I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 337 What is the powerful powerful (!)

Shangji settled a safe place.

When the pharmacist is ready for the body needs of the big snake pill, the original neckline finally waited for the wave style and Yuxi Bo.

They brought to the original material for the last navigation.

Now, everything is ready.

At the end of the original Nervous, he smashed his palm. He looked at the waves of the Water Gate: "Four generations, let you make your heads to reunite, happy?"


What is happy?

Wave style is full of face.

What is worth having fun!

I saw that the strength of the original naval is getting stronger and stronger. The strength of the savings is more and more, but also hidden their own identity, and even have been mixed into the high-rise of the Ninja, how can the wave of the wind? !

Now I have to see the original naval, the first generation of the first generation of the thousand-handles, the wave wind door can control their own words, definitely want to desperately killing the original navigation this scourge ...

Unfortunately, the waves of the waves can only look at all this happen.

"Let me take a look ..."

After Shangyuan Nai raised his hand, shoot it on the ground moment!

Next, a spent is beginning to spread in the ground, and instantly enclose the cells and the white sacrifices in the initial generation of thousands of hand!

I saw that the cells of the initial generation of the sun were countless dust clastic, and wrapped it with the white and white, and then a movie is revealed!

It is the first generation of rigid shadows!

Shangyuan Nairou looked at the figure of the killer gradually condensed. His face finally became serious: "Let me see it, the strength of the legendary ninja gods is so strong!"

When Shangyuan Na, just finished, the thousands of hands have completely completed the resurrection of the reincarnation. It is just that everyone thinks that a pound of Chakra is going out, but he sees that the initial generation is just slowly lifted. head.

There was a three-person standing in the thousand-handles. He smashed his head, and his face was slightly confused: "Excuse me ..."

"We have seen it."

Shangqi Nairou extended his palm and whispered: "When we take the exam, we should have seen it, the first generation adults have forgotten it? Maybe you have lost your self-consciousness?"

At that time, the big snake pill was still manipulating the three generations of the first generation and the second generation, but they were only sent to the first generation, but the first generation of fire and second-generation rigid seemed to be aware of consciousness, so did he not remember now?

"No, I think it is."

The thousand-handed columns nodded, and the face revealed the look of a bad look: "I remember that your little ghost killed the monkey, but now it looks a lot now!"

"is it?"

Shangyuan Na was touched his face, nodded: "After all, the time has passed in the past few years, I have grown up, is it more handsome than the past?"

"Oh, okay!"

The killer has touched his own chin, and I got the original navigation and nodded: "Your appearance seems to be more than him than him."


The eye angle of Shangyuan Nair smoked, so he said in this first generation of the eyes, or the Yuxi Bo sphere is most handsome!

The gaze of the thousand-handed column has gone to the wave wind gates behind the original naval. After seeing the whirlpad on his head, suddenly the opening: "What is the situation now? Are you not a wooden enemy? How can I be with us? Is the ninja of the leaves together? "

The thousand-handles started to touch their chin and looked at the wave of water. "Hey, little guys, who you are?"

"The first generation of adults."

The wave of the water gardened and nodded respectfully, showing the text behind his robe: "I am the four generations of fire shadow windshields of the leaves."

"Four Generations?"

The color of the thousand-handles is not very beautiful: "If this is said, after this devil kills the monkey, is the fourth generation of fire shadows you are doing? But I see you seem to be reincarnated by the embarrassment ... "

This is only a few years!

What is the niring shadow of the wooden leaves is killed!

"Things are more complicated ..."

The wave wind door opened his hand, and sighed. "In short, I am dead, and it is before the three generations of watching ..."


Shangji shook his head, sighed in the sky: "And the four-generation eyes are being killed by three generations ... Because the three generations of watching wants to take long-term occupation."

"Don't say ..."

The wave of winds and the water gates quickly interrupted the original Nairi, he couldn't help but looked at Yisi Bo belt with himself and whispered: "I have been talking to the territory in private, and the three-generation eyes did not do that kind of thing. "

"never mind."

Shangyuan Nai went to wave, whisper: "Don't think, in this endurance, the three generations of fire is not white, your son now may hate him!"

The eyes of the waves of the waves smoke and looked at the original Na Rong: "This is not all because of your side of the scene ... The truth will be big."

"But the day of the truth ..."

Shangyuan Na Rou slowly raised his own hands, hooking the corner of his mouth: "They have not rebelled my strength!"

Just as the original navigation, I still want to continue to say something, and there suddenly broke out a powerful Chakra when I stood behind him.

In the next moment, the figure between the killer suddenly disappeared in the original place, and the sky kicked his head!

This initial generation is ...

Why don't you talk about Wu De!


Shangyuan Nai Lu rushed his arm and blocked this hit!

"The power is big!"

Shangqi Nairi feels the power on his arm, and looks at the Qianli Circle: "Just a casual, is it comparable to monster? But just attack me, is it too much? What is the reason? "

Shangyuan Nai fell to hook his mouth, he opened the body of the thousand hand: "At the beginning, I am a good man ..."

"I already know that you are the enemy of wood!"

The thousand-hand column is indirectly launched by the original navigation, and the mouth is deeply in the mouth: "This is enough! Any enemy hurts the leaves, I will never let go!"


The two raised their legs and kicked out!

The ground set off a hitting impact angle!

"The current young people really can't look small!"

The thousands of hand came to look at the original navigation, and the eyes flashed a touch: "Have to say, only the body is only the body, you are even a spot!"

"Zhang mouth closes are Yuxi Bao ..."

Shangyuan Nai married a breath, his feet hookped the legs between the thousands of hands, and he did not care: "After we finished, I will send you to Yisi Bo-like."

Shangyuan Na will go to the elbow, his elbow directly hits the chest between the thousand-handles, this first generation of fire is finally hit by the original Nairi!

"Single body surgery ..."

Shangqi Nairou stood straight to the body, and he looked at the thousand-handles between the flying away: "In addition to the eight armor, I have never seen any people who can have the body of the initial generation, even skills. Also more winning! "

In addition to the huge Chakra in the body, the thousand-handed columns, his physical quality is also a cactus, so his strength and speed are almost very amazing!

More amazing is that the combat skills between the thousand-handles!

This experience in the Warring States Age, every hit, in the battle, actually in the life!

Rely on huge physical fitness and powerful physical fitness in the body, you can use your own nipper advantage!

The sentence is real, the endurance has always been known as the strongest nipped three-generation Lei Ying, which seems to be not equipped with the initial generation of fire shoes ...

This initial look, it is really a bit too much!

And the thousands of hands after the reincarnation of the duct is actually weakened. His strength is a bit amazing. It is a bit amazing ... The unscrupulous body of the embarrassment is not a need for a thousand hand.

Because he has a body!

"Your body is really can't be small!"

The thousand-handed collars have been slowly walked, and the wooden horses under the feet stepped on the ground sand. His eyes have gradually become serious: "Your combat technique is more than spots, it is not too much, even power Maybe it is more better than him ... "

The thousand-handed columns closed their palms, watching the original naval, said to persuade: "But you will stop attacking, don't avoid it? In our era, you can get everything in order to get victory! "

"No, not big."

Shang Nai was smiling, and his finger was raised.

The will of Shangyuan Needar is coming on the body of the killer, controlling his actions, letting the first generation of the face change!

"So this is ah!"

The color of the thousand-handed column gradually succeeded, and slowly nodded, and sighed: "I think I can control me, so don't you care about it?"

Next, Chakra, the thousand-handed columns, broke out!

A is almost heavy, people can't breathe!

This is the god of the Ninja who presses the entire endure, this is the strongest person in the era, this is the person who is fixed!

Single only to reveal your own momentum, it is not dare to resist!

Even if it is the last brother's face, I also showed a surprise. When did he pay too much, is it too low to fight the strength of this ninja?

Chakra value between the thousand-handles, absolutely more than 500,000, even beyond a lot, this is a quite man who is more than the whirlpool + half the nine-tailed Chakra!

"If you want to rely on your strength, you seem to have a bit difficult! But you don't want to break away from me ..."

The original neighborhood has erected his fingers. Under the binding of the control force of the dirt, the thousand-hand-in-the-hand-in-the-job is not able to break away from the upper context.

The thousand-handed station is slowly nod, and praises a saying: "It's good, I didn't expect your Chakra so energetic, even compared to the spots Chakra. So you can continue Is it controlled? "

Next, the palms between the killer came to face, and the eyes suddenly appeared a black eye color. He instantly entered the immortal mode at this time!

"Cactus mode · Open!"

The two of the two high portions came!

Just as the thousand-handed post, he wanted to rush on the original navigation by the immortal mode. He suddenly saw the opposite Shangyuan Nairi also launched a three pairs of huge wings!

A huge momentum swept around!

Whether it is Yuxi Bo, or the waves of the waves are forced to go back!

The wings behind Shangyuan never moved slightly, with him floating, at this moment he is a real angel, but he is not the so-called kindness and justice, but strong and dangerous!

Shangji Nai Lu looked opposite the allegori of the cactus mode, slowly extended his palm, holding a powerful fist!

"To be honest…"

The original brother is calm down, his voice gradually became a little illusory: "I have never felt like this clearly ... an unparalleled powerful!"