I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 338 will be a surprise that celebrates the resurrection! (Fifth! Search month!)

"Very terrible ..."

The wave wind door looked at the original Nairi, and his face flashed a deep dignity. He felt an unprecedented pressure.

Some of the sound of the waves and the sound of the waves and asked: "With the soil, you have seen the immortal model to be strong to this point? Whether it is me, or a teacher, it is absolutely unable to compare with Shangyuan's immortal model!"


Yuxi Board is not very good.

Yuxi Bo belt soil feeling that several people in the scene are incorporated: "I will not use the cactus mode ... I have never heard of it."

This is really embarrassing.

There are four people present, three of them will immortal mode.

Only unsolved the guy, even even listening, didn't hear it, until now he doesn't understand what the fairy model is going.

What is the fairy pattern?

This is a problem for Urshi Board.

It's just that Urcho is very clear, that is, the strength of the original naval is definitely stronger, it is stronger than the past!

The original Nairou felt an unprecedented power!

Ten times the energy increase, so that the original navigation can clearly feel the terribleness of this force, there is absolutely not able to hold a punch, and any enemies encountered in the past, it is unbearable under the ultimate form of immortal model. The existence of a hit!

Even if it is a tail of the tail, the Shangyuan Na will also have confidence to play a, this is also one of the top gods of the sixth and big snake pills.

Not only the original navigation, this feeling, his opponent's first generation of the thousand-handles is also able to feel that his enemies seem to be too strong ...

"This momentum ..."

The face between the killer changes slightly, the eyes under the black cactus slowly condensed, and the sound became a little low: "Although I don't want to say this, but your guy is indeed more than me. Strivent! "

Single is just an upper body, it brings great pressure to the killer!

There is a super-fighting intuition in the thousand-handed columns. He can touch the momentum of the original navigation, means how powerful after this guy in front of the alternative!

"Do you know the name of this kind of cactus?"

Shangyuan Na Roked his fist, gave birth to his palm, whispered: "There is a very nice name, its name is called a goddess ... I have understood it? "

"Deng Shen ... long?"

The look of the thousand-handed column has been in a second, and it understands the meaning of this name: "When the immortal mode is opened, can you become the same existence?"

"About this meaning ..."

Shangji nodded unsatisfactory, suddenly smiled and smiled: "In the first generation of fire, as the ninja, I want to ask you a question."

The smile of Shangyuan Nae is a little modesty: "If I claim now to be a god, will it be too big?"


The look of the thousand-handed columns changed.

After a while, the killer suddenly smiled and put a hand: "What is the so-called God, in fact, only one ordinary human ..."

"Maybe you are also right."

Shangyuan Nairi also smiled and nodded. His figure suddenly crossed the body of the thousand-handles, and there was a thousand hand!

At this moment, his speed will not be aware of it!

This is the pressing brought by highland blood and five million life energy!

When the thousand-handed posts saw that the original navigation appeared, he only felt a flower before his eyes, followed by a high-speed hurricane and shock waves swept!

this is…

What speed!

Even if the kaleidoscope written in Upozo is unable to capture the figure of Shangyuan Na, even he doesn't have time to respond, just see the position of the original Needle!

"Is the time of time space?"

Yuxi Bo has frowned his own brow: "It seems like it disappears, it seems to launch faster than the flying teacher of the water door teacher ..."

"Do not."

The wave of wind is shaking his teeth, looking at a sudden shock wave and hurricane that suddenly set off high speed, this moment of the blind-style face is ugly: "He is just simple to move ... purely ... Rely on your own speed ... "

"The first generation is here!"

Shangyuan Nair's hand suddenly wore the chest of the thousand-handles, took a big hole in the body of his embrace, and even the thousand-handles room failed to notice this!

Shangyuan Nai's voice continued to appear in the ear of the thousand-handed columns: "You said it, all enemies who are defeated by our people, it is indeed a so-called god ..."


The cave is incredibly in the cave, wearing the palm of your chest, muttering whispered: "Can't even speed up?"


Behind Nairi Station behind the killer, slowly recovered his arm: "How this feeling is hit by people?"

"not so good."

There was a shaking between the killer, watching your chest big hole slowly recovered, whispered: "Because this reminds me of myself to kill the spot ..."

The battle of the End Valley.

Just as the two are about to be exhausted, Yu Zhibo sphere killed a wood, thinking that he kills the thousand-handles, but he was smashed from behind behind him!

I remembered the matter, the mood of the killer is really bad.

"Do you want to anger me?"

After watching the big cave of the chest, his palm suddenly closed, and he wished: "Then, if you are willing! Wooden tree!"

There are countless dense lasers and big trees drilled the earth. They appeared around them. Every vines and branches were spread toward the original navigation, and the vines and branches were extended. I want to be firmly bound to the original navigation. !

"Dust, limited life!"

Shangyuan Nairi did not hesitate to erect his palm, a white light suddenly appeared in the hands of the original Na, like a white giant sword, and all the branches vines across all the trees, the whole forest was swept away from him. It became an atomic state!

Shang Nai fell to the body of the thousand-handed columns, also turned into a molecule and resorted to the molecule, smiled and opened: "Seeing the woods under the first generation of fire ... I really let me not help but want to perform!"


The body between the killer is gradually formed, but only looks at the original navigation: "The trick just now is very strong, it seems that you have a quite powerful blood in your body ..."


Shangyuan never closed his palm and whispered: "In addition to what the so-called blocked white eye rounds, any blood passed through Chakra nature change, I should have."

Next moment, I was calm and calmly told a single-character model that made a little frightened between the killer: "Xianfa Mu Wei · Truth!"

A tall wooden man Guanyin appeared from the back of the original navigation, the huge Guanyin image is close to the original navigation!

Countless only arms appeared on both sides of Wooden Guanyin!

Whether it is the huge body shape of this, it is still a pressure that is released, and the people who are watching will faintly scream, especially the thousands of hands!

Because of the reincarnation of the mystery, the system is unable to use because of the limits of strength, but he is very clear that this kind of surgery is very clear!

It is relying on true thousands of hands, he defeated Unexpectedly after controlling the nine tail and must be able to force the body!

"Your body ... Do you have a wooden?"

The eyes of the thousand-handed columns flashed a hidden shock, because he was a little shocked to find the true thousands of hands in front of him, and it seems to be more on the first floor of his original surgery!

This guy is so powerful in front of you!

Shangyuan Na was watching the thousand-handed columns in the bottom, calmly ran on his palm, sighed a little: "So use this episode to make it out!

After the end of our combat, there should be someone to survey this ... In this case, those Ninja coalition will only treat my head leader as the only savior! "

Since it is unable to exploit the awareness between the thousands of hands, it means he will disclose the information, and the Shangyuan can only be presented by him, wait until the identity exposure will be used.

However, this is too wasteful.

It is better to let the thousand-handed column back to a black pot!

The true thousands of hands are so moving, and they will not let go of those intelligence to let them, they will know that there will be trolley between the thousands of hands ...

And the thousand-handed columns also launched a war with the original navigation. As for the results of the battle, the results of the original navigation have to be edited ...

This process should be reliabarily.

Because the fact is too screaming.

After all, the original Na will always say that he defeated the first generation of the thousand-handles, and this matter said that it is sure to make people think that the top is crazy.

"Top of the Buddha!"

In the next moment, the palm of Shangyuan Nairou suddenly waved.

In the back of Guanyin, the arms behind the land beat it!

Thousands of huge arms stretched the attack instantly caused a large explosion, this is far more than what is the power of the beast jade!

Even if it is a thousand hand, I can only look at this happening in my eyes. The god of his embarrassment has been smashed into dust debris!

Shangyuan Nairo manipulated a real army, a slap in the sky, and opened the ground, and said: "Yu Zhibo belt, wave wind door, take a pair of places to seal the initial generation Let's! "

"Your guy ..."

Some of the eyes of the thousand-handles are somewhat complicated.

"Do not worry."

Shangji lost a little doubtful and unwilling eyes, calmly opened: "After a few days, the first generation of fire will see your old friend ... Wait until this time, when doing the surprise of me to celebrate the resurrection of me. ! "

Shangyuan nodded himself, hooks his mouth: "Well, he will definitely like this surprise ... Waiting until he is surprised and happy, let him experience the despair!"