I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 334, the black, can join the Ninja coalition, and what else is not thinking!

The little girl in black left with others.

The remaining people in the scene have seen the Shangyuan anger, and the apeer looked at the original navigation and sighed: "It's bad ... I was so cute a teenager, the current change is really big! I really don't know that you have experienced these years. What happened ... "

Shangji, I lost my mouth, a word badly died: "What can I experience? How to catch the beast every day, how to destroy the five major countries!"


Upward Naidu, since the exposure of his identity, it seems that it is more and more amazed, and this guy can't be a little positive!

Is this completely released?

The hand has taken out his hand to take the right shoulder, whisper persuaded: "Hey, Shangyuan, don't you want to be an initial rainy?"

The agency is seriously persuaded.

As long as the original Na will be able to play a pivotive role and huge merits in the upcoming war, there will be several countries in the five major countries to support the original rainy shadow, so that the country may have hope to become the sixth Big country.

"Don't want it."

Shangji shook his head, showing a smile of playing taste: "I am now the leader of Xiao, even if you are in front of me, I don't dare to let go, why do I want to be a rainy shadow?"


The face of the hand is black, her finger holds a little bit: "Forget it, I don't say it, continue to discuss the Ninja coalition!"

The leaders arranged their part to seize the big snake pills and the entire troops, and they would continue to talk about the command and logistics issues of the Ninja coalition.

In addition to the five countries, there is no other big fortune, and the three boats of the country have also chosen to join the Ninja.

In this way, it is basically an integrated tolerance.

This force seems very powerful, which is the most large-scale Ninja army in the history of the endurance, but the enemy they have to face is the big snake pill, which is about to hold the ten tail, and he is a powerful embassy.

Perhaps because the threat of the big snake pill is too serious, the rhythm of the Five Shadow Talks suddenly accelerated, and they quickly developed the selection of the ninja troops.

The leader of the coalition: the three generations of Tang Shanti Wood, the four generations of Lei Yingsai, the five generations of wind shadow, I love Luo, the five generations of water shadow, the beautiful, the five-generation eyeliner, and the rainy village + Xiwi woven led for the original navigation.

The highest commander: four generations of Lei Ying Ai.

General Staff: Five Generation of Sparks.

Captain of the coalition: the original navigation of the Yuyin leader.

These positions are very interesting, and the four generations of Lei Ying are responsible for overall the entire battle, including logistics support, protecting the big name, and the intersection of the overall distribution of the fighting troops. The actions are responsible for the four generations of Lei Ying, avoiding him to make an inexpensive decision.

Shangji Na Lu is responsible for the fighting force of the entire Ninja coalition, will be discontinued on the battlefield, mobilizing each ninja army to meet the enemy, will also participate in the battle as a high-end combat.

Staff troops: Nara Luojing, Ma Black (Lei Ying's Secretary)

This unit is mainly responsible for the proposal, and it is ready to provide a suitable combat method for the front battlefield.

Intelligence Force: Shanda, Japan

This troops are mainly responsible for collecting intelligence to transfer throughout, mainly to the two wooden ninja in the young and mountains.

The original history should be a captain's position by the vulneous ninja Yue Yin Village, but unfortunately, because he spokes to Shangyuan Na's identity, he was killed by Shang Na, and now it seems to be blocked by the pharmacist.

This is really ... helpless.

Perception troops: Hi, black

This troops are mainly responsible for collecting intelligence sensational enemy.

The leadership of this troops are one of the guards of Lei Ying, and is also known as the left hand of Lei Ying. The phase is.

Another command is trimmed.

Yes, Shangyuan Na Ruo helped black to find a position, and put it into the Ninja coalition army, this relief is not too magical!

After writing a black name on the list, I opened it again: "Hello, Shangyuan, do you determine this person reliability?"

"I checked, I used me as reliable."

After that, the Shangyuan Na will continue to say: "Because the big snake pills and Yisi Bo took the power of the seniors, they wanted to kill people, I think the predecessor will definitely play a huge role in this endurance battle. "


The duty was nodded, whispered: "No wonder that Yuxi Bo belt soil deliberately leaked it to know this, maybe we really blame him!"


Shangji is a breath.

Really ...

Darkness can be mixed into the Ninja coalition ...

What else is there?

As long as you work hard, you will definitely get!

Shangqi Nai Lu also wanted to see if it was a ninja to become a ninja, which would show out what expressions will expose, will it be very happy?

Surgery troops: Search Jiulang.

This unit took the lead in attack and tried the power of the enemy.

In the simple man, it is actually responsible for cutting the enemy's head or takes his head. If you are lucky, you can cut the enemy's head. If you are not lucky, you have to cut your head by the enemy. Before you die. Information delivery ...

Great Guard: Five-Generation Water Shadow Beauty.

It is mainly responsible for protecting the big names and aristocrats in various countries, there is no doubt that in the long gates and Shangyuan Nair, the country of rain does not exist.

How can I sit in another person on the seat of God?

First Funding Force: Daruei

Second Combat Troupe: Three Generations Tang Shado

Third Combat Force: Flagkarta

Fourth Fighting Force: Five-Generation Wind York, I Love

Fifth Battle Force: Three ships

Medical Logistics Force: Silent and Dolphin

The leadership of these combat troops is basically nothing to say.

Only, I was in the third battle force, I was responsible for lasting battle, I looked at the name of the captain's flag woodkasi for a long time. Who can tell him that when the flagmark is on the time? Relationship?

In addition to these, there are two most important forces.

The first special combat team captain:

The first special combat team member: swirls, LiLick, Mitka, big and.

These are basically a powerful member, ready to pay for those strong ninjas that will be paid to the rigidity!

As for the second special combat team, it is very seen.

Second Special Combat Team Captain: Shangyuan Needs.

The second special combat team member: Red sand, Didala, corner, flying segment, drove ghosts, ghost lights, ghost lights, Lin Yuyu, glow night Jun Ma Lu, white.

Yes, the whole organization is assembled.

Members of all the organizations have also joined the Ninja Coordinars.

It is really dark, and the five shadows in the scene is still slightly dark. They are really hoped that they will play their role on the battlefield, it is best to wash their sinful life in glory.


Shangyuan Nairies is the team leader of the Ninja coalition, and the pharmacist is a member of the warfare of the big snake pill camp. They will not allow this.

"Shangyuan ..."

The program wrinkled his own brow and looked at the original navigation: "I remember your teacher Xiaonan strength is very powerful!"

"The strength of the teacher is indeed very strong."

Shangji shook his head, Shen Sheng: "But her battle is dependent on the explosion, I am worried that the number of she misunderstood the Ninja coalition will have more ..."

After that, Shangyuan Nai fell to his forehead, the voice slowly lowed: "Let Xiaonan to be in Yuyin Village ..."

"This is not a decision that the Ninja should make."

The program shook his head and did not recognize the opinions of the original Nairi: "If your teacher knows your arrangement, she will definitely not agree with your opinion, I can see it, Xiao South can be a person who is strong!"

"Ha ha…"

Shangyuan Nai is not laughing, whispered: "This time our war will definitely be very tragic, I am very likely to die in this war ... I don't want the teacher to see my tragic look, I I hope she can live. "

The planner took the shoulder of the original navigation, and sighed. "Shangyuan, the war has not started, don't be so pessimistic!"


Four generations of Lei Ying's punches were on the table, and they were open: "You can be discouraged when the Ninja coalition, how can it be discounted when the battle has not started!"

"Although we don't occupy any advantage ..."

The three generations of Si Shado looked at the original navigation, the sound of the old, the voice: "But before the war begins, no one can determine the victory, even the strength is a disparity war, or may have a change in a change ..."

The three generations of Sangshowan is really ... Eat enough.

In that year, Dashewa led the 10,000 Ninja troops to meet the cloudy troops of the three generations of Lei Ying, because the three generations of thunding shadows were too strong, so the strategy failed.

Later, Dashewa sent a force to go along the country of the grass in the country. The result has encountered the four generations of fire shadow windshields, and has changed the battle with one person ...

Where is it?

It is obvious that the war is a winning war, but it is biased because there is a explosive ninja, which leads to the failure of the strategy ...

"Well, I know."

Shangqi Nairou looked at the list, whispered: "Now, since it is finished, then I will go back to know the group of guys, let the elder generation will go to the village to perceive the ninja troops, search the big snake pill position ... "


Other five shadows have nodded.

They have already negotiated from roughly, and the rest is to quickly complete the ninja troops in various villages, thus collecting all participants in the war.

The fourth endurance battle ...

The Ninja coalition camp is set up!