I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 328 Wooden List of Wooden Soil: Inner Dynasty Hot Shadow, Male Capsules!

Five shadows talks are still continuing.

Shangyuan Na will slowly drink juice, becoming a beautiful landscape of this talk, attracting a pair of array of people present.

The five generations of style, I don't want to look at him. I stared straight to somewhere, and stated his opinion: "I am the people of Sandy Village, and I have been grabbed by imprisonment. I have been thinking This organization is extremely dangerous ... "

"... nourishing ..."

The voice of the original Nairi sucking juice suddenly became a lot, once became the noise of I arbitrarily, he slowly put down the juice in his hand, whispered: "These are old age, no need to continue Is it? "


Which one of this is the old thing!

Shang Nai, I looked at my love, looked at him speechless eyes, whispering said: "We are only used by despicable little people, and now the most important thing is to find the real scene. Black hand, Muska, Yuxi Bo belt The Hallow and Pharmacist


The aperator immediately took over the first day of the Shangyuan Na, she didn't want this talk to become a no-brain dispute. She whispered: "With its continued dispute, it is better to see it first. It's dangerous in front of you! "

The hand slowly put his palm on the table, Shen Sheng: "According to the intelligence we got now, the big snake pill has mastered the weapon that can use other tail beast, and he has collected a last tail. eight-tail…"

After saying this, the apeer suddenly turned to the head to look at the original navigation, asked: "Shanghao, right?"

These intelligence is the original navigation.

For example, there is a matter of the ultimate weapon, and the column of the eight tail is also being taken away by the pharmacist, and the ability to get a round eye about the big snake pills ...

After the navigation, I got a nodded, and my looks gradually gotten: "In strict sense, the big snake pill has already got all the tail beasts."


After a second behind the face, she seems to have thought of what I thought, and I suddenly took a drop of cold sweat: "You said yes ..."

"What do you mean?"

The four generations of Lei Ying frowned, he didn't quite understand the dumb miks between them, what is the big snake pill to get all the beasts?

The four generations of straits looked at the apeer, not satisfied: "Opener, what is the meaning! The tail of your wooden leaves is also taken away!"

"Do not."

After the ahead, after a second, it was whispered: "There is a thing that there is two you have already known, that is, the nine-tailed Chakra has been taken into two, one of the four of them. This means ... "


Shangyuan Nai fell to his forehead, whispered to supplement: "The big snake pill sent a pharmacist to take the eight tail of the ,,,,,,,, , carat.

Now the Big Snake Pill wants to resurrect the so-called war weapon. It has no need to get the nine tail of the nine in the body. He needs to transplant the turn to his eyes to the eye, thus controlling the time of the outer road. "

When Shangyuan Na, he said, and the opening continued: "Now the round looks in the hands of the big snake pills, he has got all of yourself, or even he is now going to complete your own plan."

These issues are very deadly.

This means that their speed must be a little faster, because the enemy has basically set all the tools, the only remaining is only a time waiting.

The apeer looked at the original navigation, and the eyes flashed a hint. She slowly opened the mouth: "Wait, Shangyuan, there is one thing ... Why is the big snake pill, why people want to catch people ? "


Shangji was shot and shook his head, and guess said: "Dasun Pill has always wanted to send people to the nine tail of the Naruto, perhaps because he wants to get the most complete beast of the endurance, thus getting absolute Unable to be resistant to the power. "

After Shangyuan Na, he suddenly raised his head: "There is another possibility other than this, that is, the body of the nine-tailed Chakra's embarrassment has always been his strongest force, he Don't want to destroy this battle ... "

These are all of them witnessed.

At the time of the wooden village, when I arrived in the leaves, I didn't arrive in the wooden leaves, the waves of the waves were almost unveiled. In the face of anyone can do the perfect suppression, whether it is the long door or a whirl He was forced into the desperation!

Even if I arrived at the leaves of the leaves, I was able to fight a few strokes in the face of a group of embossed shadow characters, and only the wave of wind do be reluctant to compete with him, and even causing trouble.

This also allows the agency to see the gap.

Therefore, the prime hand will not hesitate to pull the original navigation, pull the top to their chariots, and it will be used to deal with the ninja to those who are in the past.

The fifth generation of water shadows, Million and the fifth-generation style, I love Luo is also very clear, so they have been constantly trying to test the bottom line of the top, not like the four generation Lei Xi Ai.

The four generations of Lei Ying and the Three Generations are considered that the five shadows will gather together to suppress the original navigation, after all, in addition to its own strength is on the top floor of the endurance, the top of the strongest five-hole in the endurance!

After all, when the five rivals are completely united, there will be no unable to solve the crisis, this is almost engraved in their bones.

"Shangyuan ..."

The finger of the program slowly yet, frowned, and asked: "After collecting the tail, what is the way to use the war weapon, is there any way?"


Shangji shook his head, Shen Sheng: "In addition to the round look, there will be no way to manipulate it ... even if it finds it, it is possible to leave directly by the big snake pill, so we have to find the big snake pill. "


Four generations of Lei Ying glanced at the original navigation, I asked: "How big can the power of the war weapon? After collecting the power of nine tail beasts, it can play more power, do you know? ? "

"According to my intelligence here, it is to destroy a country."

After Shangyuan Na, he wrinkled and wrinkled: "But in my opinion, it should be more exaggerated than the rumors in the information, because I tried to destroy a few big fortune and smashing villages, such as Ziyin Village and a few in the seat, in fact, difficult is not big ... "


The face of everyone can't help but black.

Is this babard feel too hot?

What a pot does not open!

Mom, I am clear that they have now been deliberately tacit. I have to pass this topic. How is this bastard to mention this topic!

Shangyuan Nai said here, it seems to be aware of his own improper. He continued: "According to my own strength, compare the power of the Tailo Kara, once the outer road is resurrected, I think about it should be existed. World Capital ... "

"Yes ..."

The voice of the agency is gradually somewhat low, she looked at the people present, whispered: "I think so."

"That is to say ..."

The face of the three generations of Si Shadow gradually became more dignified, and whispered to exchange between them: "The enemy we have to face now is actually ready to have all the conditions with destruction of the endurance. Is this? "

"Not bad."

At the last navigation, I looked at the three generations of Si Shadow. I nodded said: "Almost this is like this, and the scholars are really wise."


Everyone in the venue suddenly fell into silence.

"What else wants!"

Four generations of Lei Yingsi squatted on the table, giving the people at the scene: "Then send people to find him, and bring all the tail beings!"

"The place where the trouble is here ..."

The hand shakes his head, and the sound of the open mouth: "We need a lot of Ninja to search for the trail of the big snake pill ... In addition to his hiding position, there is a lot of shadow character in the hands of the big snake pills now ..."


Shangyuan Nairi is simply singing, and he looked at everyone, whispered: "If you can, you can look at the comfort of the village, see if there is a trace that is stolen, best Unify the list of stoleted graves ... "


What is this special!

The people presenting in the scene is a bit, I don't know what to say.

Shangqi Naqiang gave a lot of people, whispering explained: "I can provide a list of refrigeration, I hope that you will not be too surprised to provide you with a martyr ninja when I guess the guessing and previous battle. I hope that you should not be too surprised. "

The eyes of Shangyuan Nair took the lead in looking at the five generations of style, I love Luo, whispering said: "Sandy Village's burning rude ninja leaf warehouse, the fourth generation of wind shadow Luo ..."


I didn't care about it, and this information didn't expect it. He also met Luo Sand, and I have never seen that burning leaves.

Shangnai, I saw that I didn't respond, my mood was a bit less happy. This person would also thank you!

Shangji picks up his eyebrows, continue to say: "Have to remind it that the pharmacist has been manipulated with burning leaves and me more burning, Yeang's embarrassment is not underestimated, and her will have already standing in pharmacist On the side of the pocket, she can fight all forward, because she is sold by the four generations of wind shadow to the fog village to vent the angry ... "


I am a bit speechless when I love, and I am not very good as the mood of the beauty. How do you give them a public punishment?

When I heard that the leaf warehouse is sold by the four-generation style, the three generations of the three generations and the four generations of Lei Ying snorted to the ground ...

The eyes of Shangyuan Nair slowly looked at the four generations of Lei Ying, whispering, laughing, whispering: "Yun Yin Village may be the three generations of Lei Ying, because a certain time pharmacist often goes to the three generations Lei Ying and Yan Yin Village Tens of thousands of troops battlefields ... "


The expression of the four generations of Lei Ying is not very good.

Only the four generations of Lei Yings did not see the original navigation. Instead, he glared in the three generations of the three generations next to him. After all, the war that made the three generations of Lei Ying's life is dominant!

This old guy, but use people!

The eyes of Shangyuan Nairoted his head to the wild wood and photographed, whispered: "Yan Yin Village does not have to say, I want to come to the Three-generation Tang Shadow, I have seen my own teacher ... There is a foggy village, I see it under the beauty of the beauty. Second generation of water shadows, but it may also be more than one four-generation water. "

"No big people ..."

The wild wooden slowly hangs the head, and his face flashed a little and worry. He was following the endlessness, got all of all teachings.


Like Meill, I slowly lowered.

Shangyuan Nairi finally moved slowly, and he looked at the aperator sitting in the middle. He gradually became more serious. He slowly opened: "Woody Village is controlled by the poor ninja ... you have to say this time ?"


The agency hopped helplessly: "In fact, most of us have already seen it! Anyway, it is a lot of hot shadows."

Whether it is the second-generation rigid shadow, the three generations of fire shadows, the sky, and the four generations of fire shadow windshields, in fact, their hearts are expected.


After the navigation, I looked at the charter and the people in the scene, said the first aftershocks of the wood: "The first generation of hot shadows, thousand handles!"