I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 330 Pharmacist, I have been looking for you for a long time (third!)

The strength of Shangyuan Needs is the strongest.

The identity of Shangyuan Nair is definitely the highest commander. The master thinks that it is better to give him the most suitable position, by the way, the power of the original Needle, lest this guy waiting to take the table directly.

And they are very powerful in the enemy they have to face now.

Before the program, the power of Shangyuan Na Raido is only able to solve a part of the embarrassment, avoiding greater losses in the Ninja coalition;

So when you get Unexpected, you may be resurrected with the peak strength, it is essential.

The master hopes that the original naval can be best able to meet one of Yizhibo spots and thousands of handles in the truth. If the original navigation can even defeat one of the people, it can also bring a big fortune for them.

As for the original Needs to solve them two ...

The program is really dare not want to think about this.

Shangyuan Na Lu is not careful to do any duties in the Ninja coalition, as long as he gets him a real-time transfer of the Ninja, it is ...

As a result, the apeer proposed him to serve as the Captain of the Ninja coalition, gave him the power to mobilize the Ninja coalition in the battlefield.



How is this very interesting!

Shangji picked up the eyebrows, open the mouth asked: "Expedition, the coach leader will do me to make cannon fans?"


The hand shook his head and explained: "Because your strength is the strongest, it is better to understand the Ninja of the secret, and the appropriate ninja troops can be taken to the Ninja that they can overcome;

The most important thing is that once a crisis is encountered, as the Captain of the Ninja coallers, there is enough power to solve some powerful enemies ... "

"The Hand is in the case of Yuxi Bao and the initial generation of fire."

The brow wrinkled in Shangyuan Na, and the sound suddenly lowed: "I don't think it is eligible to challenge them ..."

The hand shook his head and looked at the original navigation. "I used to see the synthesis of the treasury. If there is any way in the way, it is also a kind of weakening for them ..."

"I disagree."

Four generations Lei Ying looked very happy, I would like to make different opinions on the spot: "Wait, he is a member of Xiaoyu, how can it make the coalition!"

"But the strength of Shang Shang Zha is very powerful."

Dashewa recognized the proposal of the agency at this time, his palm slowly packed a fist, there were some yin: "Any force may increase our wishes, not to mention the Ninja, the top of the new era is a new era. God! "

The eyes of Dashewa slowly looked at the four generations of Lei Ying, Shen Sheng: "Lei Ying Hou, now it is not a matter of the past grievances, if you can't overcome Yu Zhibo spheres and initials, welcome our absolute nothing! "


It is also slow to nod to the United States.

This woman is also a legend that heard the legend of Yuxi.

The Water country's foggy village, almost no exception, all are bullied by the guys who are in Sui Zhihu; When the end of the endurance battle, the Ninja in the fog hidden village is often handed over with Unexpello ...

This is really a paragraph.

"We discussed next, that is, the highest commander of the entire Ninja coalition, responsible for directing all the actions of the Ninja Cooperant!"

On his own chair, her finger knocked on the desktop: "I hope this person will not have any objection. After all, this is to command the Ninja army, which is responsible for the entire endurance!"


My love is slightly sweeping, and my eyes stayed on the hand: "It seems that there is no more suitable person who is more suitable than the right hand?"


I nodded with a beautiful.

At this point, she and I love Luo, my hand is the same.

Regardless of how to see, the old three-generation Tang Shanti Wood and a greedy four-generation Lei Ying, the allies of the aid look still very reliable.


The original Nairi is a juice.

For him, no matter who chooses anyone.

The four generations of thunding thinking did not agree, and he immediately put forward against opinions: "Why is the aperator! She is a guy who is not confused!

And our enemy's big snake pills have passed by her companions, and they are as good as the wooden leaves, which can not be convincing! "

The face of the hand is dark, and the eyes are dangerous to see the four generations of Lei Ying: "Hey, Lei Yai, when I don't believe it ..."

"When we met in the evening, we didn't throw me in the cold wind."


The eyes of everyone have gradually become subtle.

How can I listen to this, I can't help but think more!

The apeer reached out and helped his forehead and remembered past past. In the past, she had a four-generation Lei Ying when she suffered from probularity.

At that time, one of the four generations of Lei Ying was in the case of Xuan Zhenzhong, and the medical ninja in Yunyin Village was helpless, they had encountered a master.

At that time, the prime hand promised and gambled with the four generations of Lei Ying, but he drank a night of wine, let the four generations of straightead blowing a night cold ... So the four generations of Lei Ying saw the Outline in the country of the iron Surperse with late arrival.

The ahead was helpless, and he sighed. "I am not lie to you once? Later, I didn't let your mute help you to save people?"


"alright, alright."

After reading the four generations of Lei Ying, suddenly hook his lips and laughed: "If you promise to put all the Ninja of the Ninja, it is like treating himself, when the part is as careful, I vote you. How is a vote? "


The four generations of straits were caught in silence.

This can be a thunder and a man's commitment!

Shangyuan Na was in this time, the momentum said: "In fact, the four generations of Lei Ying is also a good choice, at least he lives in my fist ..."

"... shut up!"

When I heard the first half of the sentence, I was still a little better than the original navigation. I heard the latter half of the sentence.

The three generations of soles and shadows looked at the four generations of Lei Ying Ai and the five-generation fire book, and the heart was probably clear. It is estimated that the Supreme Commander of Ninja is two.

Some regrets between the three generations of Si Shado Wood: "The old man can also have a hard work, after all, I have also conducted tens of thousands of ninja to kill ... cough cough ..."

Danyu said that this is not too suitable.

Because in the Yunguang of the wilderness, he has seen the angry look of the four generations of Lei Ying's projection!

"Shoujie, or admit that you are bold to be bold!"

Shangyuan Na Yao gods watched the three generations of noodles, sighed in the air: "When I mentioned that Yu Zhibo spots may be resurrected, your forehead sweating!"

"That is Yu Zhibo spots!"

The three generations of Si Shadow held their own little fists, and he was heavy on the table: "No, how can I be afraid of enemies!"

"I listened to Didara ..."

"Don't listen to Dada's eggs, eight!"

The three generations of Si Shado Tongyu turned his head and looked at the original navigation. It's ugly.

"He won't like it!"

Shang Nai is falling, and I don't want to promise this matter.

No matter how Didara can't go back to Yayin Village, what is the four generations of Siji, otherwise, in fact, the original navigation really wants to try, and a member of the organization to arrange a big country to defend the village to be the leader ...

I think this kind of thing is stimulating!

the other side.

Four generations of Lei Ying looked at the master and solemn eyes, rushing out her hand: "If I come to the chief of the Ninja coallers, I will regard all the Ninja of all countries as my most beloved. This is a man and a promise of Lei Ying! "

"Then please take a lot of advice!"

The hand took the palm of the four generations of Lei Ying, and the lips laughed: "If you do something inappropriate, I will stop your guy at any time!"


The four generations of Lei Ying solemnly nodded.

Just when they solved the highest commanders of the Ninja, a laughter suddenly passed down from above, echoing in this huge room.

"I also want to recommend a candidate for you to become the highest commander of the Ninja coalition. Do you not think in this world, only a big snake pill?" Is it the most suitable candidate? "


Everyone in the scene was a second.

Next second, whether it is five shadows or the guards they carry, including the host three boats of the country of the iron, have all entered a state of warning!

Everyone knows that this is definitely the enemy sneak into enter!

The original Naqi sucks a juice in his hand, and the cup of juice is heavily smashed on the table, and a frague is chaotic on the desktop!

The original neighborhood looked up, looked at the corner of this room, his voice became cold: "Pharmacist, I have been looking for you for a long time ..."