I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 340, a big snake pill

Among the dark underground bases.

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses.

The pharmacist slowly closed his palm, and made a psychic print. The mouth is low in the mouth: "Needar of Nairi ... These three years can be more than you are playing, I am in front of the big snake pill. Hard work! "

The voice falls, the palm of the pharmacist suddenly falls on the ground, watching the spell of giving birth, sinking: "Impressive · Tongling!"

A smoke fog floats!

Next, the huge body of the eight-legged big snake suddenly appeared!

This huge eight-bit snake suddenly overturned this base, even directly snapped up the hills over the sky, eight huge snakes smashed their huge body!

One of the snakes sat slowly, opened a huge mouth, and slowly slammed the upper body of the big snake pill.


The mouth of the big snake is grinned, revealing a smile: "I thought you have forgotten that I am still suffering!"


The pharmacist swayed and shook his head.

The heart of the pharmacist is lamented. In fact, the big snake will be held in the Dragon Dragon Cave, and it is only guilty after it!

Since these years, the pharmacist has been unfunctory.

If the timing is right, the pharmacist is really ready to give the big snake pill, I hope that the Big Snake Pill will find a leisurely village in the future.

It is a pity that the big snake pill has never given up to the revenge of the original Na.

More unfortunately, Shangyuan Nairou has not given up the use of big snake pills that have been half-dead by him. He also thinks that the big snake pill will take a waste of heat.

Regardless of how to knock on the side of the pharmacist, I hope that the big snake pills and the original na will fall. The two people don't care about his opinion, thinking about placing the other party in dead land ...

These two people have too cold.

This is really ... Yuan!

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and concealed his complicated mood. He looked up at the big snake pills. "The big snake pills, I finally prepared the resurrection body, I believe that this body will make you satisfied ! "

"Oh, do you finally not afraid of the original navigation?"

The big snake pill squatted his eyes, looking at the pharmacist, smiling and asked: "Don't you worry about it now, I know this, kill you?"

"Do not."

The pharmacist shakes his head and whispered: "For a few days, I have explored the secret of my back to the eye and the outer magic, and completely betray the neighborhood, now I have taken the trend of the old turn and the outer road!"


The big snake pill is revealed: "Do you solve Payne?"

In accordance with the big snake pills for Payne, he never thinks that the pharmacist has the possibility of defeating the round-eye, how can this happen!

If the pharmacist has the power to kill Payne now, then the two past owners are not to change?

"It's just a danger of it ..."

The corner of the pharmacist revealed a smile. His voice has a lot of fun: "Because Bene is just a long-awaited round, the real owner is long, in order to capture the nine-tailed dead, so I have the opportunity to win the turn. eye."


The big snake pill picked up his arm, straight from the snake head, I wonderfully looked at the pharmacist. "How did you do it? Your force should not be able to overcome the original guy?"

"Relying on the flying thunder of the four generations of fire."

After the pharmacist opened his hand, a golden figure suddenly appeared around him, it was the four generations of fire shadow.

The pharmacist smiled and continued: "Shangnai Lu Lu is too greed, he wanted to control the first generation of the peak strength, so I deceive him, let him think that it is necessary to master too much ninja, will let his control power drop .

In order not to let yourself lose control for other ninja, the original Nairies lost the second generation of fire, four-generation eyepiece and Yisi Bo belt re-evil.

Since then, I have three Ninja that is good at time-time spatial. "

After the pharmacist said, he also had a spatial whirlpool, and the body of Yishibo belt.

After a while, the figure of the thousand hand has also appeared around the pharmacist.

At least from the surface, there is no flaw.

"It's good."

The big snake pill wrinkled, and I asked: "If you come, the original Nairu is returning to the initial generation of the first generation?"

"No, fail."

The pharmacist swayed and shook his head. He didn't hide his sarcasm in his eyes: "That is the god of the legendary Ninja ... Of course not mortal can master!"

After that, the pharmacist passed softly: "Because of this, I also give up the reincarnation of resurrection, Zhimbo spheres, levy, uncontrolled ..."

"This ah ..."

The eyes of the big snake pill are still somewhat fierce. He looks at the pharmacist, and suddenly showed Yan Xiao: "It's really great, you seem to have the power you have now, I will listen to your command!"

"The big snake pills, please don't say this."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses, and the face also revealed a smile: "Although I am very powerful now, I have never changed the respect for the big Snake Pills ... We will still work as equal to the past."


The big snake pill looked at the pharmacist.

Pharmacist pocket this guy ...

Really strength, the heart is also wild!

This guy is just a tool that he rescued from the hands of Zhun Group, has always been looking for him, when is the two people?

However, this is the normal person's heart, anyone masters after the power of the pharmacist is now, it is impossible to succeed!

After a while, the Big snake will silence later, I just got the point: "This is good, then you are prepared for me?"

The big snake pill is very sensible.

Now it is definitely not to face the pharmacist.

Because his body still needs the pharmacist to help, wait until the future, it will be suppressed or killed this traitor!

The pharmacist waved.

The Sui Zhibo belt next to opened his own mighty space, leaving a white, just this, is full of messy curse.

"This is the body I have prepared for the big snake pill."

The pain of the pharmacist flashed a lot of pride, he looked at the white, low laughed: "In addition to the blood of the wood, there is also the legendary round eyes ..."

"Round look!"

The eyes of the big snake flashed suddenly flashed a bright light.

In the eye, he has always wanted one of the bloods that have been gaining. The degree of eagerness of the big snake pills is still on the way to the Kaleidoscope of Unexpea!

Just because of the power of Petion, the big snake pill gradually extinguished the thought, turned to see another kaleidoscope.

Now the pharmacist is going to put the reincarnation to the body?

This guy is so relieved?

Will there be something about this?

When the big snake pill wanted to ask questions, the pharmacist suddenly opened: "But this body is given to the big snake pill." "


The eyes of the big snake pill were removed from the ground, and he reopened the pharmacist: "What conditions? Let me listen to it ..."

This is just normal.

After all, it is not a Chinese cabbage.

The pharmacist will give him an eye on the eye. It seems that this guy wants to get from him. It should be unusual.

"I hope that the big snake pill can cooperate with me to conduct an experiment."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses, and the eyes showed a bright light: "With I continue to carry out a resurrection of the magic image, become the experiment of the Ten Tail! I want to see the strength of the six cactors!"

The pain of the pharmacist flashed a madness and obsessed: "The big snake pills, this is the secret of me, and the secrets you get!"

Ten tail is the monster of the legendary six cactors. The outer road is the body of the ten tail. As long as it becomes the tail of the column, you can get the strength of the legendary six immortals to use! "


The eyes of the big snake flicker slightly.

After a long time, the shock in the heart of the big snake is quietly faded.

This has been watching a pharmacist with a big snake pill called a conspiracy, whisper: "Take, then this experiment is quite dangerous?"

"This is of course."

The pharmacist nodded and laughed: "The big snake pills, I want to become the legendary six cactus, how can I not be dangerous?

For so many years, nothing can be a column, and each person has the risk of pulling a consciousness of the tail beast, not to mention the ten tail of the nine tail beasts, become the danger of the tail of the ten tail. very high! "


The big snake pill was again silent.

This bastard!

No wonder the pillians have this guy to save him!

Unfortunately, now, it is definitely not turning his face.

After a while, the mouth of the big snake pill was a smile. He stretched out his tongue and licked his own lips: "Okay, I promise you."

"That's good."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and learned the messenger of the big snake. He lick his tongue, and his face revealed a threatened smile.

"Then I wish us a happy cooperation."

The big snake pill ignored the threat of the pharmacist.

Just wait until he got the bottom of the back-eyed body, mastered the power of the anti-pharmacist, no matter what the tail of the tail!

No, you can manage.

But it is definitely not now.

After all, the big snake pill is also a bit of the strength of the six cactors, but the big snake pill is more concerned about his life.

"Hey, I know that the big snake pill is so happy."

The pain of the pharmacist reveals a sparkle: "Unfortunately, because of the worry of the big snake pill, he refused to become the tail of the Ten Tail, I deliberately use the name of the big snake pill to announce the five major people to launch the village. World war ... "


The whole people of the big snake will be a bit.

What is this fucking now?

The pharmacist has a bastard, what he did!

This bastard actually launched the fourth endurance battle in his name, or rushed to the five countries, this babbard is not crazy!

That is the five major countries of the endurance!

How can they win!

Although the big snake pills have long known that this guy will definitely not be good, only the guys don't think that the pharmacist has even got something bad!

"Now the five major countries of the endure, tens of thousands of ninja, and even the people who have known the organization, the endurance is everywhere in the trail of the ninja in the search for the big Snake Pill, maybe it will find here ..."

The pharmacist opened his palm, and the smile on his face couldn't hide: "Our power is definitely unable to fight against them, so unless the big snake pill is willing to become the tail of the tail, it is a new six immortal ..."


The situation is even worse than the big snake pill.

The five major countries are not a wanted order, but truly according to the scale of the endurance!

The big snake pill bit bite his teeth, and his firwork almost covered. His voice came out from the teeth: "Pocket, you have to count everything, is this going to force me to the road?"

"This is also something wrong."

The pharmacist shakes his head and sighed a good shape: "The big snake pills, we are now sinful because of the reincarnation and the outer road.

After saying this, the pharmacist suddenly revealed a smile: "Of course, I don't care, I have three short-term spatial surgery, I can always escape."

The eyes of the pharmacist have moved slightly, and he fell on the big snake pill. His smile was more rich: "As for the fate of the big Snake Pill, I will not dare to guarantee it ..."