I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 333 This person ... How is this hate?

The pharmacist represents the big snake pills officially declared war!

The pharmacist pockets on the table in the high place, announced the war to the entire endurance, and all the faces of everyone have flashed a mistake.

I have never happened this year in the past years!

In particular, the guy of the pharmacist will actually be in the face of the five shadows, so they will open the fourth endurance battle!

The guts of the pharmacist are really big.

No, it should be said that the big snake pill behind the pharmacist is really big, and it is really large, it is true to officially announce to the whole world!

"The big snake pill is very courageous!"

Shangyuan Na's eyes smoked, slowly collapsed the surprise of his face, full face, deep and deep: "The fourth endurance battle, it is really terrible!"

The pharmacist has announced the fourth endurance battle, and it is really a little meaning. It is better to have the soil belt with soil.

Don't say anything else, at least let the name of the big snake pill deep into the heart.

Hey, when the big snake pill is resurrected from the Dragon Land Cave, I hope he can accept this brutal realistic!

Regardless of the big snake pill, the pharmacist has helped him with the whole world.

Just let the original navigation is curious about how the pharmacist will come to the end how to persuade the big snake pill, or how he should flicker the big snake pill ...

The pharmacist also took this task at the time, and please go to the original navigation, even if he relieved, he said he would handle the big snake pill ...

It's curious.

When Shangyuan Na was curious here, the mood of Yisi Board and wave wind door behind the pharmacist was very subtle.

Mom, stinking!

Is the pharmacist and the original navigation of these two bastards have agreed by the people of the big snake? Directly use the name of the people to declare war!

Moreover, these two people also have a favorable status in two camps, even in their respective camps, and can lead this soon!

They have two estimates have nothing ...

The five major countries participating in this war must be very miserable.

Every endurance war is a pain in the entire endurance. Even if the five major countries are also unable to bear, especially the largest injuries caused by the largest third endurance war, so that the five major people In recent years, I have been following each other.

They broke for 20 years ...

Some people now declared war, although the strength behind this declaration war is indeed amazing, single only is the qualifications of the five major countries.

Big snake pills and their squatting ninja troops are more harmful than the strength of the organization.

Obviously, this war is destined to be even more fierce.

Maybe, there is no country in the entire endurance, there is no rivoting, or even any ninja can be spared.

"I didn't expect the fourth endurance battle to appear in this form ..."

As a three-generation Tang Shao Wyu, who has experienced three endurance bats, it is really a bit uncomfortable: "Declaration to the entire endurance, are you serious?"

"if not?"

The pharmacist smiled and spread his palm and whispered: "You refuse to surrender to the big snake pills, then we can only appear in the posture of the conquer."

After the pharmacist said, he pushed his own glasses: "Think of it is excited! The victory of the fourth endurance war is the entire endurance, who wins this war, who can come Warm this world! "

The three generations of Tang Shanti is full of shocking, looking at the laughing pharmacist, shaking his head: "You are ... mad!"

"Just do you say ..."

The pharmacist told the people present, and waved his palms: "Then when we come again next time, it is in the battlefield ... You will take care, will."

After that, Yisi Bo telled to reach out of the shoulder of the pharmacist.

Shangyuan Nair's figure suddenly appeared around the pharmacist, one hand arrested him: "Give me the body of the adult!"


The wave style is in front of the original Naqi, his nine lama mode is fully open: "Sorry, Shang Shangha, although I can't overcome you, but I can stop you for a few seconds, this time is enough to leave here. .

Moreover, the fourth endurance war has begun, I think that all shadows should not waste their own time, but should consider more important things.

For example, how to defeat the big snake pill. "

"Yes, let's cheer!"

The body of the pharmacist was incorporated by Unechyo to the soil, only left his big laugh: "Don't worry, I will go to you, when I will give you a long door, it must be a living Long door! "

Next moment, the wave of the water gates also grab the figure of Unexpello, and the scene of flying the Fifth Video Conference with Unexpello.

Even if it is the arrival of the original Nairi, it seems that it can't stop the golden flash of the heart.

Next moment, the waves and Yuxi Board will disappear!

In this way, these two people have no way to stop.

Shangyuan Na was looking at the empty table, and slammed his fist, and a punch cracked the table in front of the table!

When I arrived at the table, my face was ugly: "Sorry, register the name of the long-haired adult on the list of enemies!"


The five shadows in the field were nodded.

The three generations of Tang Shanti slowly slowly lowered his head, and the voice gathered: "Now, what should we do?"

"Continue our talks!"

The apeer looked at the grievances of the face, and the high voice: "Now start to build a Ninja coalition army, to make the troops of the ninja of each village, there is not much time, absolutely can't waste any time!"

"Then quickly make up the Ninja coalition!"

The four generations of Lei Ying face is difficult to open: "When I am still alive, we will be successful when we are alive, we can encircle the big snake pills!"

"It's hard to say ..."

Illuminated, wrinkled his own brow: "If the pharmacist has just mean, there is no mistake, the current big snake pill may be extracted from the Eight Tail of Yun Yin Village, but we don't have their intelligence now ..."

"There is another trouble problem ..."

The three generations of land shadow looked at the aperary hand and the voice, Shen Sheng: "That is the big snake pill does not seem to show the interest of the nine tail of the wooden leaves ... This is what the big snake pill resurrection ten Leave only one of him to pick up the beast to Chekra? "

"Maybe it is a good news for us!"

Shangji nodded and sighed: "At least the strength of Naruto is very strong, can be used as the main force here."


It is also standing around the board, I will be sinking for a while, I am: "And we can know, that is, the nine tails in the water don't take ..."

After saying it here, I also turned around to look at the original navigation: "Hey, Shangyuan, how long it takes to take the tail beast to Check!"

"It's hard to predict."

Shangji shook his head, thinking after a while, returning: "If the big snake pill extracts the two tail and the nine tail of the tail of Chakra, I should estimate that he should still need at least half a month or even more time!"

After saying it here, the expression of Shangyuan Nairo became a bit not very good: "This is also difficult to determine. After all, I have to look at the ninja factor in the tail beast ...

In case, in case of the pharmacist, the big snake pill has got the sick of the six cactors, and he may take a short period of time. "

Because the pharmacist has not come to him and give him the exact date ...

After all, the body of the big snake is still cultivated in the laboratory!

The Big Snake Pills have not climbed out from the Dragon Land Cave, and the invitation to the endurance war is, the more interesting.

To be honest.

The original Nairou really wants to look at the big snake pills, what is the expression when he heard these news.

"In short, it is still the first!"

The apeer looked at the people present, and he opened his sorrows: "You can be the high-rise of the Ninja, how can we go on this! Now we are discussing here, please send people to their own villages to order the command, The whole department is mixed! "

"Not bad."

After the four generations of straited, they sat on the table, and the sounds told: "In addition to this, all the perceived ninja in the village is discharged out, and the inspections are inspected, searching the big snake pills s position!"

The four generations of strands bite a bites: "If we can find him before the Big Snake Pills are taken before the end of the end, then we will seize a victory in advance!"

After that, the four generations of Lei Yings immediately turned to: "Darui, immediately return to the village to the whole troops, pay for the cold, and they assign the search area, start searching from the country of Lei, and started to Searze West after completion ... "

The three generations of Si Shadow also looked at the black soil, and the sound was told: "Immediately send the information to the village, you also tell the loess in person, let him assume the knowledge of the big snake pill, starting from the country of the earth After completing the east search ... "

Five-generation style, I love Luo, I have a look at my brother and my sister. I have a sample to open the mouth: "Search Jiulang, I want to immediately pass the news, tell the matter here ... calculate, or you go straight!"

The five generations of fire shadows turned to the head and looked at it, and Shen Yun said: "Late, things you have heard, whether it is to deliver information in the village, or the collection of the entire troops, all please give you ä "

"rest assured."

Located carefully.

In the wooden village, the prestige of the apeer is also upright.

After the five-generation water shadow was silent, he looked at Changzhou Lang's opening: "Deliver information to the village, first send aware of the knowledge of the self-discrete!"


At the last time, I looked at the comparison between the five countries. After sighed, I slowly climbed my palm and looked at Xiao Nan Road: "Teacher, the country is handed over, I immediately sent Yuan Gu Yanlong. Send you back. "


Xiao Southern nodded.

Just as the ancient dragon dropped from the sky, the Jiuro and the coming were also full of envy of this ancient dragon mount.

This Tongle beast is really handsome and pulled, and the speed is fast.

It's also simply looking at the original navigation, and I asked: "Hey, can I take a paragraph?"

"I also want to take a section ..."

Black Soil also stood up, and there were some red losses on his face: "Right, after I finish the mission, I can go to your Didala brother!"


The three generations of Si Shado Wood is jumped by his own granddaughter: "Can you give me a clear master, I have to break out, and there are many important things that have not been solved!"

"Spring, don't be too demanding for the little girl ..."

After the original Nairou shook his head, he looked at the black soil and Yan Yue: "Ha, do you want to see Didala? Oh, don't think!"


Black soil is a bit dumbfounded.

This person ... how hate so!