I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 325 You give me a head, this matter has passed

"Three generations of Silhouses."

After seeing a few people falling in the air, I also saw a short three-generation Tang Shado Wood, and she greeted three boats.

On the three generations of Si Shado, he put his hand on his waist. He put his hand in his hand: "Page, my waist ... Let me take a break, everyone is all?"

The age of wild wild is really big.

Most of the five shadow conferences are the ninja for the young generation and even a young generation. The three generations of Sangdo is older. This time Danchi came to participate in the Fifth Ceremony, the escort is the terracotta and black soil.

After you see the apeer, you want to ask where the original naval is in that, you want to put a deputy accounting.

As a result, the backache old fell is criminal ...

This is really embarrassing.

Who will let the wild do not retire for so long?

Among the entire arguments, Dashewa took a big country's time for the longest time, even if it was the three-generation fire, the sky, and he could not put his power.

However, Dashi is hoped to retire at this age, but that is the guy who is regarded by Dashemu as a successor, is aware of the tissue base to eat tea to discuss art.

The average hand looked at the waist of the wild, and couldn't help but pick the eyebrows. I got the surrounding, frowned: "There should be only four generations of thunding thunders ... that guy should not Will it be late? "

"The cloud is never late!"

At this time, the four generations of Lei Yai Ai took his own guards in front of everyone, and the sound opened: "Opener, I have arrived, should I miss time?"

After that, the four generations of Lei Ying showed the surroundings.

The four generations of Lei Shi did not see the people they want to see, and the face was suddenly pulled down, and the face was looking at the hand.

This temper, thunder smashed his fist, Shen Sheng: "Opener, the end of the born is not coming! You don't mean that he will come to the Five School Conference, accept our trial? "


The program wrinkled his own brow, stared at the four generations of Lei Xiang Road: "Lei Ying, this is not a trial, but a peace talk ..."

This temper is not like a look!

If the four generations of Lei Yings are looking for it, it is difficult to say that the five shadow conference can be done in peace, wait until the original Needar and the four generations of Lei Ying beat what should she do? Who should she help?

If you gang it, the Five Shadow General Assembly is estimated to be held in the future ...

If you help Lei Ying, Shangyuan Naoli and Yu Yin Village are currently looking at it, it should be a probacity is the allies of their leaves. Is this not white-white?

If there is no other word, what should I do if I have killed the four generations of Lei Yingsi, isn't it to break out the warfare? Now I haven't discussed the threat of the big snake pill, and the results they have inside them, they will be played first!

The idea of ​​the agency is still quite serious. She really doesn't think that the four generations of Lei Ying can defeat the original navigation. Otherwise, they will not be destroyed by Yun Yun Village, and take the tail of Yunyin Village. ...

"What is the peace talk about him?"

The four generations of Lei Ying did not think so, he smashed his fist, full of face: "Let him pay more than and by the wood, and then homes to our village. Our losses, I will put it too much and Yu Yin Village! "


To be honest, the requirements of Lei Ying are really not excluding.

At least the four generations of Lei Ying did not rush to the original navigation and shouting, these requirements, only the first request is a bit difficult to achieve, after all, the second tail and the eight tail column Piraby are in the big snake pill in.

The two requirements of the four generations of Lei Ying are also considered.

Whether it is required to compensate for the loss or ask the person who returns to the death and injuries, it is a practice of the endurance. It is also normal.

When the second generation of rigs was designed during the peace talks, after the design of the golden corner brothers, the three generations of Lei Ying were destroyed, and personally got the body and returned the leaves, but also sacrificed the second generation of the second-generation rigs, Yun Yin Village and The wooden leaves have reached a reconciliation.

At that time, Yun Yin Village and wooden leaves were equally large.

The four generations of Lei Ying faced the requirements of Yuyin Village, and it was even very loose even in the opinion, and he did not quarrison.

To be honest, the agency is a wide-oriented condition for the four generations of Lei Ying, or feels surprised. After all, the four generations of Lei Xiang Ai is in her impression, and it has always been the kind of cheap. It is often a thunder. The identity of the shadow will grab the secret of Xiaojun village ...

The apeer looked at the four generations of Lei Ying, hooking the corner of his mouth: "Hey, I thought you would ask for any conditions, I didn't expect your guy and very big!"

"Hey, this is just to give you a face!"

The four generations of Lei Ying hugged his arm, snorted a word: "Your letter is mentioned more than him, so I just put him a horse."

After the head, the stagnation: "The two conditions should be OK, but the second tail column and eight tail works are unable to reach ... Because all the tail collected before, all were robbed by the big snake pill gone!"


After the four generations of Lei Yingsai changed, he continued: "So the most important purpose of this five-shadow meeting is to join the big snake pill!"

"Yes ..."

After the opening, I took a nod, I looked at the people present, Shen Sheng: "Everyone who is taken away from the village, after we are annihilating the big snake pill, it will be distributed according to the time of the time of the day, return Give each rivot. "


The four generations of strands nodded.


I also followed it.


According to Meime, I also agreed to the proposal.


After the three generations of Si Shadow agreed, it also opened the mouth: "However, Yan Yin Village also asked Yu Yin Village to compensate the loss, personally arrived at our village to apologize, will be the land of the country to the grass to the country ... "

This old man will have a lot of requests ...

And the wild wood has finished these, and continue to say: "And the original Nairou must give us Didala's rebellion to us!"

"Let me think about ..."

The program wrinkled and wrinkled, Shen Sheng: "In addition to the land that belongs to the grassland, you can't give you, others can consider!"

After listening to the beauty, I suddenly stopped: "The fog hidden village only needs to pay for our losses, and pay the knife to the seven people." "

"Sandy Village is also the same."

Five-generation style, I love Luo immediately keep up.

Just as these images are negotiated, they think that they have enough to rain in Yuyin Village. After waiting until the original navigation, join hands to the original navigation.

On the sky, a shadow suddenly covered everyone, and the laughter of Shangyuan Na Lu came down from above: "Hehe ... I heard what you said, it seems that I am now too light ..."


Everyone does not help but look up, a homonomer is hovering in the air, this monster makes many people in the scene remembers a terrorist memories.

This monster, as well as people who have manipulated this monster, destroy their village, and put their village into a fire sea!

"It's coming!"

My love of love flashed a widow, he slammed his head and looked at the master, Shen Sheng: "Under the House, do you determine that he really comes to talk about talk?"

"should be."

There are also more nervous in the look.

Wood leaves have not seen the ancient dragon, because their village is burned by Unecho, and when the original Nair is rushing to the leaves, the long door has been explained with the wooden leaves ...

I don't know if the luck of the wooden leaves is still unfortunate ...

At least in the loss of personnel, the leaves are far less than other big countries.

The agency suddenly saw such a huge spirit of the ancient dragons, and the face couldn't help but show a shock, theory and the momentum of Chakra, this Tong Ling beast is not good than the three tolerance. The beast is stronger ...

The three ships of the country of the country are also in a hurry to call the warrs alert.

Three boats looked at the ancient dragon in the air, and the eyes were slightly silently said: "Do you kill a man who is hidden? The legendary ... Yuyin ..."

Compared with those who are a mess, this slightly with some evil titles seems to be broader in these countries.

The crime of rainy is the origin of Yu Yin Village!

I bite his teeth. His face is a haze: "When Shangji Na is driving this monster destroyed sandy village, the people in the village are heavy ... Fire shadow, he is not coming and talking, but Come to us to demonstrate! "

"I will ask him!"

The prime hand waved to stop my love of Chakra riot, looked up at the sky: "Shangyuan Na, if you are in charge of peaceful belief to participate in the five shadow conference, then take out your attitude!"

The back of the ancient dragon.

Xiaonan's palm hit the original Nairi's finger. Her head slowly approached Shangnao, whispered to say: "Nairai ... ahead ... Yes want to help us ... don't be too aggressive ..."

"is teacher."

Shangyuan Nai fell to knead his forehead.

Seeing Xiaonan worried expression, the original Needle is still sigh, reached out and touched her hair, indicating that Xiaonan relaxed.

Next, the huge ancient dragon drops from the sky!

This horrible phenomena has fallen on the ground, and smashed his head, and Zhangkou took the sky!

At the top of the arrival of the ancient dragon, he went to the top of the ancient dragon. He said in the scene, slowly evoked his mouth: "This, I don't have any losses, you give me a head, I apologize, we apologize Even if you have passed ... "