I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 336 Do you have a pit, a few times? (Third!)

"Shanghao, come to celebrate!"

Dida lifted a long-awaited strange clay bomb, whisper: "Celebrate you as the coallers of the coalition, let's put a grand fireworks!"

The red sand is taking the clay bomb, and the brow can't help wrinkle: "Didala, what is your hand?"

"C4 · Jiao Luo!"

Didala holds the clay bomb, palm palm, put his own mouth: "This is my original to kill Up to kill Uzhi Pub, and then there is no chance to use. On! "

This kind of power is very powerful.

Unfortunately, Didara has not used it.

Since Didara created the Caataro, I have been put in Didala's endurance package, and I have never used it.

Now Dida is intended to treat this as a big firework.

"You can stay to Sasuke ..."

Shangyuan Nai fell to his own brow, refused Didara to make a celebration method for him to serve as the coallers of the coalition.

Because he has more important things to do now.

The first thing is natural to ask the progress of the drug.

Shangyuan Na Rou slowly erected his fingers, his will came to the dirty water gates of the pharmacist: "I have become the Captain of the Ninja, I have to prepare the enemy of the battle to be resurrected. ? "

Shangyuan Na is equipped with Big Snake Pills, prepared a strong goal, prepared enough powerful strength, prepared enough terrible enemies ...

Now, the big snake pill is starring!

Pharmacist: "..."

It's really unscrupulous to go to the original Needle!

It's time, it's time, given the characteristics of the fusion of the perimeter cells, as long as enough in the initial generation of cells can make the throat of the graft wheels.

The pharmacist looked at the white laboratory, pushing his own glasses: "It should be in these days, I am worried, if the big snake pill has just transplanted into this body directly collapsed ..."


Shangyuan Nairou does not matter where the mouth: "The big snake pill is not the soul ... Anyway, the body crashes this kind of thing, the guy of the big snake pill should be used to it!"

Pharmacist: "..."

The big snake pill is really habits.

But it is not because this reason let the big snake pills suffer from the pain of the body crash? At that time, I re-produced my body is still trouble ...

And the big snake pill is also can't live in a few days ...

What's more, the big snake pill is in the Dragon Dragon, can't give some powerful body, let him enjoy it?

After the pharmacist, after a while, the pharmacist made a reason: "If the body crashes, it will affect the big snake pills to extract the eight-tailed and nine-tailed Chakra, will it affect the column of the ten tail?"

"Should it affect?"

Shangyuan Nairi thought for a while, gave a very exact answer: "If the big snake pill is coming, as long as he becomes a tail column, his body should not collapse ... Hey, perhaps his awareness may be better than the body Faster. "

Shang Nai, I thought about the fourth endurance battle, the first ten tail column Li Yu Zhihe belt soil is sorted by the 10th tail ...

Just even the willfuling Unexpello belt is almost swallowed by the ten tail, the guy of the big snake pill will not be swallowed with the tenth?

The original Nairou suddenly worried.

What should I do if the big snake pill is being swused?

Do you let him go to the last ten tail of the original team?

Now I am a little more than I want to have a little more, because the future of the big snake pill is getting rid of the Wans of the Ten Tail. It is absolutely unable to think about the original navigation ...

"Should you take a while?"

Shangyuan Nai touched his chin, I thought about it later, I gave up the continued thinking, just told: "Forget it, I only hope that the body or consciousness of the big snake will help us resurrect Yuxi Board and the long door. Just ... "


The pharmacist pockets helplessly agreed, softly opened: "Then I will implement the programs of the big snake pills in these few days ..."

"Is there a confront to convince he believe in you?"

The sound of Shangyuan Nai is a bit serious: "If you don't have a grasp, then I have passed, protect your safety ... it's not a big snake pill!"

"Nairies, please feel free."

The sound of the pharmacist is low, but it is just a whispered smile: "I will convince him ... What do you mean in addition to me, the big snake pill does not have any other people can believe it!"


Shangyuan Nair is in turn, after a while, he asked again: "Can you convince the big snake pill to believe me?"

"This ... I am afraid it."

The sound of the pharmacist sounds a little mentally hesitated. Some want to speak again: "After all, Nairu has no reason to help the big snake pills, and the Nairu adult's thing to the big snake pills before ..."

Shangyuan Nai married a mouthful: "Hey, the things I did to the big snake pill were also somewhat slightly."

Pharmacist: "..."

Needer, you have to point your face!

Are you doing things to Big Snake Pills? Is that a little?

Don't say that it is a guy of this revenge, even if it is changed to a whirlpool, the big guy may not be able to forgive you!

Pit people once, apologize, can forgive.

Two times, I apologize twice, I'm old dead.

Nairu adults, you have so many times, but also in the most exciting of the big snake pills, I interrupt the hope of the big snake pills, and to kiss the life of the big snake! If you are willing to forgive you, then He is still a person!

The pharmacist sighed in a quiet place, and he attached: "Needar, anyway, in your plan, the big snake pill is also can't live too long. Needers do not have to waste time in him?"

"you're right."

Shangnai is as good as the flow, puts forward a question that you are more worried: "The big snake pill will not sell my information, in case he leaked my bottom? I remember that this guy saw me killing the Yishe Bo Tape. Soil ... "

"Needge, can I say the truth?"

The pharmacist is a bit speechless, and there is even some powerful in his voice: "If the Nairu is shaking out the real identity, then, is this the most exciting time this endurance battle?"

"…you're right."

After the navigation, I got a nodded, and I sighed a good air: "Do you know how I did this eight years?"

I have been looking forward to the arrival of this day every day!

I am looking forward to when I have been exposed, everyone's face is surprised and angry. They haven't worry about it. I am fear because when I reveal my identity, I don't have to go back. In addition to the rule, don't No choice! "

Pharmacist: "..."

This sounds like this, it's really people ...

Others are the rule of the endurance as a life, how to get the neighborhood, the rule of the endurance is also a choice of no choice?

"Forget it, tell you that you don't understand."

Shangji shook his head and continued: "Yu Zhibo spheres will be handed over to you, you can communicate with him in advance, secretly disclose my identity, let him know that I have always standing with him! "


The pharmacist should be respectful, so after the pit is finished, the next person is the guy of Uzhi Boss?

"there's one more thing."

Shangyuan Needle to manipulate the will of the wave wind gate, continue to use his body to order the order: "Yuxi Houcho is not in this person, find a chance to let him attack the whirlowman!

When you manipulate Su Zhi Pub, he will definitely be modified will be modified by God. I will prepare two Tong Beasts, let the two Tong beasts solve the Hoshi Houchi.

Also, remember to use Unecho Sasuke's life to threaten, let him hit the whirlwise with the enemy's identity, it is best to praise me a few more words! "


After the pharmacist took a while, he promised to follow, and the opening continued: "After I solved the Yuxi Houki, I will write the open eye to Sasuke, let him participate in this endurance battle ..."

This neighborhood ...

Be sure to fine, do you have a clean and clean?

"Yes, that's it."

Shangyuan Na Rouked up: "However, Yishabo family is some traitors. Sasuke this guy may definitely defend us!"

The pharmacist couldn't help but show a smile: "Sasuke this guy is still thinking that Nerat of Needers is a good man, but he still only wants to destroy the wooden leaves ..."


Shangji nodded, left the last order: "The eight tail column Li Qirabi seems to have a way to live after being drawn in the tail beast ...

You give him a little bit of your information, then bring some good intelligence to me, let him go back! "

"…it is good."

The pharmacist sighed, and finally couldn't help but praise: "It's true ... in the eyes of Needar, everyone can use the value, but unfortunately, this value will be squeezed by Nair Clean net ... "

Really ... case of people!

After the Shangyuan Na will be silent after a while, continue to say: "I doubt that you are ironic, I am too lazy to keep with you, first dealing with the rogue of the killer, let me send me a white sacrifice!" "

After that, Shangyuan Na will cut off.

the other side.

A dark underground base.

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and took a white sacrifice, let the wave wind doors and Yisi Bo belt immediately give the original navigation.

Wait until the water gates and Yisi Bo belt soil leaves.

The pharmacist is slowly looked at another white body lying on the laboratory, which is the body he prepared for the big snake pill.

It is already complete, just equipped with it.

The pharmacist took out the small bottle with a round-eye, slowly played with a small bottle: "The big snake pill, finally you can bring you from despair from despair ..."

After the drug teacher opened the bottle and took a round to the eye, his eyes flashed a bright!

"The big snake pills, I hope you will forgive me, let you once again reopened the peak, and I am forced to let you fall from the peak ..."