I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 326, can you say less? (Fourth! Thank you for the dog!

It is too arrogant!

The attitude of Shangyuan Needar is not like to solve the problem!

After listening to the original Nair, everyone's brows are not frowned by autonomy. Is this born to say what is the human?

It is obviously the original navigation destroys their villages, so that their villages have a heavy casualty, but also to take away the tail beast in their villages ... How to listen to the original Needle, or the fault of these big powers?

Shangji Looking at the horror of the horror, the instant fell on the ground, and smashed his head to show a curious eye: "Hey ... What do you hear? Do you don't take your ear?"

After Shangyuan Na, he said, his eyes suddenly became a bitter, his eyes swept through the people, the sound suddenly became a lot: "I still say ... You have forgotten, Xiaoying brings you a horror!"

With this sentence, the temperature around it seems to be low.

No, it is not as if it is, but the temperature in the air seems to be really low!


The four generations of straightened and smashed their fists, and the face was hard to look at the original navigation, and the teeth were opened: "Betting, are you playing us!"

Originally four generations of Lei Ying thought this is a conference that tried to be Naba and Xiao, I did not expect that the end of this born is actually coming to provoke them!

This will make the four generations of Lei Ying can't stand it!

The eyes of the three generations of Si Shadow also changed slightly. He stretched straight, the body slowly floated on the ground, the sound was low and the opening: "This can be unlikely, you are not aware of you. Do you have your own situation? "

"I am very clear."

Shangyuan Na's mouth hook, revealing a smile that means: "But it has always been high at all, it seems that it is really not aware of your situation!"

"Shangyuan Na!"

I was coming out, and my eyes gradually wary: "We are talking to your attitude towards you, what is your current attitude!"


The eyes of Shangyuan Nai Lu slowly turned, and his mouth smiled and said: "Only strong people can dominate the negotiation, do you think that you have to negotiate with me? With your strength?"

The words of Shangyuan Nai Lu are turned, the smile on the face seems to be more rich: "It's really unaffected, what is it given to you, let you think that a strong to destroy your none, you will compromise you ..."

"Original Mini ..."

The program wrinkled with the brow and broke the original naval. She is the organizer of this Five-Shadow Conference, but also to resolve the host of the two sides, naturally can't retreat at this time.

The apeer gaze the look of the original Needle, and the face is seriously open: "I invite you to participate in the five shadow conference, I want to discuss how to solve the problem between you, not to create a new dispute here ..."

Expedition hand. "

Shangji fell to the hand, and looked at the program in a picture: "Don't I find out if they don't find the attitude of problems?"


Everyone has a little speechless.

Do they have no problematic attitude?

Dictionary is that your guy does not solve the problem!

Your guy just came here, just a look, what is called ahead, even if you have passed, how can you listen to you or a victim!

The master is not a pleasant brow: "Shang, but your attitude is not like solving problems ..."

"No, I am very large enough."

Shangyuan Na is looking at everyone, smiles and opens: "I just let them apologize, they don't want me to compensate for the so-called losses in addition to I want me to apologize."

The original neighborhood reached a finger, smashed his own eyebrow, whisper continued: "Don't they thank me at the beginning, didn't you completely kill all people? The endurance can not let the winners pay for compensation!"

When I walked over, I was watching the original navigation: "Shangyuan, you are not a winner, the first generation of Yuyin Village and the head of the head is not said, Xiao Xia will make up for the mistakes you committed ..."

"Do you determine let me make up for the mistake?"

Shang Nai returned to the air out of his palm.

Just as everyone looks nervously, I only saw anything to release anything, but I saw that the ancient dragon slowly lowered, and the top of the head was huge, and the palm of the top is rubbed.

This fierce is enough to destroy a terrible spirit beast of a rivot. It seems like a well-behaved pet under the touch of Nairo.

Shangji fell to the corner of Yuan Gu Yanlong, the face gradually became serious: "If you let me make up for the wrong words! Then I will tell you how I will make up! I should completely cover your village, not let you Challenged me here! "

Shangyuan Nai came to the head, looked at the Yuanku Dragon around him, showing a movement in the eyes: "Go! Go to do things you want to do! Go to the village to destroy and despair, let them see it. What is the true end! "


Yuangu Qu Yuan Yang Yang Yang, Yang Tian!

Next, this head is ancient dragon to expand your wings to fly in the air!

Everyone in the scene is not from independently, and Chakra on each person riped up. They left their own villages. The remaining people in the village can have any way to pay this, the spirit of the vicinity. !

When a war has to break out, everyone has begun to bring together her own Chakra, and then stop the old dragon!

It has been standing out as a prime to guard, and the flying flying in front of the original Nairi, Shen Sheng: "Little ghost, don't impulsive!"

The aperator also rushed out of his palm to stop the original naval, she highly said: "Shangyuan! We are to solve the problem through discussing, don't you want to solve the big snake pill, take back the body of the long door? "

Xiaonan also rushed to make a sheet of origami appeared around him, she saw the situation in front of him, whispered: "Need to say ... Do you want to solve the problem?"


The body of Shangyuan has stopped slowly.

Next moment, Shangyuan, Luo returned to the Yuan Gu Yanlong, this ancient dragon stopped his own movements, stunned in the original place.

Shang Nai, I looked at everyone, and the first road: "Well, look at the face of the board, I will tell you, I am holding peace, not to listen to you. Unrealistic delusion! "


Four generations of Lei Yingqi wants to smash the head of the original Naidu!

At this moment, he really wanted to go to work hard, but his part of Darui saw the three-generation Spring shadow who quietly put down the palm of the palm, Darui wrinkled his browboy, he thought that the four generations The practice of shadows is not reasonable.

Now the three generations of Tang Shang have now wanted to play the hearts, secretly touched the four generations of stranded as a violent bird, the old guy is really treacherous ...

At the beginning, the four generations of Lei Ying and Chiraby were also easy to defeat the original navigation; thousands of ninja in Yun Yin Village swarmed, and they were defeated by Shangji.

Daruei did not think that the four generations of Lei Ying were the moment of recklessness, so he did his best to whisper and persuaded: "Lei Ying adults ... we don't take advantage of the situation."


The fist of the four generations of Thunder pinned.

In the next moment, the teeth of the four generations took out a few words: "Let's go! This so-called peace talk, you don't need to invite Yun Yincun in the future!"

"Hey, Fourth Generation"

On the face of a hand, it reveals an anxiety.

After four generations of Lei Ying's footsteps, the cold channel: "Opener, don't take any talk about the famous name to deceive us, this is to see you in the past, we will go! "

After that, the four generations of thunders should not leave.

The fifth-generation style, I Allow and the five-generation water shadow, after a while, two people did not have other actions, they and wooden leaves were the most solid allies.

The three generations of noodles are slightly flashing. Obviously, the old man is not intended to be a bird, he even wants to see how the four generations Lei Ying leaves.

Some people, the more delicate.

If the four generations of Lei Ying leave, this five-shaded conference can only be unspeakable, then the three generations of natives will naturally leave.

If the four-generation thunding is left, the meeting that involves the end of the beast will continue, the three generations of Si Shadow will naturally stay, because the four tails and five tails of Rocky Village are absolutely taken back, that is the rock The foundation of the village.

"Hey, wait ..."

After watching the four generations of Lei Ying, he did not stop, and couldn't help but looked at the original navigation. Her face was full of anxious look.

Nairi ... "

After seeing the god of the agency, Xiaonan couldn't help but looked up and looked at the original navigation. She was a bit less than a dilemma.

The eyes of Xiaonan flashed a piece of request. Obviously she hoped that she would like to say a few soft words, it is best to solve the current dilemma.

Shangnai Na Rou is looking at the figure of the four generations of Lei Yingsai, and there is no opening to persuade the four generations of Lei Ying, but it turns into the apeer.

At the last time, I laughed and smiled. "The four generations of Lei Yingxin left, perhaps because he and the big snake pill have collision, the master, I suggest that Yun Yin Village is also included in this meeting. To hit the goal ... "


What is this bastard?

Everyone heard here, his eyes couldn't help but change.

This guy is clearly intentionally intimidating the four generations of Lei Yai! Because they have not left, so they have the opportunity to be threatened Lei Ying!

It is only very significant.

Because with the original Nairies, the four generations of Lei Ying can't help but stopped his footsteps, turned around: "Breast, big snake pill is the rebellion of the wooden leaves, I used to know people! He and our cloud What is the relationship between villages! "


Shangyuan Nairi is also ignored the four generations of Lei Ying, just watching the player whispering: "After we find all the end of the beast, you will redistribute the second tail and eight tails! Sandy Village can then get a tail Beast, and we are eligible to be a tail! "

"Don't think!"

The four generations of Lei Ying pinch his fist, the face is not from autonomous, "the second tail and eight tails can only be the power belonging to Yun Yin Village!"

"It is destined to become a loser that is knocked down, it is no right ..."

At the last naval, he looked at the four generations of Lei Yingsai, showing a smile that means a deep and long. Just when he intends to continue to say some people who are present, when they don't like it too much ...

The handless face couldn't help but black, and quickly waved to let Shangji stopped to stop: "Shangyuan Na, you can't say fewer words!"

Xiaonan also quickly reached out his palm, covering Shangyuan Nairou's mouth, opening his mouth in his ear: "Need to let the priority to deal with ... ok?"


Shangyuan was smashed in Xiaoshan, only nodded.