I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 329 I propose that the original naval is the leader of the coalition!

The existence of a thousand hand is inevitable.

When the exam is in the middle of the test, many people in the wooden leaves have seen the big snake pills and the thousands of hands and thousands of hands.

I have already had this ready for my heart, she is the first: "Well, grandfather's strength is indeed strong, but the transcitation is not to play all his strength ..."

"Do not."

When the original Nairou interrupted the plan, the sound gradually became more than yin: "I have seen the first embarrassment of the big snake pills, the first generation of the first generation of fire and the second generation, their strength is really powerful ...

However, when we made a few times, we didn't see the current second-generation rigs and the second-generation rigs, and the strength is not in the same day? "

"When you take the exam, you ..."

The program wrinkled her brow. She did not present when she was in the exam, so she didn't know the specific details of the original.

Shangyuan Na Rou slowly closed his palm, whispered: "The second-generation eyes of a thousand hands, the embarrassment of the embarrassment, which seems to be strong when the test is in the middle of the exam ... I doubt that the big snake pill found a way. It is possible to let these martial arts that have been born with them! "

"What joke!"

The three generations of Si Shado is immediately jumping out.

The aperator whose should be speech has not yet opened it. After the three-generation Tang Shadow heard the original Needle, the whole person couldn't sit now!

The expression of Dashewa is extremely overcast: "Although I have never seen how powerful in the beginning of the sun, I have seen the strength of the Sui Zhibo spots he killed, if it is close to their full day the power of…"

This can't be hit.

This is the supetger of wild wild.

When the thousand-handles, the thousand-handles was pressed against the continent, until he was dead, and some people dared to jump out ...

Shangji wrinkled and frowned, loudly calmed the wilderness: "The three generations of noodles don't worry, what you said, you should also be in the resurrected ninja."

Dashewa: "..."

This fuck still hits a hammer!

The heart of the wild is really panic!

The forehead of the three-generation Si Shadow gradually took a drop of cold sweat, he lowered: "You Zhiwa's spot guy is a unclatible monster!"

To be honest, Dashewa is more horrible as Zhimbo spotted!

Single only mentioned the first generation of the thousand-handles, the three generations of Si Shado Wood's heart is only a little fear; but when it comes to Yuxi Bo, the heart of Dashewa is already panicked!

What's more, the legend of the ninja and the endurance of the neighboring, it is this lineup to suppress the newly built country to die.

Dano is a childhood, it is to grow with the first generation of the Spring and the second generation, he knows that the stubborn old man and the second generation of the original Di Dynasty have no some arrogant people. !

In the same year, the wild wood and the second-generation Tangshi went to the wooden blackened alliance, and it was easily defeated by Yuxi Bao, and even didn't have to look at them ...

"It's a trouble ..."

The eyebrows are not frowned by autonomous.

After listening to the name of Yuxibo, the mood of the agency is not very good. Two ninja close to the whole day, the combination of thousands of handles + Yuxi Bouche ... even is the complete nine tail of Chakra, I haven't used it in the past!

What's more, there is half of the nine tails in the enemy.

This is really not a general man.

Shangqi said quietly: "Compared with the first generation of the thousand-handles between the first generation, the two people, which seems to be left, the three generations of fire, the golden flash, the four generations, the woody white teeth flag wood What is Dago is broken, it is not important to mention ... "


Others at the scene have some speechless.

Originally they thought they were already married, such as the four generations of Lei Ying heard his old father was excavated, the mood was not very good ...

The result is now sound, they seem to be very lucky?

Wooden This is the grave of the first age, is planted by the big snake!

In addition to the five-generation eyeliner, the other fire, the other fires have been revived, which is really awkward and feels horrible!

After all, the four generations of Lei Ying Ai arrived in the four-generation fire wave wind door, but he deeply knows the horror of the wave of Water gates!

"and many more!"

The eyes of the agency, she fiercely looked at the original navigation, and the voice was deep: "Do you see it in your own eyes?"

Non-operator, after listening to this skewers, especially the last Qigo is a bit can't sit!

"Well? Broken? Kato is broken? His strength is very strong?"

Shangyuan never watched a hand.

This moment he seems to be an ignorant teenager.

The hand shook his head and slowly returned to the chair: "He is not a strong problem, he is just ... forget it, you continue to say!"

Shangyuan Needo was inexplicably looked at the master, this is soft and continues: "When the pharmacist is still in the bottom of the child, we will go to the rock village. The pharmacist has shown his collection for me, except for the shadow. There is still a lot of strong ... "

As the last navigation, there are more and more, everyone's face is increasingly ugly, and even some heavy.

To be honest, this war has not yet started a lot of confidence, which has nothing to do with their personality, but reason and reality, single only a thousand hand and Yuxi Bouvet, is not what they can easily solve. .

That's two strong people who have pressed an era of all endure, until today I heard their reputation will make people gave birth to awe!

Especially the three generations of Si Shado, this person ...

As a living older person, he has a lot of age, and it will be more.

"If all the information said, if the war is said, then our war has not yet started almost a painful ending ..."

The three generations of Si Shado is slowly hanging down, and there are many signs in the sound: "In the face of the gentle, in the face of the first generation of the shadow and Yizhibo spheres, especially they are still a reformest, and ordinary ninja does not play out. What special advantage ... "


All people's eyes start to flow mutually.

If you want to solve your original sun and Yizhibo spheres, at least make strength of the strong ninja to fight or entangle, and now the most powerful ninja ...

After reading each other, I finally stopped slowly in the original Nairi, and I'm from the record. Shangyuan Nairou should be in the comparative, the strongest person!

Even, there is also hope to fight the two guys!

After all, when I got the other movie-level ninja, I seem to be very bright, almost the opponent defeated with a strong power!

So, now I will start the members of the members of the families, and I can also serve as the war of other embarrasses!


Shangyuan Nae lost his fingers.

For right, it is this kind of eye!

Just now, the threat between Unexpected Wizard and the thousand-handed columns, not to let them realize that he is the hope of this war!

"Let's discuss it!"

The palm's palm gradually closed. She looked at everyone, whispered: "Quintage to form an unprecedented Ninja coalition army, to deal with the threat of a group of people in Big snake pills and Yisi Board!"


I naturally won't be against this proposal. He stood calmly: "Face enough to destroy this tolerance threat, and work together is the best result ..."


According to Meitu, I nodded, whispered: "If this is, it is also convenient for our intelligence sharing and unified command.

"I didn't object this."

After the three generations of Si Shado, I took a nodded, turned to the people who were present, cold tang: "So should the tension of the Ninja coalition will be given?"

The four generations of Lei Ying nodded, and the voice is lighter: "If it is a little guy who doesn't understand the war, it will be suffering!"

"Well, you have reasonable ..."

Shangyuan Nairou is nodded, whisper: "It is best to be a big snake pill and Yisi Bozhi, the grate knows the roots, need a reason to know the reality ..."

After the Shangyuan Na, he said that he has a pointer to the opening: "Don't be the kind of not to recognize your strength, you must rush it in a brain."

"Breast, what do you say!"

The temper of the four generations Lei Ying immediately detained!

The Lei Ying slammed in the table, but the host three boats seem to take this, the material used in the table is good, there is no direct smashing!

But this extravailed moment caused other people's vigilance!

All shaded guards have to fall on the ground, they even thought that this is the Lei Ying Yuki, I want to count the shadow of their village!

"go back!"

Shangyuan Na Luo waved his palm, and a group of wind suddenly passed away from his hand, and he fell next to him: "There is no matter here!"

"Blend ..."

The Jiu Lang is standing in his waist.

Obviously, Jiu Lang has already felt that it is absolutely different when he is taking the exam, how can it be a trick to a spike!

Black Sato also stood up. She stared at the eyes of Shangyuan Na, and there was a little dignified: "This is the power of the crime of rain?"

Darui, Handcuffs and Changshi and others also patted their body climbed up. They didn't think that they had just fell from Shangyuan.

Xiaonan I also want to rush down, just being stopped by it: "Small south, rest assured, no messy, sit here quietly ..."

as expected.

The other images are not very good, everyone waves, let their part retreat back.

The ahead accidentally looked at the original navigation, the palm slowly closed: "Well, we will continue to discuss the Ninja coalition! In order to avoid suspicion in the actual battle five countries, and can have strong enough in the war Strengthening the entire battle, I found a suitable candidate ... "

The hand slowly lifted his head and looked at the original navigation: "Temporarily does not recommend the highest commander of the United Jian army, just in order to cope with the war, I propose Yuyin Village, the original Naja, the head of the Ninja Captain!"