to resurrect him ... "


The black is in a hurry, shook his head and whispered: "Just because of the eye of the month, there are more than Yisi Bo belt this variable. Only a large number of people can deal with Yuxi Bo belt ..."

"Well, I recognize this idea."

Darkly looked at the eyes of the original Na, lost his voice: "I am the will of the big people, I want to see that the spots have the opportunity to resurrect, this kind of thing seems to be not surprising!"

When I said here, I suddenly suddenly suddenly, and there was a lot of excitement in the voice: "I only give it to the new era of the new era, I don't want to resurrect. ...

In fact, I just want him to see that after the light of the eyes of the month, the world has become a world in his dreams. "


Shangyuan Nai is really nothing to say.

Once you can't solve it, you can touch others with words that can touch people. Shangyuan, you said that he learned himself from black. ...

Single only passed the words of this words, if you change to a different person, you may not bear to doubt him ...

After all, people look like the truth!

No matter who is, there is a chance to resurrect your own most important person, will it be your heart? So honest, things have passed, is it easy to invest in?

What's more, there is still a replenishment of Yuxioba.

Only, the guy can be twisted than him, in the mouth of the mouth, the escort this guy has been thoroughly described to become a saint.

If you have a movie emperor award, the people of the endure will not give a movie emperor. Shangyuan Na will not agree!

Of course, if you don't give the original movie emperor, Shangyuan Na will not agree!

Shangyuan Nai married a breath, slowly hanging down, whispered: "Seniors, I can understand your feelings, before the end of the poor, in fact, I have also told me, he didn't regret when he passed away ... "

Shangyuan Nai Luo gradually became excited, he looked at the black and continued: "But I can't stand the pain he left ... So when I heard that there is a chance to resurrect him, I know that it will be violated his will, still stop Don't live! "

When it comes to agility, there are even some water mist in the eyes of Shangyuan Na.

The black and sneaked the face of Shangyuan Na, who was excited to cry, was also quite shake his head, and suddenly felt a little smash.

It is so deceived, and the result is also touched by the original Needle?

Human ...

It is always so easy to be deceived.

Shangyuan Needa also wiped his eyes, with the power of water, wet the eyes, and the guy is really not so easy to be cheated ...

After the end of the organization, after a wave of lines and acting, after the respective emotions, finally said their positive business.

"In fact, I have planned to give up the month of the eye."

Shangyuan Nai fell to his eyes, holding his own temple, said the first sentence made the black heart tremble, its feelings is wasteful?

Mom, a thousand years!

Black never has been so affectionate!

Even when I look forward to the moon every time, when I miss the big torch, I can't say that I just said that I have just been so affectionate!


At the last black, I went to see a black, and the corner did not leave traces and went into the invisible: "After getting the origin of the prostitute, I will find a way to continue the month of eye plan, six cactors, The wish of the forever and the wishes of the nepon

Shangyuan Nairo slowly held his fist, and his eyes closed: "These wish will be implemented in our hands! This is our unshirkable responsibility ... Senior, with me, the messee of the month, continue to execute Let's! "

At this moment, it seems to have a light of his body.

No, there is really a light on the original neck.

When the rain in Yuyin Village, I didn't know when to stop, and a ray of sunshine passed through a thick cloud, and I fell on the original Needle, just like the choice of destiny.

" ... Of course."

Darkness, I got out of the native, I bodded, and the hoarse laughing was almost suppressed: "Shangyuan, because I saw you with the possibility of inheriting their will, I will want to come to you."