I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 339 Dragon Caves' Bad Snake

The initial generation of this guy is too strong.

Upper Naidou can temporarily control the body of the thousand-handles, but there is not enough power to destroy the awareness between the thousands of hands, temporarily treat the killer as a large hand.

When I was waiting until the endurance battle, others didn't reveal his true face. At that time, I made four fires in all the shadows.

That picture is simply not too beautiful.

At the last naval, he looked at Unechyo to leaving the coffin. After leaving the warities, he sighed in the sky: "Do you have any heart disease? I hope that the spirit of those people will be fine ..."

In addition, the rewards in defeating the thousands of hands are also very rich.

Branch mission: Defeat the gods between the Ninja (11), the task has been completed, reward passive talent skills cactus.

The body of the immortal: the energy of life is increased by 100,000, and the energy of Chakra increases by 100,000. The natural energy is increased by 100,000. The life recovery effect is 50%, Chakra energy recovery effect is increased by 50%.

Shangyuan Na will collapse his wings, look at his own attribute panel, frown: "This kind of thing is almost the limit, use such data to participate in the endurance battle?"

Name: Shangyuan Needs (regular mode)

Life energy: 623731

Chakra energy: 621590

Natural energy: 621590

Life energy recovery: 864 episodes

Chakra Energy Recovery: 432

Natural energy extraction: 432

Skill cooling reduction: 100%

Surplus gold coins: 6630

The endurance final prelude is about to open.

At the time, Nairi is still thinking about how to improve strength for the victory of the Treatment Wars, everyone is not too embarrassed. Everyone is tight.

Wooden village.

The apeer and the coming also compiled all the participating troops, including the combat troops and medical ninja troops, etc., as well as special combat teams.

The apeer looked at the mighty team below his eyes, and slowly raised his fist: "Are you ready?"


"Let's go!"


The dull voice spreads throughout the wooden leaves.

Many wooden villagers are standing on the window, looking at this vivo ninja army left the village, these are all the strength of their wooden leaves.

All the ninjas in the entire village were exhausted, more than 10,000 wooden leaf ninja, endure, nectarity, all of them, giving together a long flow.

Shasha's footsteps are endless ...

Until they left the leaves, quickly quickly moved in the direction of each class, and compete for flying toward the Ninja Union Command.

"Let's go too!"

The agency jumped from the rigging building, and the coming followed her figure, others jumped down and chased the direction of their two.

Rocky Village.

Three generations of Si Shada wild wood, loess, black soil and terracotta, standing on a hillside, staring at a team of rustic hidden in front of himself, showing anxiety on his face.

"I don't know how much they can live back ..."

"Madefen, you are the shadow, don't say the words!"

The black soil shakes his head, and his face smiled and smiled. "It's a lot of money! This can be more than 15,000 ninja, whether anyone is in front of this, in front of this, there is absolutely impossible Responsive power! "

Because there is no need to defend the border line, Yingshen Village also gathered all Ninja, all participated in this endurance war.

The three generations of Si Shado sighed.

After the granddaughter was born, there was no tragic war. The only time I saw the cruelty of the battle was still when I was returned to Rock Village ...

More than 10,000 rock pointers are all in the wilderness to ruling so many years!

The entire endure, it is estimated that there are more villages than the number of Ninja, the Ninja of Yingsi Village. The number of ninja is still after the invasion of the original navigation, it has caused huge casualties.

Sandy village.

The five generations of style, I Allowed at a high place, watching the sand in front of a row of sand, and welcoming the wind in the distance.

"I love Luo."

Search Jiulang stood behind my love, Shen Sheng said: "The Ninja troops in the village have been settled, we will go?"


I love to nod.

Next, I had a sand pad under my feet, and I fate over the distance of Jilang and handcuffs, "Then go, hurry up and other villages' ninja military union!"


A large ship galloped in the direction of the Ninja continent.

On the railing of a boat, I killed a ship, and the sea breeles did her hair and showed her face.

The military of the five major people, the army of the country, has been assembled.

Five shadows is still a newly built Yun Yin Village, because it is easy to adhere to it, but also to protect the big name and nobles.

Yun Yin Village.

Perceive the troops collection point.

After a group of batch of people who perceived ninjas were investigated, they rushed to Yun Yin Village to report, and accept the conference of the perceived troops.

Yun Yin is a leader, he looked at the many squads under the eyes, and the face was ugly: "Mr., the team still did not get news about the big snake pill, where is we still search now?"

"Didn't you find it?"

The black standing is by the side, it thinks after a while, the sound of the sound is open: "The body of the outer road is huge, they want to hide the words definitely not easy, and the reaction will be very sharp ... "

After that, after the finishes, the Darkness was caughted: "Is the big snakeball guy already resurrected ten tails? But the trend of the violent is never no movement ..."


I greeted the black and declined, continue: "What happened?"


After shook his head, Shen Sheng said: "This! We brought the team again to search again, the country and soup of the country, the country, Xiong Zhi ... Perhaps the big snakeball guy now has not taken a tail, Just waiting for our perceived troops to investigate, he will do it. "

"it is good."

I nodded carefully.

Since the black rush to report, I would like to have a very admire, because the sense of perception is very strong, it is a intelligence person who has been organized.

In contrast, it is.

Black felt that these perceived troops were quite waste.

So many perceived troops, except for the number of people, there is nothing to use, until now, I haven't found the trail of Big Snake, what is it used?

Just blow it ...

Relying on your own perception, it is not bad in the perceived troops, at least these perceived ninja gets more and more admire.

There is no waste in the tissue.

This point is further deepened because of the decline of the decline, and the personnel who are responsible for the information is excellent!

As for the perceived troops, the big snake pills for the hard work ...

In fact, the big snake pill is still in the dragon hole.

Dragon land departments.

The eight-legged big snake turned, and continued to work up his body. Eight huge snakes picked a comfortable posture and experienced natural energy into the body.

Although there is no way to cultivate immortal patterns, but relocate the ability of the curse, the eight-legged big snake can slowly take the natural energy to use it.

This is the soul of the big snake.

The Big Snake Pill This guy didn't think of fleeing. Unfortunately, the White Snake Cactus of the Longgou Cave was got the instructions of the original Naja, and never allowed the big snake pill to escape.

"Upper Nai Lu Lu!"

The voice of the big snake pill echoed in this area, there is some yin of his voice: "The guy is not telling me that he is going to prepare a perfect body for me? Now I have waited for how long ...

Speaking here, a huge snake head of the eight-legged snake slammed the wall around him. The voice of the big snake pill is getting more and more cold: "It's a uncomproved waste! I still sign a Tongling with him. Contract, has been secretly guiding him experiment ...

When I got next time, my guys didn't get ready, I just grabbed his body, and I finally resurrected, what to explore the secret of my eyes and the outer road, it is better to come! "

Since the beginning of the big snake pill, we want to change the body, and the result is interrupted by the original Needle, and after the small white snake body, the big snake will fall to this situation.

However, the big snake pill did not abandon it.

Because Big Snake Pills think that the pharmacist is not loyal.

Since the pharmacist will betray himself, it will definitely betray it.

For so many years, the big snake pills have been prepared for him to prepare a suitable body for each of the various banned and even experiments.

It is a pity that the pharmacist is always emptied by the original navigation, but he has not completely refused.

It's just that the reason why the pharmacist is giving very strange, even if the big snake pill can resurrect to escape, will be found by Shangji.

As for the consequences found by the original navigation ...

This doesn't require the pharmacist to continue to introduce.

What is the result of the original naval, the big snake pill is a clear, because he has experienced too many times.

In this way, it is better to temporarily.

That bastard is difficult to book on him!

Just as the big snake pill is to start re-extracting natural energy to strengthen his eight-seipher, a bloody call is hitting his whole body.

"Tongling contract? What is it? What is it!"

All the snakes of the eight-legged big snake are not commended by autonomy!

Next moment, this huge body disappeared in the dragon cave, and it chose to accept the spiritual contract from the distance!

After the big snake will leave.

The white snake cactus in the Longdi Cave patrol his body, and it was induced that the eight-legged big snake disappeared in the Dragon Land.

The white snake cactota spitted his snake core, sighed a little: "Big snake pills this idiot, every time I want to escape, I didn't realize that this idiot didn't realize that there is only one dead road, only in the dragon cave Changsheng? "